06/19/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 20:1-21:29, Acts 12:24-13:15, Ps 137:1-9, Pr 17:16

Today is the 19th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you today. It’s always a special day when we come to the threshold of a brand-new shiny sparkly week out in front of us and just kinda inside remind ourselves yet again His mercies are new every morning. It’s a fresh start. It’s a brand-new week and even though last week may have been filled with any number of chaos’s that happened then. Maybe some of that spills forward, but how we deal with it…well…we’re at the threshold. It’s a new week. It’s a new story to tell. And, so, we just exhale and inhale and keep doing that because that’s what we need to do to stay alive. And another thing that we need to do to stay alive is take the next step forward together in the Scriptures, allowing them to feed us, to feed our Spirit. And, so, we will certainly do what we do every day which is pick up where we left off. We’ll read from the New International Version this week. First Kings chapter 20 and 21.


Father, we love You and we adore You and that is where we begin as we begin this week. We love You. We adore You. Our loyalty is Yours. You have rescued us, and we don’t deserve anything. You have been loyal to us when we were as far away from that as possible, and You have saved our lives and so we honor You. Our hearts gratitude is to You. And we thank You for Your word, this beautiful gift that brings us together each day. And we thank You for the community here. We love one another as we move step-by-step day by day through the Scriptures. And, so, Holy Spirit come into this week. Lead and guide us in each of our individual stories. We are utterly dependent upon You, and we trust You. Lead us by the power of Your Holy Spirit we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi DAB family this is Simone calling in from Houston…Simone calling from Houston and calling for the gentleman that called at the end of the broadcast on June 14th asking for prayers for Stephen, Leland, Emy. Oh, I heard your heart, and your call just broke my heart and I just…I want to pray for you. Father God on today we lift up our brother in Christ Lord God. Lord God, we thank You that he even had the courage enough to call in and ask for prayers. Father God, I ask right now in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus that You will pour out Your Holy Spirit on this gentleman Lord God, pour out Your spirit on him Lord God. I thank You right now as I make intercession for this gentleman and as we hold him up and undergird him in prayers in community Lord God, that You’ll make every crooked path straight in his life Lord God. I thank You Lord God that right now supernaturally Father supernaturally You are opening doors and windows and You are making financial provision for this gentleman to do everything that’s court ordered, required, and necessary to do and be the father he needs to be. Lord God, we thank You for provisions because You are Jehovah You are Jehovah Rapha You are Jehovah Rapha, and You are our provider. You are Jehovah Jira, and You provide, You heal, You…You give us everything that we need so we touch and agree because Your word says where two or three are gathered in His name there He is also. So, I touch and agree with this gentleman that all provisions are being made and that You are making every path straight Lord God and that he is covered, and I ask that You would keep his mind in perfect peace as he continues to lean on You and be stayed on You. It’s in Jesus’ mighty name. Praying…

Hello my DAB family I love you so much and appreciate you and this is Chicago Peg and I wanna pray for our some of our fellow DABbers. And Patty previously from Florida now in Tennessee. Dear sweet sister at the time of your prayer request your grandson Noah was only two days old and born with a blood infection. He possibly had a seizure. And I am…I’m sorry he’s in the NICU. And I’m also well familiar with us with my nephew having been in the NICU but by God’s grace has come out of this. And my whole heart as a fellow mom grandma, etc. I’m praying together with you Patty in the healing merciful name of Jesus, praying for complete healing for Noah. Oh, our hearts go up to you Patty. And I’m also praying for Prairie Sky for your depression. You said you have trouble making friends and even looking for a lease and for living. Oh, precious lady I pray that the Lord our God our very present help in time of need. Oh, just call on the name of the Lord. Find your peace and your strength in Him. We are praying for you. Your fellow DABbers are praying for you Prairie Sky and we love you so much. I pray that He will strengthen you in Jesus’ name. Amen, Amen and Amen. Fellow DABbers I love you so much, praying for you. Chicago Peg signing off, breathing in His grace breathing out His praise.

It’s June 15th and I just heard a gentleman who called in and he was stating that the last two years nearly killed him and he’s just struggling to hang on and to finish the race is how he put it. I just want to let him know and pray for him that God would let him know that all he needs to do is to hang on to Jesus, that all he needs to do is to look up because His redemption is there is right there. I just pray that he could see that. I pray that Lord that You would bring someone close to him that would help show him You in the flesh. Lord my heart is just so burdened for him to finish the race and Lord I believe he will because I believe that You’re a powerful God that can oversee this whole situation for this gentleman and help him to be able to see You and know that You are going to care for him, You are going to take care of whatever it is that’s standing in his way, to feel redemptive, and to feel saved, and to feel that You are there Lord God. I just lift him totally up to You and put him in Your hands Lord God, to give him the peace and the strength and the courage that he needs to finish the race and to finish it strongly and that his life would be just a testimony of You there in his presence. I praise You and I thank You for what You’re going to do for this gentleman Lord. I love You all and I love this gentleman too knowing that God is going to be there for him. Amen.

Hi this is Michelle from Boston I’m calling for the final caller on June 15th. You didn’t leave your name but you’re struggling with salvation and the thoughts of salvation at the end, and have you done enough do you feel enough. And I hope to encourage you today because I used to worry about this as well. I used to worry if I had enough faith at the moment that I pass away, is that when I would make it? What if I have faith now and not then? I think after talking with my sister and reading the Bible one thing that stands out to me is that I have no role in my salvation besides surrendering to God. I used to think that I had to have faith and like I had to feel saved in order to be saved. And that is not the case because faith is a gift from God. Faith is something that I used to think that I had to like, you know, scrunch really hard and try and produce more faith and squeeze it out of me, but faith itself is this gift from God. We cannot contribute to one iota to our own salvation.

Hello DAB fan this is Joyce from Virginia today is June 15th and the very last prayer request played on today’s reading was from a young man who is really struggling and says that people are telling him that if he doesn’t hold on that he will not be able to finish well and basically won’t be saved. And just wanted to read you a couple of verses from John 10 my friend because we don’t have to hold on to Jesus. Jesus is holding on to us. So, Jesus says in verse 27, “my sheep hear my voice and I know them. They follow me. I give them life that lasts forever. They will never be punished.” And here’s the key part. “No one is able to take them out of my hand. My father who is greater than all gave them to me. No one is able to take them out of my Father’s hand. My father and I are one. So, friend, be encouraged. The Lord will get you through this hard time and Ge is holding you in his hands. Bye-bye.