06/15/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 14:1-15:24, Acts 10:1-23, Psalms 133:1-3, Proverbs 17:7-8

Today is the 15th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you today as we cross through the center of the month. And we have a lot going on in the stories that we are immersed in right now the Scriptures. In the book of first Kings, we have a divided kingdom. The nation of Israel, the kingdom of Israel is divided into the kingdom of Judah in the south, and the kingdom of Israel in the North. There are two different kings. The king in the North’s name is Jeroboam and he is led 10 of the tribes into idolatry. And, so, let’s pick up the story from there. First Kings chapter 14 verse 1 through 15 verse 24.


Okay. So, in the book of Acts today we have something taking shape that is so profoundly impactful that it will…that it will and has completely changed the dynamic of the church of Jesus, which is a pretty big thing to say, and it will take until tomorrow for us to fully understand this. But essentially what we have going on is Peter in Joppa staying with Simon the tanner who goes up on a roof to pray and has these visions of like a sheet coming down out of the heavens. And contained within this sheet are all kinds of different animals and they are all considered unclean animals. And a message comes to Peter saying, eat these things, like eat them. And Peter’s like, I can’t. That would be against the law. Like, I’ve never done that. I’ve never eaten any unclean thing before. I can’t do it. And then the message comes back, essentially saying, what God has declared clean is clean. Meanwhile, the day before up in Caesarea, which is a major Roman outpost, a beautiful place. The ruins of Caesarea Maritima right on the Mediterranean coast today are pretty extravagant. This was like a playground on the ocean for the Roman elite. Like this was an awesome place at the time. Well, a Centurion, and so a Roman official in charge of 100 people, receives a message from the heavens to send to Joppa and go to Simon the tanner’s house and collect Peter and bring him back to Caesarea so that he can hear what he has to say. So, people go in that direction. It’s an overnight trip. And about the time that Peter is getting done with these visions that he…that are really really messing with his mind…like he is confused by it, these people arrive telling Peter like, we need you to come with his back to Caesarea. There’s a Roman centurion names Cornelius. Don’t be afraid. He’s a godly man. He’s a devout man. He sends for you. Well, they arrive. Peter had heard a message from the Holy Spirit that he should go with them without any reservation. This is all what is supposed to happen. Well, not only was Peter’s vision a bit disruptive to him but the fact that there were people on behalf of a Roman, people who were not Hebrew people were there sending for him and he supposed to go back into this Roman household, this Gentile household, this is something he’s not supposed to do. They’re supposed to stay separate and apart, not supposed to intermingle. And that’s only one aspect of it. The relationship between the Hebrews and the Romans, I mean sometimes was good, but mostly was oppressive to like a Hebrew commoner. So, they kinda kept separate for religious or spiritual reasons but they also kept separate because they just didn’t mingle, like they were not friendly toward one another. So, Peter has this disruptive vision and then he has his disruptive visit, and the Lord is telling him to go, which is what he does. And what happens as a result of all of this profoundly impacts the early church irreversibly and continues to affect the church of Jesus Christ, those who are disciples of Jesus until this very day. And we will see how that is and how that materializes as we go forward tomorrow.


Father, we love You. We thank You. We thank You for Your guidance and Your comfort and Your direction in our lives. Your love for us. But also, to follow You means that we may run into disruptions that we do not fully understand. Help us to cling to You and obey You. Whether we fully comprehend what’s going on or not, be with us in the shaky times. Be with us in the disruption. Help us to embrace it as we cling to You knowing that it’s shaking something free, something that has us bound up in some sort of way. Come Holy Spirit we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi DAB family this is Toni from Germany. I am calling on behalf of a really good friend of mine, Norm or Norman. And he has been in the hospital since middle of March. He’s had a long journey of battle with health. Oh my gosh he’s like contending with five different things, big things. And his poor…what…lovely wife is Delia is walking so beautiful with the Lord. She’s gotta make decision right now whether or not they should do a tracheotomy on him. And I know that you may get the message after the fact. So, I just leave this message that you pray for these decisions Delia has to make on behalf of Norm. He is in ICU. Yes, please. And we have seen him get a little better at a time but this morning he had a set back and low oxygen level. So, I just would…I just ask for your prayers. I want to share one thing and that is that I did complete a masters in…related to the faith, a masters and ministry but I would be a lay minister not a pastor, you know, ‘cause I’m Catholic and women cannot be ministers in the Catholic Church but we can be lay ministers. So, I just want you to know in the last two years I’ve been pursuing that, and I was able to complete that by the grace of the Lord and now I could serve Him in a new and beautiful way. And I will ask for prayers from you for my ministry. God bless you. I love you. Bye.

Before my feet hit the floor at the start of the day
I go to the father through Jesus to pray
I thank God for allowing me to see a new day
and forgiving my sins in a most marvelous way
I ask him to search me especially my heart
and remove all those thoughts that might keep us apart
I thank God for Jesus for family and friends
for cleansing me daily from all of my sins
I thank him for strength and for providing good health
and for meeting my needs in times of no wealth
for granting me peace in the midst of the storm
for giving me green pastures and keeping me warm
I ask him to bless me as I go through the day
and to bridle my tongue to control what I say
tell me to bless those who are hurting and alone
to carry his love where it’s never been known
to never bring reproach or do the wrong thing
to always sing praises and to honor the king
and forgive those mistakes that they make along the way
and help me to forgive others come whatever may
to walk in his word that my life might be the light
and encourage those who are trying to do what is right
to not get discouraged when everything goes wrong
to be steadfast and unmovable and to suffer quite long
to be patiently persistent humble not loud
exercising restraint not pushy or proud
but help me to be like Jesus today
filled with the spirit and eager to pray
striving every moment to still be in you
knowing you’ll help me and all that I do
this is my prayer at the start of my days
my heart of a flowing in bubbling with praise

blindtony1016@gmail.com. Like to give a shout out to Delta Alpha Foxtrot. It was good hearing your voice. As always, a pleasure hearing your voice. And I will be praying for your children too. And once again Brian and the Hardin family…

Hi Daily Audio Bible family this is KJ in Southeast Asia first-time caller and I just…yeah…love this community and it’s really unbelievable the way we can mobilize prayer across the world. So, we are overseas workers here and received a new family just about four months ago to join us in our work here. We mobilize the local church which is only about 1% of the population to reach out and show love to their neighbors sharing the gospel and hoping to see the church grow here. So, this family, the wife suffers from a nut allergy and as careful as she is being here seems like the enemy is using it too…yeah…create anxiety and even unexplained anaphylactic shock attacks that have landed her in the hospital already two times and overnight in the ER and sometimes two nights. And, so, we as a team are going to be praying and fasting for her. Her name is Mackenzie. And also I just thought…yeah…I wanna mobilize prayer for her across the world that…yeah…we could continue to serve together here and see God’s Kingdom grow in this place where it’s mostly dark. And, so, yeah, would you pray for her for the nut allergy to be completely healed in Jesus’ name? Love you. Thank you.

Hi DAB family it’s Jill and Jeb Lenowski and I was just asking for prayer for me and my family. We’re going on a cross country trip in a car with a bunch of people and a dog. And we were just asking for prayer that we would have safe travels. And…yeah.

Hi everyone, I don’t really know where to start with this or how to start. The last couple of years have been…well…they've…they nearly killed me. And that even outside of the pandemic and everything it’s been really…  And I’ve wanted I’ve wanted to draw comfort in my faith and find comfort in my other believers but in the midst of things being this hard people keep…a lot of them keep saying that to get…to get through or even be saved at all I just…I really have to hold on to God, I really have to cling tight, and I have to finish the race well. And that if I'm…if I’m too weak or if I’m not able that I’m going to fail and that I…that I will fall away conclusively. And I…I don’t know what to do or how to live with that if that’s what the stakes are here. I…I guess I need…I don’t know….