10/13/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 22:1-23:20, 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12, Psalms 83:1-18, Proverbs 25:11-14

Today is the 13th day of October welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is fantastic to be here with you today, a joy to come around the Global Campfire together and continue moving day by day step-by-step week by week month by month on our journey through the Bible this year. Today will lead us back into the book of Jeremiah, which we’ve been working our way through. When we get to the New Testament, we will arrive at the doorstep to another letter known as second Thessalonians, and we’ll talk about that when we get there. But first, we’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Jeremiah chapter 22 verse 1 through 23 verse 20.

Introduction to first Thessalonians:

Okay. So, as we mentioned at the beginning today we are moving into new territory…new territory now that we’ve reached the New Testament. We read first Thessalonians and so this is second Thessalonians. So, a letter to the same church in Thessalonica, the same church that…that emerged and evolved very rapidly under intense pressure and an intense persecution and Paul didn’t get to spend the kinda time that he wanted to spend with them. And, so, we saw that in the first letter that was written. Now we’re at the second letter. And it's…it’s safe to mention because it’s easy to know that this…this letter’s been debated for a very very long time among biblical scholars generally because there are…there are some nuances that aren’t in Paul’s other letters, some theological nuances. The tone is a little bit different. So, some people look and go, “well…this seems like it would be later.” There are other letters like this that are attributed to Paul that feel this way. Not because they don’t agree with what Paul’s theology is or that they’re not like they couldn’t have been written by Paul, but because it seems like development in the church is in the letters in a way that wasn’t maybe in Paul’s lifetime. And, so, there’s this speculation. Of course, none of us here were there. So, all of these things are speculation and there’s an awful lot to speculate about in the Bible. But one thing we can say about second Thessalonians, regardless of any kind of debate, it’s a fairy very ancient letter. The early church fathers affirmed the letter, quoted the letter in their own writings. So, this has been part of the story for a very long time. So, assuming that Paul wrote this letter in his lifetime, then what we’re seeing is Paul’s desire to clarify things that he didn’t have time to clarify and answer questions that…that are coming to him from the church and to offer correction when correction is needed, whether that be interpersonal correction in the church or whether there’s like incorrect doctrine happening. And that is the case in second Thessalonians. For example, Paul’s teachings in his letters, like it’s not like an ambiguous thing. The early church believed that the arrival of Jesus’s, His return was imminent, literally imminent, literally like in their lifetimes any day, any second. And, so, that would make certain people then, go “well…I’m gonna stop life as I have previously known it and wait because I’m ready, this could happen at any time.” And, so, what that would lead to is a people would stop working, quit their jobs, stop providing for themselves, stop being a contributor into the community, kind of lean on everybody else and live idly, which then led to boredom, which then led to gossip and meddling in other people’s business. And, so, Paul in this letter kinda lays it out, like, “yeah. You can’t leech off each other. That’s not how this works. If you don’t work, then I guess you don’t want to eat.” And another thing we’ll find this letter is…ahh…when you think about this, these are baby Christians in Thessalonica, and they didn’t have a lot of time to be poured into. And, so, they have what they have and they’re trying into live into their faith in they’re trying to be ready and waiting for Jesus’ arrival. And they get word, like communication comes in through the church that it already happened. Jesus came and they missed it, which is a horrible thing to say to a baby congregation of baby Christians. Like, “you missed it…ugh.” And, so, Paul, of course sets the record straight, that he didn’t say that he wouldn’t say that, it’s not true. And he really wants to encourage them. Again, he didn’t have a whole lot of time with them. They were persecuted from the get-go. They are still being persecuted and marginalized. They aren’t particularly wealthy enough to really defend themselves in any kind of social way. They don’t have a lot. They just have a lot a love and a lot of hope in Jesus. And, so, he loves them and wants to encourage them and encourage them to take the long view - Justice is belongs to God and God sees those who are faithful to Him. And justice in the end will prevail. And, so, we get this glimpse again. These letters really give us…since they’re like letters written to specific churches about specific things, we get this glimpse into what’s going on in the early church. And second Thessalonians gives us a view of baby Christians under fire trying to be faithful. And, so, we begin. Second Thessalonians chapter 1.


Father, we thank You. We thank You for the Scriptures. We thank You for this tangible gift that we can actually hold in our hands if we so choose. We thank You that no matter how murky or cloudy things get, we have a tangible gift. Even if technology fails, we have a tangible gift. We thank You for this technology that binds us together and has allowed us to be together every single day for these…well…almost 16 straight years. Thank You. Thank You for the Scriptures and the way that they speak into our lives in all the different nuances and complexions. Thank You for this letter, this second letter to the Thessalonians. Come Holy Spirit and speak to us. Thank You for this book of Jeremiah that we are working our way through. Come Holy Spirit and speak to us. Guide and direct our steps. Transform us. Change us we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning DAB family this is Denise Saved by Grace in California asking for prayer for my daughter Candace. She’s been having a…a really…I would say almost a Job type experience - losing a job, having to relocate, having to find a home, another job, just purchased a vehicle, and two weeks later someone hit the vehicle. And she’s just…just want to pray that God would just…strengthen her hope and let her…this test be her testimony and this mess she’s in become her message. Most gracious God, we thank You Father God for our circumstances. When Paul said count it all joy we don’t count the joy that the circumstances is that we’re in but we count the joy Father God knowing that You are there with us in each circumstance as I lift up my daughter and ask God that You would strengthen her…her heart and strengthen her hope. Give her a song of praise in her mouth even the midst of this. I pray for favor and every person that comes across her pathway Father that You would open doors that no man can shut and shut the doors Father God that You…that are not according to Your purpose and Your plan. And I come against the enemy in the name of Jesus, and I cancel all his assignments he has planned against her. And I pray the blood of Jesus over her. I thank You Father that this will be a wonderful mighty testimony of Your grace, Your mercy, and Your goodness over her life and that this will…

Hey loyal listeners this is Royal from the city of trees it’s the evening of October 7th and wow, today’s context from Colossians and Brian your insight was just so incredibly good. I just really needed to hear that. And you mentioned something at the end about throwing a log on the campfire and God gave me the idea of a acronym for that today so I don’t forget it. So, L is for love. Speak loving words of encouragement to others in the community. O is for obey what the Holy Spirit puts on our hearts when He prompts us to pray and when He prompts us to call in. And G is for gratitude to give back to this community and to this resource that has been such a huge blessing. So, here’s the log on the campfire as we pray. Loving Father lift up God’s Smile and cheeky Peter to You. Thank You so much for their chipper call. It was such a blessing to hear their song and their voices and their laughter. Just continue to bless them Lord. God, I lift up the mothers who are just…have heavy hearts for their sons, for Joel, Camille, and for Carolyn and Jeshua who’s in grad school. God I just ask that You would just left the darkness that’s over them. And Father I want to ask for You to give the warmest most peaceful hug to our dear sister Victoria Soldier to gather all Your children…

Howdy DAB family this message goes out to Jesse. I just listened to today’s podcast, the 8th of September and Jesse had called in. He said it was a new Christian. He said he called in a month ago or so about his fiancé and his father and that he was just struggling. And I just wanted to encourage him and let you know Jesse that all…all of us go through this, we all go through struggles. We all go through hard times but the beauty of it is Christ draws us nearer to Him through those struggles. So, continue what you’re doing. You said you're…you’re reading and you’re praying. So, keep up with that. If you haven’t found it, I definitely recommend the Daily Prayer. That’ll help. But just wanted to encourage you and let you know that we’re thinking about you Jesse. Love you bro.

Hi this is Kent from Washington, and I was really touched this morning when I heard Jesse’s call. And, so, I’m calling to pray for Jesse. Jesse said he was a new Christian and struggling with family issues and temptation and ADHD. So, God I pray that You will put Your hands on Jesse right now. Help him Father to continue strong in his new faith in You. Father help him to surround himself with a family of believers as well as the DAB that he can have people that he can talk to and that can encourage him. Father just help him to know that You are with him, and that Jesus is in his heart and that through You he can overcome anything. You give…give him strength Father. We thank You in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible this is Free and Forgiven in Florida. And first I wanted to say I’ve been listening for years and love this community. You all are such a blessing. Yesterday…well today’s October the 8th …yesterday I heard God’s Smile and Peter call in and you had me laughing and weeping at the same time, just such a joyful, joyful 2 minutes. Thank you for that. Jesse, you called in. You’re a new Christian. Welcome brother. I hear your struggles. I would encourage you to read Paul’s words in Ephesians 6:10-18. Put on the armor of God. We must wear the armor every day to fight against the evil one. And then the beautiful woman calling in encouraging us to stay close to the word of God and to read the word of God daily. It was perfect. That’s just what we all need to be reminded of. Thank you so much. I love you all. I’m praying with you every day. I spend every morning very early having my coffee and my breakfast and starting my day with you. Thank you so much Brian and Jill and your family and the team. You guys are changing the world. You’ve certainly changed my world. Again, Jesse we’re with you, praying for you, praying for your strength, praying for your healing, praying that you would draw closer to the Lord through His word…

Hello DAB family this is Vivian from Colorado. I’m a first-time listener I started January 1st suggestion of…from a from a peer on Facebook and I have to say that the Daily Audio Bible has changed my life. I’ve been a Christian for a long time. God’s been faithful for a long time, but I think He knew that I needed to start the DAB to Bible January 1st to really change my relationship with Him and draw closer than I’ve ever been. I meant to call in sooner. But my husband passed away July 18th after a short illness. He had been ill a long time and we had a very long and complicated situation, but this was unexpected at the same time. So, our son just turned 18 and he’s navigating that. But I just have to give a praise and shout out to God because He set me up to be in a place of peace. He gave me time with my husband, both in the last day, all day. I didn’t know that he was going to be gone midnight that night. And we were able to talk. We were able to able to talk about a lot of things and just spend time together and it’s a blessing that I didn’t know I needed. And God is so faithful. I’m so grateful and I’m grateful for the Daily Audio Bible. And I just thank you Brian and your family and everyone. And…and thank You Lord that You are such a blessing that You bless us 24/7. Amen.