10/10/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 14:11-16:15, 1 Thessalonians 2:9-3:13, Psalm 80:1-19, Proverbs 25:1-5

Today is the 10th day of October, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian it is great to be here with you today. As we turn the page and step through the threshold into a new shiny sparkly week out in front of us. And we always try to remember, every time we start a new week together, that it’s out in front of us and we can be intentional about it. It’s a fresh start and we can always make the next right decision. One of those next right decisions is to allow the Scriptures to continue to speak to us each and every day. So, let’s dive in. This week we will read from the New Living Translation and of course we’ll be picking up where we left off in the book of Jeremiah today chapter 14 verse 11 through 16 verse 15.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for this brand-new week that will escort us into the center of this month and every time we think of these things, it’s hard not to think of Your faithfulness, that each and every day You continue to speak to us in the Scriptures, each and every day You continue to transform us by challenging us in the ways that we live and behave, our thoughts, words and deeds. The things that we have done and the things that we have left undone. So come, Holy Spirit, continue to lead us, continue to lead us deeper into Jesus, continue to lead us into all truth. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hi DAB phono, I Brian, just heard your message today, October the 5th. So, want to tell you, we appreciate you so much. Everything you do, little glitches, big glitches, whatever. I so appreciate having that word every day, it’s been such an encouragement and help through these difficult times. And that Psalms 77 today. Boy that was gutsy. Really enjoyed hearing the truth, the honesty that gutsiness of someone’s heart cry and then the remembering of God’s faithfulness He’s always been faithful. He always will be faithful, He can’t be untrue to Himself that’s who He is, I so love it. And I’m simply so encouraged today, thank you. I appreciate you’ve had a bit of a rough time with sorting out the internet glitches and it’s possibly that we’d just miss it so much that if someone’s reacted it’s because we miss it so much, we love it so much. Hey, but anyway my name is Kate I’m from New Zealand and I appreciate so much. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for bringing it to us. Thank you for drawing our attention through the Holy Spirit to the things we need to hear and want to hear and love to hear so we can walk better with our God, so we can walk closer, so we can encourage each other and strengthen each other in this walk together. Thank you.

Hi Daily Audio Bible family, this is Carrie Thompson from Lancaster, Ohio. And this is the first time that I have called in. I’ve listened to you and you’re such a wonderful, caring, loving, compassionate family. And I have recently purchased a Google Nest and can listen to Audio Bible, and so, I just ask it to play the Daily Audio Bible and here you came up. I have fell right in love and listen to you, well, I was listening to you every day and then I kind of fell away. And I’m back now. And then, took me a while to figure it out but I finally found the app and I just now finally figured out how to do this recording. Well, I only have about 48 more seconds so, let me end with a quick prayer. Thank You dear Lord for leading me to Daily Audio Bible and their family. I just pray for everyone who calls in for all their needs. Lord, You said You would provide and we believe You and trust You and just thank You for the opportunity to allow me to join and be apart of it. And Lord, we just love You and bless You and praise You in the name of Jesus. Amen. [singing] Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved …

Hey, DAB family, Rene Las Sove here. I have got an urgent prayer request and you guys have been so good, so, so, so many times you’ve prayed for this person and I’m gonna ask you to pray once again because as this airs this person is probably very likely just had a whole bottle of vodka and is just not functioning well and man, I just, this is my daughter, we’re talking about my daughter and I need prayer for her. It’s just getting to a point where it’s critical. She’s gonna have organs soon that just aren’t gonna function anymore. It’s a very critical time because she is also been on different medications and because of some insurance reasons. She lives overseas and the doctors are taking her off of these medications and so I think she may even be self-medicating more than usual. Please, please pray, Satan got a real strong hold on her. She has a good friend who is helping her but, and that’s wonderful and he is a Christian man, which is wonderful. But she needs prayers from thousands of people. I asked this, I ask you to pray for her in the name of Jesus, thank you so much family. Bye.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family, I’m gonna call myself the 99th. I’ve strayed and I’ve wondered but our Good Shephard Jesus always brought me back. And He’ll do the same for you my brothers and sisters. And for your lovely mama too Tony the Narrator because He is good. And for all of us who have strayed and struggled and gone away from the Lord for a while and we’ve drug ourself back He will wash us off and clean us and cleanse us from all of our sins and unrighteousness if we’re truly sorry for it. And He will put us up on our feet and start all over again because He promised He would never leave us or forsake us. And when Jesus promises something, he doesn’t take it back like a lot, maybe a lot of our friends and family members have done that but He never will. And we’re on a fast track right now going home to heaven. So, hang in there brothers and sisters, it’s gonna be worth the wait. I promise you. I promise you that sounds kind of funny but I can honestly say I promise you that cause we’ll all be sitting at that campfire together in heaven. And I think we all kind of feel that to, I’m kind of hoping we do. And if you don’t, if you’re sitting on the fence, please come on down and drink in what Jesus has for you, brothers and sisters I love you all very much. This is the 99th signing off. Have a great rest of your day. Bye.