05/08/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 2:22-4:22, John 5:24-47, Psalm 106:1-12, Proverbs 14:30-31 

Today is the 8th day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is great to be here with you today as we bring to the close another one of our weeks together, this being the first full week of the month of May. So, well done. We moved through quite a bit of territory in this past week landing ourselves where we are in the book of 1 Samuel. We began 1 Samuel yesterday we talked about it then and were just getting to know Sammy. He is just a little boy. His mother, Hannah, prayed for him at Shiloh which is where the permanent tabernacle was for…for hundreds of years before the temple was constructed. And, so, Samuel has been given back to God and he lives there in Shiloh under the priest Eli’s supervision. And he’s got this little robe, this little priestly robe that his mother…she makes him a new one each year when she comes to worship. It’s a beautiful story because we all know how we like to dress up our toddlers in grown up looking clothes and they just look so sharp and handsome or beautiful. And, so, you can just imagine Samuel with this little priestly robe and ephod on. It’s just a little junior version and he walks around the temple and he’s learning the ways of the Lord from the high priest Eli. So, that’s basically where we are. We’re reading from the New International Version this week, which is today. 1 Samuel chapter 2 verse 22 through 4 verse 22. 


Father, we thank You for another week in Your word, this first full week of this fifth month were taken note of it. You have been faithful. We are here. You have carried us this far and we are learning and You are shaping and we open ourselves and invite You to continue this work of sanctification within us that we might be set apart as holy to You and we might be living sacrifices, living the light in this world. Come Jesus we pray. In Your precious name, we ask. Amen. 


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow. 

Community Prayer and Praise: 

Hello Daily Audio Bible family my name is E, I’m from Texas and this is my first time calling in asking for prayer. I’m sure I’ve needed to plenty of other times but I just I don’t know why I haven’t. But thank you to this entire community for constantly praying for being committed. For Brian for you and your entire family for pouring into people daily and touching people and just being obedient to God to help people in a way that many people have probably shied away from, so thank you. I’m calling today because I’m actually not too far off and I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve and in prayer. I’ve had a lot on my plate in so many ways. I’m interested in writing a book about it. It’s just so much. I’m coming off of it’s been about a year since I’ve kind of my husband of 14 years has been having an almost yearlong affair with his assistant in my face and the girls at my house been around my kids. It’s just absolutely overwhelming and unbelievable but I’m still I feel like God actually told me to stay in the marriage. He prepared me that this would happen years before it happened, and it happened and so now I’m just dealing with the aftermath of it but it impacts my life. I’ve been on anxiety drugs I’ve taken I’ve gotten off all of that and I’m just trying to trust God and but it is overwhelming. I’m in a support group but it’s still a lot to deal with daily paired with just regular life where I have a family member an aunt who I’ve actually had to take care of and become a carrier and power of attorney and everything. Plus, I have my own 3 little kids and other businesses that I’m running and new ventures for career paths and I manage artists. I’m deeply embedded in the music community and just trying to function as a normal person when your life isn’t normal it’s very hard it’s overwhelming. So, I’m asking everybody for prayer today that I can stay balanced and… 

Hi DAB Emmy from Illinois here just calling in to say hi and just continued prayer for my husband and I that we can find a way to work through our marriage. My husband is still pretty much adamant that nothing can be fixed. He’s actually contemplated moving across the country and working at a job that he would only be home a couple of weeks every few months and I haven’t he’s not really communicating much with me so I don’t know if he got the job or not. But if that happens it would be in June in that would leave me through the bulk of my pregnancy to be home alone. I have support systems but both of them are an hour plus away. I kind of live in the middle of nowhere. So, it would just be a really hard transition of living life by myself. I can do it, I did it for 37 years before we got married but I wasn’t pregnant then. So, I’m hoping and praying that God will use my pregnancy and I don’t know maybe my husband going across the country to open his eyes to the realities that running from God is what’s making him unhappy, and our marriage is just taking the is the scapegoat for his struggles. So, if you could just continue to pray. I am trying to stay happy and positive and stay as healthy as possible for this baby. So, thank you. Bye. 

Hi everyone this is Mary. I don’t really have a nickname but I guess it could be white or something. I don’t know. But I just wanted to come on here and just ask for prayer for my mom. She recently lost her job and it’s just been really scary. But I’m trusting in God and, you know, I say that but it’s hard to do, you know, and so he’s first. So, I just ask that you pray that she gets to find another job. She’s actually going on an interview today. So, I hope it goes well. I know God blessed her with the interview. So, I know that he will bring her through it. But yeah, if you could just keep us in your prayers. And yeah, I’m keeping you all in my prayers. Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me that God’s in control and just all the inspiration, all the positivity that you guys say. It just really, really encourages me. So, I thank you. God is so, so good even in, you know, the worst moments. And, yeah, thank you Brian for this community. I pray blessings over your new granddaughter. And yeah, I was so excited for that new chapter that you guys are experiencing. My sisters also having a baby in July. So, I’m really excited. She’ll be having a baby boy. So, yeah, I just pray blessings over you guys and peace and yeah, I love you guys. Have a good one. Bye. 

Hey family this is Lazarus calling. I’ll let you know through the prayer request since I was baptized, reborn I went deeper and deeper into Christ father and his Holy Spirit has just been amazing transformation and powerful. I, so, I want you to know that I pray for you all and I care about you all deeply and here for you. Just know about that was out there praying for you in response to your prayer request. So, I have an ask. And come along way. Some of you know my story. It’s been pretty brutal. But right now, I’m about to finish up here on a project that will at least dig me out of the ditch for the moment and it’s been a deep and long ditch as many know. So, I just ask for your prayers. The other party has been this more complicated and has put me at risk even more risk than I am and this will make a huge difference for what I can do for the community. It’s not about me. That job is dead this is the new Lazarus talking and this is about God. This is about doing the right thing getting in a posture of heart and position to be able to work out his plan the father’s plan support his plan. And again, he’s first, I’m last and that’s just the agreement that we have. So, we go out together every day to fight evil and darkness and he’s with me and it’s made all the difference. So, I ask your prayers that I get through this one last step and get on my new track completely. I pray in Jesus’ name. God bless you all. 

Hello Daily Audio Bible family this is Carla Mathis from Orlando FL. I’m calling to pray from my husband and my family. My husband is in a federal facility in __ County Texas so I’m here with my daughters. I just wanna say a quick prayer for him. Oh Lord I pray that you will protect __ from any accidents, diseases, dangers or evil influences ___ especially where he is, hide him from violence __ evil people wherever he walks secure his steps keep him on your path so that his feet don’t slip. If his foot does slip, hold him up by your mercy. Give him the wisdom and the discretion that will help him walk away safely and not fall into danger. Be his fortress, his strength, his shield, and his stronghold. Make him to dwell in the shadow of your wings. I pray that__ that we might __ what will happen around him will not come near us and not hurt him. Save him from anything that the enemy __ against him or to destroy him. Lord God I just __ continue in the faith and let him come home. __ When I come back __ . __ I love him so much and I love daddy and he’s going to come home sooner but we have to wait until __. Amen. Amen. 

Hi family this is Biola from Maryland I hope you’re all doing well. Well, congratulations China and Ben on the birth of Reagan the Brave. What a beautiful name. Beautiful baby, I saw her on Facebook. Congratulations to you Brian and Jill. Brian I must say that I am really impressed. I mean I’ve always been impressed by the I am doubly impressed by your dedication to this beautiful ministry you know even after your first grandbaby girl. I know you have other grandkids who are who are boys. Came into the world you still came to read to us. May God bless you brother. May God answer you before your call you and Jill in the name of Jesus and I pray for Reagan Brave. I pray that as her name indicates she will be brave for the Lord. This little girl will be on fire may God give her parents wisdom to know how to raise her in the way of the Lord in the name of Jesus. May they never lack for any good thing in Jesus’ name. And I pray the same for you Brian and I want to encourage everyone who listens to Daily Audio Bible, as you listen and put your log in the fire, please give to Daily Audio Bible. This is really important. Honey Bee I am praying for you my sister that God will touch your eyes and heal you, that God will work a miracle in your life in the name of Jesus. Cammy, I want to give you kudos for such a beautiful, beautiful encouragement that you give to the sister who wanted to know what to do while she’s in an unequally yoked relationship. What a beautiful advice that you gave to her. And Lastly, Tony the Truck Driver I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray for the Ramirez family that God will touch them, that God will wrap his arms around them, that God would comfort them, and God would provide for them. It’s a name of Jesus…