04/10/2021 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 34:1 - Joshua 2:24, Luke 13:22-14:6, Psalms 79:1-13, Proverbs 12:26

Today is the 10th day of April welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s wonderful to be here today as we reach the conclusion of another week. And today is the 100th day of the year. And, so, as we cross this mile marker, 100 days in the Scriptures together, we will conclude our reading of the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament and move into some new territory. So, special day here. And as I was saying yesterday, those of us using the Daily Audio Bible app and kinda checking off the days as we read them, when we check off today’s reading we’ll see, we’ll receive our…our Pentateuch our Torah badge telling as we completed this particular section of the Scriptures. And even though the story will just be going forward it really is a shift. It’s like everything has been leading us to this point, and then we turn the page into the next book of the Bible, the book of Joshua and take that next step. But let’s conclude the book of Deuteronomy first and then we’ll talk…talk about the book of Joshua and…and dive in. So, today will read Deuteronomy chapter 34, the final chapter of Deuteronomy, and then we’ll launch into the first two chapters of Joshua. So, we’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week, which is today. Deuteronomy chapter 34.

Introduction to the book of Joshua:

That concludes the Torah and that concludes the book of Deuteronomy. So, we’re about to take that step forward into the book of Joshua. But let’s take a deep breath for a second and just let it go because we’re transitioning, and we just said goodbye to Moses. So, Moses has died, and we have traveled at length with Moses and we’ve been in the wilderness with the children of Israel and Moses, we’ve been slaves in Egypt when God comes to rescue them with Moses. But let’s also just remember where we’ve come from to get to this point. We remember meeting Abram. We remember his name being changed to Abraham. We remember a promise, a promise of land that he would go to, that he would be shown. And he obeyed God and he walked that land, the land of Canaan. And he had a son of promise there, Isaac and then Jacob. And then Jacob had children and those 12 were known as the children of Israel, and they all became tribes. We remember the lengthy story of Joseph and the way his family, his brothers, human trafficked him as a slave into Egypt and how he rose to be second in command because of his interpretation of dreams. We remember how the children of Israel, right, Joseph’s brothers, how they got to Egypt, was because of a great famine and then they flourished in the land of Egypt and stayed there for four centuries, 400 years, and they grew into a mighty people that were enslaved by…by the Egyptians. Moses, we remember meeting Moses. Baby boy put into the river in a basket because it was commanded that all newborn baby boy children be thrown into the river to die. So, he was put into the river, all right. He was put into a basket that floated and Pharaoh’s daughter found him. And, so, Moses, sort of had a dual upbringing where he understood that he was a Hebrew and was very interested in the Hebrew people, but also was brought up like royalty in Egypt, a well-educated person who ends up killing another Egyptian in favor of a Hebrew and then he has to go on the run for his life. That’s where he finds a burning bush that will not be extinguished and God calls him to go back, to go back to land…to the land that he came from and to tell Pharaoh to let his people go. We went through all of that, all the plagues of Egypt, the entire wilderness experience. Everything has been leading us toward this land, this promised land that would one day belong to the children of Israel. We remember the spies going into that land and coming back and saying, we can’t take that land and dooming an entire generation to the wilderness. Well, we’re back at the Jordan again and this time, this time we’re gonna finally cross it. It’s almost mythic at this point because we’ve been heading toward it for so long and now it’s actually time to cross the Jordan River. And Moses, he can’t go in. So, he dies on Mount Nebo after pass…passing the mantle of leadership to Joshua. Joshua is the name of the book that we’re about to read. Joshua we will remember was one of the spies. He had been kind of Moses’s assistant. He had been mentored up under Moses for a very long time. So, the people know, Joshua, and as the mantle of authority passes to him, they all obey him, especially after the three discourses that make up the book of Deuteronomy where Moses is very, very clearly reviewing everything that they did and passing the authority to Joshua. So, we’re gonna begin reading the book of Joshua and we will pick up basically right where we left off, but we have to remember now Moses has died and the people have to mourn for him for a month. Joshua is now the leader of the children of Israel, and he is commissioned with leading the people into the promised land and taking the promised land and settling the promised land. And, so, we begin the book of Joshua, chapter 1.


Father we thank You for Your word and we thank You for bringing us successfully through another week and successfully through 100 days of this year. We are so grateful, and we are so thankful to have reached this point. And, so, as we leave this section of the Scriptures, these first five books and then move into…actually preparation…and then into the promised land that we’ve been moving toward so long, we invite Your Holy Spirit, certainly to help us to absorb the stories, but also to allow Your word to become the mirror into our souls and motivations because it is transforming us. We thank You for Your word. It…it calls us out. It…it looks us in the face and tells us the truth and challenges us, challenges us that…that there is more and that…and that we can…we can go there and that we can do better. So, we’re grateful for that. And, so, we mark this 100 days, we mark this transition into a new section of the Scriptures with worship and with a heart of gratitude. Lead us forward we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey family this is James in Fort Worth. I just want to pray that the Lord guides my words and I hope what I say helps and touches someone to move in a positive direction. Toda is April 6th my daughter’s birthday will be April 14th. She passed away January 27th 2020 and I just…I just praise the Lord I thank the Lord for the fact…so many things…but the fact for almost 12 almost 13 years, you know, I was blessed with her. She lived a life that I always wanted to live. She lived a great life. She was a cheerleader, she was an athlete but she had asthma and that’s what eventually took her life. But I know for a fact that the Lord has her. Her death has brought me closer to the Lord, closer than I’ve ever been. I don’t think I would’ve been on this app without her passing. Her brothers and sisters they miss her. My wife. Camile, I pray for her, she misses…I miss her. You don’t have… as a parent you don’t have favorite kids, but you know, she was my favorite person on this planet. Lord I just want to thank you. I want to thank you. I want to pray for the parents who have lost children.  __ Tony in Cleveland. I want to pray for you guys. I hope that you find the joy. I know it’s a cliche when people tell you, O she’s in a better place and they tell you she’s in a better place. Trust me when I tell you they’re with the Lord. I’ve seen things that are supernatural that I would not have believed but I know my daughter Ryan is with the Lord. You couldn’t tell me otherwise. I’m going to pray for the parents who lost children. I want to pray for the people around the world who’ve lost people during this COVID-19. But Lord I just want to thank you. I want to praise you. I want to continue to praise you. Thank you, father. In Jesus’ name.

Hey family it’s Jesse from Washington it’s like Tuesday something-th. And, so, Holy Spirit’s been…been on me to…well I’m supposed to be talking to people, I’m supposed to be telling them and we all are actually, but I’ve been slacking because he’s just been…he’s been on me every day and I haven’t been doing it and just making excuses. And there’s a guy at work, he’s been suicidal, and he attempted suicide like two or three months ago and his wife’s divorcing him and you know left him and took the kids and he’s just kind of in a rough spot and he’s kind of one of those no nonsense guys and I've…I’m supposed…I’ve supposed to tell him for over a month now, I’m supposed to talk to him and I haven’t done it. And finally, I talked to him today. And we’re like closing up the shop and like three times I’m like no…no…no God I’ll talk to him later. And finally, when we were both pulling out I just pulled up next to him and talked to him and man it was…shouldn’t have been that difficult but it was. But I did it and I just want to ask you all to…to lift up Colin, that he’ll just accept God’s outreached hand and embrace it and start to recognize it in his life because he’s a good guy and it sucks to see him hurt.

Hi family this is Biola from Maryland I hope you’re all doing well. Brian and Jill God bless you. God bless your family. China I’m rooting for you and I’m praying that you have a safe and easy delivery in Jesus’ name. Sister who called in about her 89-year-old mother. Sister I want to remind you that the Lord is faithful regarding his promises. Don’t forget that your mother, you’re not the one that’s responsible for bringing her to Jesus. People have sown seeds into her life including you. Another person will water, and the Holy Spirit will bring the increase. And my prayer for your mother sister is that God will touch her heart, soften her heart, woo her to Him and that He will prolong her life. Bible says that the Lord is not willing for any top perish and is patient to all of us. And I pray that your mother’s eyes will be opened the scales will fall from her eyes and she will come to love the Lord Jesus in the name of Jesus. I also pray that for your nephew and the members of your family who do not know the Lord. God bless you sister. Caitlin I’m praying for you. My heart just went out to you as I heard the divorce that your husband had asked for. Sister I just want to encourage you to just, you know, be at peace. I know it’s not easy but be at peace and let the Lord work what is gonna work in your husband’s heart. And I pray that, you know, what the Lord has started He will complete. So, and then teacher, James the teacher, I’m praying for you that God would comfort your heart and God will step into your situation and also touch your wife’s heart. In the name of Jesus.

Good morning DAB family this is Sally Amazed by Grace in Massachusetts. I…I listen every day and I’m so thankful like many others for this community for this opportunity to hear God’s word, to meditate on it and to be strengthened through Brian’s commentary. Lord, I just thank you for this community, for Brian and the whole team that makes it possible for us to be together. And I am thankful for each one of you who call in and encourage and sing songs and share your burdens. We are so blessed to be here together, God’s family. And this morning Katie called telling us that her husband of seven years wants a divorce. And this is such a hard hard thing Lord for Katie and for her children. And, so, I lift up Katie to You Lord and I pray Lord that You would just bring her comfort and her peace. Lord, You tell us in John 16:33 Jesus said I tell You these things so that in me You may have peace. In the world You have trouble but being of good cheer I’ve overcome the world. O God I pray for Katie as she cares and loves these dear children and she looks to You to be her protector, her refuge, strength. I pray for this Young man Lord. Open his eyes to his need of You, his wife’s need, his children’s needs. O great and holy and powerful God I pray Your mercy and power in this family and other women who are facing a similar situation and men. Lord just strengthen them in Your great love and grace to know that You are with them in Jesus’ name. Thank you.

Hey this is an encouragement for Brian. This is Micah in Awe. I just want…I just wanted to thank you again for the way that this is laid out, that you laid out DAB. Whenever I pick people up…I bring people to and from dialysis and I bring kids to and from school districts when they move out of a school district. So, in the morning I listen to DAB regardless, but I try to get the Old Testament listened to because there’s some stuff in there that’s just sometimes it’s really hard to just jump right into without knowing the context. But anyway, so when the kids get in the car, I try to have the New Testament about to come on, right, and already playing. So, then they hear the New Testament the Psalm the Proverb and then your insight and then the prayer before they get dropped off. It always…like it always usually works out that way, that they get dropped off like right at the end of the prayer. It’s so cool. So, they get to see how a Christian lives. We take in the scripture then we apply the scripture. Your insight shows how we apply it. And then we pray for each other and give encouragement. So, every day these kids are seeing what a Christian is, how Christians do. And I just think it’s an awesome thing. And I can start it over and do it for each kid. And I do it for adults that I bring to dialysis to. So, thank you so much for this. And I want to ask all you DABbers out there to pray for these kids, they get in the car, that the seed will be planted and that the soil would be good. There’s a scripture that says His word will not return to Him void. I just want to ask you to pray for an abundant increase in these kids understanding of who God is and what the Christian life is all about. You’re touching generations, all of you. And Brian this is messing with the next generation. It’s awesome. I love you guys.