04/05/2021 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 28:1-68, Luke 11:14-36, Psalms 77:1-20, Proverbs 12:18

Today is the 5th day of April welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you today as we continue to move forward. And still kind of in this Easter glow, this whole season that leads up to this moment where we really live into all things being made new, and that actually a shift has happened. And, so, now we live into that. All that we’ve allowed the Lord to rearrange in our hearts and minds and lives, we move forward from this place with a newness, with a new sense of direction and purpose. And, so, let’s dive in. We’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week. And we are continuing our journey through the book of Deuteronomy. That will take us…I think that will take us the remainder of this week to conclude. And just start remembering that this is what Moses has to say. And some of this is review because he’s reviewing. These are the things that he has to say before he dies. This is what he’s saying to the people that he’s led out of Egypt and that they need to remember when he’s gone. So, we pick up. Deuteronomy chapter 28.


Okay. Let’s just consider what we read in the book of Proverbs, very short, a single sentence. “There is one who speaks rashly like a piercing sword.” So, let’s stop there for second. “Speaks rashly.” We are all guilty, right? We are all guilty of at some point speaking rationally, right, without thinking about what we’re saying, without considering the consequences of what we might be saying. This seems to be a thing and going around and we…it’s just like part of the human condition. We do this stuff all the time, but wisdom in the Proverbs is saying that's…that’s like a piercing sword. So, if we stop thinking about the things that we say, and then put ourselves in the position of things that are being said to us, when somebody’s speaking aggressively and rationally without considering the consequences toward us, attacking us in some way it does feel like that, right, a piercing sword. This theme is throughout the Scriptures, the fact that words actually do matter, that they’re not harmless, that they’re not benign, that they sort of set the stage for what’s gonna happen in action. So, I don’t know, let’s…two…two men walking down the street, they don’t just randomly decide to start punching each other, right? They’re just walking down the street. They don’t even know each other. If they do, they don’t have an offense against each other, they’re just walking down the street. But when someone says something rash to the other like a piercing sword then action can take place that can be profoundly destructive. So, that happens between two people. I mean we can take this inside our house with our spouse, and apply it there and understand that the same truth applies between two people, but that same truth expands to all people. And, so, groups of people can be behaving this way toward other groups of people. And all we gotta do is start opening up the human…the history books of humanity to see where this goes. So, wisdom tells us, yeah, there…there is one who speaks rashly, and they speak like…like a piercing sword but the tongue of the wise brings healing. So, that’s one sentence. And that one sentence says an awful lot about our lives, about the state of our lives, about the trajectory of our lives because we basically have a rutter that lives behind our teeth that steers the way our lives go. And it’s not inconsequential and it’s not harmless, it’s very powerful. In fact, the Scriptures will ultimately tell us as we get a little bit deeper into them that the power of life and death is in our words, is in the tongue. It’s famous so we probably already know that. But if it’s true let’s just think for a second that the power of life and death is in the tongue. Why do we not pay attention to the kind of power we’re carrying around all day every day? Like, how is it that that power can be unleashed typically for destruction before we can even rein it in? Maybe wisdom would call us to pay attention. Maybe wisdom would call us to bring healing with our tongues instead of destruction, blessing instead of cursing. Maybe that would change our life. Maybe we don’t have to say maybe. That would change our whole life. Do we want that? That would require discipline then wouldn’t it? That would require surrender. That would require that we’re not trying to insulate to protect ourselves, but rather we are surrendered to God and we are relying on Him to protect us. We don’t have to carve out anything against anybody to have an identity.


Father, we invite You into that. This is so profound. This wisdom is so profound that it would change our lives if we would listen. Holy Spirit help us to remember. Holy Spirit help us to listen before we speak. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey DAB family my name is Jermaine and I’m incarcerated, and I listen to you guys daily basically. I wake up with you guys on my mind and I just pray for you guys and I keep you guys in my mind all the time. And I just want to thank the…I just want to thank Brian and this DAB family for so much encouragement and for so much encouragement and so much prayer. I am literally on a jail call right now leaving this message because the spirit has helped me to pick the phone up to have my loving cousin who is on the end of this phone call but Lord, I’m calling for a prayer request. I’m calling that I be strengthened, that I’m being strengthened in this kind time of darkness, that I know that the Lord works all things, that God works ways out of no way. You see for Him to give me the revelation to keep Him in my heart, to keep Him on my mind, to always seek Him, to want better…Lord…Lord I just I need…I need you guys to pray for me, I need these prayers, I need these prayers because I know in my mind no matter what I go through and no matter what God puts me through that He will take me through. I know He will because I serve a good God. I serve a loving God, a God over all things, a God that created all things. So, DAB family I need your prayers and I'm…I’m praying for each and every last one of you as I listen to this because I have so much time in the world right now being in prison. I'm…I’m Jermaine and I’m calling from Rochester NY. I’m incrassated in the Monroe County facility. And, Oh my God it’s just it’s so amazing what Brian and the Hardin family is doing and it's…it’s just so wonderful that God’s using all of you guys as vessels…

Hi DAB family this is Susie from Colorado. I love you guys. I pray for you every day. You’re my family. I just cannot tell you how much I adore this family and Brian and his family. I need prayer please. My husband and I have orphanages in Haiti. We…we raise the children. We don’t send them out for adoptions. We…most of our children are disabled or very, very sick. And sometimes they get well. I’ve seen so many miracles. But we have just taken in the last few days a little boy that we named Elijah and he has hydro cephalic syndrome and I’m devastated because I’m being told that now it’s inoperable and he will soon go blind and then lose any ability to eat on his own or even think on his own and that his brain will slowly die. I come against this. I…I don't…I'm…I’m not accepting that. That’s what, you know, what man says. But I’m just really praying to God, He would intervene this time for Elijah seven months old like He has so many times. I have witnessed babies being told that we…we…we were…they wouldn’t live to be six months old, and they lived to be…some of them are 29 years old now. So, I just don’t believe that. And I know it’s all because of prayer. So, please pray for my husband and I and for this very large family that we have in Haiti. Please pray for Elijah. Please save his brain and his life. In Jesus’ name.

Hi there, DAB this is Vonnie from Northern California and I’m responding to a couple of calls I heard this morning. It’s April 1st and mommy’s Little Rock, I am so sorry that you lost your mom. It’s so hard to lose a mom. I lost mine almost a couple years ago now. There’s nothing like a mother’s love and no one can replace your mom but it’s good to know that there are others praying for you. And I’m praying that the Lord will bring just loads of comfort and peace and encouragement your way. Please finish your book. Please get back to writing. And I pray for motivation. That book is going to bless people. Do it for your mom’s sake to honor her. And I pray that you will just sense God’s love and comforting arms around you. But on the heels of that call, oh Beloved in Texas you just cracked me up. And there’s a sermon illustration in that story even though it was just so funny. It’s great to laugh at ourselves. But how often do we sit in our own mess and just look good on the outside and pretend everything’s OK. I do that. I sit in my own mess and pretend everything’s OK. But when we confess to one another our need it’s great to have others pray for us and get cleaned up. And, so, thank you for sharing that story. It made me laugh today but thank you for everybody for sharing your stories. We really do need to pray for one another, that the Lord will really clean us. Every…every day is new. Blessings everybody. Have a good one. Bye-bye.

Hi Daily Audio Bible this is James the teacher in LA. I have the heaviest heart in the world. I know I called in a couple weeks ago after not really being a part of the community for maybe two or three years. I lost track but I had said that my wife and I were going through a really hard time. In the meantime, she asked for a two-week separation during a session of couples counseling. And at the end of that two weeks, she said that she…her mind was made up where she wants a divorce. And even saying the words out loud…I’ve been mulling it over and talking about it with people since Saturday the 22nd. And I’m still devastated. It was facing my own suicidal thoughts that first drove me to Jesus over 20 years ago. There’s been one other time since then when my life was so low that I considered it. But I’ve hit that spot again worse than ever in my whole life and I’m talking with my therapist and I have a safety plan for those of you have been through losing someone to suicide, so I don’t want to scare anybody, but…but my whole life is just in flames. So, I’m praying for my children. And I still love my wife even when I’m angry…so angry. Please pray for me. Thanks.

Mommy’s Little Rock in Arkansas this is God’s Life Speaker. I too lost my mom on the 1st of January and I heard you, not only this year when you had called in about your mom. I definitely know how you feel. I too am writing, and my mom was the center of all things. Someone to bounce everything off of but she is in a much better place for my mom really suffered in the end. And, so, I am grateful. I am sure you are too, that they are in the presence of Jesus. But that doesn’t make our earthly walk any easier. The only place we really have to turn is to God. And I know you know that as you turned to this family to pray for you. Psalm 73:26 says. “my flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” So, mommy’s Little Rock in Arkansas because you are a rock. I’ve heard you call in and you are a joy raising your kids the right way. I know your mom taught you right and you will pass that on. Keep her alive with her kids. So, may the Lord bless you, may the Lord keep you, may the Lord make His face shine upon you Mommy’s Little Rock in Arkansas and may he be gracious to you. May He give you peace in the name of Jesus Mommy’s Little Rock in Arkansas. Lord God rise up. Joy up. Speak life. Keep your mom alive through all the stories you have to share. God bless you Mommy’s Little Rock.