04/25/2020 DAB Transcript

Judges 4:1-5:31, Luke 22:35-53, Psalms 94:1-23, Proverbs 14:3-4

Today is the 25th day of April welcome to the Daily Audi Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you at the end of another of our weeks together. I mean the rhythm of our life is that this is an everyday thing, so we just mark time but just marking the time that this is the end of another week, we’re getting ready to begin another week, a fresh beginning helps us to mark our progress as we continue the journey of a lifetime through the Bible. So, we’ve been in the book of Judges for a couple of days now just understanding that we’re moving quickly through time, understanding who came into leadership and why after the death of Joshua and just this back-and-forth turn and tumble that the children of Israel go through over the centuries. So, today we’re gonna learn about a female judge in Israel and her name is Deborah. Today, Judges, chapters 4 and 5. And we’ve been reading from the Amplified Bible this week, which is what we’ll do today.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We thank You for bringing us through another week in Your word. We thank You for the story of Deborah, the judge in Sisera today and the way that You used women to free Your people from the bondage and oppression that they were suffering because of their rejection of You. And Jesus, even as we move in the gospel of Luke into the time of Your arrest and we know what’s coming, we’ve been through this story before but again we invite Your Holy Spirit. We’re seeing the lengths that You have been willing to go to in order to find and rescue us and we don’t take that lightly and we don’t take that for granted. So, as we move through this day we invite Your Holy Spirit to help us meditate upon the sacrifice that made it possible for us to be restored to You. Come Holy Spirit into this we pray and into this weekend we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning Daily Audio Bible community this is Diane Olive Brown calling from Newburgh Indiana. Shalom, shalom it is 3:38 in the morning and this is my third try. The first two didn’t work out and I always think that the Lord didn’t want those first two to go through. So, I love You Lord. I lift up this lady who is very emotional and she’s inconsolable and it’s so painful for her. And father, You…You understand, You created us with emotions and sometimes my emotions are really really uncontrollable too. And, so, my husband heard this cry from this dear lady and I just speak to you now from my heart. I just say, I understand it seems that you’ll never have peace, but you can have peace and your emotions are not wrong, God created our emotions. And, so, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just let Him wrap you in His arms and hold you. Let Him hold you and lean on Him and cry, cry, cry as much as you need until you feel a release from the Lord and be at peace. I speak peace, shalom shalom. I’ll be praying for you. I love you.

This is for the completely heartbroken woman who called in yesterday or it was aired yesterday on the April 20th podcast where she’s just emotionally distraught and in pain. And I just want to know…you didn’t leave your name…but I just want you to know that Jesus hears you. He is with you. His steadfast love is new every morning. Psalm 90 verse 14 says, satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. And I just pray Jesus that You would comfort her and let her know the joy of the Lord, that she would see that You are still there that You have never left her nor forsaken her and that she will not despair and she will not give up. Just please bring let her joy come like the morning. And just please please surround her with your steadfast love in Jesus’ precious name. Amen. Dear woman please note that this community is praying for you and you do not have to give up and you are not alone in whatever you’re going through. Where praying that Jesus will rebuke the enemy and He will. And you will come through this. He will walk through this with you and you’re not alone. Please, please, please do not give up. Thank you for calling. Thank you DAB family for just being the family. And thank you to Brian and Jill in China and the whole Hardin family for offering this podcast.

Good morning DAB family this is Paula calling from Albuquerque. I pray that you’re all doing well and staying safe during this time and sane…ha ha. Anyway. Calling for a few reasons. First of all, a prayer request. A friend of mine Susan is actually a DABber, her sister passed away yesterday from COVID and some other complications, so please keep that family in prayer for me. And then a coworker of mine, her mom’s been struggling with cancer since December. I think I called about her before. Would you please continue to keep Kim’s mom in prayer? And then I have a praise report. I’ve called in before about my kids reconciling and praise God it happened this weekend. My son drove all the way to Denver to reconcile with his sister. I am so grateful for that. And Christine with a bumpy dog, oh my gosh, it was just so good to hear your voice again. There are so many of you, you know I could just go back through my journal and…and there’s so many people missing that I think about often. Mark Street, you were one of the first ones and Biola, to pray for me when I first started listening and calling in. Gosh, now 8 ½ years ago I believe, was right before my mom died. I just want you guys to know how much I love you. I listen to all the prayer requests and the encouragement and prayer on Saturdays. You guys are amazing! And I meant what I said on Facebook the other day, we have some amazing prayer warriors. Keep it up Saints. I love you. Have a blessed week.

Hello Daily Audio Bible I…my name is Sharon and I just want to tell you how very grateful I am for this app. I started listening in the beginning of March and it’s been incredible. It’s just been the highlight of my day a lot of times been encouraging I love your voice and the way your perspective, especially April 15th just really touched my heart. To think that the kingdom of God is in us is just so beautiful to me. Brian, thank you so much for all that you do. I am definitely a lifer. God bless you in your ministry. You are on my prayer list now.

DAB family this is Penny from Tasmania I’m ringing in response to the young lady who rang in on the 20th suffering from some emotional pain. Let’s pray together for her. Lord I thank You for this beautiful woman and Lord right now we pray for Your blanket of peace to surround her, for You to wrap Your arms around her that she would be cocooned in Your love. And Lord right now I thank You that by Your stripes she has been healed. I thank You Lord that…that on the cross You not only bore sickness, You not only bore poverty, You not only bore sin, You bore our emotional pains. And Lord You’ve considered it all joy to suffer for us. You wanted that exchange. You wanted to take our pain so we could have life and life abundantly. You made that exchange willingly so that she wouldn’t have to bear this pain that she’s suffering at the moment. So, Lord I just pray that You touch my dear sister, You reveal Yourself to her, You reveal to her what You have done for her. And Lord I pray that she would have an opportunity every day to have communion with You, that she would be able to take a piece of cracker or bread and some wine and have this exchange where, as she takes the emblems she sees You took her pain, You took her grief, You took her sorrow and Lord that You brought peace to hers. So, we just prophesy peace, we prophesy deliverance and wholeness in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hello this is the girl with the bumpy dog and today is April 22nd. This prayer is for Samantha, Evelyn’s mom. I heard your prayer request and I saw you. I’m so glad you rediscovered your faith, but I also pray for a revival of my teenage children’s faith as well. I believe the Lord always redeems the time we spend in struggle and my life is a testimony to that. Today I’m praying for you Samantha Galatians 6:9 and Hebrews 10:23. Dear Lord Jesus, how grateful we are that you have chosen us as your children. Today I pray that you uphold Samantha. Help her not to grow weary in bringing…in being patient and doing good because at the proper time she will reap a harvest of your blessing if she doesn’t give up. So uplift Samantha to hold her unswervingly to the hope we all profess, your promises and you promise to be faithful. Thank, you Lord Jesus. And it’s in Jesus’ name I pray. Be encouraged everyone. This is the girl with the bumpy dog.