04/16/2020 DAB Transcript

Joshua 13:1-14:15, Luke 18:1-17, Psalms 85:1-13, Proverbs 13:7-8

Today is the 16th day of April welcome to the Daily Audio Bible, I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you as we move into the back half of another of our weeks together and ease our way toward another weekend and of course another week beginning, but that’s in front of us and we are here now around the Global Campfire together. So, let’s take the next step forward in the Scriptures. We are working our way through the story of Joshua and the conquest of the Promised Land. We’re reading from the English Standard Version this week. Joshua 13 and 14 today.


Alright. Let’s talk about the book of Proverbs today and immerse ourselves in its wisdom for a moment. Probably…probably we all know people that we consider to be…like we know their life and we know what they are portraying their life to be, and we know that there is like dissonance there, there is like a disconnect. So…so, they, you know, curate things on social media. And we see a lot of this be tested because it’s a house of cards, right? Like when a whole society is doing the same thing then it’s kinda all a house of cards. And, so, when hardship shows up and it becomes more and more difficult to keep the act up. But we…we all are aware of this kind of behavior. In fact, it's…it’s in us, it’s in all of us to some degree and a lot of times it comes out of in as an insecurity. Like we’re looking around at what everybody else is curating and then just deciding that they have a better life and that we gotta keep up. And, so, we just keep up the pose. And Proverbs kinda gives us a riddle today to work through. “One pretends to be rich yet has nothing. Another pretends to be poor yet has a great wealth. The ransom of a man’s life is his wealth, but a poor man hears no threat.” Okay. So, like, let’s work through the scenarios. A poor man hears no threat, right? So, a poor man who is not pretending to be anything other than he is, isn’t threatened, isn’t taken for ransom. The rich person in the riddle has the resources to perhaps extricate themselves from the scenario, they have wealth. So, both the rich and the poor have a way out in this proverb. What is the scenario that doesn’t? The one who pretends to be rich but is actually poor. The one who is pretending to be something that they are not. If that person is pressed or taken for ransom or whatever then the illusion falls apart and they have no way out of it. It all falls down. So, the ultimate thing that the voice of wisdom is bringing up here then is, “are we being true?” And that is an important question in the trying times that we’ve been going through. Are we becoming more true or are we becoming more false?


Holy Spirit as we move into this day, this is what we will meditate upon. This is what Your word has brought up today. And, so, we invite Your Holy Spirit into that. It’s been plenty of chaos. There always is. There’s always something that invites us to either pose and hide or to be true and be light. And, so, Holy Spirit show us the areas that…that we are shining but also shows the areas that we are hiding. We invite You as we walk through this day and as we become aware of Your presence that we listen to what You are saying. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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