04/01/2020 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 18:1-20:20, Luke 9:28-50, Psalms 73:1-28, Proverbs 12:10

Welcome to Daily Audio Bible I’m China today is the 1st day of April. Welcome. It is so great to be here with you guys today. Today we continue to keep the tradition alive between me and my dad. We swapped podcasts. So, if you are unfamiliar with my voice, I am the host of the Daily Audio Bible Chronological podcast. So, this is a little different. It’s been the April fool’s tradition to…to either reada like a different reading plan or a different translation. And, so, we continue that on this year by swapping podcasts. So, thank you for welcoming me into your space and listening today. Guys we’re in April. Welcome to April. Me and my husband Ben, we joked about March feeling like the longest year ever. March felt like it was never gonna end but here we are. Today we will be reading from Deuteronomy 18-20, Luke 9:28-50, Psalms 73, Proverbs 12: and we will be in the New International Version.


I really love at the Psalms are saying and I really love that it’s coming from this place of honesty, in this place that is just being vulnerable and being real with yourself and saying, “yeah, like I have almost fallen off. I have envied those who are wicked and they’re doing good. That sucks. I don’t understand that. Why should I continue to keep doing good?” So, while I can appreciate the honesty of that I think we can all agree to some degree that there’s a little immaturity that comes in that and just understanding that like that’s not the way of health. Like if you’ve seen the wicked in prosperity that is like, can we go back to elementary story time where we’re talking about the three little pigs and how they’re building their houses and how two thirds of the pigs are building their houses out of things that clearly aren’t gonna work and there’s that one pig who’s like, “this is gonna be solid, this is gonna be great.” Like that is ultimately like the picture that’s been painted here. And as we continue in this Psalm, as we continue to read on it, we see a little bit more of maturity kind of happen. like this, “ah ha. A wait…they’re not gonna see the glory of the Lord and the way that I can when my eyes are focused upon you Lord.” I love that it says, “my heart was grieved, and my Spirit was embittered. I was senseless and ignorant.” That’s like being aware of your hearty posture. And then coming and saying, “I’m always with you. You hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel and afterward you will take me into glory. Who have I in heaven but you?” So, there’s just this awakening moment where we’re realizing the most important thing is to be kingdom minded. The most important thing here is to keep our eyes upon you Lord.


Father, we repent for our eyes being on anything other than You. Lord we repent for questioning the ways of how other people got to where they are as if there hasn’t been a struggle or as if there hasn’t been any adversary and where they’ve gotten. And Lord we just choose to keep our eyes on You. And Lord, whether we have to keep declaring that every single day or every single hour, Lord we keep our eyes on You. We’re not concerned with what’s happening to the right or to the left of us because we are fixated upon You. And I thank You that goodness and mercy come in that. I thank You that when we are fixated upon You, we think about what is lovely, what is just, what is admirable. And I thank You that all of things are the transforming and renewing of our mind as we speak that over ourselves today and forever more. And it’s in Your name we pray. Amen.


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And if you haven’t really been plugged in regardless of how long you’ve been here, I just encourage you. What is your heart need in community? And we have formats specifically with the heart intention to do things together. So, it’s like we…we are set. The Daily Audio Bible is like, “Yes!” This has been our heart mission for years now, is that we would do things together. And, so, if you are needing that connection, I just encourage you to plug in here in this community, here with your brothers and sisters in the faith that are listening all over the world.

Well guys, this was fun. This was different to read, a different reading plan, to switch that up but I so enjoyed it and I thank you for, you know, letting me read for you today and switching it up. I know it’s not my dad but hope I didn’t do him any disservice and that you are satisfied with today’s reading. But welcome to April guys. It’s gonna be a good month. Regardless of how last month went this can be completely different. One of my favorite sayings that I like to live by is, “how we end one season is how we will enter the next.” So, may we leave well and start well.

That is all for today. I’m China I love you and Brian will be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey, my outstanding DABC fam this is Kingdom Seeker Daniel from Chicago. Wow, China Brown. So, as I was just kind of looking back over the last week and a half or so I found it very, very interesting and refreshing that God was encouraging Joshua how to not fear. So, for example on the 12th He told, God told Joshua that wherever you go the Lord will fight on your side and to not be afraid. And then on the 13th He said, don’t fret, don’t fear. On the 25th he said don’t ever be afraid or discouraged. And then China you came along on the 28th today and you encouraged us with something absolutely profound that I think deserves a second hearing. So, family, this is what China said. “Instead of staying in the heart posture of continual questioning lets really dive into the place of saying, Lord I know this is who you are because this is who you’ve been so consistently and faithfully.” And then she said, “let’s enter into a space of remembering who the Lord is and where He’s brought you from.” So, in essence let’s remember that during this difficult time. God is with you. Don’t be afraid.

Hey DABC family this is Molly in Ohio and I felt really convicted today to call in and just say a prayer over everybody as we go through this pandemic. Father, thank You. Thank You for Your love and Your grace and Your provision. We may be scared and stressed and uncertain with what’s going on right now with the COVID-19 virus, but the virus can’t take You from our heart and we put our lives in Your hand as always. Lord You have a plan for this pandemic, and I know that You’ll use it to test and grow Your kingdom and Your children. I pray that as we walk through this we walk by faith and You and trust You for all our cares. Thank You for this family, this community You’ve given us and thank You for the blessings these restructurings are showing us in our lives. I ask for Your hand of protection over each and every one of my brothers and sisters listening especially the healthcare personnel who are on the front lines and those in ministry who are being bombarded with the fear of Your children. Let’s remember through this of who of…who You want us to be and let us show You through our interactions with others. Amen. And if you guys could also pray for my sister Jenny. She had to have a leg amputated last week due to infection from diabetes. She is in pain physically and mentally __ to heal and adjust to a new way of her life. I don’t know if she’s a believer. So, pray for her all around and pray that I can be the light of Christ in her dark situation right now. Thanks. Stay safe and healthy…