03/29/2020 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 11:1-12:32, Luke 8:22-39, Psalms 70:1-5, Proverbs 12:4

Today is the 29th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m  Brian it’s great to be here with you at the beginning of a week where we just consider that it’s all out in front of us and step through the threshold together and see that it’s brand-new, it’s waiting to be lived into, its shiny and sparkly, and the choices that we make and the paths that we walked down they’re gonna tell the story of…of this week. And, so, let’s approach it with full hearts and an openness to God’s leading in our lives. So, we gotta a new week. So, we’ll read from the New International Version this week and we’re gonna be continuing our journey through Deuteronomy and Luke. And just by way of reminder, I hope it’s not over reminding but Deuteronomy is…these are the final things that Moses has to say. So, it is reviewing the story that we’ve read, but he’s speaking it to a generation of people that are about to attempt to go into the Promise Land. And, so, it is a review, but it gives us a really good chance to review a lot of territory that’s very detailed. Deuteronomy helps us kind of pull that together as we prepare to move into a new era in the Bible. So, today we’ll read Deuteronomy chapters 11 and 12.


Father, we thank You for bringing us into this brand-new week and as we enter this week, we enter it with a rhythm of life, allowing Your word to speak into our hearts each and every day. And, so, even as we’re here at this…at this little threshold with his new week, You know, that’s just something that we recognize every week, it’s still true, it’s out in front of us and we don’t dare want to take a step forward without taking a step forward with You. We’ve learned far too well what our own way looks like and yet we confess that everything will sweep in upon us in this week and we will be busy about our own way without even realizing it, but we’re here now and we’re out in front of it and we’re inviting Your Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. And…and…and that’s never not happening. Wisdom is never not at every crossroads, either. What we need we have we’re just often not paying attention at all. And, so, come Holy Spirit, quicken us, that we might slow down enough to know that before we make any decision which should consult You. Come Holy Spirit into this week we ask in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


dailyaudiobible.com is the website and that is indeed home base for a virtual community like ours. So, that’s where you go to find out what’s going on around here.

That’s where the Prayer Wall lives and that is always happening. That’s we’re get different links of different connection points on social media, etc. Those…that can all be found in the Community section.

But also something really unique is going on around here, something we’ve never ever been able to do before, but just really overjoyed to be able to do it in the time that we’re kind of going through, this disruption that is happening throughout the world and, you know, causing all kinds of interesting things to be said and done each day. And we began kind of the middle of…middle of last week and we’ll kinda go through this week until we’ve concluded. But, my book, Sneezing Jesus, we’re releasing this as an… releasing the audio addition one chapter a day. And this is a gift. This is a gift from NAV Press who published this book. It’s a gift from the Daily Audio Bible. This was the fertile soil from which it was written, but this is the gift of good news. It’s a portrait of Jesus life. It’s an exploration of Jesus humanity and what that means to our humanity. It’s a clear and concise telling of why the good news is good news and it’s an exploration of the fact that the good news spread like a virus and good news can spread like a virus just like darkness, just like viruses that can hurt you. And, so, today we are up to the chapter called Between a Place and a Hard Rock. And this explores the story of Jesus walking away from the sea of Galilee, 15 miles. So, like walking 15 miles north to the city of Caesarea Philippi which is a pagan Gentile city. And this is the place where Jesus asked perhaps the most important question that can ever be asked in life, “who do you say that I am?” So, that chapter is available now. It just shows up along with the Daily Audio Bible each day. It’s a separate program but it shows up in the feed and you can click on it and listen to it and move through the book together as we do…do this in community. So, be sure to take advantage of that. It's…it’s a joy, it’s a joy, honestly to give this to you, especially now.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi DAB family it’s Carla Jean in Las Vegas I am calling to pray for all of us during this pandemic. In particular I am a couple of days behind, but I just heard Asia praying and feeling isolated and judged. And I’m just so sorry sister that you’re going through this and I’m just praying that hearts and minds will open and just be kind to one another. I read Peter’s request on Facebook to pray for God’s Smile who’s in such tremendous pain. And it hurts my heart to know that you are in pain sister and please know that I’m praying for you very deeply. Sierra, I’ve heard you, I heard your mission trip is postponed and that you’re feeling abandoned by your grandpa. And I’m just praying that God will work on his heart, that he will come to know the Lord first and foremost and to find reconciliation with you and I am praying that the Lord will open up a place for you to be and that while you are in the hallway you are praising Him in the hallway. Jerry from Duluth, I hear you brother. My kids also have mental health issues. And my son woke me in the middle of the night last week and was suicidal. Brother, you are not alone. I’m praying for your kids. Please pray for my kids too. I love you all so much. And thank you Brian for being the pioneer to online and virtual community. We so need you and I’m so glad that I’ve been part of this community for years so that right now I don’t feel as alone as I would without you. I love you all so much. God bless you. Bye.

Hey DAB family, first and foremost I want you to know that I’m praying for the whole world. I know these are some scary times, but we rely on the Lord and His promises. We should not fear, we should not live in fear for He is a great God. Would you please pray for my sister-in-law that is been called to go to New York? She’s a doctor, she was…she’s in the military reserve and they were just activated, which means that they will go and serve and help all the sick in the midst of everything that’s happening in New York. Please pray for them. She has a little boy, he’s less than a year old. So, he’s going to be at home left. Would you please lift her husband up as he will be home as well playing the role of a single dad? They don’t have a timeframe. Her name is Natalie, her husband’s Kenny their son is Caleb. I also have another request. My sister-in-law Michelle is a nurse. She is an RN in California in LA for Kaiser and I’m sure you’ve heard in the news they are completely under resourced. Please pray for them. Pray for a hedge of protection over all health care, all the nurses and doctors, janitors, I mean everyone that is just making sure that the hospitals are running to care and love everybody. This is Stephanie from California. Thank you so much. Love the DAB family. And thank you so much for lifting us with prayer. Love you guys. Stay strong. Share the gospel, especially during this time. Stay positive. Love you guys.

Daily Audio Bible this is Jane Ruth from Nebraska and I wanted to say something else. I know that I’m not supposed to submit twice. But Brian, on my belly button birthday March 22nd, you talked about Luke 15 and you talked about the…the guys…letting the guy come down through the mat…through the roof on the mat. And you made reference…you know sometimes all these parables kind of run together for me…but the thing that Jesus said was, “your sins are forgiven.” And when you said the words, you know, we can say that to somebody else, that your sins are forgiven, I thought, “that’s heresy.” But wait, in the Lord’s prayer, and you said this, we are to forgive other people’s sins as He forgives our…forgives our sins. And the thought that went through my mind was, “Jane where have you been all this time. You’ve been saying those words over and over again.” And it was like He sets the captive free and I felt like finally, finally I could forgive all these people that I’ve been carrying around on my…on my back like this albatross. And I felt like finally Jesus saves because I have been set free. It was the most incredible awareness that I don’t have to carry these people around anymore. Thank you so much.

This is Violet from Indiana I’m calling in response to Nick’s request for prayer. Nick helps in public transportation. Drives a bus I think he said. I want to know Nick I’m praying for you and adding to that prayer all of the DAB family who work in service to the public where they are daily exposed to people who are often acting in a much less-than-perfect way. I pray that God will protect you and help you through this time so that you will not become ill. But I also pray that the Holy Spirit will fill your hearts with the spirit of forgiveness as so many of us are so less-than-perfect and we display behavior that is not loving, not kind, not patient, not considerate and that you service workers can be filled with forgiveness as our Lord forgives us, forgiving us for our imperfections that we display that just add to the burden of the work that you are so graciously serving for us. So, I will keep you in my prayers Nick. And all of those DAB family who are giving service, I thank you and I thank God for the gift of you in our lives. Amen.

Good day Daily Audio Bible family my name is Oscar I’m calling in from the United Arab Emirates where I live and work. I’m a first-time caller but have been a listener for about a year now and I’m really grateful for the family I have here in the Daily Audio Bible. Thank you, Brian…Brian Hardin and family for all that you do and for letting God use you in such mighty ways. I’m calling in today because I just listened to the first part of the book Sneezing Jesus and I can’t describe what a blessing…what an encounter it has been. I think one word to describe this is Emmanuelle, God with us. I mean like the book mentions as much as we like to focus on the divinity of Christ which, of course, cannot be denied, the human side of him, the humanity of Christ makes Him so…so relatable. And the fact that…that God wouldn’t…wouldn’t give up, the fact that God doesn’t give up on humanity. In fact, I find that…through this book I find that God actually affirms our humanity. And it’s a real miracle to see how he brings forth these treasures from our earthen vessels. And I can’t imagine…can’t describe. Sorry, if my thoughts are a bit jumbled. It’s because I’m still reeling from the __ of this book. It’s something that I never realized I needed at this very point in time. And I just want to say, thank you so much for making this available. I’m totally going out there to buy the book myself. Thank