03/19/2020 DAB Transcript

Numbers 28:16-29:40, Luke 3:23-38, Psalms 62:1-12, Proverbs 11:18-19

Today is the 19th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you today around the Global Campfire where we show up. Day after day we show up and in community take the next step forward through the Scriptures. We’ve been working our way through the book of Numbers for a while now, and few more days. I think we’ll finish the book of Numbers next week. So, let’s take that next step forward. Today we’ll read numbers chapter 28 versus 16 to 29 verse 40 and we’re reading from the Message this week.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We read a lot of names in Your word today. We were tracing back the family line from which You came into the world and we read these names and their funny and interesting names and hard to pronounce names but every one of those names is…is a life and family and a story and laughter and weeping and joy and sadness like everyone else’s life. Every one of those names was a life lived carrying the story forward. And as we moved back through the story, back through those lines there were names we recognized, people that we’ve met in the Bible. Their stories have become known to us and they carried the story forward. And even as we continue to go back, we realized we were going all the way back to the beginning, all the way back to You. You are the giver of life and every single one of us were we able could read name after name after name after name after name after name after name leading all the way until us. We got here through millions and millions of choices of people who would’ve gone before us, but we have all come from You. We are Your children. You are our Father. We acknowledge You. We are nothing without You. You have given us life and You gave life to all the generations before us. And, so, we honor that. It’s how we got here. And yes, life can be confusing and we can feel disoriented a lot of the time not knowing exactly what’s going on, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer as we have eyes to see and ears to hear and we are grateful for this gift to be here now. And may we meditate on that today - the gift that we are here and what it took to get us here over all of the generations. Thank You for allowing us to be. And Father we give our lives to You and ask that we might honor the gift of life today. Come Holy Spirits we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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