03/12/2020 DAB Transcript

Numbers 16:41-18:32, Mark 16:1-20, Psalms 55:1-23, Proverbs 11:7

Today is the 12th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you as we…as we continue moving through this week and we kind of move our way toward the middle of another month. What a joy…what a joy to be on the voyage together through the Bible. So, let’s get to that. We’re reading from the Contemporary English Version this week. And, yeah, there’s chaos in the desert. That’s kind of what we’re working through in the book of Numbers as the reality that…that they won’t be entering the Promise Land in this generation is settling in. So, today Numbers chapters 16 verse 41 through 18 verse 32.


Father, thank You, thank You, thank You, for Your word and as we concluded the gospel of Mark today, the second gospel, we experienced the story of Your resurrection and we look forward with great anticipation to be…to begin the gospel of Luke tomorrow. And we also take to heart what was spoken of in the Psalms today about betrayal because in one form or another we’ve all tasted of that bitter cup, some in very, very deeply profound ways, some in smaller ways, but we…we know what this feels like and, unfortunately many of us also know what it’s like to offer that cup. And, so, we take to heart what is spoken of in the Psalms, that when we’re going through that kind of a trial of…of betrayal, we can ask for Your help and You will keep us safe. Morning noon and night, You will hear our concerns and sometimes when we are in the throes of the feelings of betrayal it is morning, noon, and night constant on our minds. And, so, we can even see in the Scriptures into David’s heart. It was constantly on his mind, this betrayal. And, so, we identify with this and acknowledge what the Psalm says, when we feel attacked from all sides You will rescue us unharmed by the battle. And, so, we rest in that as we move into our day and invite You. Come Holy Spirit into all that we’ve read, plant it deep into the soil of our lives and continue revealing to us places where the soil can’t support it and help us to get the rocky ground or the thorny ground or the shallow ground out of our lives. Come, Holy Spirit, we pray in Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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