03/03/2020 DAB Transcript

Leviticus 27:14- Numbers 1:54, Mark 11:1-26, Psalms 46:1-11, Proverbs 10:23

Today is the 3rd day of March welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian and I’m faking like I’m not tired. But safely back in the rolling hills of Tennessee. So, good to be home. But, yeah, you leave parts of yourself behind…like things have to catch up. And, so, jet lag can be so disorienting. But right now these hours are a good time. So, it’s great to be here with you and to move forward in the Scriptures. And today we will conclude the book of Leviticus, and I then we will begin the book of Numbers and we’ll talk about that we get there. But first, Leviticus 27 verse 14 through 34.

Introduction to the book of Numbers:

Okay. So, that concludes the book of Leviticus, which brings us to the opening pages of the book of Numbers. And as we go into the book of Numbers we’ll encounter like review and it might feel redundant. It might be like, “haven’t we just…like didn’t we hear this already?” And, so, that can be tedious, but there’s something going on underneath this that’s important because we’re now switching from the first generation of…of Hebrew slaves that came out of Egypt and moving toward an emerging generation of people. And much…much has happened under Moses leadership. So, they’ve seen God show up miraculously in their midst and His…His mighty power is among them, and then they received the law, but now they have to actually live the law because…because God’s giving the order. It’s time to move out. It’s time for them to move into the Promise Land. Like now they have the law, now they’ve established themselves, now it’s go time. It’s time to go to the Promise Land. And, so, we we’ll see in the book of Numbers, spies that are sent into the land and kind of get this first glimpse of what this land of promise might look like. And we’ll also watch…watch this generation completely disqualify themselves from the promise. And there’s plenty of parallels for our lives. So, let's…let’s just dive in to the third book of the Old Testament, the book of Numbers chapter 1.


Okay. In the book of Mark, Jesus has entered Jerusalem. This is His final visit. This…He has not been arrested yet, but we’re in that story. An it’s so weird because it’s like just a couple days ago…just a couple days ago we were like walking the path that we were reading out of the gospel of Mark. So, it’s like immediately poignant…poignant to me in spite of being jetlagged and everything. It’s like very, very immediate. And one thing I want to point out as we’re going through the story this time is the cleansing of the temple. And we can make a theological statement about the cleansing of the temple but let’s just make a practical statement about cleansing the temple. Let’s just imagine what’s happening here because a lot of times we can read through these stories…like when I read them…I’ve heard this story of Jesus…I mean this is a flannel board Sunday school story for me. And, so, I always thought like, “of course, Jesus, you know, he would, you know, tip over the money changers. Like, of course He would cleanse the temple, and everybody should get on board and there’s no problem.” Now on the flannel boards it was always like a really small thing. You know, like he let some birds go and he tipped over a table with coins and they fell out on the ground. It was like a small thing. That’s not the story. So, like…and I’m thinking like, “what kind…how could we do this?” Let’s picture…let’s picture our local courthouse, okay? And if we’re in a big city, then there’s probably like a, you know, a larger courthouse made out of stone and there’s big stairs and you go up into it and these are the halls of justice. And maybe your famous, maybe you’re not. Maybe if…maybe people…you’re well-known. Jesus had become well known. So, maybe you’re kind of well-known, but you don’t go to that courthouse to stand outside on the sidewalk with a sign as you’re permitted to do because you have a disagreement with a case or with the justice system or whatever. Your protesting, which is your right but instead you actually walk up those stairs, go in, go through security, go in and start disrupting inside in the different courtrooms, you start throwing things around and you start yelling, “this is all corrupt. This whole system is not what it was intended to be.” Like you’re saying these things and you’re throwing things around. That’s kind of similar to the scenario we have going here. So, it’s almost as if Jesus is provoking this. Doing what I just said in a courthouse would have you more than arrested, more than quickly. What Jesus was doing would have been considered vandalism at best and profaning the temple. So, things that would get Him arrested and it’s like He almost purposely pulled the last straw because at this point, they are determined to destroy Jesus.


Jesus, we thank You for the opportunity as we read through the Scriptures that we can encounter this story a number of times and see it from a number of perspectives and explore it thoroughly because this is the story of why we are here and why there is hope. And, so, we thank You for allowing us to just peer into the story and have context and be able to visualize it and we ask that You open the eyes of our heart. Give us eyes to see we ask in Your precious name. Amen.


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What is going on around here? I don’t know. What’s going on around here is I’m trying to figure out where I’m at. That’s how jet lag works. Every year I get back I know I’m back. Everything looks like how I left it. It’s…it’s my house. Like it's…this is…this is where I live, but it also feels foreign because I’ve been on such a…such a journey that has some much emotion and heart locked into it that it’s almost as if part of me is still there taking the next flight and all of me has not assembled yet. That takes a couple of days to kinda get switched back over and start feeling like your feet are on the ground again. I doubt that I am the only one who has ever experienced this. I doubt that I’m the only one experiencing this now for all of us who have…or who are returning from our pilgrimage to Israel. So, hang in there. I’ve done this a lot of times. It gets better. It just takes a couple of days. Take it easy. It’s fascinating how much got poured into us, how much knowledge and how much heart, just how much we were rooted in that story. And it’s just way, way, way, way, way too much to comprehend. And I said all that at the beginning of the journey when we are having our opening dinner. And it’s just way, way…but it’s all there. Like all the experiences that we have and all things that we see, we may not be able to consciously bring them up but they’re there. And over the next month’s they’ll just continue to seep into our lives and keep informing us so. It’s good, good, good to be home and that’s kind of what’s going on around here. So, thank you for your prayers as we make this transition back.

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And that’s it for today on Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Dear heavenly Father I just want to come to You today Lord and lift up all the stay at home parents, the moms the dads the grandparents Lord that stay at home with her children. God, I pray right now that You would give them extra energy Lord extra comfort. God, I know it times it…it feels for…for me I feel isolated or lonely Lord Jesus like no one understands but God I know that’s just the enemy. And God I pray right now if there’s anyone that feels like that, that stays at home with their kids on a consistent basis Lord that You would uplift them, that You would know that what they are doing matters Lord, that they are sowing seeds into the next generations coming up behind them. God, I ask that You would drown out the noise of the enemy, that they would know that they are precious in Your sight Lord Jesus, what they are doing. God these children are such a precious gift from You. Lord You say in Your word that children are gifts from the Lord. And God I believe that, and I thank You. Thank You from my children Lord. Thank You for all these other DAB family members Lord who get to pour into their kids every day. Thank You Lord that I get to see them throughout the day, for the ones I get to send them off to school, for the ones that come home from school, I’m here and I thank You that is a privilege I don’t take lightly. But God I know sometimes I feel so by myself God. So, fill me today, fill others today. For those who are struggling Lord Jesus just give them a new fresh awakening, a fresh touch from You. May Your Holy Spirit overflow in their lives and the joy of the Lord be upon them. We pray all these things in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. Truly Thankful Taylor from the DFW Metroplex. Love You guys blessings in Jesus Christ. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.

Good morning this is Wanda Manning from Kansas City. I guess you could call me Sword for the Lord from KC. I just wanted to tell Michael Davis that I got your message this morning. I’m listening to the 23rd so I’m about a day behind but I wanted to let you know how encouraging it was to hear from you and hear how well you and your brother are doing. And I’m so grateful to God that your auntie and your cousin are taking great care of you guys. Man what a voice of encouragement to come across the virtual lines this morning because to hear from you I’m sure just like myself you have encouraged so many others with just the…the joy that’s in your voice and just to hear that you’re pressing forward and that you’re continuing to believe God for all His goodness and all His great grace and mercy for you and your family. So, I’m just so encouraged by your call this morning, so encouraged by your words this morning and so thankful that you chose to share with us again an update on how you and your brother are doing. I’ll continue to keep you guys lifted up in prayer. Thank you again for sharing. Sword for the Lord in KC. Bye for now.

Hey family it’s Jesse in Washington. I’ve been meaning to call for a week or so. I need prayers from my marriage. It’s just been so hard the last few months and it’s like the more blessings we get the harder our relationships…our relationship gets. And it’s clearly, you know, a spiritual attack, but I just wish there was a break from it, you know. It’s just…it seems like it’s one thing after another and getting so burnt out on my efforts bearing so little fruit. And I know that’s the game but it’s super frustrating. I’m…I’m tired of feeling lonely. I’m tired of not having anyone to talk to or no one that will listen to me. I just have this like weight on my heart and I don’t know what to do. I mean, keep moving forward obviously. It just doesn’t seem like it gets easier. It seems like every time we make progress it just steps that bar up and now, we have to fight even harder. And I guess maybe that’s part of…part of the game too but it’s just hard. I’m tired of my heart feeling so heavy, you know? And I’m tired of apologizing for…I guess perceived wrongs or putting myself in the grave for other people’s offenses. And I…I…I’m not perfect at all. I’m just…it’s getting…

Hi DAB family it’s Carla from Las Vegas. I am driving around in Las Vegas today and listening to the community prayer from last Saturday and wanted to pray for a few people. Carrie from Utah I heard your request for prayers about your marriage. I am praying for your marriage. Dustin you were leaving the hospital, you’re in pain. I am praying for you my brother. Arielle, I heard lots of prayers for you and I just want you to know that I joined everybody in praying for you. Harold, I was hooping it up when I heard you praying for other people because we’ve been praying for you and the gift goes on. His little Cherry from Canada, yes, you have been missed. I actually remember the mud pie story and I actually remember what I was doing when I heard your initial call about the mud pie. I was mowing my lawn with my earbuds in. So, yes, you are somebody that’s very precious to our community. Praying for the Israel trip. I’m watching all the pictures you’re posting and I’m thankful for all of those. Michael, thank you for calling in to let us know how you and Elijah are doing. You continue to be in my players. Charisse, I am still praying for you. I pray that you are out of the hospital now and with your children. Julie, thank you…Julie from Texas thank you for calling about the twins being home and healed. Thank you, Jesus. I’m asking for prayer. I’m still looking for a job. I’m actually on my way to a job interview right now. I have started dating my ex-husband. He’s pretty sick. And, so, I’m asking for healing for him. It’s chronic illness and…and it’s been ongoing. So, it’s…it’s kind of all-consuming. I am leaving tomorrow to go visit my granddaughter in Colorado. She’s five months old. I can’t wait. And just a reminder that Lent is…Lent starts today and it’s a season where we, leading up to Easter, where we can love more and more deeply. I love you all. Have a great day. Bye.

Hi family this is Terry from Southern California. Today I was listening to the podcast and I heard Tina, a brand-new listener and she was calling to just let everybody know that she’s enjoying the podcast and that she’s also found a little church and how she didn’t grow up, you know, with the word of God. And, you know, Tina when you are talking you kind of reminded me of myself. I’m much older than you are now, I’m in my 50s but I too didn’t get to know the Lord until I was in my 20s. And _ the church at all and I’ve been on this journey now for over 30 years…about 30 years. And, so, I just want to just applaud you and just say a blessing over you that you have made the best choice ever and that you just continue on this pathway. I used to say if I could __ ride that Disney land used to offer but it will be an adventure, it will just help out some rocky places but the most beautiful thing about it is you won’t go it alone knowing that you’ll have the DABber family, you’ll have the church family and you will have people praying for you all the time. And I just want to encourage you Tina to stay on the journey, never take your hand out of God’s unchanging hand. I’m so grateful that God changes not. He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And, so, God bless you and we will be lifting you up in prayer. Thank you for calling in. I look forward to hearing your…your praise reports and your prayer requests as well. And to all the DABber family, always know I’m lifting everybody up in prayer. Continue to lift by family up in prayers too. I have teenagers and as you guys know I trade off __ and I continue to put him on the altar because, you know, he’s a young man making…

Hey DAB family Broken Tony here, here with my beautiful wife __ . You want to say hi? Hi everyone. We just wanted to call in and say thank you for everyone for all the prayers that you prayed and to give thanks to God right where it belongs for the healings that He’s bringing to our family and the blessings that He brings to our family. Want to…just be so grateful for the DAB family. Listen, call in. If you haven’t called in, call in when you have a need. Get on the DAB friends on Facebook. Put your needs down. You have an incredible community, one of the greatest church communities that exists out there. Use it, that’s wat we’re here for. Prayers work. It worked for us. Guys, we love you so much. Thanks again.

Good morning DABber’s it is 4 AM in Florida this is Florida Charlie Oscar Poppa giving a hello. I’m reaching out to the DABber family because I need prayer. I need prayer for my family, prayer for my parents and my siblings. Some days you try to, I guess, kinda do everything on our own and try to help and do as much as you can to help your family members and do things right but it’s just some days it gets too much. So, if you guys just could keep me in prayer. I’m here right now working, getting ready to get off shift. Had a busy night. And also, if you could keep the law enforcement family in prayer. These…these…these cities really need Jesus. When you go out and about and you patrol your area and see the hardships that people are going through, the demonic strongholds, it really takes a toll on you. But I know God is faithful. And, so, just keep me in prayer, keep my family in prayer and pray for our nation. Thank you. Love you all. Look forward to hearing you all on the prayer line. God bless. Bye-bye.