02/10/2020 DAB Transcript

Exodus 30:11-31:18, Matthew 26:47-68, Psalms 32:1-11, Proverbs 8:27-32

Today is the 10th day of February, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s wonderful to be here with you as we move into this workweek. We’ll also be moving through the center of the month in this week and there’ll be some international travel going on before this week is out. And, so I’ll talk about that in a little but let’s gather, let’s do what we’ve come here to do, and allow God’s word to speak into our lives today. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. We’re in the book of Exodus and, you know, there’s been all this flurry of activity that’s been going on since the beginning of the year and the children of Israel have found themselves now in the desert in the wilderness at the mountain of God at Mount Sinai and God’s giving instructions, forming and shaping the culture of His people. So, we’ll continue that journey. Exodus chapter 30 verse 11 to 31 verse 18 today.


Alright. So, has anybody been bored with the reading that we’re doing in the Old Testament over the…over the weekend or the last few days? All these instructions - use this kind of clasp, make it this long, use this kind of basin, make this kind of thing with gold molding. It’s easy enough on a couple of levels to just get lost in kind of check out. I assure you it won’t be for long. But let’s consider a couple of things. Number one, the drama of the scene that is happening. There is over a million people surrounding a mountain out in the Sinai Peninsula – deep, deep desert, complete wasteland. Fire and a thick smoke is coming to down on the mountain and lightning. And people have heard the voice of God and its freaked everybody out. Now Moses is at the top of the mountain receiving these instructions from God. And, so, we spent the last few days receiving these instructions from God, what He wants done when Moses goes down the mountain and begins to form the infrastructure of a complete culture. So, what has happened for us is that we’ve moved from a narrative story into an instruction manual. So, like, you know, raise your hand if you like, you come home from a long day at work, you’re settling in on the couch, you’ve decided not to watch TV or anything tonight, you’re just gonna have some quiet time and you’re gonna read. And, so, you go scouring through your house trying to find as many instruction manuals as you can find, right? You’re like, I really should…I really probably should know how the hot water heater works in its entirety. I…I really should know this HVA system better and here’s the manual or probably even better yet, it’s Christmas time and you have children and you have boxes full of presents of things that have to be put together. Do you just revel in that instruction manual? Probably not. Probably more than half of us don’t even read that manual. We just dig in and see if we can figure it out, but invariably, we probably have to consult the manual because we put it together backwards. God is telling Moses how He wants things to be put together. And once He does we’ll get back to the story, which is right in front of us.

In the book of Matthew Jesus has been arrested and it…He’s being questioned by the high priest. Pretty weird when you think about it - the high priest of God questioning the most-high God. In the end of the people decide to convict Jesus of blasphemy. So, basically that means that…that they viewed what Jesus said, specifically that in the future “they would see the Son of Man seated in the place of power at God’s right hand and coming on the clouds of heaven.” They considered that to be utter contempt for the glory and holiness of God, that He was profaning God which was a capital offense for them, which is what they were looking for, exactly what they were after, some way to get rid of Jesus. And, so, we’ll continue this story and I imagine that most everyone knows where this story is going but we only have so many times to come this way in a year and it’s one of the most important stories we could ever know. And, so let’s be sure to revere it, to give it reverence because it deserves it in our lives as we go through the day contemplating what it took to give us the life we have.

Then we move into the book of Proverbs and Lady wisdom, the voice, the feminine voice of wisdom is coming out of the Bible and speaking to us and today she said some very profound, like the…very profound things about herself. She says that she was there when God established the heavens and when he drew the horizon on the oceans. And she was there when He set the clouds above and when He established the springs, the waters of the earth. And she was there when He limited the seas so they wouldn’t spread up onto the land. When He marked off the foundations of the earth, She, wisdom was the architect at His side. She was, according to the Bible, His constant delight, rejoicing always in His presence. And how happy she was, how happy Wisdom was when the world was created. How she rejoiced with the human family. And, so, she pleads, “listen to me. All who follow my ways are joyful.” I don’t know if you’re catching what Proverbs has been telling us since the beginning of the year but she has been telling us that she is available to us and that she was there with God from the very beginning even before humanity was created. So, wisdom is flowing through creation and is more ancient than human beings. So, we have to wonder why we cross through most of the crossroads of our lives ignoring that she’s there at the crossroads waiting to tell us which way to go. Like, we have to wonder why we ignore wisdom as much as we do when it was through wisdom that everything we have experience of has been created. Wisdom may be the greatest gift of God for understanding our lives and yet the greatest gift that we just walk past constantly. So, yeah, we should be paying attention here. Wisdom is something we need to acquire and that will be a process but she’s telling us that if we look for her we’ll find her. So, if we’re looking for wisdom in our next choice, we can find it. Let’s find it.


And, so, Father we invite You into that. Again, we’re asking for wisdom. Help us to tune our ears, to have ears to hear her call at the crossroads at the junctions of our lives. Forgive us for our foolishness and the ways that we have cultivated a relationship with the ways of foolishness. Help us to follow the path of wisdom we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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This is gonna be a travel week. Later this week we’ll be heading out and moving our way toward Israel where we will do the Daily Audio Bible pilgrimage for two thousand…for…for 2020. And a great sense of anticipation, a great deal of planning and preparation and prayer has already gone into this and looking forward to it very much, but definitely inviting the community to begin to pray over all that’s gonna happen and we’re gonna pray over this the whole time that we’re gone, but thank you for your prayers. And even as we’re preparing to go and even as like a couple of bus loads of people who are in this community from all over the world are gonna join together and where gonna become one big happy family when we meet in Ashdod on the on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea in just a few days, we won’t be going alone. We don’t go anywhere alone in the Daily Audio Bible. We’re never alone. We’re in this together. And, so, as real as that pilgrimage will be everyone…everyone can come along. Everyone is coming along. And, so, we’ll be broadcasting from there and talking about what we’re doing each day and posting all kinds of pictures and videos on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. And, so, it becomes quite the virtual tour where we’re visiting places that we’re reading about, standing in places that we visited in the Scriptures and everyone gets to come along. And then when we get about halfway through the trip through the trip, which will a week from this Saturday we’ll be broadcasting live once we get to the Galilee. And, so, you can tune in, ask questions, just be a part and just kind of hear different stories that are happening on this trip. It’s a fantastic time. So, I’ll keep you posted about that.

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