02/09/2020 DAB Transcript

Exodus 29:1-30:10, Matthew 26:14-46, Psalms 31:19-24, Proverbs 8:14-26

Today is the 9th day of February, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you at the threshold where we can step through together into this brand-new week and it’s a fresh start. So, no matter what happened last week, this is new week. And as we enter into this new week and consider what we were considering last week, following and listening to the voice of wisdom, and we can begin to do that by slowing down enough to consider what the right choices would be that we’re making. So, let’s practice that this week. And one of the right choices would be to allow God’s word to wash over us each and every day and speak into our lives which is why we meet here around this Global Campfire every day. So, we gotta a brand-new week and we’ll read from the New Living Translation this week. Today Exodus chapter 29 verse one through 30 verse 10.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for bringing us safely, successfully here into the brand-new beginning of a new week and we are encountering now the story of Your Passion, Jesus story of Your betrayal and arrest and trial and…and Your death and Your resurrection and this is the first time we’re encountering this this year. And, so, we…we note that and we pay attention to that and we open our hearts to this story, the story that brings us the good news of salvation. So, we invite Your Holy Spirit to help us to meditate upon this today and to treat it somberly because although there is fantastic rejoicing at the end of the story, we see You. Jesus we’ve been walking with You since the beginning of the year through the book of Matthew. We see You now in anguish and great distress as You contemplate what is before You. And we see that You endured the hardships of life and all of the emotional upheaval that can go along with it, like all of us. There’s nothing You can’t identify with in us. You were willing to endure it all in order to show us what walking the narrow path that leads to life looks like and modeling that for us in Your life and then making it all completely accessible, available and possible for us through Your death and resurrection. And, so, we love You Jesus and we thank You and we move through this day with a heart deep and abiding gratitude. Come Holy Spirit into this week ahead. And may we carry this gratitude through each and every choice, conversation, and thought in our lives. We pray this in the mighty and precious name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey, you DABbers this is Emi from Illinois. Just calling in. My husband just told me last night that he’s going to file for divorce this week. I am sitting in our truck waiting to head to church this morning and hoping and praying that God will do a miracle at church today. We serve, we volunteer, we’re in leadership. And while people knew something was going on a few months ago they think everything’s okay right now. I can’t say anything. God please, just heal our marriage, do a work today. Thank you.

Good morning DAB family this is Danny from Southern Oregon. I am sitting in LA right now in my childhood home. Came to visit my parents and my siblings and got in really late last night so I haven’t even seen my mom yet. She’s still sleeping. I guess she didn’t have a very good night. Anyway, I’m gonna be here for two weeks and I’m really thankful that I have the opportunity to spend this time with my parents because they are 87 and almost 89. But I wonder if you would just pray for my husband and my kids. I have three teenagers at home and my teenage boys are 16 and 14 Micah Daniel and Isaiah 53 and they have both made some really bad choices of the last year and the relationship between my husband and the boys is really strained and it just as a lot of my husband and he’s not…he doesn’t have the faith that I do where I just gave up my kids to the Lord and what happens happens. I just pray for them and know I’m not in control, but my husband really is overwhelmed by everything and my son Isaiah 53 is going to be arrested on Tuesday and spend some time in detention for probation violation and is only 14. He’s never been in before in it’s just really hard on us. I’m…I’m just ask that you would lift them up and that they would come to know the Lord. I talk about Him all the time and that they were made for a purpose and this is in it. Please pray for them. Thank you.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family this is Dawn calling from California. Just finished listening to today’s reading and I had to call in when I heard Charisse prayer request at the end of today’s reading. Charisse, I just upon hearing your voice I actually thought it was me. I had a car accident myself 48 hours after you and I thought I had called in while I was in the ICU. When I heard your voice, my heart was connected with you. I know what it is to still be in pain and still be in therapy. But my heart is with you on the loss of your husband and wanting to be with your children. And, so, we your DAB family we are lifting you up, we are covering you, we are asking God to send you a strong and powerful miracle and that for the top of your head to the soul of your feet God will restore and heal you and make you better, that your femur, your spleen, as well as anything else that’s not right in your body is touched right here and right now. We love you sis and we thank God that He brought you here to the DAB family six months ago. And, so, He gave you what you would need before you knew that you needed it. And, so, we will continue to call out your name in glory and we love you much. And to the rest of the family we do the same and cover it up all your prayer request as well. I myself am doing much better and hearing this word everyday continues to strengthen me and encourage me. I love you DAB. Thank you for all you do family. Thank you, Brian so much for this awesome, life-changing ministry. Love you DAB family.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family it is Dr. John from Jordan New York. God smiles, oh God bless you. You have the most joyful voice. I love listening to you and I love your hearing especially with Bob the budgie backup singer. That’s what I named him. So, you were singing away, and Bob was happily chirping in the background. That was awesome. So, I just wanted to say thank you for your calls. You definitely make me smile. Family I wanted to thank you for praying for my daughter Phoebe. She did really well on her part two of the boards with your prayers and that has given her a lot of peace in terms of where she’s going. She still needs prayers for salvation and her trusting in Jesus and for someone to bring…for God to bring a Christian man into her life. She really needs that because there’s…for her there’s still quite a bit of bitterness and I don’t know where that comes from. So, please pray for Phoebe and I appreciate your prayers for her for her boards, they went fantastic and we’ll find out in March where she’s going for residency. Unfortunately, at this point it looks like it might be across the country in Boise Idaho. If we’ve got a Boise Idaho listeners who want to pray for Phoebe as she heads out there for residency I’d really appreciate it. All right. Love you guys. Take care. Bye-bye.

Hi, my name is Vicki from Fallbrook. I want to say thank you my dear family for praying for my dear better half. He had massive tumor in his spinal cord and he also had cancer throughout his chest. I want you to know. Thank you for the prayers. My dear friend passed away January 29th, but I know he’s home with the Lord and I want to say family thank you again for praying for him and I know he’s with God and he has a new body. So, my dear family I want to tell you, don’t give up, look up. God is there with us. He will take care of us. No matter what we need we need to ask Him and seek Him and wait patiently for His answer and He will answer. My dear family, again, don’t give up, look up. And again, thank you for all the prayers. Without those prayers I would not have made it. I know He hears our prayers. So, don’t give up, look up. Thank you and God bless you. And thank you DAB for I’m listening to you. This is my first year and I am getting stronger by listening to the word. Thank you again.

Hello DAB family this is Denise and I just wanted to give a shout out, a praise, a thank you Jesus for putting these two people in my Daily Audio Bible lives. Kingdom Seeker Daniel, your connection and words for Norm and for Harold just absolutely forward me while I was working out this evening and then you saying to the young ladies you are so beautiful to Jesus. I just…I was just crying in the gym and I wanted to believe that was also for me too. I just really need of those words. Thank you. And, you know, you said you were so excited you heard Harold that, you know, you screamed while you were installing an air freshener. And the people who do work like that on my office building are not that exciting. And so I know we’re near the Chicago area but I’m just so grateful that people who you work for, you know, and get the benefit of your services get such an encouraging happy person to work for them and praise Jesus and I hope they see the light that we get to see every day because what a gift you are. And I just…for Harold. Harold you must be slightly overwhelmed at how many messages are directed to you. And I just want to affirm to your heart that one, Jesus is using you, that you are the Harold of all the Harold’s that aren’t calling in. So, you are representing a community that are…that have not been able to call, or they didn’t feel comfortable and I know that your words are working miracles in the ears of people who aren’t calling in. And secondly, I just want to tell you because God put this in my heart, that it…it’s not just about you and Jesus it’s about the people around you and Jesus. God is not just going after you. There must be some really powerful wonderful people that He wants to bring into his kingdom and He’s starting with you. And, so, Harold I want you to look at this as this is big brother. You are you are wanted and loved by him.

Hello, my name is Christina, and this is in response to Anonymous who called in. I don’t know the day you called in but I’m receiving this on February 4th, and you call in about being in an abusive your relationship with your husband and having a lot of fear about leaving. I was in a similar situation almost 30 years ago. I had two little children I was just terrified. It was just…he was a lawyer, he threatened to take everything. It was just awful. And I have to say that you’ll get through it. God is bigger than your husband. God is bigger than your marriage. God is bigger than you. God can conquer all things. What you need more than anything is a strong backup team and that means being involved with the church of believers who will back you up and help you and support you as well as getting good legal counsel and get a good therapist behind you. But you’ll get through it. God does not want any of his children to be abused, not a single one, not you either. He’s stronger than all of this so just put your faith in Him, don’t let go, hang on to Him. You’ll get through it just like I did. You can make it. You can make it through to the other side. You’ll be fine. God bless you. Amen.