The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Monday September 18, 2017 (NIV)

Isaiah 28:14-30:11

False Security Is Fatal

14 You rulers of Jerusalem
do nothing but sneer;
now you must listen
to what the Lord says.
15 Do you think you have
an agreement with death
and the world of the dead?
Why do you trust in your lies
to keep you safe from danger
and the mighty flood?

16 And so the Lord says,
“I’m laying a firm foundation
for the city of Zion.
It’s a valuable cornerstone
proven to be trustworthy;
no one who trusts it
will ever be disappointed.
17 Justice and fairness
will be the measuring lines
that help me build.”

Hailstones and floods
will destroy and wash away
your shelter of lies.
18 Your agreement with death
and the world of the dead
will be broken.
Then angry, roaring waves
will sweep over you.
19 Morning, noon, and night
an overwhelming flood
will wash you away.
The terrible things that happen
will teach you this lesson:
20 Your bed is too short,
your blanket too skimpy.[a]

21 The Lord will fiercely attack
as he did at Mount Perazim[b]
and in Gibeon Valley.[c]
But this time the Lord
will do something surprising,
not what you expect.
22 So you had better stop sneering
or you will be in worse shape
than ever before.
I heard the Lord All-Powerful
threaten the whole country
with destruction.

All Wisdom Comes from the Lord

23 Pay close attention
to what I am saying.
24 Farmers don’t just plow
and break up the ground.
25 When a field is ready,
they scatter the seeds
of dill and cumin;
they plant the seeds
of wheat and barley
in the proper places.
26 They learn this from their God.

27 After dill and cumin
have been harvested,
the stalks are pounded,
not run over with a wagon.
28 Wheat and barley are pounded,
but not beaten to pulp;
they are run over with a wagon,
but not ground to dust.
29 This wonderful knowledge comes
from the Lord All-Powerful,
who has such great wisdom.

Jerusalem Will Suffer

The Lord said:

29 Jerusalem, city of David,
the place of my altar,[d]
you are in for trouble!
Celebrate your festivals
year after year.
I will still make you suffer,
and your people will cry
when I make an altar of you.[e]
I will surround you and prepare
to attack from all sides.[f]
From deep in the earth,
you will call out for help
with only a faint whisper.

Then your cruel enemies
will suddenly be swept away
like dust in a windstorm.
I, the Lord All-Powerful,
will come to your rescue
with a thundering earthquake
and a fiery whirlwind.

Every brutal nation
that attacks Jerusalem
and makes it suffer
will disappear like a dream
when night is over.
Those nations that attack
Mount Zion
will suffer from hunger
and thirst.
They will dream of food and drink
but wake up weary and hungry
and thirsty as ever.

Prophets Who Fool Themselves

Be shocked and stunned,
you prophets!
Refuse to see.
Get drunk and stagger,
but not from wine.
10 The Lord has made you drowsy;
he put you into a deep sleep
and covered your head.

11 Now his message is like a sealed letter to you. Some of you say, “We can’t read it, because it’s sealed.” 12 Others say, “We can’t read it, because we don’t know how to read.”

13 The Lord has said:

“These people praise me
with their words,
but they never really
think about me.
They worship me by repeating
made up by humans.
14 So once again I will do things
that shock and amaze them,
and I will destroy the wisdom
of those who claim to know
and understand.”

15 You are in for trouble,
if you try to hide your plans
from the Lord!
Or if you think what you do
in the dark can’t be seen.
16 You have it all backwards.
A clay dish doesn’t say
to the potter,
“You didn’t make me.
You don’t even know how.”

Hope for the Future

17 Soon the forest of Lebanon
will become a field with crops,
thick as a forest.[g]
18 The deaf will be able to hear
whatever is read to them;
the blind will be freed
from a life of darkness.
19 The poor and the needy
will celebrate and shout
because of the Lord,
the holy God of Israel.

20 All who are cruel and arrogant
will be gone forever.
Those who live by crime
will disappear,
21 together with everyone
who tells lies in court
and keeps innocent people
from getting a fair trial.

22 The Lord who rescued Abraham
has this to say
about Jacob’s descendants:
“They will no longer
be ashamed and disgraced.
23 When they see how great
I have made their nation,
they will praise and honor me,
the holy God of Israel.
24 Everyone who is confused
will understand,
and all who have complained
will obey my teaching.”

Don’t Expect Help from Egypt

30 This is the Lord’s message for his rebellious people:

“You follow your own plans
instead of mine;
you make treaties
without asking me,
and you keep on sinning.
You trust Egypt for protection.
So you refuse my advice
and send messengers to Egypt
to beg their king for help.

You will be disappointed,
completely disgraced
for trusting Egypt.
The king’s power reaches
from the city of Zoan
as far south as Hanes.[h]
But Egypt can’t protect you,
and to trust that nation
is useless and foolish.”

This is a message
about the animals
of the Southern Desert:
You people carry treasures
on donkeys and camels.
You travel to a feeble nation
through a troublesome desert
filled with lions
and flying fiery dragons.
Egypt can’t help you!
That’s why I call that nation
a helpless monster.”[i]

Israel Refuses To Listen

The Lord told me to write down his message for his people, so that it would be there forever. They have turned against the Lord and can’t be trusted. They have refused his teaching 10 and have said to his messengers and prophets:

Don’t tell us what God has shown you and don’t preach the truth. Just say what we want to hear, even if it’s false. 11 Stop telling us what God has said! We don’t want to hear any more about the holy God of Israel.


  1. 28.20 Your bed. . . skimpy: Isaiah quotes a popular saying to teach that the treaty made with Egypt (verse 18) cannot give the nation security from its enemies.
  2. 28.21 Mount Perazim: This may refer to David’s defeat of the Philistines at Baal Perazim (2 Samuel 5.17-21).
  3. 28.21 Gibeon Valley: This refers to Joshua’s victory at Gibeon (Joshua 10.1-11).
  4. 29.1 the place of my altar: One possible meaning for “ariel, ariel” of the Hebrew text. In Hebrew “ariel” can mean “God’s hero” or “God’s lion” or “God’s altar.”
  5. 29.2 when. . . you: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  6. 29.3 from all sides: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text. One ancient translation has “like David.”
  7. 29.17 with. . . forest: Or “and Mount Carmel will be covered with forests.”
  8. 30.4 Zoan. . . Hanes: Or “Your messengers have reached the city of Zoan and gone as far as Hanes.” Zoan was in northeast Egypt; Hanes was to the south.
  9. 30.7 a helpless monster: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

Galatians 3:23-4:31

23 The Law controlled us and kept us under its power until the time came when we would have faith. 24 In fact, the Law was our teacher. It was supposed to teach us until we had faith and were acceptable to God. 25 But once a person has learned to have faith, there is no more need to have the Law as a teacher.

26 All of you are God’s children because of your faith in Christ Jesus. 27 And when you were baptized, it was as though you had put on Christ in the same way you put on new clothes. 28 Faith in Christ Jesus is what makes each of you equal with each other, whether you are a Jew or a Greek, a slave or a free person, a man or a woman. 29 So if you belong to Christ, you are now part of Abraham’s family,[a] and you will be given what God has promised. Children who are under age are no better off than slaves, even though everything their parents own will someday be theirs. This is because children are placed in the care of guardians and teachers until the time their parents have set. That is how it was with us. We were like children ruled by the powers of this world.

But when the time was right, God sent his Son, and a woman gave birth to him. His Son obeyed the Law, so he could set us free from the Law, and we could become God’s children. Now that we are his children, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts. And his Spirit tells us that God is our Father. You are no longer slaves. You are God’s children, and you will be given what he has promised.

Paul’s Concern for the Galatians

Before you knew God, you were slaves of gods that are not real. But now you know God, or better still, God knows you. How can you turn back and become the slaves of those weak and pitiful powers?[b] 10 You even celebrate certain days, months, seasons, and years. 11 I am afraid I have wasted my time working with you.

12 My friends, I beg you to be like me, just as I once tried to be like you. Did you mistreat me 13 when I first preached to you? No you didn’t, even though you knew I had come there because I was sick. 14 My illness must have caused you some trouble, but you didn’t hate me or turn me away because of it. You welcomed me as though I were one of God’s angels or even Christ Jesus himself. 15 Where is that good feeling now? I am sure that if it had been possible, you would have taken out your own eyes and given them to me. 16 Am I now your enemy, just because I told you the truth?

17 Those people may be paying you a lot of attention, but it isn’t for your good. They only want to keep you away from me, so you will pay them a lot of attention. 18 It is always good to give your attention to something worthwhile, even when I am not with you. 19 My children, I am in terrible pain until Christ may be seen living in you. 20 I wish I were with you now. Then I would not have to talk this way. You really have me puzzled.

Hagar and Sarah

21 Some of you would like to be under the rule of the Law of Moses. But do you know what the Law says? 22 In the Scriptures we learn that Abraham had two sons. The mother of one of them was a slave, while the mother of the other one had always been free. 23 The son of the slave woman was born in the usual way. But the son of the free woman was born because of God’s promise.

24 All of this has another meaning as well. Each of the two women stands for one of the agreements God made with his people. Hagar, the slave woman, stands for the agreement that was made at Mount Sinai. Everyone born into her family is a slave. 25 Hagar also stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia[c] and for the present city of Jerusalem. She[d] and her children are slaves.

26 But our mother is the city of Jerusalem in heaven above, and she isn’t a slave. 27 The Scriptures say about her,

“You have never had children,
but now you can be glad.
You have never given birth,
but now you can shout.
Once you had no children,
but now you will have
more children
than a woman
who has been married
for a long time.”

28 My friends, you were born because of this promise, just as Isaac was. 29 But the child who was born in the natural way made trouble for the child who was born because of the Spirit. The same thing is happening today. 30 The Scriptures say, “Get rid of the slave woman and her son! He won’t be given anything. The son of the free woman will receive everything.” 31 My friends, we are children of the free woman and not of the slave.


  1. 3.29 you are now part of Abraham’s family: Paul tells the Galatians that faith in Jesus Christ is what makes someone a true child of Abraham and of God (see the note at 3.7).
  2. 4.9 powers: Spirits were thought to control human lives and were believed to be connected with the movements of the stars.
  3. 4.25 Hagar also stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia: Some manuscripts have “Sinai is a mountain in Arabia.” This sentence would then be translated: “Sinai is a mountain in Arabia, and Hagar stands for the present city of Jerusalem.”
  4. 4.25 She: “Hagar” or “Jerusalem.”

Psalm 62

(A psalm by David for Jeduthun, the music leader.)

God Is Powerful and Kind

62 Only God can save me,
and I calmly wait for[a] him.
God alone is the mighty rock[b]
that keeps me safe
and the fortress
where I am secure.

I feel like a shaky fence
or a sagging wall.
How long will all of you
attack and assault me?
You want to bring me down
from my place of honor.
You love to tell lies,
and when your words are kind,
hatred hides in your heart.

Only God gives inward peace,
and I depend on him.
God alone is the mighty rock
that keeps me safe,
and he is the fortress
where I feel secure.
God saves me and honors me.
He is that mighty rock
where I find safety.

Trust God, my friends,
and always tell him
each one of your concerns.
God is our place of safety.

We humans are only a breath;
none of us are truly great.
All of us together weigh less
than a puff of air.
10 Don’t trust in violence
or depend on dishonesty
or rely on great wealth.

11 I heard God say two things:
“I am powerful,
12 and I am very kind.”
The Lord rewards each of us
according to what we do.


  1. 62.1 calmly wait for: Or “am at peace with.”
  2. 62.2 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.

Proverbs 23:19-21


19 Listen to me, my children!
Be wise and have enough sense
to follow the right path.
20 Don’t be a heavy drinker
or stuff yourself with food.
21 It will make you feel drowsy,
and you will end up poor
with only rags to wear.

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Sunday September 17, 2017 (NIV)

Isaiah 25:1-28:13

A Prayer of Thanks to God

25 You, Lord, are my God!
I will praise you
for doing the wonderful things
you had planned and promised
since ancient times.
You have destroyed the fortress
of our enemies,
leaving their city in ruins.
Nothing in that foreign city
will ever be rebuilt.
Now strong and cruel nations
will fear and honor you.

You have been a place of safety
for the poor and needy
in times of trouble.
Brutal enemies pounded us
like a heavy rain
or the heat of the sun at noon,
but you were our shelter.
Those wild foreigners struck
like scorching desert heat.
But you were like a cloud,
protecting us from the sun.
You kept our enemies from singing
songs of victory.

The Lord Has Saved Us

On this mountain
the Lord All-Powerful
will prepare
for all nations
a feast of the finest foods.
Choice wines and the best meats
will be served.
Here the Lord will strip away
the burial clothes
that cover the nations.
The Lord All-Powerful
will destroy the power of death
and wipe away all tears.
No longer will his people
be insulted everywhere.
The Lord has spoken!

At that time, people will say,
“The Lord has saved us!
Let’s celebrate.
We waited and hoped—
now our God is here.”
10 The powerful arm of the Lord
will protect this mountain.

The Moabites will be put down
and trampled on like straw
in a pit of manure.
11 They will struggle to get out,
but God will humiliate them
no matter how hard they try.[a]
12 The walls of their fortresses
will be knocked down
and scattered in the dirt.

A Song of Victory

26 The time is coming
when the people of Judah
will sing this song:
“Our city[b] is protected.
The Lord is our fortress,
and he gives us victory.
Open the city gates
for a law-abiding nation
that is faithful to God.
The Lord gives perfect peace
to those whose faith is firm.
So always trust the Lord
because he is forever
our mighty rock.[c]
God has put down our enemies
in their mountain city[d]
and rubbed it in the dirt.
Now the poor and abused
stomp all over that city.”

The Lord Can Be Trusted

Our Lord, you always do right,
and you make the path smooth
for those who obey you.
You are the one we trust
to bring about justice;
above all else we want
your name to be honored.
Throughout the night,
my heart searches for you,
because your decisions
show everyone on this earth
how to live right.

10 Even when the wicked
are treated with mercy
in this land of justice,
they do wrong and are blind
to your glory, our Lord.
11 Your hand is raised and ready
to punish them,
but they don’t see it.
Put them to shame!
Show how much you care for us
and throw them into the fire
intended for your enemies.

12 You will give us peace, Lord,
because everything we have done
was by your power.
13 Others have ruled over us
besides you, our Lord God,
but we obey only you.
14 Those enemies are now dead
and can never live again.
You have punished them—
they are destroyed,
completely forgotten.
15 Our nation has grown
because of you, our Lord.
We have more land than before,
and you are honored.

The Lord Gives Life to the Dead

16 When you punished our people,
they turned and prayed
to you, our Lord.[e]
17 Because of what you did to us,
we suffered like a woman
about to give birth.
18 But instead of having a child,
our terrible pain
produced only wind.
We have won no victories,
and we have no descendants
to take over the earth.

19 Your people will rise to life!
Tell them to leave their graves
and celebrate with shouts.
You refresh the earth
like morning dew;
you give life to the dead.

20 Go inside and lock the doors,
my people.
Hide there for a little while,
until the Lord
is no longer angry.

The Earth and the Sea Will Be Punished

21 The Lord will come out
to punish everyone on earth
for their sins.
And when he does,
those who did violent crimes
will be known and punished.
27 On that day, Leviathan,[f]
the sea monster,
will squirm and try to escape,
but the Lord will kill him
with a cruel, sharp sword.

Protection and Forgiveness

The Lord said:

At that time you must sing
about a fruitful[g] vineyard.
I, the Lord, will protect it
and always keep it watered.
I will guard it day and night
to keep it from harm.
I am no longer angry.
But if it produces thorns,
I will go to war against it
and burn it to the ground.
Yet if the vineyard depends
on me for protection,
it will become my friend
and be at peace with me.

Someday Israel will take root
like a vine.
It will blossom and bear fruit
that covers the earth.

I, the Lord, didn’t punish and kill
the people of Israel
as fiercely as I punished
and killed their enemies.
I carefully measured out
Israel’s punishment[h]
and sent the scorching heat
to chase them far away.

There’s only one way
that Israel’s sin and guilt
can be completely forgiven:
They must crush the stones
of every pagan altar
and place of worship.

The Lord Will Bring His People Together

10 Fortress cities are left
like a desert
where no one lives.
Cattle walk through the ruins,
stripping the trees bare.
11 When broken branches
fall to the ground,
women pick them up
to feed the fire.
But these people are so stupid
that the God who created them
will show them no mercy.

12 The time is coming when the Lord will shake the land between the Euphrates River and the border of Egypt, and one by one he will bring all of his people together. 13 A loud trumpet will be heard. Then the people of Israel who were dragged away to Assyria and Egypt will return to worship the Lord on his holy mountain in Jerusalem.

Samaria Will Be Punished

28 The city of Samaria
above a fertile valley
is in for trouble!
Its leaders are drunkards,
who stuff themselves
with food and wine.
But they will be like flowers
that dry up and wilt.
Only the Lord is strong
and powerful!
His mighty hand
will strike them down
with the force of a hailstorm
or a mighty whirlwind
or an overwhelming flood.

Every drunkard in Ephraim[i]
takes pride in Samaria,
but it will be crushed.
Samaria above a fertile valley
will quickly lose its glory.
It will be gobbled down
like the first ripe fig
at harvest season.

When this time comes,
the Lord All-Powerful
will be a glorious crown
for his people who survive.
He will see that justice rules
and that his people
are able
to defend their cities.

Corrupt Leaders Will Be Punished

Priests and prophets stumble
because they are drunk.
Their minds are too confused
to receive God’s messages
or give honest decisions.
Their tables are covered,
completely covered,
with their stinking vomit.

You drunken leaders
are like babies!
How can you possibly understand
or teach the Lord’s message?
10 You don’t even listen—
all you hear is senseless sound
after senseless sound.[j]

11 So, the Lord will speak
to his people
in strange sounds
and foreign languages.[k]
12 He promised you
perfect peace and rest,
but you refused to listen.
13 Now his message to you
will be senseless sound
after senseless sound.[l]
Then you will fall backwards,
injured and trapped.


  1. 25.11 no matter. . . try: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  2. 26.1 city: Probably Jerusalem.
  3. 26.4 mighty rock: See the note at 17.10.
  4. 26.5 our enemies. . . city: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  5. 26.16 Lord: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 16.
  6. 27.1 Leviathan: God’s victory over this monster sometimes stands for God’s power over all creation and sometimes for his defeat of his enemies, especially Egypt.
  7. 27.2 fruitful: Some Hebrew manuscripts have “lovely.”
  8. 27.8 I. . . punishment: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  9. 28.3 Ephraim: The northern kingdom of Israel; Samaria was its capital.
  10. 28.10 sound: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verses 9,10.
  11. 28.11 in. . . foreign languages: This probably refers to the language of the Assyrians.
  12. 28.13 Now. . . sound: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

Galatians 3:10-22

10 Anyone who tries to please God by obeying the Law is under a curse. The Scriptures say, “Everyone who doesn’t obey everything in the Law is under a curse.” 11 No one can please God by obeying the Law. The Scriptures also say, “The people God accepts because of their faith will live.”[a]

12 The Law isn’t based on faith. It promises life only to people who obey its commands. 13 But Christ rescued us from the Law’s curse, when he became a curse in our place. This is because the Scriptures say that anyone who is nailed to a tree is under a curse. 14 And because of what Jesus Christ has done, the blessing that was promised to Abraham was taken to the Gentiles. This happened so that by faith we would be given the promised Holy Spirit.

The Law and the Promise

15 My friends, I will use an everyday example to explain what I mean. Once someone agrees to something, no one else can change or cancel the agreement.[b] 16 That is how it is with the promises God made to Abraham and his descendant.[c] The promises were not made to many descendants, but only to one, and that one is Christ. 17 What I am saying is that the Law cannot change or cancel God’s promise that was made 430 years before the Law was given. 18 If we have to obey the Law in order to receive God’s blessings, those blessings don’t really come to us because of God’s promise. But God was kind to Abraham and made him a promise.

19 What is the use of the Law? It was given later to show that we sin. But it was only supposed to last until the coming of that descendant[d] who was given the promise. In fact, angels gave the Law to Moses, and he gave it to the people. 20 There is only one God, and the Law did not come directly from him.

Slaves and Children

21 Does the Law disagree with God’s promises? No, it doesn’t! If any law could give life to us, we could become acceptable to God by obeying that law. 22 But the Scriptures say that sin controls everyone, so that God’s promises will be for anyone who has faith in Jesus Christ.


  1. 3.11 The people God accepts because of their faith will live: Or “The people God accepts will live because of their faith.”
  2. 3.15 Once someone. . . cancel the agreement: Or “Once a person makes out a will, no one can change or cancel it.”
  3. 3.16 descendant: The Greek text has “seed,” which may mean one or many descendants. In this verse Paul says it means Christ.
  4. 3.19 that descendant: Jesus.

Psalm 61

(A psalm by David for the music leader. Use with stringed instruments.)

Under the Protection of God

61 Please listen, God,
and answer my prayer!
I feel hopeless,
and I cry out to you
from a faraway land.

Lead me to the mighty rock[a]
high above me.
You are a strong tower,
where I am safe
from my enemies.

Let me live with you forever
and find protection
under your wings, my God.
You heard my promises,
and you have blessed me,
just as you bless everyone
who worships you.

Let the king have a long
and healthy life.
May he always rule
with you, God, at his side;
may your love and loyalty
watch over him.

I will sing your praises
and will always
keep my promises.


  1. 61.2 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.

Proverbs 23:17-18


17 Don’t be jealous of sinners,
but always honor the Lord.
18 Then you will truly have hope
for the future.

8/15/2017 DAB Transcript

Nehemiah 9:22-10:39; 1 Corinthians 9:19-10:13; Psalms 34:1-10; Proverbs 21:13

Today is the 15th day of August. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you today. Man…15th day of August….we’re like in the middle of the month already. It was…like… just the middle of June. I mean…for that matter…it was just the middle of January. Isn’t that weird, how time works? Because in some ways it’s like very compressed and in another ways it’s very, very elongated in our minds, the way we look back. And there’s like…there’s no spiritual metaphor. I’m just thinking out loud. I probably should have had a couple extra sips of that steamy coffee to my left before turning the mic on but here we are and off we go. We’re reading from the Holman Christian Standard Bible this week. Nehemiah chapter 9 verse 22 through 10 verse 39. And there’s this massive…kind of…rededication and reformation happening in Jerusalem since Nehemiah’s return. So, Ezra and Nehemiah are both in Jerusalem - Ezra handling the temple, Nehemiah handling the wall. And the people are rededicating themselves to God. So, we’re in the middle of a prayer and we’ll conclude that prayer that we began yesterday, today.


OK. So, Paul in his letter to the Corinthians today talks about how he’s free. He’s not anybody’s slave but he has willingly made himself a slave of the people. And that’s in the context of what he was saying yesterday, which is, people who work for God should be able to work for God and meet their needs in the world, financially, and otherwise, to care for themselves from that work. Because the insinuation going around was that, if you’re working for God…I mean…He will care for your needs, you shouldn’t get paid. And a lot of people live that way in ministry. They’ll work all day and preach all night and wear themselves down until there’s nothing left but complete burnout. And Paul’s saying that’s not good, that’s not right. People should be able to make their living doing what it is that they pour their lives into, especially if they’re working for God because that’s not an easy job at all. And Paul said, I haven’t done that. I should be able to and I could but I haven’t done that at this point, even though I am free. So, Paul is saying…like…I could walk away from this tomorrow if I wanted to. I could go…you know…like I’m a trained person…I could go find something a little more stable and settle into a life but I’m not doing that. Even though I’m free to walk away, I’m not doing that. I’ve made myself a slave to everyone because what I’m here to do is tell people about the Lord, to share light and good news in the world. And, so, Paul discusses how, when he’s in Jewish company, he becomes like a Jew because he understands that like completely. And, so, for those practicing the mosaic law, he knows how to enter into that culture, which is all throughout so much of his writing. But the people who don’t know anything about the law or don’t obey the or don’t think anything about it, he understands that too. He understands how to move in and out of that culture too. To weak people, he becomes weak so that he can minister to the week. Paul ends up saying, I become all things to all people so that by every way I can possibly think of I can share this message. And I do this because of the gospel. Because what’s more important to me is that I am a partner in the gospel and its benefits than any other benefits. And that’s a beautiful posture of heart that is worth really looking at as compared to our own lives. Because it doesn’t necessarily mean anything as to change other than the posture of heart. Because what our heart is aimed at, that’s where we’re going. So, Paul moves into…like… some sports analogy that just helps us to understand Paul’s understanding of the Hellenistic culture that was surrounding the Jewish culture, that was all around the Jewish culture of Paul’s time because it so heavily influenced the Roman culture. And, so, he talks about athletes who are in competition to win a prize. So, a runner doesn’t just run anywhere. A runner has to discipline himself completely or herself completely in order to focus, utterly, on shaving milliseconds off their time to win the prize. They don’t just stand at the starting line then run anywhere. They know how to win and they have come to win. They have not come to come in last. Or a boxer doesn’t get into the ring and get this snot beat out of them while they simply flail at the air not even understanding what the whole thing is about. So, Paul’s saying…like…I’ve come to do my very, very best and I have disciplined myself in order to become very, very good at what I do. And what I’m called to do is not to walk away from all of this and find a cush life for myself. What I’ve come to do is to enter into whatever situation I’m in, relate to those people where they are, understand their story, and bring light and good news into it. I’m a slave of the people and I haven’t joined up to come in the last place. I’m disciplined about this. And then Paul kind of takes a turn and moves into some of the darker stories of the Hebrew story when they were in the wilderness. And at first it seems like, what has that got to do with what you were just saying? But he unpacks what he’s saying.  And that is essentially, that there’s been an ebb and flow in the story and when people are utterly and completely devoted and committed, God is beyond present and all powerful in the story. And then when they choose another God or allow their heart to be seduced in some way it all falls apart. And this falling apart, this falling away happens because they were seduced away, they fell into temptation and slowly slid away. And, so, Paul reveals that was talking about as he disciplines himself and as he stays true so that he will not be disqualified in his message, that there’s plenty of reasons to quit and there’s plenty of seductions to pull him away as there are for all of us. So, he’s ultimately talking about this - no temptation is overtaking you except what is common to humanity, what everybody faces. And God is faithful and He won’t allow that to go beyond what you can handle. But in it all there will always be a way to escape. So, Paul is ultimately talking about the way that he looks at the world and the way that he looks at what he’s called to do in ministry - basically where his heart is in all of this. And that he feels…like… people that are doing his job, people who are caring for God’s people have every right to be sustained in that work and by that work and to care for their needs. But, although he’s been accused of exploiting that, it’s not true. He hasn’t done that at all. Because he sees himself as a slave to the people that he’s trying to reach and he’s learned. Not only is the educated but he’s learned how to adapt and how to enter in and out of different stories and even cultural nuances to relate to the people that he’s trying to talk to. Because if he can understand where they’re coming from he can better understand how to bring light and good news. And this is a discipline. It’s a discipline like training for athletic competition at a high level in a stadium. It takes that kind of discipline. And he’s not doing what he is doing to lose. He’s not doing what he’s doing to just get at the starting line and have no idea where he’s going and just run off. Or he’s not getting in the ring to box not even understanding what the objective is. He’s training to win. And part of that training, part of that discipline, a key component to that discipline is understanding the story - the ebb and flow of humanity. Understanding that seductions are everywhere. And that…seduction… immediately has a sexual connotation but it’s not…I mean…anything that pulls you off course in any direction that you start giving your heart to is going to seduce you and become your master. And now you won’t be thinking about discipline or training or an objective anymore. And he’s learned that everybody goes through this, everybody. It’s common to humanity. To put it in Paul’s words. But while we’re training, while our posture of heart is continually being readjusted, as we’re learning self-control and discipline in our call and calling, part of that is vigilance over our own heart and a very careful observation of the things that are pulling at our heart and inviting us in other directions.


Father, oh how we need that today. Oh, how we need this to sink into our lives and hearts and become a part of who we are. So, we ask Your Holy Spirit to help us understand vigilance, self-control, discipline for a reason - that we are running a race and we want to know where we’re going and we want to do well. So, come, Holy Spirit, into that. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Hello everybody. This is Miguel from California. I’m calling in because I’ve been chewing on something for a little while now about praying for churches, praying for our individual church bodies. And I’ve been thinking about it and praying about it. I think today’s reading…today is August 11th. Today’s reading in Nehemiah…ah…just this…ah…burden for the church that Nehemiah had…the burden for glory of the temple…ah…that’s something that really affirmed for me…this burden that I have praying for churches…and you know…this community…is spread out all of the world…and so many different churches. I want to pray for our churches. And, so, the way I want to do that is…I’m actually going to put a post on DAB Friends Facebook page just inviting you guys just to bring up your church your church, name your church, maybe even your pastor or something specific to be praying for in your church, that we would be a people that go after the glory of the Lord in our churches. That we break out of church culture and be the body of Christ that moves, that lives, that we be a vibrant, lit up church for the glory of God. So, that’s the prayer. I’ve taken this on of the challenge and I ask you pray for me in this too as I take this on. And may Jesus get all the glory here. So, thanks guys. Have a wonderful day.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family. This is Bradley from Kentucky. I‘m calling to ask for your prayers because I just lost my father tonight after a long illness. And none of us were really prepared.  So, I ask that you pray for my mother for comfort and guidance. I thank you all very much.

Hey family. This is Malisa. Hey Brian, hey Jill. Brian your teachings have been on point my brother. We love you so much. Asia, I have been praying for you. I love you. You were one of the first voices I heard when I started listening…I think…six years ago…you…Daniel J. junior…and Natasha. I love you so much. I’m praying for you my sister. God is able. And Daniel J. junior, I’, praying for your dad.  Jake O., who’s dad committed suicide, your call brought me to tears and I fervently prayed for you last night. And Sharron, I’m praying for you. And…it was Lawrence…Lawrence…I heard your call too. I love you all. I don’t get to call in all the time but I am praying in the background. You all keep us lifted up. Gabby started school and she’s getting off the bus with a smile on her face. So, I hope all is well. You all keep her lifted up. I love you all so much. Bye-bye.  

Good morning my Precious Daily Audio Bible family. This is Pat. I’m a longtime listener and this is only the second time that I’ve called in. It’s been truly my privilege to pray for the prayer requests that are called in daily. If I miss one day of listening to the Daily Audio Bible I feel like my left arm has been cut off. So, this morning, Daily Audio Bible family, I have a prayer request. My daughter, Christie, has been diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. She is a mother of three - a 14 year old, a 12 year old, and a 1 year old. She will start chemo next week, Thursday. I would covet your prayers for her as she walks through this journey for the next 18 weeks and beyond after the chemo is finished. I love you all and so appreciate everyone behind the scenes of Daily Audio Bible. I know that it takes a village to put something like this on and I so appreciate Brian and Jill and their family. Thank you and God bless. Bye-bye.

8/14/2017 DAB Transcript

Nehemiah 7:73b-9:21; 1 Corinthians 9:1-18; Psalms 33:12-22; Proverbs 21:11-1

Today is the 14th day of August. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is great to be here with you today as we continue forward through the book of Nehemiah and First Corinthians. So, let’s dive in. We’re reading from the Holman Christian Standard bible this week. Nehemiah chapter 7 verse 73 through 9 verse 21.


Father, we thank You for your word. And as we carry on into this week we invite Your word to continue to speak to us each and every day. But even things that You are showing us along the way, may they be sewn into our lives, yielding fruit that is transformative, that continues to recreate us in the image of our savior, Jesus. Come, Holy Spirit, we pray in Your precious name. Amen.

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And if you haven’t had a chance to be in the Sneezing Jesus discussion group, that’s at There’s a fantastic group of friends there that have shared some incredible stories, just kind of going through and reading all that is really encouraging. And being a part of discussion is really encouraging.

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And of course, as always, if you have a prayer request or comment 877-942-4253 is the number to dial.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Hi Daily Audio Bible. I’ve been…this is my first time calling. My name is Valerie and I live in Michigan. And I’ve been listening for such a long time and I am so glassed by everyone that calls in to pray for different people. And I have a prayer request. It’s for my father. He’s in hospice now and his name is Joe. And he just turned 88. And I lost my mother about seven months ago. And it’s really difficult for me to go through this again. So, it’s kind of like the same thing all over again and I’m having a really hard time. And I just want everyone that can hear this message right now to please pray for my father. He was a very strong willed man his whole life and he chose to do things his own way. And now to see him in such a vulnerable state, it’s very difficult. And I know that God in His great, great mercy understands my father and his life. And I know my mom is waiting for him. So, please pray. And Blind Tony…I love, love, love your gift. It blesses so much and there are just so many people that bless me. I can’t even remember their names now. But please pray for the gift of a happy death for my father Joe. Thank you. In Jesus’ name. And thank you for everyone for blessing me so much. Bye.

Hello Daily Audio Bible Family. This is Jay from New Jersey. Just wanted to ask for some prayer for this little cold that I am dealing with right now. Hopefully you can understand what I’m saying. And also, today is day number ten of fasting and praying for those who are dealing with depression and anxiety. Heavenly Father, gracious Lord, our savior, Jesus Christ, we come to You this morning with our own issues and our own problems but we take just a moment to focus on those who are struggling, who are being oppressed and attacked and overwhelmed and held captive by anxiety and depression. God, I pray for godly doctors, I pray for godly psychiatrists, I pray for Spirit filled councilors, I pray for God fearing friends, I pray for Jesus’ loving family members that can surround these people with Your love, with Your wisdom, with Your guidance, with Your strength, with Your encouragement. God, I pray now in the name of Jesus Christ that you will encourage each and every person within the sound of my voice that is dealing with this debilitating depression to open up the word, to tap on that DAB app, to open up that bible app, and search out Your joy, to search out Your peace, to search out Your strength, which can overcome, which has overcome, which it already has the victory over all of these things. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.  

Hi DAB. My name is Mary C. and I’m from Georgia. I’m 16 and on October 5th it will be 2 years since I’ve been sick with a heart condition. I also, a year ago, passed out and badly hit my head and I now have convulsions that lately have been getting more severe. So, I just wanted to call to ask for prayer for my healing in the hope that I will be healed and that I will be able to go back to school. I have, sadly, lost contact with my friends and even if I did have friends I don’t have the energy right now to be able to hang out. Also, we are trying to…me and my mom…are trying to move to Alabama where we have family. And hopefully then I will be getting better. And also, I have another thing to ask for prayers – it’s for us to find a home. I really want a home that I can be happy to move to. So, that would be very nice. I also ask for prayers because my sister Elizabeth is not with the Lord right now. And I ask that you all pray that she will hopefully come back because it’s very saddening and it scares me sometimes and I pray for her a lot. I hope all of you have a fantastic week. Thank you.

Hey DAB family this is Byron out in Florida. I just wanted to give a quick praise report. I was getting ready for work this morning and my son was sitting at the breakfast table eating and I was packing up my bag and stuff and I noticed that this old bible gospel track in my bag. It was old and wrinkled and I’d never handed it out to anybody. And…ah…I just had this thought…just…give it to him. So, I gave it to him and said hey, read this. And, so, I left and I continued to get ready for work in another room and stuff like that and then a few mins later I came out and just said, hey…did you read it. And he’s like, ya, I read it and it helped a lot. I was like, really, it helped a lot. And he was like ya, it helped me feel more comfortable about heaven, whenever I have doubts, he said. You know, and that’s something that my son has struggled with. He knows the Lord but…ya know…his own sins just overwhelm him sometimes. And this bible track that I just handed to him at random was a great encouragement to his Spirit about the love of God and standing with Christ. And that…I had not that intention at all…to give it to him. I just thought to give it to him. So, I just wanted to thank God for His faithfulness and for His grace and for His mercy and for His love and how He Keeps us and how He user all manner of things to guide us and encourage us. I just want to give a shout of praise to my God for His love and for His glory that He dares to share with us. He is so faithful, so righteous, and so loving. He loves us so much…that just…that little token…it just overwhelms my heart…it just really does…and how He cares for us. And these are the smallest things that we just don’t even think about. He does such great things. He’s just so worthy of out praise. I just wanted to give a shout out to my God. I love You God and I’ll talk to you later.

8/13/2017 DAB Transcript

Nehemiah 5:14-7:73a; 1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Psalms 33:1-11; Proverbs 21:8-10

Today is the 13th day of August. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. And welcome to a brand-new week that is shiny and sparkly. Nothing’s really happened. And we get to write the story of our lives together with God on this week. And we get to decide now to do exactly that, no matter what comes up, as the book of Nehemiah is actually teaching and training us in. So, we’re in the book of Nehemiah but we’re in a new week so we’ll read from the Holman Christian Standard Bible this week. And picking up where we left off yesterday, Nehemiah chapter 5 verse 14 through 7:73.


Ok. So, in the book of Nehemiah we had a long list of people who had returned from exile first, the first people to come back to Judah and Jerusalem. And that took up the second half of our reading. But the first half of our reading was Nehemiah coming out of this confrontation that he had with the Jewish nobility who were enslaving other Hebrew people. And they kind of got that all out of the way. Everyone agreed to set all Hebrews free. And, so, we continued with his thoughts going forward. And a lot of his thoughts that we read today were essentially prayers of him kind of pouring out to God what had been going on and then asking God to remember. And this is important because it reveals Nehemiah’s relationship with God, the fundamental and foundational piece of his leadership. And we see that play out in his determination. He’s saying, look, for twelve years I have never taken what I could have taken, what was allotted to me as the governor, I didn’t take it. The previous governors did but it put an incredible burden on the people. Nehemiah says, their subordinates also oppressed the people but I didn’t do this because of the fear of God. Instead I stayed with the task, the construction of the wall, and we worked. We didn’t by any land. That’s kind of an interesting little piece but…it’s like…this is like a booming new market. Right? Jerusalem is a major city that’s been lying in ruins. And, so now it’s being rebuilt. So, this is a great real estate opportunity. He’s saying we just didn’t do that. That’s not why I came here. I didn’t come here to explore opportunities. I came here to do a specific thing, to protect the temple by building the city walls. And, so, Nehemiah asks God to remember him for all that he’s done for the people. So, the walls are built but the gates are not installed yet. And all those on the outside have watched all this and they’ve tried to intimidate and they’ve come against us in every way they can, including letters back to the emperor. All kinds of stuff. And they make one more attempt by sending him messages: come, come we need to have a talk, we need to can get on the same page. And Nehemiah kind of having been through this says something really, really important, ‘Why would I do that? Why would I come down from the wall to meet with you? Why would I let the work stop on the wall and come to talk to you guys who have only tried to intimidate me?’ And they do this four times. And Nehemiah responds the same way. And then they do it the fifth time only revealing the truth. They have a rumor going around that they plan to leak to the king back in Persia, that Nehemiah’s true goal in building this wall was to declare himself king. Now, that’s not only intimidating on the outside, it’s a direct assault on Nehemiah’s heart in all of this because none of that was the truth. So, they’re saying to him, ‘you are not you say you are and we know what your true heart is intending to do.’

And I am telling you, if you are in leadership of any sort, you are going to run into this. People’s misunderstanding of you and assumptions built about you when they don’t even know you, people’s judgments about or against you when they have no idea. And even within this Nehemiah story is this kind of envy over Nehemiah’s position. And even envy of his goodness. Like, they’re thinking there’s got to be more to the story, there’s got to be some kind of hidden agenda here because that’s how it would be for them. So, a lot of times when you’re getting that kind of resistance in the path that you are walking down with God the assault against you is only revealing what’s in the hearts of those who are assaulting you. I mean, if there is no truth in it then they’re simply exposing themselves.

And the plot even thickens in all of this because that there’s so much communication between the nobility, that as the wall reaches its completion, even some of the people whose lives are devoted simply to worshipping God and caring for the temple are involved. They had been manipulated, trying to get Nehemiah, to try to get everybody on the same page, when Nehemiah knew everybody is not going to be on the same page. This wall is a security for some and a threat to others and there’s nothing that we can do about that. Not everybody is going to get on the same page. These plots to maybe capture or imprison or even kill Nehemiah were thwarted simply because he had a singular mission, a specific outcome in mind, and he would not deviate or become distracted no matter what. No matter the intimidation from without or the intimidation aimed at his own heart. But the wall got built, which gives us all some opportunity to reflect.

What is your wall? What are the distractions that keep you from building it? What is the intimidation that has come against you within and without? What disgorgements have you faced and why? And are any of these things legit? Because hardship and obstacles are going to come no matter what you’re trying to build. Like, that’s just part of it, that just happens. And we look at it as all bad because it feels like it’s coming against us but it also gives us an opportunity reflect and correct course. Like, is there any truth in any of this? And if there’s not then I can discard it, I know what’s going on here. And if there is then there’s the opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit into it. For Nehemiah, there wasn’t. We know this story. He was the cup bearer for the king. He had heard what was going on in Jerusalem, that the temple was being built but there was nothing to protect it. He began to feel a desire in his heart, a pull to be swept into that story. He waited and interceded for months. He finally got the opportunity and the permission to go and he stayed faithful to that specific task for which he was commissioned, to rebuild the wall. And he knew that when he did his mission would be accomplished and that none of the things that were being said about him were true. And, so, with a clear heart and a clear conscience he could stay singularly focused on the specific task that he had a passion to complete, that he felt invited into. And that’s important because when you have divided motivations, like all of the insinuations that we’re coming against Hananiah, that he’s just doing this so he can become the king or that he’s doing this to manipulate people or for any kind of other sinister reasons. He knew those things weren’t true. And, so, he did not feel the need to validate those insinuations by coming down off the wall and having summit meetings all of the time so that everybody could get a piece of the action. This wasn’t about action. This was about protecting the temple. And he didn’t have any impure motivations. And, so, he was able to say, ‘look I’m  playing any of these politics, I’m not doing any of these games that people do people, that people still do, that happen all of the time. I’m not playing any of those games. I do not care what anybody thinks. I’m here for a very, very specific thing and I’m going to accomplish it.’ And that’s clear-headed and that’s clear-hearted leadership. And the wall got built. What is your wall? And why are you building it? And as you consider those questions, you have the book of Nehemiah to overlay as a tremendous encouragement or as a necessary rebuke. The bible becomes a mirror into our own souls once again.


Father we invite you into that because the questions that arise in Nehemiah as we look at our own lives go to the deepest of our motivations, the posture of our heart, the voices that come and speak around what we’re doing - whether to intimidate or to encourage. It encompasses everything. And what we see in Nehemiah is a person deeply committed and unwaveringly focused. So, we invite You to show us the distractions, the things that have pulled us off course and intimidated us. Help us Jesus to see what’s really going on here. We need Your guidance and Your Holy Spirit in the same way that Nehemiah did, in the same way that all of the people that we’ve met in the scriptures so far this year did, in the same way that everyone in the world does. But we’re tuning our ears and our hearts to You and inviting You to speak. Come Jesus. Show us what is that wall and why are we building it. Ask this in your precious name. Amen.

Announcements: is the website. It’s home base. It’s where you find out what’s going on around here. So, be sure to check it out.

Check out the resources that are available and certainly the prayer wall of course. See how to stay connected. We’re probably on social media wherever you are. So, there’s always a way to stay connected in community that way.

The Sneezing Jesus discussion group continues to be inspiring. And, so, if you haven’t had a chance to wander over there yet it’s at So, come over and say hello.

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And of course, as always, if you have a prayer request or comment 877-942-4253 is the number to dial.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

This is Peg in Texas and I join everyone in prayer this night, praying oh Father I give you praise for Yourself, for Your deep love, for Your great power, Your omnipotence. I praise You for the omnipotence of Jesus Your son. Oh, He knows all, He understands all. He is able to work in every hurtful, harmful, bewildering, sad, lonely, and painful situation. Sometimes our bodies are sick or our minds or our will to see You is missing. We sometimes don’t know which way to turn. We stew and we fret and we realize that we need You. Oh, Father we need you in the everydayness of our situations. We need You to change things and we need You to show your power in is and through us. Oh God You’re able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. And, so, that’s why we come to You. We need You. Father God, so many of us need to experience Your omnipotence, Your power in our lives. We are a hurting bunch. Father, for Jake and his family, they need you in their life, in their lives now. His spirit is crushed over the untimely and tragic death of his dad. Lord, please help Jake. Give Jake and his family the ability to get to the next things in life, to live positively in the days ahead and to know that You never leave nor forsake. I pray for those that have been struggling or are struggling that call about their struggle with alcohol of drug addiction or porn addiction. I don’t remember their names but you know those who are sincere and desire relief. You have removed the case from so many, the desire for many. You have given strength to turn back from temptations and we ask freedom from addiction for those who are struggling. We ask that you answer the prayers of many a mom and dad and many a grandparent that see addiction in their young loved ones. Oh Father they too…

Hi Daily Audio Bible family. This is your brother Luke in Colorado. I‘m just taking the dog out for a walk and enjoying this beautiful evening. I’m in an open space and everything is so green and lush and…ah…God is glorious. Well, my friend Sam is coming into town in a few days and he’s been in a wheelchair his whole life. And the first time, when I first encountered Jesus, a few days later Sam called and said I’m so glad you are part of the family and I said, ya man…like…and the Holy Spirit came over me and some people I was in a tent with, they said, dude, Sam is going to be healed. He is going to walk. And since then many things have happened and we’d gotten confirmation before that Sam was going to walk and the Holy Spirit has told me many times and I just need the prayer of Christ’s body over my buddy Sam. I want to see this take place and I want to be like those men lowering their buddy through the roof knowing that Jesus will heal them. So, if you guys could be my friends and help me lower my buddy down to the feet of the Lord, that would be awesome. I love you guys so much and Gods peace be with you and shelter you through everything. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Oh the depth of and riches of these scriptures we’ve been listening to Brian read to us. How unsearchable. His paths are beyond searching out. And…ah…I just had to call…this is Candace from Oregon…just to say to you Brian and to Jill because it must have been you singing afterward on the podcast today. I believe it’s August the 9th. But you were talking about…you really, really made clear to me more than ever, Brian, what to do about this, in the Corinthian, what was going on there…and…ah…it was just so…like…oh…you know…like…we go too far in one direction or another and never hit the mark. And you and Jill with that song after. The power of the Holy Spirit who was right here with me, took me exactly to exactly where I needed to go in repentance and desire to just be completely turned over to God. I felt reassured. And you know, today I get to see my teenage grandson. And so, Lord be with everyone of us. Put us right with You. Help us to give up on our own devices and listen to…to Your Holy Spirit every step of the way. Thanks Brian. Thanks Jill. And thank you Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit.  

Hi Dabbers. This is His little Sherri from Canada and I’m just calling because I’m having a bad day today, which is ridiculous because in the grand scheme of things my problems are not that big a deal but they feel like it today. Anyway, I’ve learned from experience that whatever I’m going through is never just about me. And, so, I need to be encouraged today and I’m calling to encourage myself and to anybody out there who needs it. I’m going to read a blurb called Pity Party.  So, I’m listening to myself as I read this. I’m having a bad day. At least that’s my cover story. The truth is, I’m just feeling sorry for myself and I am enjoying my pity party in a gloomy greedy sort of way and I don’t feel like coming to my senses. So, it’s quite a while before I get around to knocking on Papa’s door. But as soon as I do I hear Him say, come in. I drag myself onto His lap and sit there silent and still, nursing my misery. He puts His arms around me without saying anything and waits. Eventually, I murmur I don’t know what to say to You. I don’t even deserve to be here. His answer, always the same answer, surprises me, as if for the first time. Would you like to worship me, He asks. As if that solves everything, as if he’s offering me the world. I look up at Him at last. His smile is soft yet oh so eager. I find myself saying, yes please. And with those words joy begins.

8/12/2017 DAB Transcript

Nehemiah 3:15-5:13; 1 Corinthians 7:25-40; Psalms 32:1-11; Proverbs 21:5-7

Today is the 12th day of August. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you as we prepare to let go of a week, release it, and end well, finish strong. So, we’ve read from the Good News translation this week, which is what will do today. And back into the book of Nehemiah - chapter 3 verse 15 through 5:13.


OK. So, as we’re following the story of Nehemiah, it is just such a brilliant book for life and leadership. And, so, we started this whole thing yesterday and went through it about how Nehemiah had come from Persia to Jerusalem and how he didn’t just come and announce his intentions. I mean, everything was very, very systematic for Nehemiah and it took quite a long time to prepare. And even once he got to Jerusalem with the passion to rebuild the wall, he still slowed down and counted the cost and investigated the situation, like, looked at the circumstances, assessed what the job was actually going to take, what he was going to need to finish the job, how many people it was going to take - all this stuff - he’s assessing all this. And today the wall begins to be built. After he announces what he wants to do in everybody’s on board, they start building the wall. And it’s going up fast, like, this is a big wall by the way and a thick wall by the way. But it’s going up fast. And, so they kind of got it like halfway, all the way around, when some of these other people who have been living in the land are governors and leaders, powerful people, they just do not like at all what’s going on. And, so, the voice of ridicule is introduced today. So, we see Nehemiah’s leadership style. But now the work is underway and he’s leading this and the voice of ridicule is introduced. Right? So, they’re like what do you think you’re doing? Do you think you can build this? Do you think you’re going to be able to do this in one day? Do you think you can build something out of something else that was destroyed? Even a fox could knock this down. What kind of wall is this? This is all the kind of stuff they’re saying. If we look at our own lives and we’ve done all things that Nehemiah’s done, like: count the cost, truly, truly abide and wait and intercede and allow the whole vision that God is giving us to materialize and to take shape and form and then we get into the work. There’s going to be ridicule. I mean, there’s going to be. And we see it here in the scriptures. And what Nehemiah does is pray and keep going. And, so, the next set of obstacles that came, because they prayed and kept going, was that the level of threat increased. So, at first it was taunting. Right? At first it was ridicule and scorn. And those are powerful weapons that are used against us and that we use against others. This whole idea of shaming someone, scorning them, ridiculing them, making fun of them, that is really an assault on some deep places of identity and heart. We should never do that because we know what that feels like. And it calls into question, everything - everything that God is doing in our lives and everything about who we are. So, its formidable. And the way that it was addressed by Nehemiah was to keep going and pray. But Sanballat, Tobiah, and the people of Arabia, the people that were there, decided, ok, you know, where not going to talk them down. We’re not going to criticize them down or taunt then down or make fun of them. We’re going to have to attack them and that will throw confusion into the whole works. And that’s what the plan was. But there was advanced words about that. Nehemiah kind of suspected that in the first place but as the word came he thought it might actually happen, that it might not just be a threat, that they may actually do it one day, attack. And, so, he got everybody prepared for such an attack, which actually slowed the progress down because now everybody had to be vigilant and on guard and watching and sort of work with the weapon at their side. Like, people watching, half the workforce watching while the other half works. This kind of shift work and stuff like that. It slowed the progress down. But it didn’t halt the progress. The progress went forward. So even though slower, forward while everyone stayed vigilant over the process. These are such incredible life lessons. And then the next set of obstacles that came was from within. And this happens so often when, you know, it’s a lifelong mission or something like that. So, what was happening was so many of the exiles had come back but there wasn’t really in economy able to support everyone. And not everyone was able to get the crops that they needed just to supply for their own families, much less pay taxes. And, so, the wealthy Jewish people were enslaving the poor Hebrew people. And this wasn’t a new thing but this sort of Hebrew on Hebrew oppression was. And, so there is this kind of interior thing in the community going on, something that will create a class system and will also disintegrate the core of what would be necessary to rebuild Jerusalem - a people, a remnant of people, who have come out of exile that are completely in lock step with each other in unity in one mission, to rebuild the holy city. So, the kind of stuff that was going on with the slavery and the oppression of the poor could be more of an obstacle than anything from the outside. And, so, in Nehemiah, in just the two days that we’ve had in Nehemiah, we have the incredible encouragement that we’re not alone in the obstacles and pressing through of things. This is normal. But we also have encapsulated in the story a posture of heart within Nehemiah as he approaches what he’s been called to do - to rebuild, to rebuild the wall. But we see even a person who is truly singularly focused on an objective that God has placed in their heart, there are still unknown things that get in the way - big and small things. Some that have to be completely moved out of the way. Some that just have to be swept up. Some that have to be guarded against. In all things vigilance. And it helps us so much. And will continue to help us as we go through this book of Nehemiah. But this is one to remember. This is a story to remember. Because in one way or another it’s all of our lives.


Father, that is what we’re inviting You into today. The ways that we interpret the obstacles that are in the path before us, especially when we feel like we are very, very much following Your lead. Those things that become confusing to us because they were unexpected. We invite You into that. And we stop right now and realize You will never leave us. And just because we face obstacles doesn’t mean that You have stepped back and just left us to figure it out. Even You faced obstacles. And, so, we welcome You into these things and see them with new eyes. Come, Holy Spirit. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayers and Praise Reports:

Hey, this is Jim the teacher in LA calling for Debbie in California. Heard your call on the August 6th podcast and I’m a couple of days behind, so, I’m probably not going to be the first person to call but…you’re so loved. Yah…you just called in for the first time and I can almost guarantee that this community has chosen to love you just because. But not just because. But just because we have experienced the love of Christ for us at our lowest points. And I know that you said that you’ve walked with the Lord in the past. I can’t tell you how many of us, including myself, have walked with the Lord and even while walking with Him have fallen in spectacular ways. And instead of hearing reproach and anger from Him, have been given the embrace of love. I understand that you’ve got to be feeling all sorts of things, particularly some fear and maybe some anger at your diagnosis. But I asked the Lord, and I believe it’s safe to say this, He’s not done with you yet. And I mean, He’s not done with what you are going to be doing for Him here on this earth. He has plans for you. And, ya, plans for your good…  

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family. This is Dan in New Hampshire. It’s August 8th. I just wanted to share something that’s been on my heart for about four years now and of yesterday it’s finally come to a close. But when I met my wife she had a daughter. When we met she was about 9 months old and when we got married she was about a year and a half. And, so, I’ve been the father figure in her life almost since the very beginning and as of yesterday she’s officially my daughter and has my name. And it’s been a long process and I just wanted to share that monumental joy of…just…being…I’ve always been daddy from the very beginning…but now it’s as of the law…I am her guardian…I am her father. And, so, there’s two things I wanted to pray for. There’s me…I want to be the best example of Jesus as she’s growing up. And technically I want to pray for her biological father, that he would come to know the Lord. He’s never really been in the picture. There’s been a lot of…verbal…I want to be there. Pray for him. Pray for his heart. I love you family. Thank you.

Hey Brian. This is my first call and my grandmother, she has malaria. Just please pray for her. And she is in the hospital. She moved to another hospital. Now she is even more sick than she was before. Please pray for her. Bye.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family. This is Marcia from monument Colorado. I’m calling regarding a new listener named Debbie from California whose prayer request was aired on August 6th. She was just diagnosed with cancer. Debbie, if you’re listening today, I hear the great sorrow in your voice and I do understand your pain. You mentioned that you had walked away from the Lord but are now returning and in your returning you found the Daily Audio Bible. I know the Lord led you to this audio ministry because I know from experience that the word of God will be your strength as you walk through this valley. Sweet sister Debbie, please know that the Lord Jesus is very near to you and is walking this journey with you. He has not abandoned you. Please know in your heart of hearts that He did not bring a cancer on you for what you have done or not done. He is a good and loving Father. He is our healer and does not condemn you for anything in your past. You are forgiven and dearly loved by Him.  He proved that when He willingly went to the cross for all humanity. Debbie, I encourage you to stay very, very close to Him. Cling to Him tightly and worship Him with all that is within you. He is your life and your hope. I know He will minister to you and you will feel His strength. Thank you for call. I want you know that it is my privilege to pray for you.

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Saturday September 9, 2017 (NIV)

Isaiah 3-5

Your leaders mislead you

Now the Lord God of heavenly forces is removing from Jerusalem and from Judah every form of support:

all rations of food and water;
soldier and warrior;
judge and prophet;
fortune-teller and elder;
commander and celebrity;
counselor, clever craftsman, and cunning charmer.
I will make youths their commanders;
mischief makers will rule over them.
The people will oppress each other,
each one against the other, neighbor against neighbor.
The young will bully the old,
the rogue, and the respectable.

Someone will seize a family member, saying, “You have clothing! You be our leader!
This mess will be your responsibility!”
Someone else will cry out on that day,
“I’m no healer!
I have neither food nor clothing in my house!
Don’t make me the leader of the people!”

Yes, Jerusalem has stumbled
and Judah has fallen,
because the way they talk and act in word and deed insults the Lord,
defying his brilliant glory.
Their bias in judgment gives them away;
like Sodom, they display their sins in public.
Doom to them, for they have done themselves in!
10 Tell the righteous how blessed they are;
they will eat the fruit of their labors.
11 Doom to the wicked; they are evil.
What they have done will be done to them.
12 As for my people—oppressors strip them
and swindlers[a] rule them.
My people—your leaders mislead you and confuse your paths.

13 The Lord arises to accuse;
he stands to judge the peoples.
14 The Lord will enter into judgment
with the elders and princes of his people:
You yourselves have devoured the vineyard;
the goods stolen from the poor are in your houses.
15 How dare you crush my people
and grind the faces of the poor?
says the Lord God of heavenly forces.

16 The Lord says:
Because Zion’s daughters applaud themselves,
walking with their chins in the air,
flirting with their eyes,
tiptoeing as they walk, feet jingling—
17 the Lord will shave the heads of Zion’s daughters,
and will expose their scalps.
18 On that day, the Lord will remove:
the splendid ankle chains; headbands and moon-shaped pendants;
19 the earrings, bracelets, and veils;
20 the hats, bangles, and sashes;
the amulets and charms;
21 the signet rings and nose rings;
22 the robes and capes;
the shawls and handbags;
23 the mirrors and linen garments;
the turbans and the veils.
24 Instead of perfume there will be a disgusting odor;
instead of a sash, a rope;
instead of styled hair, shaved heads;
instead of expensive clothes, rags as mourning clothes;
instead of beauty, shame.[b]

25 Your men will fall by the sword,
your warriors in battle!
26 Her gates will lament and mourn;
desolate, she will sit on the ground.

Seven women will grab one man on that day, saying, “We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes—only let us take your name; take away our disgrace.”

Zion’s glorious future

On that day, the Lord’s branch will become beautiful and glorious. The earth’s fruit will be the pride and splendor of Israel’s survivors. Whoever remains in Zion and is left in Jerusalem will be called holy, everyone who is on the list of those living in Jerusalem. When the Lord washes the filth from Zion’s daughters, and cleanses Jerusalem’s bloodguilt from within it by means of a wind of judgment and a searing wind, then the Lord will create over the whole site of Mount Zion and over its assembly a cloud by day and smoke and the light of a blazing fire by night. Over all the glory there will be a canopy, which will be a booth by day for shade from the heat and a hiding place and shelter from a stormy downpour.

Song of the vineyard

Let me sing for my loved one
a love song for his vineyard.
My loved one had a vineyard on a fertile hillside.
He dug it,
cleared away its stones,
planted it with excellent vines,
built a tower inside it,
and dug out a wine vat in it.
He expected it to grow good grapes—
but it grew rotten grapes.
So now, you who live in Jerusalem, you people of Judah,
judge between me and my vineyard:
What more was there to do for my vineyard
that I haven’t done for it?
When I expected it to grow good grapes,
why did it grow rotten grapes?
Now let me tell you what I’m doing to my vineyard.
I’m removing its hedge,
so it will be destroyed.
I’m breaking down its walls,
so it will be trampled.
I’ll turn it into a ruin;
it won’t be pruned or hoed,
and thorns and thistles will grow up.
I will command the clouds not to rain on it.
The vineyard of the Lord of heavenly forces is the house of Israel,
and the people of Judah are the plantings in which God delighted.
God expected justice, but there was bloodshed;
righteousness, but there was a cry of distress!

Sayings of doom

Doom to those who acquire house after house,
who annex field to field until there is no more space left
and only you live alone in the land.
I heard the Lord of heavenly forces say this:[c]
Many houses will become total ruins,
large, fine houses, with no one living in them.
10 Ten acres of vineyard
will produce just one bath,[d]
and a homer of seed
will produce only an ephah.

11 Doom to those who wake up early in the morning to run after beer,
to those who stay up late, lit up by wine.
12 They party with lyre and harp, tambourine, flute, and wine;
but they ignore the Lord’s work;
they can’t see what God is doing.

13 Therefore, my people go into exile since they didn’t understand—
their officials are dying of hunger;
so many of them are dried up with thirst.
14 Therefore, the grave[e] opens wide its jaws,
opens its mouth beyond all bounds,
and the splendid multitudes will go down, with all their uproar and cheering.
15 Humanity will be humiliated;
each person laid low,
the eyes of the exalted laid low.
16 But the Lord of heavenly forces will be exalted in justice,
and the holy God will show himself holy in righteousness.
17 Lambs will graze as if in their pasture;
young goats[f] will feed among the ruins of the rich.[g]

18 Doom to those who drag guilt along with cords of fraud,
and haul sin as if with cart ropes,
19 who say, “God should hurry and work faster so we can see;
let the plan of Israel’s holy one come quickly, so we can understand it.”

20 Doom to those who call evil good and good evil,
who present darkness as light and light as darkness,
who make bitterness sweet and sweetness bitter.

21 Doom to those
who consider themselves wise,
who think of themselves as clever.

22 Doom to the wine-swigging warriors,
mighty at mixing drinks,
23 who spare the guilty for bribes,
and rob the innocent of their rights.
24 Therefore, as a tongue of fire devours stubble,
and as hay shrivels in a flame,
so their roots will rot,
and their blossoms turn to dust,
for they have rejected the teaching of the Lord of heavenly forces,
and have despised the word of Israel’s holy one.

God’s powerful hand

25 This is why the Lord’s anger burned against the people:
he extended his hand to strike them,
the mountains trembled,
and their corpses lay in the middle of the streets like dung.
Even then God’s anger didn’t turn away;
God’s hand was still extended.

26 God will raise a signal to a nation from far away
and whistle to them from the end of the earth—
now look—hurrying, swiftly they come!
27 Not one is tired; not one stumbles;
they don’t rest or sleep;
no belt is loose; no sandal broken;
28 their arrows are sharp;
all their bows drawn;
their horses’ hooves are like flint;
their wheels like the whirlwind.
29 Their roaring is like the lion;
they roar like young lions;
they growl, seize their prey,
and carry it off, with no one to rescue.
30 On that day, they will roar over it like the roaring of the sea.
And if one looks toward the land, there’s darkness.
Tyre and the Nile will be darkened by the clouds.[h]


  1. Isaiah 3:12 LXX; MT women
  2. Isaiah 3:24 DSS (1QIsaa); MT lacks shame.
  3. Isaiah 5:9 Heb lacks say this.
  4. Isaiah 5:10 One bath is approximately twenty quarts, the same as an ephah; one homer contains ten ephahs (or baths) of grain.
  5. Isaiah 5:14 Heb Sheol
  6. Isaiah 5:17 Or strangers
  7. Isaiah 5:17 Or Calves and young goats will feed on the ruins; Heb uncertain
  8. Isaiah 5:30 Heb uncertain
Common English Bible (CEB)

Copyright © 2011 by Common English Bible

2 Corinthians 11:1-15

Confrontation of the super-apostles

11 I hope that you will put up with me while I act like a fool. Well, in fact, you are putting up with me! I’m deeply concerned about you with the same concern that God has. As your father, I promised you in marriage to one husband. I promised to present you as an innocent virgin to Christ himself. But I’m afraid that your minds might be seduced in the same way as the snake deceived Eve with his devious tricks. You might be unable to focus completely on a genuine and innocent commitment to Christ.

If a person comes and preaches some other Jesus than the one we preached, or if you receive a different Spirit than the one you had received, or a different gospel than the one you embraced, you put up with it so easily! I don’t consider myself as second-rate in any way compared to the “super-apostles.” But even if I’m uneducated in public speaking, I’m not uneducated in knowledge. We have shown this to you in every way and in everything we have done. Did I commit a sin by humbling myself to give you an advantage because I preached the gospel of God to you free of charge? I robbed other churches by taking a salary from them in order to serve you! While I was with you, I didn’t burden any of you even though I needed things. The believers who came from Macedonia gave me everything I needed. I kept myself from being a financial drain on you in any way, and I will continue to keep myself from being a burden.

10 Since Christ’s truth is in me, I won’t stop telling the entire area of Greece that I’m proud of what I did. 11 Why? Is it because I don’t love you? God knows that I do! 12 But I’m going to continue to do what I’m doing. I want to contradict the claims of the people who want to be treated like they are the same as us because of what they brag about. 13 Such people are false apostles and dishonest workers who disguise themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 It is no great surprise then that his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

Common English Bible (CEB)

Copyright © 2011 by Common English Bible

Psalm 53

Psalm 53

For the music leader, according to the mahalath. A maskil[a] of David.

53 Fools say in their hearts, There’s no God.
They are corrupt and do horrible deeds;
not one of them does anything good.

God looks down from heaven on humans
to see if anyone is wise,
to see if anyone seeks God.
But all have turned away.
Everyone is corrupt.
No one does good—
not even one person!

Are they dumb—these evildoers—
devouring my people like they are eating bread
but never calling on God?

There, where there was nothing to fear,
they will be in utter panic
because God will scatter the bones
of those who attacked you.
You will put them to shame
because God has rejected them.

Let Israel’s salvation come out of Zion!
When God changes
his people’s circumstances for the better,
Jacob will rejoice;
Israel will celebrate!


  1. Psalm 53:1 Perhaps instruction
Common English Bible (CEB)

Copyright © 2011 by Common English Bible

Proverbs 22:28-29

28 Don’t remove an ancient boundary marker
that your ancestors established.

29 Do you see people who work skillfully?
They will work for kings
but not work for lowly people.

Common English Bible (CEB)

Copyright © 2011 by Common English Bible

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Friday September 8, 2017 (NIV)

Isaiah 1-2

The vision about Judah and Jerusalem that Isaiah, Amoz’s son, saw in the days of Judah’s kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah.

Rebels condemned

Hear you heavens, and listen earth,
for the Lord has spoken:
I reared children; I raised them,
and they turned against me!
An ox knows its owner,
and a donkey its master’s feeding trough.
But Israel doesn’t know;
my people don’t behave intelligently.

Doom! Sinful nation, people weighed down with crimes,
evildoing offspring, corrupt children!
They have abandoned the Lord,
despised the holy one of Israel;
they turned their backs on God.

Why do you invite further beatings?
Why continue to rebel?
Everyone’s head throbs,
and everyone’s heart fails.
From head to toe, none are well—
only bruises, cuts, and raw wounds,
not treated, not bandaged,
not soothed with oil.

Your country is deserted,
your cities burned with fire;
your land—strangers are devouring it in plain sight.
It’s a wasteland, as when foreigners raid.
Daughter Zion is left like a small shelter in a vineyard,
like a hut in a cucumber field,
like a city besieged.[a]
If the Lord of heavenly forces had not spared a few of us,
we would be like Sodom; we would resemble Gomorrah.

Hands filled with bloodshed

10 Hear the Lord’s word, you leaders of Sodom.
Listen to our God’s teaching,
people of Gomorrah!
11 What should I think about all your sacrifices?
says the Lord.
I’m fed up with entirely burned offerings of rams
and the fat of well-fed beasts.
I don’t want the blood of bulls, lambs, and goats.
12 When you come to appear before me,
who asked this from you,
this trampling of my temple’s courts?
13 Stop bringing worthless offerings.
Your incense repulses me.
New moon, sabbath, and the calling of an assembly—
I can’t stand wickedness with celebration!
14 I hate your new moons and your festivals.
They’ve become a burden that I’m tired of bearing.
15 When you extend your hands,
I’ll hide my eyes from you.
Even when you pray for a long time,
I won’t listen.
Your hands are stained with blood.
16 Wash! Be clean!
Remove your ugly deeds from my sight.
Put an end to such evil;
17 learn to do good.
Seek justice:
help the oppressed;[b]
defend the orphan;
plead for the widow.

18 Come now, and let’s settle this,
says the Lord.
Though your sins are like scarlet,
they will be white as snow.
If they are red as crimson,
they will become like wool.
19 If you agree and obey,
you will eat the best food of the land.
20 But if you refuse and rebel,
you will be devoured by the sword.
The Lord has said this.

Zion will be redeemed

21 This faithful town has become a prostitute!
She was full of justice;
righteousness lived in her—
but now murderers.
22 Your silver has become impure;
your beer is diluted with water.
23 Your princes are rebels,
companions of thieves.
Everyone loves a bribe and pursues gifts.
They don’t defend the orphan,
and the widow’s cause never reaches them.
24 Therefore, says the Lord God of heavenly forces,
the mighty one of Israel:
Doom! I will vent my anger against my foes;
I will take it out on my enemies,
25 and I will turn my hand against you.
I will refine your impurities as with lye,
and remove all your cinders.
26 Then I will restore your judges as in earlier times,
and your counselors as at the beginning.
After this you will be called Righteous City, Faithful Town.

27 Zion will be redeemed by justice,
and those who change their lives by righteousness.
28 But God will shatter rebels and sinners alike;
those who abandon the Lord will be finished.

29 You will be ashamed of the oaks you once desired,
and embarrassed by the gardens you once chose.
30 You will be like an oak with withering leaves,
like a garden without water.
31 The strong will be like dry twigs,
their deeds like sparks;
the two will burn together,
with no one to extinguish them.

The Lord’s mountain

This is what Isaiah, Amoz’s son, saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

In the days to come
the mountain of the Lord’s house
will be the highest of the mountains.
It will be lifted above the hills;
peoples will stream to it.
Many nations will go and say,
“Come, let’s go up to the Lord’s mountain,
to the house of Jacob’s God
so that he may teach us his ways
and we may walk in God’s paths.”
Instruction will come from Zion;
the Lord’s word from Jerusalem.
God will judge between the nations,
and settle disputes of mighty nations.
Then they will beat their swords into iron plows
and their spears into pruning tools.
Nation will not take up sword against nation;
they will no longer learn how to make war.

Come, house of Jacob,
let’s walk by the Lord’s light.

Everyone is brought low

You have abandoned your people,
house of Jacob.
They are full of sorcerers from the east and fortune-tellers like the Philistines;
they hold hands with foreigners’ children.[c]
Their land is full of silver and gold;
they have countless treasures.
Their land is filled with horses;
they have countless chariots.
Their land is filled with idols;
they worship their handiwork,
what their own fingers have made.

Humanity will be brought down;
each person laid low—don’t lift them up![d]
10 Go into the rocks,
and hide yourself in the dust from the terror of the Lord,
from the splendor of God’s majesty!
11 People’s proud gazing will be stopped
and humanity’s arrogance brought down;
the Lord alone will be exalted on that day.

12 The Lord of heavenly forces has planned a day:
against all that is prideful and haughty;
against all that is lofty, and it will be laid low;[e]
13 against all the cedars of Lebanon, high and lofty;
against all the oaks of Bashan;
14 against all the high mountains;
against all the lofty hills;
15 against every tall tower;
against every fortified wall;
16 against all the ships of Tarshish;
against all the wonderful boats.[f]
17 People’s pride will be brought down
and human arrogance humiliated.
The Lord alone will be exalted on that day;
18 the idols will completely pass away.

19 Go into caves in the rocks
and holes in the dust
before the terror of the Lord
and the splendor of God’s majesty,
when he arises to terrify the earth.
20 On that day, people will toss
to the rodents[g] and to the bats
their idols of silver and idols of gold,
which they made for themselves to worship.
21 They will hide in fissures of rocks and in crevices of cliffs
before the terror of the Lord
and the splendor of God’s majesty
when he arises to terrify the earth.

22 Quit admiring the human race,
who breathe through their nostrils.
Why should they be admired?


  1. Isaiah 1:8 LXX, Vulg; MT spared
  2. Isaiah 1:17 LXX, Vulg; MT lead the oppressor
  3. Isaiah 2:6 Heb uncertain
  4. Isaiah 2:9 Or don’t forgive them
  5. Isaiah 2:12 LXX and high
  6. Isaiah 2:16 Heb uncertain
  7. Isaiah 2:20 Heb uncertain
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2 Corinthians 10

Paul’s personal request for obedience

10 I, Paul, make a personal request to you with the gentleness and kindness of Christ. I’m shy when I’m with you, but I’m bossy when I’m away from you! I beg you that when I’m with you in person, I won’t have to boss you around. I’m afraid that I may have to use that kind of behavior with those people who think we live by human standards. Although we live in the world, we don’t fight our battles with human methods. Our weapons that we fight with aren’t human, but instead they are powered by God for the destruction of fortresses. They destroy arguments, and every defense that is raised up to oppose the knowledge of God. They capture every thought to make it obedient to Christ. Once your obedience is complete, we are ready to punish any disobedience.

Look at what is right in front of you! If anyone is sure about belonging to Christ, that person should think again. We belong to Christ just like that person. Even if I went on to brag about our authority, I wouldn’t be ashamed of it. The Lord gave us that authority to build you up and not to destroy you.

I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to intimidate you with my letters. 10 I know what some people are saying: “His letters are severe and powerful, but in person he is weak and his speech is worth nothing.” 11 These people need to think about this—that when we are with you, our actions will show that we are the same as the words we wrote when we were away from you. 12 We won’t dare to place ourselves in the same league or to compare ourselves with some of those who are promoting themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves, and compare themselves with themselves, they have no understanding.

13 We won’t take pride in anything more than what is appropriate. Let’s look at the boundaries of our work area that God has assigned to us. It’s an area that includes you. 14 We aren’t going out of bounds, as if our work area doesn’t extend as far as you. We were the first ones to travel as far as Corinth with the gospel of Christ. 15 We don’t take pride in what other people do outside of our boundaries. We hope that our work will be extended even more by you as your faith grows, until it expands fully (within the boundaries, of course). 16 We hope that our work grows even to the point of the gospel being preached in places beyond Corinth, without bragging about what has already been done in another person’s work area. 17 But, the one who brags should brag in the Lord.[a] 18 It isn’t the person who promotes himself or herself who is approved but the person whom the Lord commends.

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Psalm 52

Psalm 52

For the music leader. A maskil[a] of David, when Doeg the Edomite came and told Saul, “David has gone to Ahimelech’s house.”

52 Hey, powerful person!
Why do you brag about evil?
God’s faithful love lasts all day long.
Your tongue devises destruction:
it’s like a sharpened razor, causing deception.
You love evil more than good;
you love lying more than speaking what is right. Selah
You love all destructive words;
you love the deceiving tongue.

But God will take you down permanently;
he will snatch you up,
tear you out of your tent,
and uproot you from the land of the living! Selah
The righteous will see and be in awe;
they will laugh at those people:
“Look at them! They didn’t make God their refuge.
Instead, they trusted in their own great wealth.
They sought refuge in it—to their own destruction!”

But I am like a green olive tree in God’s house;
I trust in God’s faithful love forever and always.
I will give thanks to you, God, forever,
because you have acted.
In the presence of your faithful people,
I will hope in your name because it’s so good.


  1. Psalm 52:1 Perhaps instruction; it also appears in Pss 42, 44–45, 52–55, 74, 78, 88–89, 142; cf 47:7; the root is used in Ps 32:8.
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Proverbs 22:26-27

26 Don’t shake hands to guarantee a loan.
27 If you can’t repay,
why should they be able to take your bed from you?

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The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Thursday September 7, 2017 (NIV)

Song of Solomon 5-8


I have come to my garden, my sister, my bride!
I have gathered my myrrh and my spices.
I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey;
I have drunk my wine and my milk.
Eat, dear friends!
Drink and get drunk on love!

A missed encounter


I was sleeping, but my heart was awake.
A sound! My love is knocking:


“Open for me, my sister, my dearest,
my dove, my perfect one!
My head is soaked with dew,
my hair, with the night mists.”


“I have taken off my tunic—
why should I put it on again?
I have bathed my feet—
why should I get them dirty?”
My love put his hand in through the latch hole,
and my body ached for him.
I rose; I went to open for my love,
and my hands dripped myrrh,
my fingers, liquid myrrh,
over the handles of the lock.
I went and opened for my love,
but my love had turned, gone away.
I nearly died when he turned away.
I looked for him but couldn’t find him.
I called out to him, but he didn’t answer me.
They found me—the guards
who make their rounds in the city.
They struck me, bruised me.
They took my shawl away from me,
those guards of the city walls!
I place you under oath, daughters of Jerusalem:
If you find my love, what should you tell him?
That I’m weak with love!

[Daughters of Jerusalem]

How is your lover different from any other lover,
you who are the most beautiful of women?
How is your lover different from any other lover,
that you make us swear a solemn pledge?

In praise of him


10 My lover is radiant and ruddy;
he stands out among ten thousand!
11 His head is finest gold;
his wavy hair, black as a raven.
12 His eyes are like doves
by channels of water.
They are bathing in milk,
sitting by brimming pools.
13 His cheeks are like fragrant plantings,
towers of spices.
His lips are lilies
dripping liquid myrrh.
14 His arms are gold cylinders
studded with jewels.
His belly is smooth ivory
encrusted with sapphires.
15 His thighs are pillars of whitest stone
set on pedestals of gold.
His appearance—like Lebanon,
stately, like the cedars.
16 His mouth is everything sweet,
every bit of him desirable.

This is my love, this my dearest,
daughters of Jerusalem!

[Daughters of Jerusalem]

Which way did your lover go,
you who are the most beautiful of women?
Which way did your lover turn,
that we may look for him along with you?


My lover has gone down to his garden,
to the fragrant plantings,
to graze in the gardens,
to gather the lilies.
I belong to my lover and my lover belongs to me—
the one grazing among the lilies.

An overwhelming sight


You are as beautiful, my dearest, as Tirzah,
as lovely as Jerusalem,
formidable as those lofty sights.
Turn your eyes away from me,
for they overwhelm me!

Your hair is like a flock of goats
as they stream down from Gilead.
Your teeth are like a flock of ewes
as they come up from the washing pool—
all of them perfectly matched,
not one of them lacks its twin.
Like a slice of pomegranate is the curve of your face
behind the veil of your hair.
There may be sixty queens
and eighty secondary wives,
young women beyond counting,
but my dove, my perfect one, is one of a kind.
To her mother she’s the only one,
radiant to the one who bore her.
Young women see her and declare her fortunate;
queens and secondary wives praise her.

10 Who is this, gazing down like the morning star,
beautiful as the full moon,
radiant as the sun,
formidable as those lofty sights?



11 To the nut grove I went down
to look upon the fresh growth in the valley,
to see whether the vine was in flower,
whether the pomegranates had bloomed.
12 I hardly knew myself;
she had set me in an official’s chariot![a]

Graceful dancer


13 [b] Come back, come back, Shulammite![c]
Come back, come back, so we may admire you.
How you all admire the Shulammite
as she whirls between two circles of dancers!

How graceful are your sandaled feet,
willing woman!
The smooth curves of your thighs—like fine jewelry,
the work of an artist’s hands!
Your navel, cupped like the full moon—
may it never lack spiced wine!
Your belly is a mound of winnowed wheat
edged with lilies.
Your two breasts are like two fawns,
twins of a gazelle doe;
your neck, like a tower of ivory;
your eyes, pools in Heshbon,
by the gate of that lordly city.[d]
Your profile is like the tower of Lebanon,
looking out toward Damascus.
Your head crowns you like Mount Carmel,
and your hair, braided in royal purple—
a king is bound by the tresses!
You are so beautiful, so lovely—
my love, delightful one![e]
Your stately form resembles a date palm,
and your breasts are like clustered fruit.
I say, “I will climb the palm tree;
I will hold its fruit!”

May your breasts be now
like grape clusters,
and the scent of your breath like apples!
Your palate is like excellent wine . . .


. . . flowing smoothly for my love,
gliding through the lips and teeth.[f]
10 I belong to my lover,
and his longing is only for me.

The ripeness of love


11 Come, my love:
Let’s go out to the field
and rest all night among the flowering henna.
12 Let’s set out early for the vineyards.
We will see if the vines have budded
and the blossoms opened,
see if the pomegranates have bloomed.
There I’ll give my loving to you.

13 The mandrakes give off their scent,
and at our doorways is every delicacy—
fresh or ripened—
my love, I have kept them hidden for you.



If only you were as my brother—
the one who nursed at my mother’s breast.
I would find you in the street and kiss you,
and no one would shame me for it.
I would lead you, I would bring you
to my mother’s house;
she would teach me what to do.[g]
I would give you spiced wine to drink,
some of my fresh pomegranate juice.

His left arm is beneath my head,
and his right embraces me!

Make a solemn pledge,
daughters of Jerusalem,
never to rouse, never to arouse love
until it desires.

Love, strong and invaluable

[Daughters of Jerusalem]

Who is this coming up from the wilderness
leaning against her lover?


Under the apple tree I aroused you—
there, where your mother labored with you,
there where, laboring, she bore you.
Set me as a seal over your heart,
as a seal upon your arm,
for love is as strong as death,
passionate love unrelenting as the grave.[h]
Its darts are darts of fire—
divine flame!
Rushing waters can’t quench love;
rivers can’t wash it away.
If someone gave
all his estate in exchange for love,
he would be laughed to utter shame.

[The Woman’s Brothers]

Our sister is small;
she has no breasts.
What will we do for our sister
on the day that she is spoken for?
If she is a city wall,
then we will build a turret of silver on her.[i]
And if she is a door,
then we will barricade her[j] with a panel of cedar.


10 I’m a city wall,
and my breasts are the towers.
So now I’m in his eyes
as one who brings peace.


11 Solomon had a vineyard
in Baal-hamon.
He gave charge of the vineyard to keepers;
one would bring in exchange for its fruit
a thousand pieces of silver.
12 My vineyard, my very own, is before me.
You can have the thousand, Solomon[k]
with two hundred for those who tend the fruit!

13 You who sit in the gardens,
my companions are listening for your voice.
Let me hear it!


14 “Take flight, my love,
and be like a gazelle
or a young stag
on the mountains of spice!”


  1. Song of Solomon 6:12 Or I hardly knew what happened; my passion set me in an official's chariot! LXX, Vulg Aminadab's chariots; Heb uncertain
  2. Song of Solomon 6:13 7:1 in Heb
  3. Song of Solomon 6:13 A name or title for the woman
  4. Song of Solomon 7:4 Or by the gate of Bath-rabbim
  5. Song of Solomon 7:6 With Syr and Aquila daughter of delights; MT love in delights or love with every charm
  6. Song of Solomon 7:9 LXX, Syr, Vulg; MT through the lips of those who sleep; Heb uncertain
  7. Song of Solomon 8:2 Or you would teach me; LXX, Syr to my mother's house, and to the chamber of the one who conceived me (cf 3:4)
  8. Song of Solomon 8:6 Heb Sheol
  9. Song of Solomon 8:9 Or on it (the city wall)
  10. Song of Solomon 8:9 Or it (the door)
  11. Song of Solomon 8:12 Cf 1 Kgs 11:3
Common English Bible (CEB)

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2 Corinthians 9

It’s unnecessary for me to write to you about this service for God’s people. I know about your willingness to help. I brag about you to the Macedonians, saying, “Greece has been ready since last year,” and your enthusiasm has motivated most of them.

But I’m sending the brothers so that our bragging about you in this case won’t be empty words, and so that you can be prepared, just as I keep telling them you will be. If some Macedonians should come with me and find out that you aren’t ready, we (not to mention you) would be embarrassed as far as this project goes.

This is why I thought it was necessary to encourage the brothers to go to you ahead of time and arrange in advance the generous gift you have already promised. I want it to be a real gift from you. I don’t want you to feel like you are being forced to give anything. What I mean is this: the one who sows a small number of seeds will also reap a small crop, and the one who sows a generous amount of seeds will also reap a generous crop.

Everyone should give whatever they have decided in their heart. They shouldn’t give with hesitation or because of pressure. God loves a cheerful giver. God has the power to provide you with more than enough of every kind of grace. That way, you will have everything you need always and in everything to provide more than enough for every kind of good work. As it is written, He scattered everywhere; he gave to the needy; his righteousness remains forever.[a]

10 The one who supplies seed for planting and bread for eating will supply and multiply your seed and will increase your crop, which is righteousness. 11 You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous in every way. Such generosity produces thanksgiving to God through us. 12 Your ministry of this service to God’s people isn’t only fully meeting their needs but it is also multiplying in many expressions of thanksgiving to God. 13 They will give honor to God for your obedience to your confession of Christ’s gospel. They will do this because this service provides evidence of your obedience, and because of your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone. 14 They will also pray for you, and they will care deeply for you because of the outstanding grace that God has given to you. 15 Thank God for his gift that words can’t describe!

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Psalm 51

Psalm 51

For the music leader. A psalm of David, when the prophet Nathan came to him just after he had been with Bathsheba.

51 Have mercy on me, God, according to your faithful love!
Wipe away my wrongdoings according to your great compassion!
Wash me completely clean of my guilt;
purify me from my sin!
Because I know my wrongdoings,
my sin is always right in front of me.
I’ve sinned against you—you alone.
I’ve committed evil in your sight.
That’s why you are justified when you render your verdict,
completely correct when you issue your judgment.
Yes, I was born in guilt, in sin,
from the moment my mother conceived me.
And yes, you want truth in the most hidden places;
you teach me wisdom in the most secret space.[a]

Purify me with hyssop and I will be clean;
wash me and I will be whiter than snow.
Let me hear joy and celebration again;
let the bones you crushed rejoice once more.
Hide your face from my sins;
wipe away all my guilty deeds!
10 Create a clean heart for me, God;
put a new, faithful spirit deep inside me!
11 Please don’t throw me out of your presence;
please don’t take your holy spirit away from me.
12 Return the joy of your salvation to me
and sustain me with a willing spirit.
13 Then I will teach wrongdoers your ways,
and sinners will come back to you.

14 Deliver me from violence, God, God of my salvation,
so that my tongue can sing of your righteousness.
15 Lord, open my lips,
and my mouth will proclaim your praise.
16 You don’t want sacrifices.
If I gave an entirely burned offering,
you wouldn’t be pleased.
17 A broken spirit is my sacrifice, God.[b]
You won’t despise a heart, God, that is broken and crushed.
18 Do good things for Zion by your favor.
Rebuild Jerusalem’s walls.
19 Then you will again want sacrifices of righteousness—
entirely burned offerings and complete offerings.
Then bulls will again be sacrificed on your altar.


  1. Psalm 51:6 Heb uncertain
  2. Psalm 51:17 Correction
Common English Bible (CEB)

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Proverbs 22:24-25

24 Don’t befriend people controlled by anger;
don’t associate with hot-tempered people;
25 otherwise, you will learn their ways
and become trapped.

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The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Wednesday September 6, 2017 (NIV)

Song of Solomon 1-4

The Song of Songs, which is for Solomon.

Mutual admiration


If only he would give me some of his kisses . . .

Oh, your loving is sweeter than wine!
Your fragrance is sweet;
your very name is perfume.
That’s why the young women love you.
Take me along with you; let’s run!

My king has brought me into his chambers, saying,
“Let’s exult and rejoice in you.
Let’s savor your loving more than wine.
No wonder they all love you!”

Dark am I, and lovely, daughters of Jerusalem—
like the black tents of the Kedar nomads,
like the curtains of Solomon’s palace.
Don’t stare at me because I’m darkened
by the sun’s gaze.
My own brothers were angry with me.
They made me a caretaker of the vineyards—
but I couldn’t care for my own vineyard.

Tell me, you whom I love with all my heart—
where do you pasture your flock,
where do you rest them at noon?—
so I don’t wander around with the flocks of your companions.


If you don’t know your way,
most beautiful of women,
then follow the tracks of the herds
and graze your little goats
by the tents of the shepherds.

I picture you, my dearest,
as a mare among Pharaoh’s chariots!
10 Lovely are your cheeks, adorned with ear hoops;
your neck, with beads.
11 Let’s make hoops of gold beaded with silver for you!

12 With my king close by,
my perfume filled the air.
13 A sachet of myrrh is my love to me,
lying all night between my breasts.
14 A cluster of henna flowers is my love to me
in the desert gardens of En-gedi.


15 Look at you—so beautiful, my dearest!
Look at you—so beautiful! Your eyes are doves!


16 Look at you—so beautiful, my love!
Yes, delightful! Yes, our bed is lush and green!
17 The ceilings of our chambers are cedars;
our rafters, cypresses.

Love in bloom


I’m a rose of the Sharon plain,
a lily of the valleys.


Like a lily among thornbushes,
so is my dearest among the young women.


Like an apple tree among the wild trees,
so is my lover among the young men.
In his shade I take pleasure in sitting,
and his fruit is sweet to my taste.
He has brought me to the house of wine;
his banner raised over me is love.

Sustain me with raisin cakes,
strengthen me with apples,
for I’m weak with love!

His left arm is beneath my head,
his right embraces me.

Make a solemn pledge, daughters of Jerusalem,
by the gazelles or the wild deer:
Don’t rouse, don’t arouse love
until it desires.

Listen! It’s my lover: here he comes now,
leaping upon the mountains,
bounding over the hills.
My lover is like a gazelle
or a young stag.
Here he stands now,
outside our wall,
peering through the windows,
peeking through the lattices.

10 My lover spoke and said to me,
“Rise up, my dearest,
my fairest, and go.
11 Here, the winter is past;
the rains have come and gone.
12 Blossoms have appeared in the land;
the season of singing[b] has arrived,
and the sound of the turtledove is heard in our land.
13 The green fruit is on the fig tree,
and the grapevines in bloom are fragrant.
Rise up,[c] my dearest,
my fairest, and go.
14 My dove—in the rock crevices,
hidden in the cliff face—
let me catch sight of you;
let me hear your voice!
The sound of your voice is sweet,
and the sight of you is lovely.”

15 Catch foxes for us—
those little foxes
that spoil vineyards,
now that our vineyards are in bloom!

16 I belong to my lover and he belongs to me—
the one grazing among the lilies.
17 Before the day breeze blows
and the shadows flee,
turn about, my love; be like a gazelle
or a young stag
upon the jagged mountains.[d]

The search


Upon my bed, night after night,
I looked for the one whom I love with all my heart.
I looked for him but couldn’t find him.[e]
“I will rise now and go all around the city,
through the streets and the squares.
I will look for the one whom I love with all my heart.”
I looked for him but couldn’t find him.
The guards found me,
those who make their rounds in the city.
“The one whom I love with all my heart—
have you seen him?”
No sooner did I depart from them
than I found the one whom I love with all my heart.
I held on to him and now I won’t let him go,
until I’ve brought him to my mother’s house,
to the chamber of the one who conceived me.

I place you under oath, daughters of Jerusalem,
by the gazelles or the wild deer:
don’t rouse, don’t arouse love
until it desires.

Visions of grandeur

Who is this, coming up from the wilderness,
like pillars of smoke?
She is perfumed with myrrh and frankincense,
selected from all the spice merchant’s powders.

Picture Solomon’s bed—
sixty heroic men round about it,
all from the heroes of Israel,
all of them skilled with the sword,
expert in warfare,
each with his sword ready at his thigh
against terrors that come by night.
King Solomon made a canopied couch for himself
from the trees of Lebanon.
10 Its pillars he made of silver,
its covering, cloth of gold,
its cushions, royal purple;
its interior inlaid with love.
Daughters of Jerusalem, 11 go forth!
Look, daughters of Zion—
on King Solomon wearing the crown
with which his mother crowned him
on the day of his wedding,
on the day of his heart’s joy.

In praise of her


Look at you—so beautiful, my dearest!
Look at you—so beautiful! Your eyes are doves
behind the veil of your hair!
Your hair is like a flock of goats
as they stream down Mount Gilead.
Your teeth are like newly shorn ewes
as they come up from the washing pool—
all of them perfectly matched,
not one of them lacks its twin.
Like a crimson ribbon are your lips;
when you smile, it is lovely.
Like a slice of pomegranate is the curve of your face
behind the veil of your hair.
Like David’s tower is your neck,
splendidly built!
A thousand shields are hung upon it—
all the weapons of the warriors.
Your two breasts are like two fawns,
twins of a gazelle doe,
that graze among the lilies.
Before the day breeze blows
and the shadows flee,
I will be off to the mountain of myrrh,
to the hill of frankincense.
You are utterly beautiful, my dearest;
there’s not a single flaw in you.

Garden of delight


Come down with me from Lebanon, my bride—
if only you would come down with me from Lebanon.
Descend from the peak of Amana,
from the peaks of Senir and Hermon,
from the lions’ dens,
from the mountain lairs of leopards.
You have captured my heart, my sister,[f] my bride!
You have captured my heart with one glance from your eyes,
with one strand of your necklace.
10 How beautiful is your loving, my sister, my bride!
Your loving is so much better than wine,
and your fragrance better than any perfume!
11 Sweetness drops from your lips, my bride;
honey and milk are under your tongue,
and the fragrance of your garments
is like the fragrance of Lebanon.
12 An enclosed garden is my sister, my bride;
an enclosed pool, a sealed spring.
13 Your limbs are an orchard of pomegranates
with all kinds of luscious fruit,
henna, and spices:
14 nard and saffron,
sweet cane and cinnamon,
with all scented woods,
myrrh, and aloes,
with the very choicest perfumes!
15 You are a garden spring, a well of fresh water,
streams from Lebanon.
16 Stir, north wind, and come, south wind!Blow upon my garden;
let its perfumes flow!


Let my love come to his garden;
let him eat its luscious fruit!


  1. Song of Solomon 1:2 Identification of speakers here and throughout the Song is hypothetical and in several cases uncertain.
  2. Song of Solomon 2:12 Or pruning
  3. Song of Solomon 2:13 LXX and Kethib add go; but Qere, DSS, Vulg, Syr, and Tg lack the verb; cf 2:10.
  4. Song of Solomon 2:17 Or upon the mountains of Bether; cf 8:14 mountains of spice
  5. Song of Solomon 3:1 LXX adds I called him, but he didn't answer me; cf 5:6.
  6. Song of Solomon 4:9 Sister here and below is a common term in ancient love poetry; it doesn't imply blood relation.
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2 Corinthians 8:16-24

Plans for the Collection

16 But thank God, who put the same commitment that I have for you in Titus’ heart. 17 Not only has he accepted our challenge but he’s on his way to see you voluntarily, and he’s excited. 18 We are sending the brother who is famous in all the churches because of his work for the gospel along with him.

19 In addition to this, he is chosen by the churches to be our traveling companion in this work of grace, which we are taking care of for the sake of the glory of the Lord himself, and to show our desire to help. 20 We are trying to avoid being blamed by anyone for the way we take care of this large amount of money. 21 We care about doing the right thing, not only in the Lord’s eyes but also in the eyes of other people.

22 We are sending our brother with them. We have tested his commitment in many ways and many times. Now he’s even more committed, because he has so much confidence in you. 23 If there is any question about Titus, he is my partner and coworker among you. If there is any question about our brothers, they are the churches’ apostles and an honor to Christ. 24 So show them the proof of your love and the reason we are so proud of you, in such a way that the churches can see it.

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Psalm 50

Psalm 50

A psalm of Asaph.

50 From the rising of the sun to where it sets,
God, the Lord God, speaks,
calling out to the earth.
From Zion, perfect in beauty,
God shines brightly.
Our God is coming;
he won’t keep quiet.
A devouring fire is before him;
a storm rages all around him.
God calls out to the skies above
and to the earth in order to judge his people:
“Bring my faithful to me,
those who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”
The skies proclaim his righteousness
because God himself is the judge. Selah

“Listen, my people, I will now speak;
Israel, I will now testify against you.
I am God—your God!
I’m not punishing you for your sacrifices
or for your entirely burned offerings,
which are always before me.
I won’t accept bulls from your house
or goats from your corrals
10 because every forest animal already belongs to me,
as do the cattle on a thousand hills.
11 I know every mountain bird;
even the insects in the fields are mine.
12 Even if I were hungry, I wouldn’t tell you
because the whole world and everything in it already belong to me.
13 Do I eat bulls’ meat?
Do I drink goats’ blood?
14 Offer God a sacrifice of thanksgiving!
Fulfill the promisesyou made to the Most High!
15 Cry out to me whenever you are in trouble;
I will deliver you, then you will honor me.”

16 But to the wicked God says,
“Why do you talk about my laws?
Why do you even mention my covenant?
17 You hate discipline, and
you toss my words behind your back.
18 You make friends with thieves whenever you see one;
you spend your time with adulterers.
19 You set your mouth free to do evil,
then harness your tongue to tell lies.
20 You sit around, talking about your own siblings;
you find fault with the children of your very own mother.
21 You’ve done these things and I’ve kept quiet.
You thought I was just like you!
But now I’m punishing you;
I’m laying it all out, right in front of your face.
22 So consider this carefully, all you who forget God,
or I’ll rip you to pieces with no one to deliver you:
23 The one who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving is the one who honors me.
And it is to the one who charts the correct path that I will show divine salvation.”

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Proverbs 22:22-23

22 Don’t steal from the poor, because they are poor.
Don’t oppress the needy in the gate.
23 The Lord will take up their case
and press the life out of those who oppress them.[a]


  1. Proverbs 22:23 Heb uncertain
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