12/12/2016 DAB Transcript

Amos 7:1-9:15 ~ Revelation 3:7-22 ~ Psalm 131:1-3 ~ Proverbs 29:23

Today is the 12th day of December.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible.  I’m Brian.  It is a pleasure and an honor, as it is every day, to be here with you.  And yeah, we are counting down the days, aren’t we? Not too many more in this year and I guess I need to stop talking about how fast it is all going because we’re all living through it together, but here we are for another step forward in the scriptures.  This week we’re reading from the English Standard Version, picking up from yesterday in the book of Amos.  We will conclude the book of Amos today, chapter 7 verse 1 through 9 verse 15.  


Father, we thank you for your precious word and what it means in our lives and the rhythm that it creates for our lives and the context that it gives to our lives.  It is a gift that is priceless and we thank you for it.  We ask your Holy Spirit to come and plant it in our lives.  We thank you for your goodness and your kindness and your patience, your longsuffering with us.  That really is what it has been – longsuffering.  We see this throughout the entire Bible, that you have suffered long and you have suffered greatly to have your people and we have not honored that always.  We have not loved you with our whole hearts.  And we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves.  But you have remained longsuffering and patient, fathering us, maturing us, growing us.  We ask that you continue that work.  Show us the places in our lives that we have walled off from you and we haven’t allowed access.  Come, Holy Spirit.  Everything that we are is because of the gifts from your hands.  The breath in our lives is from your nostrils.  We are nothing literally without you.  We ask that your Holy Spirit continues to make us aware of this that we might rise up to our full glory which is your glory through us.  Come, Holy Spirit, we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.  


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And that’s it for today.  I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Community Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Hey DAB family.  This is He Sings Over Me in upstate South Carolina.  And I just wanted to share something, might have enough time for a prayer request my next callback.  I have been listening ever since the 9th of November consistently and I’m all caught up as of today, the 7th of December, but I’ve also been doing catchup for the summer when all the kids were home from school, so I am still listening to the last week of July and it is so cool.  I just kind of have a little glimpse of what it is like for the Lord when we’re praying for him.  I’m listening to prayer requests that were given back in July and listening to those same people and their praise reports now in December.  It’s like I’m a little outside of time in those moments because they were in need, you all were in need in July, and now the Lord has answered it in December.  I don’t know if this is making sense, but that is what our prayers are to him. He’s already answered them.  The July us and December us, those needs have all been taken care of, so it’s been really kind of neat perspective to see. Like I listened to December and I then I listened to July and they are telling me about the needs that I know have already been answered by the Lord.  We know that.  We know that our needs and our desires and our hurt and our pain have been answered and have been addressed.  We’re not there yet, but God is.  I’m out of time.  I’ve just been wanting to share that for a while.  It has been a really neat perspective and I will continue to pray for you all.  God bless.

Hi Elaine.  It’s Lana. I just heard your prayer request. You just had lost your husband and you didn’t know where you were going to spend Christmas.  Well, actually you didn’t want to spend Christmas with some of your family because there was a lot of drinking and a lot of greed going on. You had some other offers and I hope you take those offers up, Elaine.  I’m also in a similar situation.  I just lost my mother about eight weeks ago and I have absolutely no one to spend Christmas with this year because it was just a very small family, myself and my mother.  Now that she is gone, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  It’s going to be a very sad, sad time and lonely time for me, but Christmas is all about Jesus.  Yes, we have to remember that.  God bless you, Elaine.  He loves you. I know he loves me too.  Okay, Elaine, bye-bye.  

Good morning.  This is Andy from the UK.  Sorry for the noise.  I’m on my way to work at the moment.  Just been listening.  I’m a couple of weeks behind, but a couple of people have just prompted me and I just want to pray for them.  The first is Michaela in the UK.  It’s been a long time since I’ve heard your voice and I just hope everything is okay and a friend of mine, Karen, who is a fellow listener here in the UK as well, I just want her to know that she is loved.  Let’s pray.  Father God, I want to thank you.  How wonderful you are.  I want to thank you for what you do for each person, for the joy that you bring and for the peace that you bring.  Thank you for who you are and thank you that you love us.  Lord, I just want to lift up Michaela now.  Father God, thank you that she is your special child, your precious child.  Thank you, Lord, for the way in which she loves and cares for those around her and for those who are here.  Lord, take her out of whatever his holding her back at the moment.  Let her know that she is loved.  Let her know that you love her.  Father God, I pray similar for Karen as well.  Thank you, Lord, for the encouragement that she is to so many people. And Lord, you know where she is at the moment and you know some of the things that she is having to go through. Lord, I just want to pray that she knows again your loving arms are around us, that she knows that intimate friend in you. In your precious name we ask, amen. Speak soon, guys.  

Hi, this is Shelly from Missouri and I’ve listened to DAB for almost 10 years now.  This is my first time calling in.  I’m sorry. I’m calling because my granddaughter, Cecile, is 10 years old and she has been hospitalized a couple of times this year for mental health issues and this last time they hospitalized her and said she was homicidal and suicidal and was hearing voices.  It is really hard as a Christian to understand how to fight this, if it is all spiritual, if it is something biological that needs to be fought with medications.  My son and his family are not strong believers so I’m praying for wisdom on how to fight this battle with my granddaughter so that she can be set free. I’m praying for salvation for my son and his family so that they’ll have an environment in their home that fosters the love of God.  I thank you so much because I hear prayers and hear the prayer warriors all the time and it encourages me in my spirit so I’m asking you to please pray for my family. Thank you.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family.  This is Angela and I’m calling from Raleigh, NC.  I heard the prayer requests today, this is the 9th of December, from a lady in Charlotte, NC.  Charlotte is a sister city of Raleigh and I am a sister in Christ to the mom that called that is estranged from her children.  It touched my heart to hear her prayer request and I heard the pain in her voice as she spoke about being estranged from her children whom she loves. I also have a prodigal from my four children who are grown and I know the pain that causes and I just wanted to pray, Lord God, to lift up that mother in Charlotte and give her peace, Lord God, that you are working in this situation.  God, I pray that the children’s hearts would be turned back to their mother.  I pray for reconciliation.  I pray that you would put people in her children’s lives that would demonstrate the type of love that is needed and that the children’s hearts would return to their mother.  Lord God, I just pray that you would work in this situation and that you would fill her with your spirit, Lord God.  Surround her with your presence.  That you would comfort her and that the children would return home.  And Lord, for my prodigal, I pray in faith also that she would return home in her heart and that we would be reconciled.  And I pray this in Jesus’ name.  

Good morning family.  This is Cherry C., Cherry Pie.  I just want to thank everybody for lifting me up in prayer, for covering me.  You guys are awesome.  Yes, I’ve been through the storm, still going through it, but I had to do like the old saints.  I had to get in my prayer closet.  And I’m telling you, when I got in there, I prayed for a couple of days, probably about three days.  Even at work, going in a bathroom stall and still praying.  God is still on the throne.  Letting you know we all have to go through.  I’m just going through, but then God.  I want to thank God for allowing me to be transparent, just totally transparent, clear, that you can see straight through me.  God allowed me to speak to someone so I just could really just get it all out and I really thank God.  Asia, you know I thank God for you, girl.  Thank you for letting me be just totally, totally transparent with you.  Girl, when I was reading your emails, reading it I could hear you speaking and just praying.  I mean, I’m telling you, she started praying over my life and saying Lord, Malcolm is already covered.  He is blessed and he’s healed and started praying over my marriage.  I’m telling you, girl, you’re my sister now.  You’re my baby sister now.  I already took you.  So I want to thank everybody for covering me and let me tell you, we all gotta go through it.  Thank God for this Daily Audio Bible so we can all help each other and keep each other strong.  I want to tell you guys be blessed.  Thank you guys for covering me.  I’m still going through the storm, but then God.  I know he’s still on the throne.  Just thinking of you guys, everybody that is calling in, it kind of lifted me up, started thinking about different people.   Blessed Like Me, where are you?  Dr. John, I thought about you, my prayer soldier.  I tell you, you guys are awesome.  You guys have a great and wonderful, blessed day and I love you guys.