The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Monday March 18, 2019 (NIV)

Numbers 26:52-28:15

52 Then the Lord said to Moses, 53 “The land these people will possess must be divided using the list of names from the census. 54 Give more land to larger tribes and less land to smaller ones. Use the totals from the census in giving land to each tribe. 55 But the land must be divided by drawing lots. The tribes will receive their land based on the names of their ancestors. 56 Whether the tribes are large or small, the land must be divided by drawing lots.”

57 The families descended from Levi were listed as the family of Gershon, the family of Kohath, and the family of Merari.

58 These were the families of Levi: the Libnite family, the Hebronite family, the Mahlite family, the Mushite family, and the Korahite family.

Kohath was the ancestor of Amram. 59 The name of Amram’s wife was Jochebed, a descendant of Levi, who was born in Egypt. She gave birth to Amram’s children: Aaron, Moses, and their sister Miriam. 60 Aaron was the father of Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. 61 But Nadab and Abihu had died because they offered unauthorized fire in the Lord’s presence.

62 The total number of all the Levite males at least one month old was 23,000. They were not counted along with the other Israelites, because they were given no land of their own.

63 Moses and the priest Eleazar added up the total number of Israelites on the plains of Moab near the Jordan River across from Jericho. 64 Among them there wasn’t a single one of the Israelites Moses and the priest Aaron had counted in the Desert of Sinai. 65 The Lord had said, “They must all die in the desert.” The only ones left were Caleb (son of Jephunneh) and Joshua (son of Nun).

A Request from Zelophehad’s Daughters

27 The daughters of Zelophehad, son of Hepher, grandson of Gilead, descendant of Machir, whose father was Manasseh, belonged to the families of Manasseh, son of Joseph. Their names were Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah. They came to Moses and stood in front of him, the priest Eleazar, the leaders, and the whole community at the entrance to the tent of meeting. They said, “Our father died in the desert. He was not a part of Korah’s followers who joined forces against the Lord. He died for his own sin and left no sons. Why should our father’s name be allowed to die out in his family because he had no son? Give us property among our father’s relatives.”

So Moses brought their case to the Lord, and the Lord said to him, “Zelophehad’s daughters are right. You must give them property of their own among their father’s relatives. Turn their father’s property over to them.

“Tell the Israelites: If a man dies and leaves no sons, turn his property over to his daughters. If he has no daughters, give his property to his brothers. 10 If he has no brothers, give his property to his uncles on his father’s side of the family. 11 If he has no uncles, give his property to the nearest relative in his family, and that relative will take possession of it. This will be a rule for the Israelites, as the Lord commanded Moses.”

The Lord Appoints Joshua to Succeed Moses

12 The Lord said to Moses, “Go up into the Abarim Mountains, and take a look at the land I will give the Israelites. 13 After you see it, you, too, will join your ancestors in death, as your brother Aaron did. 14 You both rebelled against my command in the Desert of Zin. You didn’t show the people how holy I am when they were complaining at the oasis.” (This was the oasis of Meribah at Kadesh in the Desert of Zin.)

15 Moses said to the Lord, 16 Lord, you are the God who gives the breath of life to everyone. Please appoint someone over the community 17 who will lead them in and out of battle so that the Lord’s community will not be like sheep without a shepherd.”

18 So the Lord said to Moses, “Take Joshua, son of Nun, a man who has the Spirit, and place your hand on him. 19 Make him stand in front of the priest Eleazar and the whole community, and give him his instructions in their presence. 20 Give him some of your authority so that the whole community of Israel will obey him. 21 He will stand in front of the priest Eleazar, who will use the Urim[a] to make decisions in the Lord’s presence. At his command Joshua and the whole community of Israel will go into battle. And at his command they will return.”

22 Moses did as the Lord commanded him. He took Joshua and made him stand in front of the priest Eleazar and the whole community. 23 Moses placed his hands on Joshua and gave him his instructions as the Lord had told him.

Daily Sacrifices

28 The Lord said to Moses, “Give this command to the Israelites: Be sure to bring me my offerings at the right times. They are my food. They are offerings by fire, a soothing aroma. These are the offerings by fire that you must bring to the Lord. Every day you must bring as a daily burnt offering two one-year-old lambs that have no defects. Offer one in the morning and the other at dusk. With each of them also bring a grain offering of eight cups of flour mixed with one quart of virgin olive oil. This is the daily burnt offering which was established on Mount Sinai. This offering is a soothing aroma, an offering by fire to the Lord. Also bring a wine offering of one quart of wine for each lamb. Pour it out to the Lord in a holy place. Offer the other lamb at dusk along with the same grain offering and wine offering as you brought in the morning. This is an offering by fire, a soothing aroma to the Lord.

Weekly Sacrifices

“On the day of rest—a holy day, offer two one-year-old lambs that have no defects, a grain offering of 16 cups of flour mixed with olive oil, and the wine offering that goes with it. 10 This burnt offering is for every day of rest—a holy day, in addition to the daily burnt offerings and the wine offerings that go with them.

Monthly Sacrifices

11 “On the first of every month bring the Lord a burnt offering of two young bulls, one ram, and seven one-year-old lambs that have no defects. 12 With each bull there will be a grain offering of 24 cups of flour mixed with olive oil, with each ram a grain offering of 16 cups of flour mixed with olive oil, 13 and with each one-year-old lamb a grain offering of 8 cups of flour mixed with olive oil. This is a burnt offering, a soothing aroma, an offering by fire to the Lord. 14 The wine offering that goes with each bull will be 2 quarts of wine, with each ram 1½ quarts of wine, and with each lamb 1 quart of wine. This will be the monthly burnt offering for every month of the year. 15 In addition to the daily burnt offering with its wine offering, one male goat must be offered to the Lord as an offering for sin.


  1. Numbers 27:21 The Urim and Thummim were used by the chief priest to determine God’s answer to questions.
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

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Luke 3:1-22

John Prepares the Way(A)

It was the fifteenth year in the reign of the Emperor Tiberius. Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea. Herod ruled Galilee, and his brother Philip ruled Iturea and Trachonitis. Lysanias was the ruler of Abilene. It was at the time when Annas and Caiaphas were chief priests that God spoke to John, son of Zechariah, in the desert. John traveled throughout the region around the Jordan River. He told people about a baptism of repentance[a] for the forgiveness of sins. As the prophet Isaiah wrote in his book,

“A voice cries out in the desert:
‘Prepare the way for the Lord!
Make his paths straight!
Every valley will be filled.
Every mountain and hill will be leveled.
The crooked ways will be made straight.
The rough roads will be made smooth.
All people will see the salvation that God gives.’”

Crowds of people were coming to be baptized by John. He would say to them, “You poisonous snakes! Who showed you how to flee from God’s coming anger? Do those things that prove that you have turned to God and have changed the way you think and act. Don’t say, ‘Abraham is our ancestor.’ I guarantee that God can raise up descendants for Abraham from these stones. The ax is now ready to cut the roots of the trees. Any tree that doesn’t produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into a fire.”

10 The crowds asked him, “What should we do?”

11 He answered them, “Whoever has two shirts should share with the person who doesn’t have any. Whoever has food should share it too.”

12 Some tax collectors came to be baptized. They asked him, “Teacher, what should we do?”

13 He told them, “Don’t collect more money than you are ordered to collect.”

14 Some soldiers asked him, “And what should we do?”

He told them, “Be satisfied with your pay, and never use threats or blackmail to get money from anyone.”

15 People’s hopes were rising as they all wondered whether John was the Messiah. 16 John replied to all of them, “I baptize you with water. But the one who is more powerful than I is coming. I am not worthy to untie his sandal straps. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. 17 His winnowing[b] shovel is in his hand to clean up his threshing floor.[c] He will gather the wheat into his barn, but he will burn the husks in a fire that can never be put out.”

18 With many other encouraging words, he told the Good News to the people.

19 John spoke out against the ruler Herod because Herod had married his own sister-in-law, Herodias. He also spoke out against Herod for all the evil things he had done. 20 So Herod added one more evil to all the others; he locked John in prison.

The Baptism of Jesus(B)

21 When all the people were baptized, Jesus, too, was baptized. While he was praying, heaven opened, 22 and the Holy Spirit came down to him in the form of a dove. A voice from heaven said, “You are my Son, whom I love. I am pleased with you.”


  1. Luke 3:3 Repentance is turning to God with a complete change in the way a person thinks and acts.
  2. Luke 3:17 Winnowing is the process of separating husks from grain.
  3. Luke 3:17 A threshing floor is an outdoor area where grain is separated from its husks.
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

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Psalm 61

Psalm 61

For the choir director; on a stringed instrument; by David.

Listen to my cry for help, O God.
Pay attention to my prayer.
From the ends of the earth, I call to you
when I begin to lose heart.
Lead me to the rock that is high above me.
You have been my refuge,
a tower of strength against the enemy.
I would like to be a guest in your tent forever
and to take refuge under the protection of your wings. Selah
O God, you have heard my vows.
You have given me the inheritance
that belongs to those who fear your name.
Add days upon days to the life of the king.
May his years endure throughout every generation.
May he sit enthroned in the presence of God forever.
May mercy and truth protect him.
Then I will make music to praise your name forever,
as I keep my vows day after day.

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Copyright © 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. Used by permission of Baker Publishing Group

Proverbs 11:16-17

16 A gracious woman wins respect,
but ruthless men gain riches.
17 A merciful person helps himself,
but a cruel person hurts himself.

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Copyright © 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. Used by permission of Baker Publishing Group

03/17/2019 DAB Transcript

Numbers 26:1-51, Luke 2:36-52, Psalms 60:1-12, Proverbs 11:15

Today is the 17th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is always a pleasure to be here with you and its a special pleasure to be here with you today as we step into a brand-new week together and we like…at least I like stepping into these shiny, sparkly weeks because every Sunday I remember we’re starting over, and everything is out in front of us and it’s a new adventure. And, so, this new adventure for this new week will have us reading from the God’s Word Translation and we’ll pick up where we left off yesterday the book of Numbers today chapter 26 verses 1 through 51.


Thank You, Father for the opening of another week and that the promise of another week out in front of us. We thank You for Your word. We commit to the fact that Your word will be a part of this coming week. We invite Your Holy Spirit to speak through Your word planting the fruit of the spirit in our lives and yielding a bountiful harvest that gets poured out into the world through us because of the work of sanctification that You are doing each and every day in our lives. And one of the ways that that happens is through interaction with Your word and contemplation about Your word and inviting Your Holy Spirit in and all of the places that we may have walled off even from ourselves. Come Holy Spirit, make us whole, we want to be well, we want to see. We pray these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi, my name is Luke. I would like the Daily Audio Bible listeners to pray for my deliverance. Today I pray deliverance prayers for the spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of narcissism as well as a bunch of other things, like a lot of things. It seems like almost hopeless because the list was so long and the reality of my situation of things that I need to be delivered of is so big and I just have a lot going on mentally right now and just need a lot of prayer and just thankful for this program and, you know, pray that I can just continue to grow, not be fake because that is what the spirit of narcissism…and just some of the things that I have going on mentally from…I’ve sinned so much in my lifetime and, you know, I was involved in drugs and all kinds of things and just really bad, really bad. So, the list of things that I need to be delivered from is deeper than what I actually knew and it’s really tough and it’s a mental battle every day, but God’s been giving me the grace to get through it and his program is helping a lot. My friend…shout out to my brother Leonard for showing this program and I just thank you guys for praying for me and I’m praying the people that I hear on the prayer request line. So, yeah, just, you know, deliverance all around the board, mental stability. I’ve had God show up so much in my life especially in the past few months. I don’t know how doubt or unbelief whatever creeps in my brain, but it does somehow sometimes. So…

This is Kathy from Kentucky and I want to thank Blind Tony for praying for my nephew today. Also let you know he continues to need prayer for his addiction problem but also my brother has less a week to live. He could go at any time he’s in hospice care. It’s very hard on me and the rest of the family, but for me personally it means giving up the first childhood buddy I had, and I’ll always have those memories but just pray for my brother to go in peace, that he can go in his sleep. And Lord he’s suffering right now, and we ask you to send Lord we just ask you to send my brother to his people in peace. Sorry, I’, mixing up my prayer with a prayer request but that’s how I do it. Anyways, Kathy from Kentucky, pray for a peaceful death for my brother. Thank you. Bye.

Hi, it’s Nicola from California and I have a praise report. So, 2018 and the beginning of 2019 were a rough time for me. I basically was in the wilderness. I moved cross country for a job and I ended up being emotionally abused and exploited by a by employer and it was a dream job, so I had to quit that, and I moved in with my parents and was unemployed for several months. I was just feeling very lost and I unfortunately grumbled like the Israelites, yet God provided for me in so many ways. I had a home to stay in, I had food. He even found a way to __ free therapy. I had someone sponsor me so I could go to free sessions with a therapist who has been so incredible. He has even provided travel for me and I grumbled either way, but I have now entered the promised land. I was applying to jobs and things weren’t working out and I was getting very frustrated __ but then my dad had the brilliant idea about applying to grad school in Scotland. I’ve always wanted to study in the UK. Since my father is British I’ve always wanted to do that and within three weeks of deciding to apply and applying I have already been admitted and I’m moving to Scotland which is a dream come true. So, I just want to say, if you’re in the wilderness right now I know it’s so hard not to grumble and not to complain but know that your promised land is coming soon and that is gonna be bigger and better than you expected and as hard as it is just trust the Lord. He is going to take care of you and everything is going to work out greater than expected as it has for me. Thank you. Bye.

Hi, my name is Claire calling from Bloomington Minnesota. I’ve been listening for well probably around nine months now and I make it a part of my day every day __. My prayer request is for both of our daughters. I have a daughter that’s 22 and a daughter that 17 and both for the last five years have gone through some really tough stuff. My older daughter was in an abusive relationship for about __ we were finally able to get her out about a year ago. She has almost __. And my other daughter is 17 and a great athlete have her world pretty much taken away by suffering three ACL knee injuries in a row and never really found her way back or her plan for her life and I feel both daughters struggle with feelings of low self-esteem and sadness. If you could pray for both of them, Gabby is my older daughter and __ is my younger daughter, that the Holy Spirit would just fill them up and they look to the Lord with great joy __ for them and that they are among __ kids their age and people that can mentor them and guide them and help them and just so much __ the Holy Spirit to come upon their lives and that their on fire for the Lord. Thank you, family. We love you all. And I look forward to hearing and praying, continuing every day. And thank you Brian reading every day. You’re a great voice to listen to and so calming…

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Sunday March 17, 2019 (NIV)

Numbers 26:1-51

Moses Takes Another Census of Israel

26 After the plague the Lord said to Moses and Eleazar, son of the priest Aaron, “Take a census of the whole community of Israel by households. List those who are at least 20 years old and eligible for military duty.”

So Moses and the priest Eleazar spoke to the Israelites on the plains of Moab near the Jordan River across from Jericho. They said, “Take a census of those at least 20 years old, as the Lord commanded Moses.”

These are the Israelites who came from Egypt:

Reuben was Israel’s firstborn. The descendants of Reuben were the family of Hanoch, the family of Pallu, the family of Hezron, and the family of Carmi.

These were the families of Reuben. The total number of men was 43,730.

Eliab was the son[a] of Pallu, and Nemuel, Dathan, and Abiram were the sons of Eliab. (It was Dathan and Abiram, men chosen by the community, who defied Moses and Aaron’s authority. They joined Korah’s followers when they defied the Lord’s authority. 10 The ground opened up and swallowed them along with Korah. They and their followers died when the fire consumed the 250 men. This was a warning. 11 But the descendants of Korah didn’t die.)

12 The families descended from Simeon were the family of Nemuel, the family of Jamin, the family of Jakin, 13 the family of Zerah, and the family of Shaul.

14 These were the families of Simeon. The total number of men was 22,200.

15 The families descended from Gad were the family of Zephon, the family of Haggi, the family of Shuni, 16 the family of Ozni, the family of Eri, 17 the family of Arodi,[b] and the family of Areli.

18 These were the families of Gad’s descendants. The total number of men was 40,500.

19 Er and Onan were sons of Judah, but they died in Canaan. 20 The families descended from Judah were the family of Shelah, the family of Perez, and the family of Zerah.

21 The descendants of Perez were the family of Hezron and the family of Hamul.

22 These were the families of Judah. The total number of men was 76,500.

23 The families descended from Issachar were the family of Tola, the family of Puah, [c] 24 the family of Jashub, and the family of Shimron.

25 These were the families of Issachar. The total number of men was 64,300.

26 The families descended from Zebulun were the family of Sered, the family of Elon, and the family of Jahleel.

27 These were the families of Zebulun. The total number of men was 60,500.

28 The families descended from Joseph through Manasseh and Ephraim were 29 (from Manasseh) the family of Machir (Machir was the father of Gilead) and the family of Gilead.

30 The descendants of Gilead were the family of Iezer, the family of Helek, 31 the family of Asriel, the family of Shechem, 32 the family of Shemida, and the family of Hepher. 33 (Zelophehad, son of Hepher, had no sons—only daughters. Their names were Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah.)

34 These were the families of Manasseh. The total number of men was 52,700.

35 The families descended from Ephraim were the family of Shuthelah, the family of Beker, and the family of Tahan.

36 The descendants of Shuthelah were the family of Eran.

37 These were the families of Ephraim’s descendants. The total number of men was 32,500.

These were the families descended from Joseph.

38 The families descended from Benjamin were the family of Bela, the family of Ashbel, the family of Ahiram, 39 the family of Shupham,[d] and the family of Hupham.

40 The descendants of Bela (through Ard and Naaman) were the family of Ard and the family of Naaman.

41 These were the families descended from Benjamin. The total number of men was 45,600.

42 The family descended from Dan was the family of Shuham.

This was the family descended from Dan. 43 The total number of men in all the family of Shuham was 64,400.

44 The families descended from Asher were the family of Imnah, the family of Ishvi, and the family of Beriah.

45 The descendants Beriah were the family of Heber and the family of Malchiel.

46 (Asher had a daughter named Serah.)

47 These were the families of Asher’s descendants. The total number of men was 53,400.

48 The families descended from Naphtali were the family of Jahzeel, the family of Guni, 49 the family of Jezer, and the family of Shillem.

50 These were the families of Naphtali. The total number of men was 45,400.

51 The total number of Israelite men was 601,730.


  1. Numbers 26:8 Ancient scribal tradition; Masoretic Text “sons.”
  2. Numbers 26:17 Genesis 46:16, Samaritan Pentateuch, Greek, Syriac; Masoretic Text “Arod.”
  3. Numbers 26:24 Samaritan Pentateuch, Greek, Syriac, Latin; Masoretic Text “Puvah.”
  4. Numbers 26:39 A few Hebrew manuscripts, Samaritan Pentateuch, Greek, Syriac, Targum, Latin; Masoretic Text “Shephupham.”
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Copyright © 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. Used by permission of Baker Publishing Group

Luke 2:36-52

Anna’s Prophecy

36 Anna, a prophet, was also there. She was a descendant of Phanuel from the tribe of Asher. She was now very old. Her husband had died seven years after they were married, 37 and she had been a widow for 84 years. Anna never left the temple courtyard but worshiped day and night by fasting and praying. 38 At that moment she came up to Mary and Joseph and began to thank God. She spoke about Jesus to all who were waiting for Jerusalem to be set free.

39 After doing everything the Lord’s Teachings required, Joseph and Mary returned to their hometown of Nazareth in Galilee. 40 The child grew and became strong. He was filled with wisdom, and God’s favor[a] was with him.

Mary and Joseph Find Jesus with the Teachers in the Temple Courtyard

41 Every year Jesus’ parents would go to Jerusalem for the Passover festival. 42 When he was 12 years old, they went as usual.

43 When the festival was over, they left for home. The boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but his parents didn’t know it. 44 They thought that he was with the others who were traveling with them. After traveling for a day, they started to look for him among their relatives and friends. 45 When they didn’t find him, they went back to Jerusalem to look for him.

46 Three days later, they found him in the temple courtyard. He was sitting among the teachers, listening to them, and asking them questions. 47 His understanding and his answers stunned everyone who heard him.

48 When his parents saw him, they were shocked. His mother asked him, “Son, why have you done this to us? Your father and I have been worried sick looking for you!”

49 Jesus said to them, “Why were you looking for me? Didn’t you realize that I had to be in my Father’s house?” 50 But they didn’t understand what he meant.

51 Then he returned with them to Nazareth and was obedient to them.

His mother treasured all these things in her heart. 52 Jesus grew in wisdom and maturity. He gained favor from God and people.


  1. Luke 2:40 Or “grace.”
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Copyright © 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. Used by permission of Baker Publishing Group

Psalm 60

Psalm 60

For the choir director; according to shushan eduth;[a] a miktam by David; for teaching. When David fought Aram Naharaim and Aram Zobah, and when Joab came back and killed 12,000 men from Edom in the Dead Sea region.

O God, you have rejected us.
You have broken down our defenses.
You have been angry.
Restore us!
You made the land quake.
You split it wide open.
Heal the cracks in it
because it is falling apart.
You have made your people experience hardships.
You have given us wine that makes us stagger.
Yet, you have raised a flag for those who fear you
so that they can rally to it
when attacked by bows and arrows. Selah
Save us with your powerful hand, and answer us
so that those who are dear to you may be rescued.[b]

God has promised the following through his holiness:
“I will triumph!
I will divide Shechem.
I will measure the valley of Succoth.
Gilead is mine.
Manasseh is mine.
Ephraim is the helmet on my head.
Judah is my scepter.
Moab is my washtub.
I will throw my shoe over Edom.
I will shout in triumph over Philistia.”

Who will bring me into the fortified city?
Who will lead me to Edom?
10 Isn’t it you, O God, who rejected us?
Isn’t it you, O God, who refused to accompany our armies?

11 Give us help against the enemy
because human assistance is worthless.
12 With God we will display great strength.
He will trample our enemies.


  1. Psalm 60:1 Unknown musical term.
  2. Psalm 60:5 Verses 5–12 are virtually identical in wording to Psalm 108:6–13.
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Copyright © 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. Used by permission of Baker Publishing Group

Proverbs 11:15

15 Whoever guarantees a stranger’s loan will get into trouble,
but whoever hates the closing of a deal remains secure.

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Copyright © 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. Used by permission of Baker Publishing Group

03/16/2019 DAB Transcript

Numbers 24:1-25:18, Luke 2:1-35, Psalms 59:1-17, Proverbs 11:14

Today is the 16th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is great to be here with you today and every day. It’s great to be here with you on the weekend as we’re closing down another week. I am enjoying having an extra hour of daylight for this past week. Hopefully you are too no that daylight savings time has switched back, at least where we are. And…man…in the wintertime when that change is over, here where I…here we’re Nashville is…when the days get short around Christmas time, it’s dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. Not my favorite, but I know some of you have like months of darkness at one time, but then you get months of daylight. And, I don’t know…I don’t know that would be like, but I am digressing, but it is the weekend, so we can have a little chat now and then right? Anyway, let’s dive in and take the next step forward and end our week strong and well. We’ve been reading this story of Balaam and Balak and we kind of unpacked that yesterday because it is a kick in the pants in some of the ways that we are manipulative in our lives. But let’s pick up and conclude that story. We’re reading from the English Standard Version this week. Numbers chapter 24 and 25 today.


Father, we thank you for another week in your word. And each time we come to the last day of the week we’re reminded of your faithfulness behind us and we have faith in your faithfulness before us, which leaves us here, right now, in the middle of your faithfulness and this is where we always are, we’re just not always paying attention. And, so, we find ourselves confused, but you haven’t gone anywhere. It’s usually that we’ve walked away in some way. And, so, here we are, closing down another week and considering your faithfulness in all things at all times knowing that tomorrow will begin a shiny, sparkly, new week and we get to live into it with you. And we thank you for all you have spoken into our lives throughout this this past week, the ways that you have touched areas that need correction, areas that we need to be rebuked on because they’re not going anywhere, but also for your comfort and for the way that you father us. So, we open ourselves up to you as we close this week down and look forward with great anticipation for all that you have yet to do in our lives. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.

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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi Daily Audio Bible my name is Scotty. I have felt…felt an urge to call for a while but I’ve been putting it off. I would like to ask prayer for my mental and emotional health. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety and compulsive eating for a while now. I’ve been wrestling to…to address negative thinking and deal with my behaviors but it has been a rough struggle and my emotions have seemed to be a little bit overwhelming at times. Anyways, thank you for your prayers. Take care.

Blessings DAB family this is Lee from New Jersey and today is March 13th if I’m not mistaken. So, Mark Street, you called in my brother from down under. Hey quick thing. Think of your blessings from God as a coin. Right? And the coin that God gives you, both sides are clean but the evil one is actually up to his trickery again. He wants you to believe that one side is clean, and the other side is dirty. So, he’s trying to keep you focused on the dirty side. So, how about this. How about you tell the evil one that he’s a liar? All those feelings that you have are just from past experiences because we all have them, but you have been wiped clean. Your coin is clean. So, the evil one is lying again, he’s up to his trickery, he wants us to fall back because that is his way of making God look foolish, that His plan is not the right plan. So, givin’ it to him where he deserves it, if you know what I mean. All right my brother. Call in and let us know how you’re feeling. Today is day 29 praying against gluttony. Here we go. Father God, thank You Lord. Thank You God for this new day of life, this new day of opportunity to learn about You and about ourselves and about the things around us Lord. Thank You for the bounties of food of nutrition that You give us Lord how we’re able to take care of ourselves because of that, ow we’re able to continue to survive and to see and to love each other through that. May we never abuse of Your bounty Lord as a means of entertainment Lord, as a means of healing wounds that don’t even exist Lord, wounds that are made up in our band mind Lord, that the only one that can remove these wounds or heal these wounds is You, is Your Holy Spirit, the blood of the Lamb that can pour over us and wash away all of our wounds and help us to be whole. And we pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family this Jay from Nashville. I just wanted to call in for Mark Street. Praying for your brother. I heard your call on the 13th about how, you know, during the lent season you get a little down. Listen, I totally understand that and my biggest recommendation to you is to just try to focus on positive things because, you know I struggle with depression and what I’ve noticed is if I focus on the things that are causing the sadness for too long I can find myself in a little bit of a depression ditch if you know what I mean. Well, heavenly Father we thank You for today. Lord we thank You for Your love and Your grace and mercy. We thank You for Mark Street and we thank You for all of these people that are a part of this worldwide family that we call the Daily Audio Bible family. Lord we pray for those that are dealing with depression right now and we pray Father that You will beam in a ray of sunshine with Your love during this time that they struggle with. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.

Good morning this is Bridget from New York City. I’m calling, today is March 13th, I’m calling to pray from Isabella from Nebraska and __ . So, Isabella, I just want to lift you up sweet sister. I remember you saying you have been struggling with mental health issues and that is something that is very near and dear to my heart as my family has struggled with that for many, many, many years and the Lord has covered me to not fall into what is called a nervous breakdown. So, heavenly Father Lord, I lift up Isabella to You. I thank You for her mind and I thank You that You have given her sound mind Lord and I just pray Father that as she continues to hear Your word Lord on this beautiful Daily Audio Bible that Father God she would be washed in Your word Lord, that she would will know that no weapon formed against her will prosper, that she will know that You give her the mind of Christ, that greater is he in me than he that is in this world Father, and Lord that she would know that You are with her through every step of the way, that she would know that You give her sound mind Father God. I pray that she would receive that from You Lord and that she would be blessed by Your word Father and know that Your word watches her Lord God in truth Father God and in spirit Father God. I pray also for Mark. Mark You shared about Your marriage. I ask You Father God Lord to heal the broken wounds in this marriage Father the way You healed my marriage Father God. Lord there is nothing that anyone of us can go too far deep into that You cannot dig into deeply and heal. In Jesus precious, precious name I pray. Amen.

03/15/2019 DAB Transcript

Numbers 22:21-23:30, Luke 1:57-80, Psalms 58:1-11, Proverbs 11:12-13

Today is the 15th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It is a pleasure and a joy to be here with you as we prepare end another work week and head into the weekend and this week we’ve been reading from the English Standard Version, which is what we will do all the way through tomorrow. And obviously, we’re gonna pick up where we left off yesterday with this drama, this guy Balaam whose been called in by this king named Balak to curse his hoard of people that seems to be moving in around him. So, we’ll pick up that story. Numbers chapter 22 verse 21 through 23 verse 30 today.


Okay. So, there’s a lot that we covered today. Where do we start? Let’s start the Old Testament. So, we’ve got this drama going on between Balak who’s the king of Moab and Balaam whose some sort of prophetic person, a person who has the ability to curse and bless. And he’s not from among the people of Israel and yet, as we’re reading it in the Scriptures he is communicating with God and God is speaking to him. So, lest we think, as we’re reading the Old Testament, the only people God ever spoke to were the Hebrew slaves, the children of Israel who were delivered from Egypt, that would not be the case. And we have a pretty valuable lesson to learn from Balaam. So, Balak sent an entourage to Balaam, a high-ranking entourage to Balaam and asked him to come curse Israel. God told him, “don’t go”. So, he didn’t go. So, the people returned. And, so, Balak, the king, sent an even more prestigious entourage to Balaam with a message and essentially the promise of wealth, riches, prestige and honor. And, so, Balaam prayed and God said, “go back with them, but only say what I tell you to say.” So, Balaam spent the night and there’s this…this thought of, “well God wouldn’t let me go the first time but He is telling me I can go this second time as long as I say only the things that He says, but if he’s letting me go then He must be gonna let me go to say good things.” And, so, “I’m about to get rich maybe. Maybe God is gonna let me get rich off of this.” So, the next day Balaam gets up and gets on his donkey and we have the three incidents where an angel with a drawn sword is standing in the path not wanting Balaam to go. So, it’s like, what is going on here? First God says don’t go then God says do go and then God sends an angel with a drawn sword in the path to keep him from going. What’s happening here? It all gets revealed as we go through the story. The angel is blocking the path. The donkey is veering aside. Finally, the donkey sits down. Balaam is so mad that he would kill the donkey and then the donkey speaks to Balaam and Balaam answers the donkey as if this is a normal thing. All I can figure is that he’s so mad he doesn't…he’s like so enraged he doesn’t understand what’s happening. He’s talking to a donkey and in effect the donkey’s saying, “have I ever done anything like this before? Why are you so mad at me?” Balaam then reveals his heart, “because you have made a fool of me”. And there it is. Balak sent high ranking officials of Moab with the promise of honor and prestige and wealth. Balaam went and his donkey’s acting unruly and Balaam doesn’t want to look stupid in front of these people. That is a profound weakness that could have undid Balaam had he got before the king of Moab with all of the royalty and all of the nobles. He wouldn’t want to look like a fool and only say what God told him to say. And, so, his weakness was being exposed along the way so that when he got to do the mission that God wanted him to do he was very clear on his instructions. So, we can look for ourselves in Balaam’s story and find ourselves in Balaam’s story when we find ourselves conforming to an environment even when we’ve been sent by God to do something, find ourselves conforming to an environment and all of the sudden find ourselves doing things that we would not otherwise even consider. And before you know it we’re in the mud pit again, but the story isn’t over and the parallels to our lives aren’t over. We can certainly find ourselves in the early parts of Balaam’s story, but now let’s go to Balak and become Balak for a second. There’s a problem for Balak. There’s a horde of people that are very powerful moving into his territory. He would like to get rid of them, but other people who have tried to get rid of them have lost. He calls for a man of God. The man of God finally comes. So, he’s excited about that and he takes the man of God to covertly view a part of this horde and they make sacrifices and God blesses them. And, so, Balak is mad and what does he do? He takes him to another place to look at God’s people and God isn’t going to curse His own people. And, so, Balaam informs Balak that these people are not cursed, and no curse is going to work. And, so, what does Balak do? He takes him to another place. We do this too. We might ask God for something. We might hear God say, “no that’s not healthy for you”, and so where like, “well come over here and look at it from this angle” and the answer’s still no…and so “come over here and look at it from this angle”, right? We’ll keep going until we get what we want. And God is kind and He is a gentleman and one of the ways that we are created in His image is that we are allowed to make choices. And, so, at some point He’ll say if that’s what you’re going to do then that’s what you’re going to do and then we go and do it thinking that we’ve convinced God from some special angle, it doesn’t work out, its destructive and then we blame God. This is such a mess when we do this. It’s so unfair. Thankfully in this story Balaam got the message and he wouldn’t be persuaded to speak outside of what God told him to say because he had a good memory of an angel with a drawn sword. So, he probably felt like he wouldn’t be making it home if he didn’t obey God, but we sure watch Balak try to change the story by looking at things from a different view. And sometimes friends, no means no. Sometimes when the Lord is not in something we’re not going to convince Him to get on board and when we go off on our own, I mean, how many more times we gotta go around that track before we get it through our heads that it never works out? So, there is plenty for us to put in our cup and stir around as we move into the weekend from the Old Testament.

From the gospel of Luke, John the Baptist is born today and I don’t necessarily have something to apply to our lives about this other than I just want to point out some context because often when we read the Gospels we think John the Baptist just showed up out of the wilderness eating grasshoppers and wild honey and had some kind of, you know, loin cloth made out of fur and he’s just this odd dude coming in out of the wilderness and the people are coming down to be baptized and he just shows up. He didn’t just show up. His father was a priest. His father was in the temple of God when an angel appeared to him foretelling the birth of John. When he came out of the temple everybody knew something had happened because he couldn’t speak. Zechariah, who was John’s father, could not talk, right? This is happening in Jerusalem in the temple. This was not an obscure unknown thing. So, when the baby is born, and the baby is born in their old age and they name him John and Zechariah’s mouth is open so that he can prophesy about his son, this is not an unknown thing. So, later on John will be arrested by the king, by Herod, for political reasons because Herod was having an affair and married his brother Philip’s wife. So, John condemned that, and that got John killed, but the religious elite, now let us remember, Zechariah, John’s father, was a priest, one of the religious leaders. Later on they distanced themselves from John, right? They won’t declare that he was a prophet of God but the people view him as a prophet of God, not only because of the power that is in his words and in his call to repentance, but because of his heritage, because of his story. And Jesus has a similar story when he showed up on the radar and we’ll talk about that when we come to it, but the point is, something was buzzing around John and Zechariah and Elizabeth before John was ever born. So, John would’ve grown up under that shadow where people would have wondered his whole life, “what is going to become of him” because that’s what the Scriptures say they were doing at his birth. So, sometimes we might wonder…I mean…we can read the Gospels and not even ever wonder this - like John showed up and then Jesus showed up and that was that and they were famous and it was because of miracles, but actually there’s a story before the story and we can see glimpses of it if we’re looking for it just like we’re doing with John today. He wasn’t some random dude coming in out of the wilderness, preparing the way of the Lord and baptizing people. There were prophecies over his life from his father who was a priest who had been serving in the temple. So, this was a known thing.


Father, we thank you for your word and we thank you for the way that it will penetrate and expose our behaviors and make us look in the mirror at ourselves as it has done in the Old Testament in the book of numbers today and we thank you for the repetition, for the times we read through the Gospels and the more and more that the story begins to unfold before us and we feel a part of how things came to be because this is our story too. So, come Holy Spirit, plant the word of God in our lives today changing us irreversibly from within. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi family, this is Stanley from Maryland. I’m reaching out to pray for Elisa’s daughter Lisa from Illinois. You said you have a daughter and she’s 16 and she’s struggling with drug use and I want to pray for her. Father, thank You for Elisa’s daughter. Father, I remember when I struggled with marijuana, taking drugs, trying to fit in be cool and be social and it wasn’t…it wasn’t all that fun after a while. And so, I thank You for giving me the opportunity to not be around that any longer. I just want to thank You for Elisa and Elisa’s daughter. And Your word says in 2 Peter 3:9 that You’re not really being slow about Your promise as some people think. No, You are…You are being patient for our sake and You don’t want anyone to be destroyed but You want everyone __. So, God on behalf of Elisa’s daughter from Illinois we pray that…we pray that her daughter can repent. I don’t know who’s gonna come into her life or what’s gonna happen that may change. Maybe someone…a friend she meets will help her to change her, help her to see that she doesn’t have to do these things or something will happen that will help Elisa’s daughter to see that she doesn’t have to do this anymore, this is taking the place of God in her life. We pray for that. I know for me it was someone reaching out to me and inviting me into their life who was a Christian. So, God we thank You that it’s already done and we continue praying and seeking Your face for Elisa’s daughter in Jesus’ name.

Hello Daily Audio Bible. I want to pray for my sister and my friend Luca. They both have a fever and my sister stayed home today from school and she slept almost the whole day and my friend Luca, he didn’t go to school today and I want to pray for them.

Hey everybody, this is Linda from New Hampshire. I hope you can hear me alright I’m in my car on my way to work but I just finished listening to the March 12th podcast and I just want to thank you Candace for sharing so beautifully your relationship with Brad. You know, that really touched my heart. As sad as this may sound, I have never known that kind of love from my man. I’ve been married twice and they’ve both been abusive unfortunately. So, I just really __ my husband. It’s so sad, it may be long for experiencing that someday by God’s grace, God’s will. And if not, I will continue to hold on to him as my husband and my partner and trusting Him. So, thank you for sharing that. And I just wanted to wish everyone a very blessed, blessed week. I’m praying for each of you and little Noah, praying against those seizures and I appreciate everybody who calls in asking for prayer but also those who call in and pray because sometimes I don’t have the words. I can hear someone’s prayer request and I just don’t have the words and a couple days later I’ll hear somebody call in and pray and I’ll say like, “yes that’s it, that’s exactly what it needed here.” And, so, love you all. Have a great day. Keep me in your prayers please. Things are still happening but I’m keeping my eyes on the Lord. Blessings to everyone.

Hi there, my name’s Jake. I live in Utah and I’ve been listening to the Daily Audio Bible basically since the start of the year. I’ve been a Christian since…well…I was raised Christian but really Jesus converted me and put his Holy Spirit in me in 2012 and brought me out a lot of dark stuff, a lot of hard core drugs and addiction and this last year I’ve had a pretty pretty tough time, I’ve relapsed and I can’t get a hold of my struggles. I’m essentially…I used a lot of LSD and I feel so alone…I work in a Christian company. I’ve talked to my friends about this but I keep falling back into it. I’m very active in my church and I just…I don’t know what to do, I don’t know people that…yeah, yeah, just yeah, just pray for me. I’m pretty…pretty frustrated and despairing at times. I trust the Lord. I know who He is and what He’s done to my heart and life, but sometimes it really freaks me out that I’ve resubmitted myself to these fleshly patterns and that I can’t seem to find a way out. So, yeah, pray for me. I pray for you guys, listen to it every day. So, thanks. Bye.

Hi daily audio Bible it’s Megan Kelly from London. I called, oh, I think a couple of weeks ago and just calling again. I’ve got a prayer request and a praise report. Best get to it quickly. First with a prayer request. Unfortunately, one of my colleague’s dear friends actually, she went to a __ day and she went out for the weekend and in a nearby city __ she went with her friends and I don’t know the details but I know her friend went missing. Obviously, we’re all very concerned for her to be missing for two days now. So, just pray that you’re keeping, her friends and family all in your prayers so that they hopefully find her, but in the meantime also feel the presence and find all the peace they can. So, that’s the prayer request. I also have a praise report. And I actually for Lent decided to try and really focus on listening a  bit more to the community prayers and I have been listening to the Daily Audio Bible on my commute to work every day. So, I manage to listen five days a week and I realize that the buildup of the community prayers was getting quite big and I wasn’t sure how I was going to listen to them all. I think they’re fantastic. And, so I finally started listening to them just in tiny little bursts so when I walking to the station or if I’m popping out of the office to buy lunch and I’m finding I’m actually getting through it quite quickly and finding I want to listen more __ I just feel connected to you guys. So, yeah, I just wanted to thank the Lord that I found this, and it’s given me more inner peace, which I was really needing. I was __ broken for the last year and I just hope that the same can be done for the rest of you. I know a lot of people having hard times and will keep you all in my prayers. Okay.

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Saturday March 16, 2019 (NIV)

Numbers 24-25

Balaam's Third Oracle

24 When Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord to bless Israel, he did not go, as at (A)other times, to look for omens, but set his face toward the wilderness. And Balaam lifted up his eyes and saw Israel (B)camping tribe by tribe. And (C)the Spirit of God came upon him, and he (D)took up his discourse and said,

“The oracle of Balaam the son of Beor,
the oracle of the man whose eye is opened,[a]
the oracle of him who hears the words of God,
who sees the vision of the Almighty,
(E)falling down with his eyes uncovered:
How lovely are your tents, O Jacob,
your encampments, O Israel!
Like palm groves[b] that stretch afar,
like gardens beside a river,
(F)like aloes (G)that the Lord has planted,
like cedar trees beside the waters.
Water shall flow from his buckets,
and his seed shall be (H)in many waters;
his king shall be higher than (I)Agag,
and (J)his kingdom shall be exalted.
God brings him out of Egypt
and is for him like the (K)horns of the wild ox;
he shall (L)eat up the nations, his adversaries,
and shall (M)break their bones in pieces
and (N)pierce them through with his arrows.
He crouched, he lay down like a lion
and (O)like a lioness; who will rouse him up?
(P)Blessed are those who bless you,
and cursed are those who curse you.”

10 And Balak's anger was kindled against Balaam, and he (Q)struck his hands together. And Balak said to Balaam, (R)“I called you to curse my enemies, and behold, you have blessed them these three times. 11 Therefore now flee to your own place. I said, (S)‘I will certainly honor you,’ but the Lord has held you back from honor.” 12 And Balaam said to Balak, “Did I not tell your messengers whom you sent to me, 13 (T)‘If Balak should give me his house full of silver and gold, I would not be able to go beyond the word of the Lord, to do either good or bad (U)of my own will. What the Lord speaks, that will I speak’? 14 And now, behold, I am going to my people. Come, (V)I will let you know what this people will do to your people (W)in the latter days.”

Balaam's Final Oracle

15 (X)And he took up his discourse and said,

“The oracle of Balaam the son of Beor,
the oracle of the man whose eye is opened,
16 the oracle of him who hears the words of God,
and knows the knowledge of (Y)the Most High,
who sees the vision of the Almighty,
(Z)falling down with his eyes uncovered:
17 (AA)I see him, but not now;
I behold him, but not near:
(AB)a star shall come out of Jacob,
and (AC)a scepter shall rise out of Israel;
it shall (AD)crush the forehead[c] of Moab
and break down all the sons of Sheth.
18 (AE)Edom shall be dispossessed;
(AF)Seir also, his enemies, shall be dispossessed.
Israel is doing valiantly.
19 And one from Jacob shall exercise dominion
and destroy the survivors of cities!”

20 Then he looked on Amalek and (AG)took up his discourse and said,

“Amalek was the first among the nations,
(AH)but its end is utter destruction.”

21 And he looked on the Kenite, and took up his discourse and said,

“Enduring is your dwelling place,
and your nest is set in the rock.
22 Nevertheless, Kain shall be burned
when Asshur takes you away captive.”

23 And he took up his discourse and said,

“Alas, who shall live when God does this?
24 But ships shall come from (AI)Kittim
and shall afflict Asshur and (AJ)Eber;
and he too (AK)shall come to utter destruction.”

25 Then Balaam rose and (AL)went back to his place. And Balak also went his way.

Baal Worship at Peor

25 While Israel lived in (AM)Shittim, (AN)the people began to whore with the daughters of Moab. (AO)These invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods, and the people ate and bowed down to their gods. So Israel yoked himself to Baal of Peor. And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel. And the Lord said to Moses, (AP)“Take all the chiefs of the people and (AQ)hang[d] them in the sun before the Lord, (AR)that the fierce anger of the Lord may turn away from Israel.” And Moses said to (AS)the judges of Israel, (AT)“Each of you kill those of his men who have yoked themselves to Baal of Peor.”

And behold, one of the people of Israel came and brought a Midianite woman to his family, in the sight of Moses and in the sight of the whole congregation of the people of Israel, while they were (AU)weeping in the entrance of the tent of meeting. (AV)When Phinehas (AW)the son of Eleazar, son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose and left the congregation and took a spear in his hand and went after the man of Israel into the chamber and pierced both of them, the man of Israel and the woman through her belly. Thus the plague on the people of Israel was stopped. Nevertheless, (AX)those who died by the plague were twenty-four thousand.

The Zeal of Phinehas

10 And the Lord said to Moses, 11 “Phinehas the son of Eleazar, son of Aaron the priest, has turned back my wrath from the people of Israel, in that he (AY)was jealous with my jealousy among them, so that I did not consume the people of Israel in (AZ)my jealousy. 12 Therefore say, (BA)‘Behold, I give to him my covenant of peace, 13 and it shall be to him and to (BB)his descendants after him the covenant of (BC)a perpetual priesthood, because he was jealous for his God and made atonement for the people of Israel.’”

14 The name of the slain man of Israel, who was killed with the Midianite woman, was Zimri the son of Salu, chief of a father's house belonging to the Simeonites. 15 And the name of the Midianite woman who was killed was Cozbi the daughter of (BD)Zur, who was the tribal head of a father's house in Midian.

16 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 17 (BE)“Harass the Midianites and strike them down, 18 for they have harassed you with their (BF)wiles, with which they beguiled you in the matter of (BG)Peor, and in the matter of Cozbi, the daughter of the chief of Midian, their sister, who was killed on the day of the plague on account of Peor.”


  1. Numbers 24:3 Or closed, or perfect; also verse 15
  2. Numbers 24:6 Or valleys
  3. Numbers 24:17 Hebrew corners [of the head]
  4. Numbers 25:4 Or impale

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English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Luke 2:1-35

The Birth of Jesus Christ

In those days (A)a decree went out from (B)Caesar Augustus that all the world should be (C)registered. This was the first (D)registration when[a] Quirinius (E)was governor of Syria. And all went to be registered, each to his own town. And Joseph also went up (F)from Galilee, from the town of (G)Nazareth, to Judea, to (H)the city of David, which is called (I)Bethlehem, (J)because he was of the house and lineage of David, to be registered with Mary, his betrothed,[b] who was with child. And (K)while they were there, the time came for her to give birth. And she gave birth to her firstborn son and (L)wrapped him in swaddling cloths and (M)laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in (N)the inn.[c]

The Shepherds and the Angels

And in the same region there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And an angel of the Lord (O)appeared to them, and (P)the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with great fear. 10 And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all (Q)the people. 11 For (R)unto you is born this day in (S)the city of David (T)a Savior, who is (U)Christ (V)the Lord. 12 And (W)this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby (X)wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.” 13 And suddenly there was with the angel (Y)a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying,

14 (Z)“Glory to God (AA)in the highest,
(AB)and on earth (AC)peace (AD)among those with whom he is pleased!”[d]

15 When the angels went away from them into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us.” 16 And they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby (AE)lying in a manger. 17 And when they saw it, they made known the saying that had been told them concerning this child. 18 And all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them. 19 But (AF)Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart. 20 And the shepherds returned, (AG)glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, as it had been told them.

21 And (AH)at the end of eight days, when he was circumcised, (AI)he was called Jesus, the name given by the angel before he was conceived in the womb.

Jesus Presented at the Temple

22 And (AJ)when the time came for their purification according to the Law of Moses, they brought him up to Jerusalem (AK)to present him to the Lord 23 (as it is written in (AL)the Law of the Lord, (AM)“Every male who first opens the womb shall be called holy to the Lord”) 24 and to offer a sacrifice according to what is said in (AN)the Law of the Lord, (AO)“a pair of turtledoves, or two young pigeons.” 25 Now there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon, and this man was (AP)righteous and (AQ)devout, (AR)waiting for (AS)the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him. 26 And it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not (AT)see death before he had seen (AU)the Lord's Christ. 27 And he came in the Spirit into the temple, and when (AV)the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him according to the custom of the Law, 28 he took him up in his arms and (AW)blessed God and said,

29 “Lord, now you are letting your servant[e] depart (AX)in peace,
(AY)according to your word;
30 for (AZ)my eyes have seen your (BA)salvation
31 (BB)that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples,
32 (BC)a light for revelation to the Gentiles,
and (BD)for glory to (BE)your people Israel.”

33 And (BF)his father and his mother marveled at what was said about him. 34 And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, “Behold, this child is appointed (BG)for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign (BH)that is opposed 35 (and a sword will pierce through your own soul also), so that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.”


  1. Luke 2:2 Or This was the registration before
  2. Luke 2:5 That is, one legally pledged to be married
  3. Luke 2:7 Or guest room
  4. Luke 2:14 Some manuscripts peace, good will among men
  5. Luke 2:29 Or bondservant

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English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Psalm 59

Deliver Me from My Enemies

To the choirmaster: according to (A)Do Not Destroy. A (B)Miktam[a] of David, (C)when Saul sent men to watch his house in order to kill him.

59 (D)Deliver me from my enemies, O my God;
(E)protect me from those who (F)rise up against me;
deliver me from (G)those who work evil,
and save me from (H)bloodthirsty men.

For behold, they (I)lie in wait for my life;
fierce men (J)stir up strife against me.
(K)For no transgression or sin of mine, O Lord,
for no fault of mine, they run and make ready.
(L)Awake, come to meet me, and see!
You, (M)Lord God of hosts, are God of Israel.
Rouse yourself to punish all the nations;
spare none of those who treacherously plot evil. Selah

Each evening they (N)come back,
howling like dogs
and prowling about the city.
There they are, (O)bellowing with their mouths
with (P)swords in their lips—
for (Q)“Who,” they think,[b] “will hear us?”

But you, O Lord, (R)laugh at them;
you hold all the nations in derision.
O my Strength, I will watch for you,
for you, O God, are (S)my fortress.
10 (T)My God in his steadfast love[c] (U)will meet me;
God will let me (V)look in triumph on my enemies.

11 Kill them not, lest my people forget;
make them totter[d] by your power and (W)bring them down,
O Lord, our (X)shield!
12 For (Y)the sin of their mouths, the words of their lips,
let them be trapped in their pride.
For the cursing and lies that they utter,
13 (Z)consume them in wrath;
consume them till they are no more,
that they may (AA)know that God rules over Jacob
to (AB)the ends of the earth. Selah

14 (AC)Each evening they come back,
howling like dogs
and prowling about the city.
15 They (AD)wander about for food
and growl if they do not get their fill.

16 But I will sing of your strength;
I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning.
For you have been to me (AE)a fortress
and (AF)a refuge in (AG)the day of my distress.
17 O my Strength, I will sing praises to you,
for you, O God, (AH)are my fortress,
(AI)the God who shows me steadfast love.


  1. Psalm 59:1 Probably a musical or liturgical term
  2. Psalm 59:7 Hebrew lacks they think
  3. Psalm 59:10 Or The God who shows me steadfast love
  4. Psalm 59:11 Or wander
English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Proverbs 11:14

14 Where there is (A)no guidance, a people falls,
(B)but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.

English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Friday March 15, 2019 (NIV)

Numbers 22:21-23:30

21 So Balaam rose in the morning and saddled his donkey and went with the princes of Moab.

Balaam's Donkey and the Angel

22 But God's anger was kindled because he went, (A)and the angel of the Lord took his stand in the way (B)as his adversary. Now he was riding on the donkey, and his two servants were with him. 23 And the donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the road, with a drawn sword in his hand. And the donkey turned aside out of the road and went into the field. And Balaam struck the donkey, to turn her into the road. 24 Then the angel of the Lord stood in a narrow path between the vineyards, with a wall on either side. 25 And when the donkey saw the angel of the Lord, she pushed against the wall and pressed Balaam's foot against the wall. So he struck her again. 26 Then the angel of the Lord went ahead and stood in a narrow place, where there was no way to turn either to the right or to the left. 27 When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord, she lay down under Balaam. And Balaam's anger was kindled, and he struck the donkey with his staff. 28 Then the Lord (C)opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?” 29 And Balaam said to the donkey, “Because you have made a fool of me. I wish I had a sword in my hand, for then I would kill you.” 30 And the donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey, on which you have ridden all your life long to this day? Is it my habit to treat you this way?” And he said, “No.”

31 Then the Lord (D)opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way, with his drawn sword in his hand. And he bowed down and fell on his face. 32 And the angel of the Lord said to him, “Why have you struck your donkey these three times? Behold, I have come out (E)to oppose you because your way is perverse[a] before me. 33 The donkey saw me and turned aside before me these three times. If she had not turned aside from me, surely just now I would have killed you and let her live.” 34 Then Balaam said to the angel of the Lord, (F)“I have sinned, for I did not know that you stood in the road against me. Now therefore, if it is evil in your sight, I will turn back.” 35 And the angel of the Lord said to Balaam, “Go with the men, (G)but speak only the word that I tell you.” So Balaam went on with the princes of Balak.

36 When Balak heard that Balaam had come, he went out to meet him at the city of Moab, (H)on the border formed by the Arnon, at the extremity of the border. 37 And Balak said to Balaam, “Did I not send to you to call you? Why did you not come to me? Am I not able to (I)honor you?” 38 Balaam said to Balak, “Behold, I have come to you! Have I now any power of my own to speak anything? (J)The word that God puts in my mouth, that must I speak.” 39 Then Balaam went with Balak, and they came to Kiriath-huzoth. 40 And Balak sacrificed oxen and sheep, and sent for Balaam and for the princes who were with him.

41 And in the morning Balak took Balaam and brought him up to Bamoth-baal, and from there he saw a fraction of the people.

Balaam's First Oracle

23 And Balaam said to Balak, (K)“Build for me here seven altars, and prepare for me here seven bulls and seven rams.” Balak did as Balaam had said. And Balak and Balaam (L)offered on each altar a bull and a ram. And Balaam said to Balak, (M)“Stand beside your burnt offering, and I will go. Perhaps the Lord will come (N)to meet me, and whatever he shows me I will tell you.” And he went to a bare height, (O)and God met Balaam. And Balaam said to him, “I have arranged the seven altars and I have offered on each altar a bull and a ram.” And the Lord (P)put a word in Balaam's mouth and said, “Return to Balak, and thus you shall speak.” And he returned to him, and behold, he and all the princes of Moab were standing beside his burnt offering. And Balaam (Q)took up his discourse and said,

“From (R)Aram Balak has brought me,
the king of Moab (S)from the eastern mountains:
‘Come, (T)curse Jacob for me,
and come, denounce Israel!’
How can I curse whom God has not cursed?
How can I denounce whom the Lord has not denounced?
For from the top of the crags (U)I see him,
from the hills I behold him;
behold, (V)a people dwelling alone,
and (W)not counting itself among the nations!
10 (X)Who can count the dust of Jacob
or number the fourth part[b] of Israel?
Let me die (Y)the death of the upright,
and let my end be like his!”

11 And Balak said to Balaam, “What have you done to me? (Z)I took you to curse my enemies, and behold, you have done nothing but bless them.” 12 And he answered and said, (AA)“Must I not take care to speak what the Lord puts in my mouth?”

Balaam's Second Oracle

13 And Balak said to him, “Please come with me to another place, from which you may see them. You shall see only a fraction of them and shall not see them all. Then curse them for me from there.” 14 And he took him to the field of Zophim, to the top of Pisgah, (AB)and built seven altars and offered a bull and a ram on each altar. 15 Balaam said to Balak, (AC)“Stand here beside your burnt offering, while I meet the Lord over there.” 16 And the Lord met Balaam and (AD)put a word in his mouth and said, “Return to Balak, and thus shall you speak.” 17 And he came to him, and behold, he was standing beside his burnt offering, and the princes of Moab with him. And Balak said to him, “What has the Lord spoken?” 18 And Balaam took up his discourse and said,

“Rise, Balak, and hear;
give ear to me, O son of Zippor:
19 (AE)God is not man, that he should lie,
or a son of man, that he should change his mind.
Has he said, and will he not do it?
Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?
20 Behold, I received a command to bless:
(AF)he has blessed, and (AG)I cannot revoke it.
21 (AH)He has not beheld misfortune in Jacob,
nor has he seen trouble in Israel.
The Lord their God is with them,
and the shout of a king is among them.
22 (AI)God brings them out of Egypt
and is for them like (AJ)the horns of the wild ox.
23 For there is no enchantment against Jacob,
no (AK)divination against Israel;
now it shall be said of Jacob and Israel,
(AL)‘What has God wrought!’
24 Behold, a people! (AM)As a lioness it rises up
and as a lion it lifts itself;
(AN)it does not lie down until it has devoured the prey
and drunk the blood of the slain.”

25 And Balak said to Balaam, “Do not curse them at all, and do not bless them at all.” 26 But Balaam answered Balak, “Did I not tell you, (AO)‘All that the Lord says, that I must do’?” 27 And Balak said to Balaam, (AP)“Come now, I will take you to another place. Perhaps it will please God that you may curse them for me from there.” 28 So Balak took Balaam to the top of (AQ)Peor, which overlooks (AR)the desert.[c] 29 And Balaam said to Balak, (AS)“Build for me here seven altars and prepare for me here seven bulls and seven rams.” 30 (AT)And Balak did as Balaam had said, and offered a bull and a ram on each altar.


  1. Numbers 22:32 Or reckless
  2. Numbers 23:10 Or dust clouds
  3. Numbers 23:28 Or Jeshimon

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English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Luke 1:57-80

The Birth of John the Baptist

57 Now the time came for Elizabeth to give birth, and she bore a son. 58 And her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord (A)had shown great mercy to her, and they rejoiced with her. 59 And (B)on the eighth day they came to circumcise the child. And they would have called him Zechariah after his father, 60 but his mother answered, “No; (C)he shall be called John.” 61 And they said to her, “None of your relatives is called by this name.” 62 And (D)they made signs to his father, inquiring what he wanted him to be called. 63 And he asked for (E)a writing tablet and wrote, (F)“His name is John.” And they all wondered. 64 (G)And immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue (H)loosed, and he spoke, (I)blessing God. 65 And (J)fear came on all their neighbors. And all these things were talked about through all (K)the hill country of Judea, 66 and all who heard them (L)laid them up in their hearts, saying, “What then will this child be?” For (M)the hand of the Lord was with him.

Zechariah's Prophecy

67 And his father Zechariah (N)was filled with the Holy Spirit and (O)prophesied, saying,

68 (P)“Blessed be the Lord (Q)God of Israel,
for he has (R)visited and (S)redeemed his people
69 and (T)has raised up (U)a horn of salvation for us
(V)in the house of his servant David,
70 (W)as (X)he spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets from of old,
71 (Y)that we should be saved from our enemies
and from the hand of all who hate us;
72 (Z)to show the mercy promised to our fathers
and (AA)to remember his holy (AB)covenant,
73 (AC)the oath that he swore to our father Abraham, to grant us
74 that we, being delivered from the hand of our enemies,
might serve him (AD)without fear,
75 (AE)in holiness and righteousness before him (AF)all our days.
76 And you, child, will be called (AG)the prophet of (AH)the Most High;
for (AI)you will go before the Lord to prepare his ways,
77 to give knowledge of salvation to his people
(AJ)in the forgiveness of their sins,
78 because of the (AK)tender mercy of our God,
whereby (AL)the sunrise shall (AM)visit us[a] (AN)from on high
79 to (AO)give light to (AP)those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into (AQ)the way of (AR)peace.”

80 (AS)And the child grew and became strong in spirit, and he was (AT)in the wilderness until the day of his public appearance to Israel.


  1. Luke 1:78 Or when the sunrise shall dawn upon us; some manuscripts since the sunrise has visited us

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English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Psalm 58

God Who Judges the Earth

To the choirmaster: according to (A)Do Not Destroy. A (B)Miktam[a] of David.

58 Do you indeed decree what is right, you gods?[b]
Do you judge the children of man uprightly?
No, in your hearts you devise wrongs;
your hands (C)deal out violence on earth.

The wicked are (D)estranged from the womb;
they go astray from birth, speaking lies.
(E)They have venom like the venom of a serpent,
like the deaf adder that stops its ear,
so that it (F)does not hear the voice of charmers
or of the cunning enchanter.

O God, (G)break the teeth in their mouths;
tear out the fangs of the young lions, O Lord!
Let them (H)vanish like water that runs away;
when he (I)aims his arrows, let them be blunted.
Let them be like the snail (J)that dissolves into slime,
like (K)the stillborn child who never sees the sun.
Sooner than your pots can feel the heat of (L)thorns,
whether green or ablaze, may he (M)sweep them away![c]

10 (N)The righteous will rejoice when he sees the vengeance;
he will (O)bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked.
11 Mankind will say, “Surely there is (P)a reward for the righteous;
surely there is a God who (Q)judges on earth.”


  1. Psalm 58:1 Probably a musical or liturgical term
  2. Psalm 58:1 Or you mighty lords (by revocalization; Hebrew in silence)
  3. Psalm 58:9 The meaning of the Hebrew verse is uncertain
English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Proverbs 11:12-13

12 Whoever (A)belittles his neighbor lacks sense,
but a man of understanding remains silent.
13 Whoever (B)goes about slandering reveals secrets,
but he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing covered.

English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

03/14/2019 DAB Transcript

Numbers 21:1-22:20, Luke 1:26-56, Psalms 57:1-11, Proverbs 11:9-11

Today is the 14th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It is great to be here with you. It is great to have this opportunity to take the next step forward and that next step forward will take us back out into the wilderness in the book of Numbers. And then of course, yesterday we began the third gospel, the gospel of Luke and we left off learning about John the Baptist and we’ll pick up that story when we get there, but first from the English Standard Version this week, Numbers chapter 21 verse 1 through 22 verse 20 today.


Okay. So, in the book of Numbers the children of Israel asked a couple of other nations if they could just stay on the main road and go through. Like, they needed to get somewhere else. Could they just pass through? And they were denied. And so king Sihon of the Amorites and king Og of Bushon they attacked and the Israelites defeated them, which gave them a little bit of land that they could at least temporarily kind of sojourn in but these victories unsettled the power distribution of the region. And, so, that caused a lot of anxiety in king Balak of Moab. Now, the land of Moab is just on the other side of the Dead Sea. So, directly to the east of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a high point. And, so, the land slopes down from Jerusalem, all the way down to the lowest point on the earth, the Dead Sea and then out on the other side of the Dead Sea is modern day Jordan, which is ancient Moab. So king Balak sent for a man named Balaam to curse God’s people for him because he’s freaked out about these people. And at first God told Balaam not to go but then Balak, the king, sent a more distinguished entourage and God told Balaam to return with them, but to only speak what he was told to say. And we will watch how that unfolds in the coming days.

And then here the gospel of Luke, we have probably the most developed narrative of the birth story of Jesus. And, so, we have the angel Gabriel visiting Mary, Mary going to visit her relative Elizabeth, Mary breaks out into worship, “my soul magnifies the Lord and my Spirit rejoices in God my Savior for He has looked on the humble estate of His servant. For behold from now on all generations will call me blessed, for He who His mighty has done great things for me and holy is His name.” Of course, her outburst of worship is now known as the Magnificat.

Then in our reading from Proverbs we’re confronted again. And we’ll be confronted, actually, again and again and again about this topic, the way that we use our words. Our words can destroy our friendships, they can destroy our relationships, and we probably already know this, but according to the Scriptures using our words this way is “godless behavior” - a sobering thought that should have us catching ourselves today before we speak what we can’t un-say, In fact, we’re counseled that wicked speech can even tear whole communities apart and we may have even seen that happening around us. What we say, what we say today, actually matters. Like, our relationships could undergo a complete transformation if we would submit our tongues to the power of the Holy Spirit, rather than using them as weapons in relationship wars that can’t be won. If we’ll heed the council of the Proverbs then we will be the ones who reap the benefits.


Father, we thank You for your word and we thank You for the different nuances and the different places that it takes us today - personal places, places of worship and reflection of your coming for us in the story of your birth, and the drama brewing in the desert in the book of Numbers. Come Holy Spirit plant the words that we’ve read today or heard today deep in our souls. May they be fertile soil for the fruit of the Spirit to grow within us. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In the mighty name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

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We’ve also been mentioning the More Gathering for women that will take place April 11th through the 14th, which is…I mean…today’s the 14th of March… so one month from today will be the final day of the More Gathering. So, it’s coming right up. You can get all the details for that at and we’re looking forward to seeing you there, a grand celebration of an era for the More Gathering this time this year. So, check it all out or go to the Initiatives section at

And now the jetlag has abated and kinda back to normal again. I think back to all of the things we did in Israel just less than a month ago, all of the things that we saw, some of these areas that we’re wandering through the book of Numbers are places that we wandered through. So, I’ll remind us all that the intention is to go back in 2020 and registration for that pilgrimage to the land of the Bible is open and you get all the details at in the Initiatives section. You’ll find Israel 2020 there. Everything that you would want to know is there.

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And as always, if you have a prayer request or comment 877-942-4253 is the number to dial.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Thursday March 14, 2019 (NIV)

Numbers 21:1-22:20

Arad Destroyed

21 When (A)the Canaanite, the king of Arad, who lived in (B)the Negeb, heard that Israel was coming by the way of Atharim, he fought against Israel, and took some of them captive. (C)And Israel vowed a vow to the Lord and said, “If you will indeed give this people into my hand, then I will devote their cities to destruction.”[a] And the Lord heeded the voice of Israel and gave over the Canaanites, and they devoted them and their cities to destruction. So the name of the place was called (D)Hormah.[b]

The Bronze Serpent

From Mount Hor (E)they set out by the way to the Red Sea, (F)to go around the land of Edom. And the people became impatient on the way. And the people (G)spoke against God and against Moses, (H)“Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no food and no water, and (I)we loathe this worthless food.” (J)Then the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and (K)they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died. (L)And the people came to Moses and said, “We have sinned, for we have spoken against the Lord and against you. (M)Pray to the Lord, that he take away the serpents from us.” So Moses prayed for the people. And the Lord said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent and set it on a pole, and everyone who is bitten, when he sees it, shall live.” So (N)Moses made a bronze[c] serpent and set it on a pole. And if a serpent bit anyone, he would look at the bronze serpent and live.

The Song of the Well

10 And the people of Israel set out and (O)camped in Oboth. 11 (P)And they set out from Oboth and (Q)camped at Iye-abarim, in the wilderness that is opposite Moab, toward the sunrise. 12 From there they set out and camped in (R)the Valley of Zered. 13 From there they set out and camped on the other side of the Arnon, which is in the wilderness that extends from the border of the Amorites, for the (S)Arnon is the border of Moab, between Moab and the Amorites. 14 Therefore it is said in the Book of the Wars of the Lord,

“Waheb in Suphah, and the valleys of the Arnon,
15 and the slope of the valleys
that extends to the seat of (T)Ar,
and leans to the border of Moab.”

16 And from there they continued (U)to Beer;[d] that is the well of which the Lord said to Moses, “Gather the people together, so that (V)I may give them water.” 17 Then Israel sang this song:

“Spring up, O well!—Sing to it!—
18 the well that the princes made,
that the nobles of the people dug,
with (W)the scepter and with their staffs.”

And from the wilderness they went on to Mattanah, 19 and from Mattanah to Nahaliel, and from Nahaliel to Bamoth, 20 and from Bamoth to the valley lying in the region of Moab by the top of Pisgah (X)that looks down on the desert.[e]

King Sihon Defeated

21 Then (Y)Israel sent messengers to Sihon king of the Amorites, saying, 22 (Z)“Let me pass through your land. We will not turn aside into field or vineyard. We will not drink the water of a well. We will go by the King's Highway until we have passed through your territory.” 23 (AA)But Sihon would not allow Israel to pass through his territory. He gathered all his people together and went out against Israel to the wilderness and (AB)came to Jahaz and fought against Israel. 24 (AC)And Israel defeated him with the edge of the sword and took possession of his land from the Arnon to the (AD)Jabbok, as far as to the Ammonites, for the border of the Ammonites was strong. 25 And Israel took all these cities, and Israel settled in all the cities of the Amorites, in Heshbon, and in all its villages. 26 For Heshbon was the city of Sihon the king of the Amorites, who had fought against the former king of Moab and taken all his land out of his hand, as far as the Arnon. 27 Therefore the (AE)ballad singers say,

“Come to (AF)Heshbon, let it be built;
let the city of Sihon be established.
28 For (AG)fire came out from (AH)Heshbon,
flame from the city of Sihon.
It devoured (AI)Ar of Moab,
and swallowed[f] the heights of the Arnon.
29 (AJ)Woe to you, O Moab!
You are undone, O people of (AK)Chemosh!
He has made his sons fugitives,
and his daughters captives,
to an Amorite king, Sihon.
30 So we overthrew them;
Heshbon, as far as (AL)Dibon, perished;
and we laid waste as far as Nophah;
fire spread as far as (AM)Medeba.”[g]

King Og Defeated

31 Thus Israel lived in the land of the Amorites. 32 And Moses sent to spy out (AN)Jazer, and they captured its villages and dispossessed the Amorites who were there. 33 Then they turned and went up by the way to Bashan. And Og the king of Bashan came out against them, he and all his people, to battle (AO)at Edrei. 34 (AP)But the Lord said to Moses, “Do not fear him, for I have given him into your hand, and all his people, and his land. And (AQ)you shall do to him as you did to Sihon king of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon.” 35 So they defeated him and his sons and all his people, until he had no survivor left. And they possessed his land.

Balak Summons Balaam

22 Then (AR)the people of Israel set out and camped in the plains of Moab beyond the Jordan at Jericho. And (AS)Balak the son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites. And (AT)Moab was in great dread of the people, because they were many. Moab was overcome with fear of the people of Israel. And Moab said to (AU)the elders of Midian, “This horde will now lick up all that is around us, as the ox licks up the grass of the field.” So Balak the son of Zippor, who was king of Moab at that time, (AV)sent messengers to Balaam the son of Beor (AW)at Pethor, which is near the River[h] in the land of the people of Amaw,[i] to call him, saying, “Behold, a people has come out of Egypt. They cover the face of the earth, and they are dwelling opposite me. (AX)Come now, curse this people for me, since they are too mighty for me. Perhaps I shall be able to defeat them and drive them from the land, for I know that he whom you bless is blessed, and he whom you curse is cursed.”

So the elders of Moab and (AY)the elders of Midian departed with (AZ)the fees for divination in their hand. And they came to Balaam and gave him Balak's message. And he said to them, “Lodge here tonight, and I will bring back word to you, as the Lord speaks to me.” So the princes of Moab stayed with Balaam. (BA)And God came to Balaam and said, “Who are these men with you?” 10 And Balaam said to God, “Balak the son of Zippor, king of Moab, has sent to me, saying, 11 ‘Behold, a people has come out of Egypt, and it covers the face of the earth. Now come, curse them for me. Perhaps I shall be able to fight against them and drive them out.’” 12 God said to Balaam, “You shall not go with them. You shall not curse the people, for (BB)they are blessed.” 13 So Balaam rose in the morning and said to the princes of Balak, “Go to your own land, for the Lord has refused to let me go with you.” 14 So the princes of Moab rose and went to Balak and said, “Balaam refuses to come with us.”

15 Once again Balak sent princes, more in number and more honorable than these. 16 And they came to Balaam and said to him, “Thus says Balak the son of Zippor: ‘Let nothing hinder you from coming to me, 17 (BC)for I will surely do you great honor, and whatever you say to me I will do. (BD)Come, curse this people for me.’” 18 But Balaam answered and said to the servants of Balak, (BE)“Though Balak were to give me his house full of silver and gold, (BF)I could not go beyond the command of the Lord my God to do less or more. 19 So you, too, (BG)please stay here tonight, that I may know what more the Lord will say to me.” 20 (BH)And God came to Balaam at night and said to him, “If the men have come to call you, rise, go with them; (BI)but only do what I tell you.”


  1. Numbers 21:2 That is, set apart (devote) as an offering to the Lord (for destruction); also verse 3
  2. Numbers 21:3 Hormah means destruction
  3. Numbers 21:9 Or copper
  4. Numbers 21:16 Beer means well
  5. Numbers 21:20 Or Jeshimon
  6. Numbers 21:28 Septuagint; Hebrew the lords of
  7. Numbers 21:30 Compare Samaritan and Septuagint; Hebrew and we laid waste as far as Nophah, which is as far as Medeba
  8. Numbers 22:5 That is, the Euphrates
  9. Numbers 22:5 Or the people of his kindred

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English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Luke 1:26-56

Birth of Jesus Foretold

26 In the sixth month the angel (A)Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named (B)Nazareth, 27 (C)to a virgin betrothed[a] to a man whose name was Joseph, (D)of the house of David. And the virgin's name was Mary. 28 And he came to her and said, “Greetings, (E)O favored one, (F)the Lord is with you!”[b] 29 But (G)she was greatly troubled at the saying, and tried to discern what sort of greeting this might be. 30 And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for (H)you have found favor with God. 31 And behold, (I)you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and (J)you shall call his name Jesus. 32 He will be great and will be called the Son of (K)the Most High. And the Lord God (L)will give to him the throne of (M)his father David, 33 and he will reign over the house of Jacob (N)forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.”

34 And Mary said to the angel, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?”[c]

35 And the angel answered her, (O)“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of (P)the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born[d] will be called (Q)holy—(R)the Son of God. 36 And behold, your relative Elizabeth in her old age has also conceived a son, and this is the sixth month with her (S)who was called barren. 37 For (T)nothing will be impossible with God.” 38 And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant[e] of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And (U)the angel departed from her.

Mary Visits Elizabeth

39 In those days Mary arose and went with haste into (V)the hill country, to a town in Judah, 40 and she entered the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth. 41 And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth (W)was filled with the Holy Spirit, 42 and she exclaimed with a loud cry, (X)“Blessed are you among women, and (Y)blessed is (Z)the fruit of your womb! 43 And why is this granted to me that the mother of (AA)my Lord should come to me? 44 For behold, when the sound of your greeting came to my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. 45 And (AB)blessed is she who believed that there would be[f] a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.”

Mary's Song of Praise: The Magnificat

46 And Mary said,

(AC)“My (AD)soul (AE)magnifies the Lord,
47 (AF)and my (AG)spirit rejoices in (AH)God my Savior,
48 for (AI)he has looked on the humble estate of his servant.
For behold, from now on all generations (AJ)will call me blessed;
49 for (AK)he who is mighty (AL)has done great things for me,
and (AM)holy is his name.
50 And (AN)his mercy is for those who fear him
from generation to generation.
51 (AO)He has shown strength with his arm;
(AP)he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts;
52 (AQ)he has brought down the mighty from their thrones
(AR)and exalted those of humble estate;
53 he has filled (AS)the hungry with good things,
and the rich (AT)he has sent away empty.
54 He has (AU)helped (AV)his servant Israel,
(AW)in remembrance of his mercy,
55 (AX)as he spoke to our fathers,
(AY)to Abraham and to his offspring forever.”

56 And Mary remained with her about three months and returned to her home.


  1. Luke 1:27 That is, legally pledged to be married
  2. Luke 1:28 Some manuscripts add Blessed are you among women!
  3. Luke 1:34 Greek since I do not know a man
  4. Luke 1:35 Some manuscripts add of you
  5. Luke 1:38 Greek bondservant; also verse 48
  6. Luke 1:45 Or believed, for there will be

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Psalm 57

Let Your Glory Be over All the Earth

To the choirmaster: according to (A)Do Not Destroy. A (B)Miktam[a] of David, when he fled from Saul, in (C)the cave.

57 (D)Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me,
for in you my soul (E)takes refuge;
in (F)the shadow of your wings I will take refuge,
(G)till the storms of destruction pass by.
I cry out to God Most High,
to God who (H)fulfills his purpose for me.
(I)He will send from heaven and save me;
he will put to shame (J)him who tramples on me. Selah
(K)God will send out (L)his steadfast love and his faithfulness!

My soul is in the midst of (M)lions;
I lie down amid fiery beasts—
the children of man, whose (N)teeth are spears and arrows,
whose (O)tongues are sharp swords.

(P)Be exalted, O God, above the heavens!
Let your glory be over all the earth!

They set (Q)a net for my steps;
my soul was (R)bowed down.
They (S)dug a pit in my way,
but they have fallen into it themselves. Selah
(T)My heart is (U)steadfast, O God,
my heart is steadfast!
I will sing and make melody!
(V)Awake, (W)my glory![b]
Awake, (X)O harp and lyre!
I will awake the dawn!
I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples;
I will sing praises to you among the nations.
10 For your (Y)steadfast love is great to the heavens,
your faithfulness to the clouds.

11 (Z)Be exalted, O God, above the heavens!
Let your glory be over all the earth!


  1. Psalm 57:1 Probably a musical or liturgical term
  2. Psalm 57:8 Or my whole being
English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Proverbs 11:9-11

With his mouth the godless man would destroy his neighbor,
but by knowledge the righteous are delivered.
10 (A)When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices,
and when the wicked perish there are shouts of gladness.
11 By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted,
but (B)by the mouth of the wicked (C)it is overthrown.

English Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

03/13/2019 DAB Transcript

Numbers 19:1-20:29, Luke 1:1-25, Psalms 56:1-13, Proverbs 11:8

Today is the 13th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian and that it is great to be here with you today and all gathered around the global campfire for the next step forward, which will take us back into the book of Numbers, but when we get to the New Testament we’ll be beginning the third gospel, the gospel of Luke as we finished the gospel of Mark yesterday. So, we’ll talk about Luke when we get to Luke but first numbers, chapter 19 and 20. We’re reading from the English Standard Version this week.

Introduction to the Book of Luke:

Okay. So, we are about to begin the third book of the New Testament, which is the third gospel known as the book of Luke or the gospel of Luke. And Luke has a little bit more of an intriguing story regarding its place in history. So, we’ve been reading Matthew and Mark and now we are going to read Luke and Luke is the third of what is known as the synoptic Gospels Matthew Mark and Luke. Now, they’re called the synoptic Gospels because they’re very familiar in the stories that they tell and the way that there composed. There so similar that it’s widely believed among biblical scholars that one couldn’t really exist without the other, that they were written at different times, but they were used…they were known and so they were used as source material for each other. So, it’s believed that the gospel of Mark, the gospel that we just completed was the first gospel ever written down about Jesus with Matthew coming next maybe about a decade later-ish and with the gospel of Luke that we’re about to read now perhaps within five years of that. Of course, like specifically dating these books, right down to the month and year, that’s pretty impossible, but there is compelling evidence that the gospel of Luke may have been the last of the synoptic Gospels because of the way it’s written. And it’s not…I mean it is the skill of Luke, the writer, but it’s as if these stories have been fleshed out over time. And, so, it’s tightly written and its concise and it flows narratively well. So, scholarly opinion is that Luke not only wrote the gospel of Luke, but he was also the writer of the book of Acts and that Luke and Acts are two volumes of the same work and that each of these volumes were written to a man named Theophilus. So, there’s been some debate about that in trying to date Luke because there was a high priest in Jerusalem named Theophilus between A.D. 37. and the early 40s, but I would say that most scholars would date Luke later than that and the material in the gospel of Luke, you know, whereas the gospel of Matthew is very Hebrews centric, right, Jesus is fulfilling Hebrew prophecies basically on every page, the gospel of Luke is written more from a Gentile perspective and it shows the gospel of Jesus as an inclusive thing, not only a Hebrew centric thing.  It includes the whole world and welcomes us all into the family of God. So, that gives us a little bit of an overview of the territory that we are about to head into, the third gospel, the third book of the New Testament, Luke. Today, chapter 1 verses 1 through 25.


Father, we thank You for your word and Father, we thank You for bringing us to the gospel of Luke. And now that we have entered into the third of the Gospels we pay attention to the fact that we’re moving through this story during a season that is leading us toward Easter. And, so, Father, we commit ourselves to paying even more close attention to the words coming off the pages and into our ears in the gospel of Luke and we invite your Holy Spirit to come, reveal things that we perhaps hadn’t understood before, been aware of before, all in pursuit of intimacy with You, Jesus. It’s You, we seek it’s You we want to walk with, it’s You that we want to become like. So, in this season where we are inviting your Holy Spirit to rearrange whatever needs to be rearranged in our lives and to insert or pull out of our lives things that do or do not belong all in the pursuit of intimacy with You and becoming more like You, well then, we commit ourselves to paying close attention to the words that come off the page and into our ears. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.

Announcements: is the website, its home base, its where you find out what’s going on around here. So, be sure to stay connected.

The next thing on the events calendar is the More Gathering for women and that is less than a month away and it will take place April 11th through 14th in the mountains of North Georgia about an hour outside of Atlanta. And as I’ve said numerous times over these last weeks, this is the end of an era. The More Gathering for women began in that location and it is ending. I’m not sure the More Gathering is ending. We don’t exactly know what the Lord is leading us into yet, but we know that this mountaintop experience will be the last More Gathering in the mountains of North Georgia at least for now. So, we are tremendously excited for all that God will do in and around the experience of the More Gathering for women. So, if you’ve been looking for More and, you know, as the seasons change and new life comes back to the northern hemisphere where the United States is, which is where Georgia is, which is where these mountains are, then new life will be springing forth and springtime will be descending upon the South. So, this is a perfect time for a reset, a restart, and something that can carry you forward through the rest of the year along with the sisterhood. And that’s a fact, a sisterhood of women all pursuing the same thing. So, is where you can find out the details about this or just go to and go to the Initiatives section and you’ll find the More Gathering for women and all of your questions can be answered there.

If you want to partner with the Daily Audio Bible, you can do that at There is a link, it lives on the homepage. I thank you profoundly and humbly for your partnership. If you’re using the Daily Audio Bible app, you can press the Give button in the upper right-hand corner or, if you prefer, the mailing address is PO Box 1996 Spring Hill Tennessee 37174.

And as always, if you have a prayer request or comment 877-942-4253 is the number to dial.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

I used to make a lot of plans and then I’d ask God to bless them
but I never stopped to seek His face so I know I used to test Him
and still He wouldn’t let me down He’d let me do things my own way
and when I’d fail He’d pick me up
He knew I’d get it right someday
He changed my pride to humility
He changed my doubt to faith
my desires now have purity
and within His plans I’m safe
in everything I seek His face I let Him make all the plans
I trust in Him to give me strength
because the whole world’s in His hands I’d like to give a shout out to Annette Allison. I heard your prayer for Lloyd your husband. I’m praying for his renewed strength and for God’s perfect peace to reside in his heart. Also, Kathy I heard you, from, I think it was Kentucky, you’re gettin’ tired, you’re about ready to give up. I pray for your strength to be renewed too and that’s concerning your nephews addiction. Alright. And Brian and the Hardin family, once again thank you for this wonderful podcast for God’s Holy Spirit to flow. Alright. Keep it flowing y’all. Alright. Bye-bye.

Lord, Lord, I thank You for your word so that we can rest in confident trust when You say be overcome by the power of your blood in our testimony. Thank You for taking all our sin, all sin committed by any human for all time upon yourself so that we can experience the presence of our wonderful heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit and You Jesus our Emmanuelle. Lord, I bring before a daughter great sin has been perpetrated against your daughter by early Father who was ordained to respect You glory and be an example of your righteousness and mercy to mankind and He violated the trust of His daughter and sinned against You Lord and I hear this and I’m reminded of my own violation and I’m so grateful God that You have redeemed the last treasure of my virginity, my future as a beloved wife, my relationship o myself and my ability to trust those in authority because Lord, You have revealed to me how much You love me, how much You, yourself suffered at the hands of sinful men and that miraculously in You I am born again. In You Christ Jesus is my identity. Not in the sin perpetrated against me, Satan’s lies, his __, his __ because he has no power over me. God, Your word stands alone as true. The cross is the final truth and Jesus is alive and living in me. Alleluia. Thank You, Jesus that in You our Father can redeem the stone upon our hearts so we can receive clarity, truth, confidence, hope and be ever filled with a love of the Almighty God who claims us as His own, His own treasured possession to be filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. Lord, I pray all this mercy, grace, and truth established in this blessed daughter that her life and anyone else’s life who the devil has attempted to destroy through sexual violation, please forgive us Father God all of us for all our sin. Only in the Lord are remade holy and righteous and it’s in…

Hey Daily Audio Bible family, this is Cherished One in Chicago and I have a couple praises and a prayer request. One praise is that winter is almost over in Chicago, which is a big deal because Chicago winters are no joke. Another thing is God provided money for a ticket for me to go visit a family member down south and he provided a ticket that’s not super expensive. So, that’s a really big praise. My prayer request, I guess I’ll just pray it out. Jesus, thank You for today, thank You that You gave me an idea to call the Daily Audio Bible, so I won’t feel so alone tonight. I ask that You would encourage my heart and anybody else’s who really struggles, especially on Sunday nights. It’s just…intense loneliness. I ask that You would help us to not believe the lie that a person can fill that even though that You know my heart so longs to have a mate. I ask that You would just prepare my heart for a future whatever that is gonna look like and help me not push so hard and search so much for that. I ask that for anybody listening to this that they want to give up on life that You would just give them a new sense of hope and peace and joy in You and that You’d remind each one of us of the gospel and how beautiful it is. Jesus I’ve forgotten, I really have forgotten, but please remind me and give me heart soft enough to hear it. Amen.

Hi Daily Audio Bible family this is Jackie calling from Colorado and I have a prayer request today for my son and myself. My son’s name is Justin, I’m Jackie and he’s from…he’s being released from prison in nine days and he is coming to stay with me. His father’s driving him here from eastern Colorado. And Justin and I get along very well. And it was my decision to move to Colorado so I can be here for his release and so he would have some stability…lots of stability and support. And I just pray and I ask for the Daily Audio Bible family to pray for myself and for Justin, that I will know how to…not be so much…that I will be the woman that I should be when I’m dealing with him. I know I tend to be motherly and he’s a grown man and I just don’t want to…how can I say this…I just want to treat him with love and respect and that how God would want me to treat him. And, so, just pray that the Spirit of the Lord just comes down upon me heavily, that I get wisdom and the fruits of the Spirit will be manifested in my life and that I can treat my son with respect that God would have __…

Hello, my DAB family this is Mark Street from Sydney Australia. Today is Monday the 11th of March and on, you know, family, look, I’m just calling in for myself today. This time of the year I think I told you during the last year that in the lent season I become…always seem very depressed and I feel other things and there’s no logical reason for it. I’m just asking for you lift me up in prayer. I know this family is so wonderful and I just need God’s help through this season. There’s no reason I should feel like this but I just feel helpless at the moment. I thank you family. I love you and hopefully I will pull myself out of this very quickly. Love you. Bye.