3/5/2023 DAB Transcript

Numbers 4:1-5:31, Mark 12:18-37, Psalm 48:1-14, Proverbs 10:26

Today is the fifth day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is a wonderful to be here with you today, as we greet a shiny, sparkly new week. And this week is out in front of us, and we are stepping into the first full week of this, the third month of the year. We kind of transitioned into this new month during the last week and so this is our first full run through a whole week in this month. And I am grateful and thankful to be here around the Global Campfire together with you today, as we take the next step forward together. And that of course, the next step forward begins where the last step ended and that will be the book of Numbers. So, we’ll read from the Christian Standard Bible this week, picking up where he left off yesterday. The book of Numbers, we’ll read chapters four and five.


Father, we love You, we thank You for this brand-new, shiny, sparkly week that we are moving into, and we acknowledge as we so often do, at the beginning of the week is out in front of us, these decisions that we will make, they are out in front of us and we can choose wisely from the beginning, from this point, right now, to walk with You and all of our thoughts, words and deeds. That we might in deed, and in thought, and in word do exactly what we were reading in the Gospel of Mark today, love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul, with all your mind with all your strength and love our neighbors as ourselves. There is zero chance of our succeeding at this, without us surrendering completely to You and becoming fully aware that we are utterly dependent upon You, and that all that we have is Yours, and that all that we have we are stewarding and that You have allowed us to do this, so that we might review You to the world. Come, Holy Spirit, and show us how to love You with all that we are. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Lord, I came to You on behalf of Kathy in Kentucky. And I just thank You for blessing her with 31 years of freedom from alcohol addiction and just ask that You bless her health, Lord. Help her to…to follow the plan. It sounds like she already knows what she needs to follow, as far as diet and exercise and just ask that You give her peace and comfort in her heart, Lord. And I’m not sure why she wasn’t invited to the wedding, I don’t know if that was just uncomfortable because of her brother’s death, or what. But I just ask that You give her peace with that and that You speak to her heart, as she needs to reach out to her, her former sister-in-law and mend that relationship. And Lord, I just ask Your, Your peace and blessing on her and her health. In Jesus name. Amen.

Hey family, this is Bobba D from Tennessee, offering up prayer today for Work In Progress and his daughter. Heavenly Father, be with work in progress. Lord, the father’s heart is completely destroyed by this horrible news of what his daughters going thru. Lord, I ask that You be with him. God, I’m asking that You would give him the strength to keep praying, keep believing, keep trusting in You. Though we ask that You would intervene and get his baby delivered from this. The rumors of being trafficked, Lord God, would You send Your angels to fight on her behalf. In Jesus name. Bless you brother.

Hey, DAB family, it’s Sadie McFarland. I’m a student at __ University and I just listened to the February 26th readings and God is amazing. I actually had this, the topics of the vision of Elijah and Moses in that reading in Mark in my Bible study today at my church. That was really cool. But I really want to just take time and bless and pray over the gentlemen that called with his daughter being trafficked. That just breaks my heart and shows how much the world needs the Lord. So, please DAB family, let’s join together in prayer for a moment over this family. Please pray with me. Abba Father, we come to You today, humbly, knowing Your power, know Your might. And we pray that You would just pour out Your love and comfort on this family. Bring their precious daughter back. Help the sisters to be there for one another when that happens. And just protect that daughter, protect that family. Bring peace upon that house, upon that family, Lord. And punish those who have trafficked her. Laugh in their faces, because You have prevailed, and You have rescued this poor woman. I pray for her safety and her restoration to the family. In Your almighty, powerful name. Amen. Thank you all. Let’s continue that prayer daily. God bless.

Hello Daily Audio Bible brothers and sisters. My name is Michael, also knowns as Michael Rows the Boat Ashore. I come to you, humbly, asking for your prayers. My wife, of 35 years, 7 years ago was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. She’s in a nursing home, where she’s falling multiple times. I am estranged from her because of the decisions that I made in my past. I haven’t talked to her or seen her in 3 years. And my kids are currently not talking to me. But my oldest son reached out to me and gave me permission to go visit my wife in the nursing home. Her name is Ingrid, and she took a fall yesterday. And she’s in the hospital. I was supposed to go see her tomorrow, which was Monday the 28th I believe, or the 27th. Anyway, if you could pray for the situation. So, that I can restore the relationship with my children. And get to see my wife again. I’m 100% blind. And that isn’t gonna stop me from seeing her and speaking to her. Please pray for me. Thank you DAB family with all my heart. Again, Michael Rowing the Boat Ashore.

Hello, my DAB family. This is Mark Street from Sydney, Australia. Today, is Sunday, the 26th of Feb. And I was calling, I was just listening to today’s 25th podcast and just heard Junk to Treasure calling in, asking for prayers for her daughter. And that’s what I wanted. Heavenly Father, we live in such a world that makes us feel unappreciated, unworthy, unloved, by the surroundings around us, Lord. That put pressure on us, Lord, to meet expectations of this world, Lord. And Lord, You don’t want us to have to meet the expectations of this world. We only need to meet your expectations. Lord, open Junk to Treasures daughter’s mind. See that, what the world needs, is not what You need. Lord, open her mind. Fix all the things that she needs, Lord. Lord, and I ask You to put a blessing also onto Junk to Treasure and the rest of her extended family as well, Lord. Lord, You know exactly what they need. And I am coming humbly before You, Lord, asking You to help Junk to Treasures poor family and her daughter, Lord. Lord, in Your name. Amen. Love you, Junk to Treasure, and I’m praying and will continue to pray for your extended family and your daughter. Mark Street from Sydney, Australia.