3/3/2023 DAB Transcript

Leviticus 27:14 - Numbers 1:54, Mark 11:1-26, Psalm 46:1-11, Proverbs 10:23

Today is the third day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian, it is fantastic to be here with you today, around the Global Campfire, as we gather together all over the world to take the next step forward in the Scriptures. We have a bit of a transition today. We will conclude the book of Leviticus and begin what comes next, which happens to be the book of Numbers. And we’ll do all that before we get back in the gospel of Mark in the New Testament. So, I let’s dive in and finish Leviticus and then will…will talk a little bit about the book of Numbers and then we will, we will walk through the threshold into a brand-new book into new territory. First, Leviticus chapter 27 verse 14 through the end of the book which is verse 34.

Introduction to the Book of Numbers:

Okay, so that is the end of the book of Leviticus, which now brings us to the opening of the book of Numbers. And as we move into the book of Numbers, we might start feeling like, didn’t we read this already like, haven’t we heard some of this before. And some of that can feel tedious, but it’s really important because we’re moving now, we’re like transitioning between the first generation of former Egyptian slaves, who are out in the wilderness, we’re now moving toward and into the next generation, and a lot has happened. We’ve read every verse, like we have gone through a lot of things and a lot has happened and God has shown up in the midst of the people with His mighty power and has revealed to them what is now known as the Mosaic law, but now they have the law and have to learn to live it because, because God is moving the people out and moving them toward the Land of Promise. And before the book of Numbers is over, we will see spies, very famous story, spies, sent to spy out the land of promise and come back with a report and we’ll find that there are remarkable parallels in…in this story that relate to our lives really closely. We’ll also know that this theme of…of a holy people, God is holy, therefore His people will be holy, continues to be a theme throughout Numbers and it’s throughout the entire Torah or Pentateuch. We’ll also be able to see what the opposite does: rebellion reaps judgments. So, we’re about to dive in and you know, begin reading the first chapter. The first nine chapters provide review and…and bring structure, because God is moving His people out and toward the Promised Land. So, we’ll see census is being taken. We’ll see additional laws being given, we’ll review the laws, we’ll see purification and celebrations happening, and then we will move toward the spies being sent across the Jordan into the Promised Land and an entire generation being destined to the wilderness and the chaos that that brings about. And then once the old generation has completely passed away, we’ll watch new leadership rising up, we’ll see some skirmishes and warfare are starting. These people out in the wilderness are a mass of people and they are freaking everyone out around them. We’ll see new laws get established and of course with the censuses, come a lot of counting and we’ll be able to participate in some of that, a good generous portion of that as well, in the book of Numbers. And so, we begin, Numbers chapter 1.


Father, we thank You for Your word, and we thank You for this new territory that we are moving into, in the book of Numbers. We ask, Holy Spirit, that You would lead us through it and that we would see what we need to see and hear what we need to hear, as we learn more and more of this story of the formation of people that You brought out of slavery and into a land of promise and all of the drama that it took to get them there. And we see from a, from a wide perspective that this is our story. You have brought us out of slavery, You have invited us into a land of wholeness and promise and all of the drama that it takes for us to trust You, to get us there. And we’re sorry for that. We humble ourselves before You in this, recognizing that Scriptures become a mirror into our own lives and souls, we ask that You would lead us into all truth, and that we might be awake, alert and aware, that we are utterly dependent upon You, and we can trust You. There is no other. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Prayer and Encouragements:

Good day DABers, this is Possum calling from the UK. I’ve been listening to you, Brian and Jill and Ezekiel and China for about nine years now. So, I thank you for all you do. I’m ringing for a very good friend of mine called Angela. And she’s a dear sister in Christ, her husband Alan is fighting for his life on a life-support machine at present. They want to try and bring him around but each time they do, he gets destressed. So, I just want us to pray with that faith that Brian talked about, that if we can just touch the hem of Jesus, that lady had that faith, that she knew she’d be healed. So, I just now reaching out and touching Alan and just asking for that healing, that miracle in Jesus name. That he’d be well, and we can shout, thank You Lord. You healed him. I pray for this in Jesus name. I also pray for Angela and the family for their wisdom and strength in making decisions. And I pray that they make the right decisions. And I pray for the peace that will surpass all understanding be unto them, as they sit there and wait. Father God, You are a good God. I love you; I adore You, I worship You. You are everything to me. And I know that You’re everything to Angela and Alan. So, please Lord, I’m begging at the hem, heal in Jesus name.

Hi, it’s Shannon from Texas. And this is a very hard call for me to make. But I’m just going to do it anyway. I need some prayers, all the prayers I can get for my son Jay-drean. Who, you guys have been helping me pray for since, I think it was like 2014, when I first started calling in. And really rough, you know, up until he went, I just moved from __parting the gates of heaven with prayer for him for deliverance. 2020, or 2021 he went into a jail rehab, and he had ___ and then he came out and it made a difference, it was a like a miracle. And it appears that now, he’s back using again. And it’s like I fought so hard, I know it’s not my battle to fight but I’m his parent so it’s like, I don’t know how to take that on. I just believe in warfare, and I pray so hard and it’s like okay, and then it’s like but now it’s not. So, it’s just, it’s a lot emotionally, it’s a lot, it’s just a lot. And but the good thing is with my grandson, Stacy, and that’s just my number one priority at this time. And you know, drugs are just you know, that demon it has to go back to hell well it came from. And that’s what I’m believing. I’m believing that this will not due to the fullness. I think it’s something that just started with a new job. And I just wish it …

Good morning, I just heard Brian’s commentary from February 24th about what Jesus said that what makes a person unclean come from within the heart. Brian went on to say that we worry about our outward appearance rather than what’s going on from within. As of the 1st of January, I felt the Lord impressing upon me to start drinking alcohol. I never thought I was overdoing it but it wasn’t until Brian mentioned that it’s from within, what’s going on inside our heart is what really matters. The Holy Spirit helped me put two and two together. I have been masking so many sad areas of my past, both distantly and recently. This past year has just been horrendous. I guess I might have been trying to cover up that sadness by medicating myself with the alcohol. And trying to be someone who I’m not. I was covering up that hurt. My prayers not only for myself but anyone out there who is hurting and maybe doesn’t even know that it, it’s from a deeply seeded hurt in your heart. Maybe you’ve been trying the new diet, the new work out, the new makeup, drug or drink of choice. I’m finding out that this is not a fix up. It’s not out there but it’s in there. It’s in the heart. The heart needs to be changed. God, please help me and anyone else who finds themselves in a time of confusion of why we have so much anger, rage, sexual sin or any of those sins that Jesus was talking about. I pray that His light will flood us with His peace, His clarity, His restoration and forgiveness. Give rid of the fake Lord and bring back the real, joy of our salvation.

Hello, I’m having one of those days. This is Minita from Lombard. Once in a great while, I get sad and I know the Lord is with me, I just need His strength. But Tracy, I know it’s hard. But you are in my prayers. May the Lord restore your marriage. You have a lot of people praying for you. But today, I’m really sad you know. Sometimes, sadness comes upon me, I have to call out to the Lord. I was married for 35 years, 37 in total with one man faithfully to him. And my case is different. We were pastors and while I was taking care of his parents at home, because I couldn’t take them to church. He got close to the church secretary and he’s still with her. It’s been almost four years that we’ve been divorced. And today, I see pictures once in a while, it’s the devil, cause I don’t look for it, it just happens, and I see them together. I assume they’re married; you know. There’s no hope for me to be with him. There’s no way that I will accept him in my life ever. Well, they’re together, they’re married so that’s okay. You know, Lord help them. But yeah, say a prayer for me because it do saddens me. You know, I’ve been single. I’m not remarried yet. God bless you and thanks for praying.

Hello Daily Audio Bible. This is Sinner and Saint calling in from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I heard a young woman call in who is pregnant and has gestational diabetes and now her blood pressure is going up. And I wanted to pray for you, my young sister, as well, as tell you that I had increased blood pressure towards the end of my pregnancy, and I got hospitalized so that I could lay low and not even sit up because the doctor just wanted me to be able to wait out some time for the baby to further develop his lungs. Anyhow, I want you to not be afraid and so, I’ll say a prayer. Dear Father, please be with this young woman in her pregnancy and please help her to have a safe and wonderful delivery and a wonderful life with the new baby. Please help her to not be overwhelmed about what needs to be done because babies just need hugs and love and somewhere to sleep. Lord, we ask You for Your blessing and Your peace and Your calm and Your joy for this, for this young woman. We love you Jesus and in Jesus name we pray. Amen.