2/25/2023 DAB Transcript

Leviticus 16:29-18:30, Mark 7:24-8:10, Psalm 41:1-13, Proverbs 10:15-16

Today is the 25th day of February, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is fantastic to be here with you today, from the rolling hills of Tennessee. All gathered around the Global Campfire today, regardless of where we are on planet Earth. It is a joy; it is a privilege that we have this place that we can gather together like this. And so, wonderful, wonderful to be here with you today, as we take the next step forward. The next step leads us back into the book of Leviticus, and today we will read chapter 16 verse 29 through 18 verse 30.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We thank You for another week. We’ve been able to spend in Your word, we thank You for these transition days coming back from the land of the Bible that we are reading about in the Bible. Thank You for all of Your graciousness and kindness, Your patience, Your unstoppable love for us. And we ask that You lead us forward, on the narrow path that leads to life, lead us into all truth, lead us deeper into intimacy with You. We pray, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I will be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

My DAB community, all of you who are faithful to pray, who called in, who do not call in that you still pray to all of our faithful men and women who are incarcerated that faithfully pray for our prayer request. I am asking you to lock shields with me and pray for my daughter Tricia. I cannot tell the situation because she has asked me not to, but she doesn’t want to live anymore. So, I’m asking for all of you to pound the floors of heaven, lift up your voices for my daughter, thank you so much.

Hi DAB, this message is for Neil in the North Georgia mountains. I also live in Georgia myself. And I heard your story and I wanted to pray for you and your wife and your family. I heard everything you said and it’s rather heartbreaking. But God is able, He’s able to restore the years that the locust that conquered in Eden, that’s what is promised in Joel. So, I just prayed for Neil and his wife, Lord, that You would convict her even now, Lord, that You would help her, oh God, heal from past wounds and hurts, oh God. Father, that she will find counseling, Godly counseling that will help her oh God, to be able to move forward from this hurt, Lord. Lord, I pray oh God, in the name of Jesus, that You would give Neil wisdom and how to pray and how to reach out to his wife, oh God. Lord, we believe that You’re a miracle working God, You’re able to restore. Father, we trust You oh God, to do the impossible. We pray for his family, for his children. Lord, I pray even now oh God, that every single person in that family will have an encounter, a true encounter with You and they will never be the same. Father, thank You for restoration. You’re a God of redemption and I just thank You for what You will do, Lord. I stand in faith with Neil, this morning, and I ask You God that You would intervene in that situation, that You would restore that marriage, that You will deliver this sister oh God, from oppression Lord. The Bible says in John 10:10 that the…that the thief has come to steal, kill and destroy. But You have come to give us life and give us life more abundantly. I pray for that abundant life for this family. In the name of Jesus. And I pray that the joy of the Lord will be Neil’s strength oh God, that You would fill him oh God, today, with the Holy Spirit. Father, that he can find joy and peace in You. In Jesus name. Amen.

Hey, Daily Audio Bible, this is Blood on the Beach. And this is my third time trying to do this so, hopefully third times a charm, right. Another Biblical number to choose. So, I’m just banking on number three here. I think the enemy doesn’t want this prayer request out there. But I’m just sitting here really grateful for these past, almost two solid years, reading through the Bible two times. I started mid-year, two years ago. And just blessed and to see how far my life has come and my walk has come to Jesus because of this community. So, thank you, Brian, and the community and your family, for everything. But I’m just desiring that for my husband, Colin. I know that he is a little more intermittent, maybe not so much, maybe Bible focused. A little more podcast or sermon or short devotional base, which are all great, but I just know, and I know all you community members, family out there know just how deep this goes. And how wonderful it is, and I want this for my husband. And I want to see what will happen as he digs in. If he is so willing. So, please be praying that he will download this app. That he will follow through when I suggest it. And that he just gets into a rhythm, that he stays with it, when it gets difficult. Because we all know it’s pretty hard there in the beginning. But oh, so sweet now, right. And I’m only about two years in, I know it’s just gonna keep getting sweeter. But I don’t want us to waste any more time. I want us to be listening and reading the Bible together, separately right now. And hopefully, one day, doing it together. So, please pray for my husband Colin and getting in the Bible.

Hello, my DAB family. This is Jamie in New Jersey, Standing on the Word of God. I humbly ask you to please pray with me. Dear Father in Heaven, thank You for another day. Thank You for the time You have given us on earth. Father, we pray You continue to pray You shape us and mold us into the men and women of God You want us to be. Help us to stay on Your paths. Help us to shine as Your lights in this world. Father, You know our struggles, and everything that comes against us, that tries to challenge our faith. We ask that You would remind us that if You are for us, nothing can stand against us. Remind us that nothing is impossible with You. Father, You know our hearts and all those things we are praying for. You know just where we need the miraculous to happen in our lives and those that we love. Give us the ability to endure and wait on Your perfect timing. Help us to see where You are already working, help us to recognize the miracles You have already made happen in our lives. Help us to remain faithful to You in our circumstances. Father, our lives are in Your hands. We want nothing but Your will for every aspect of our lives. And we trust in Your goodness, mercy and love. Give us manifestations of all that You have for us today. We pray in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you for praying along with me, my brothers and sisters. I love each and every one of you. Have a good night.

This is Julie and Chris from Texas. And we are calling in response to the call that came in maybe a few weeks back where a lady was asking for couples to call in and pray together. And our wedding day falls on the 19th of the month. So, we, Chris and I, have committed to call in the 19th of every month and pray together so, that is what we’re doing. Thank you for that challenge sister. Lord, we thank You for this community, we thank You for the blessing it is to all of us around the globe, Lord. And Lord, that You surround us with Your presence Lord, and so this community comes around each other, Lord, and we thank You for that example that You are and the blessing it is to us. We pray Your compassion be in our hearts for one another and that faithfulness and that goodness that You showed to us Lord, that it would be multiplied and work through us toward one another and that we would see, just an outpouring of Your Spirit, Lord. We thank You for Your faithfulness. Amen. We love you guys. Be blessed.