7/16/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Chronicles 22:1-23:32, Romans 3:9-31, Psalm 12:1-8, Proverbs 19:13-14

Today is the 16th day of July, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian, it is wonderful to be here with you today as we draw near to the close of another week. But no matter what time demarcation we are paying attention to or traveling to, we’re ultimately taking the next step forward together and that next step will lead us back into the book of first Chronicles in the Old Testament and of course, we are in the letter to the Romans in the New Testament. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week, first Chronicles chapters 22 and 23 today.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We thank You for another week, another week to be in Your word, another week to walk together, another week has passed us by and we are grateful, each and every week for how You speak into our lives, through the Scriptures. We are humbled, we are grateful and we are tasked with being obedient. And so, Holy Spirit, come, how can we, in our own strength accomplish anything that is offered to us. We accomplish by yielding over to You, Your authority in our lives and obeying You and the comfort that that brings, knowing that this is the path that me was walk in and so plant what we’ve read into the soil of our hearts. Help us to see the weeds that are sprouting up that they may be pulled out. Help us to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit, in our lives, yielding a harvest. Not only that transforms the way that we live but transforms life all around us. We pray this in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hi, DAB family, my name is Betty and I’m calling from Hamburg, New York. I’ve been a long-time listener and love my Daily Audio Bible family. A couple of years back my son Nathan, needed prayer. He had a mental breakdown sort of and he was in the hospital, quite a while. Well, we’ve had a bit of a relapse and he is in hospital again in somewhat of a catatonic state. And I’m just reaching out for prayer again on his behalf that he will have a quick recovery and that’ll him come through this closer to the Lord. He’s a little bit of a fighter in that arena. Thank you, people, for praying. You’re a wonderful family.  

Hi, DABers, I’m just calling to just pray a prayer of protection. I just feel that the enemy is really mad right now and that he’s trying to do anything he can to…to thwart us from moving forward and you know what that means? That means, that we are on the right path. So, stay strong DABers. I am just so thankful for all of you and for all of the people who are…are calling in know that…that God is for you, that whenever there is a persecution that is God saying yes, because you are about to get promoted in the Spirit. So, we thank You God, we thank You God for promotions in the Spirit and in the super-natural God, that You can do, you can do anything. And so, we just thank You and I just ask for prayer for this break-through. I am, a decision is being made today. So, I am going to be part of a mastermind entrepreneurship program and this is a huge promotion for me. And it’s like I’ll be surrounded by you know, masterminds. I mean, who am me, who am me. Haha, I’m an English teacher, can you tell? Anyway, who am I? I’m just this little girl, yeah, standing in the kingdom, kingdom entrepreneurship. And this door is opening so I just thank you guys. I just ask that, that I would get in, yeah. In Yashua’s name. Thank you, friends.

Hi family, this is Gordon. I’m calling you because I just listened to today’s message on July 13th and it was about where am I going and if I’m obedient. And for the first time after 18 years, I’m going to be, I put in my resignation, my career path. I’m very scared because I am leaving to start something for anew. And I need to make sure that this is in God’s will and direction. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s just a career choice or whether it be more other series family choices. I think that I need to let God be involved in this decision. I want to make sure it’s in His will, where I’m supposed to go. And I need your prayers so that God can give me that direction. I don’t move without Him telling me where to go first. But I don’t want to do this on my own and do it wrong. So, if you could pray for me, I’d appreciate that. Thank you.

Hello my DAB family. And I’m calling in response to a oh my gosh, I guess I called a combination of a prayer request and praise at the same time but like, all right. There’s a woman who called in today. I heard this message on the 13th of July, so it may have been a few days ago. And I believe she, she didn’t identify her name but your car was broken into and you also reminded me that there’s a trucker gentleman we’ve been praying for that he was broken into as well and identity stolen. You mentioned when someone broke into your car and your identity was stolen and oh my gosh, you touched my heart so much. Because right away, you’re praying for the person who broke into your car. Like, if they need something so badly that they had to break in and you’re praying for them. Oh man, thank you, thank you for that. Thank you for your prayer. And yes, of course, praying for you as your identity was stolen. Years and years ago this happened to me. This is not about me I’m just empathizing with you. But you said, you know what, our identity is in Christ. Our identity is in Jesus Christ. Oh, so true, praise God. And yet, with that, yes we do pray for you, yes, in the name of Jesus, as our identities are stolen, that it not be used for the bad and all the obvious implications that can come from this, I lift my prayer for you. With our fellow DABers in Jesus name. He will have his protection, his loving protection