09/20/2020 DAB Transcript

Isaiah 33:10-36:22, Galatians 5:13-26, Psalms 64:1-10, Proverbs 23:23

Today is the 20th day of September welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you as we…as we step into a brand-new week and like we often mention, it’s sparkly and shiny and new, and it’s out in front of us. And, so, let’s live into it with all of our hearts this week. We will read from the Contemporary English Version throughout this week and continue our journey through the book of Isaiah. Today chapters 33 verse 10 through 36 verse 22.


Father we thank You for Your word and we thank You for the threshold of a brand-new week that we are stepping into. We thank You for Your faithfulness. We thank You for Your kindness, we thank You for Your patience. With all humility, we humble ourselves before You. You alone are God and You alone will we worship. And, so, as we go into this new week, we set our hearts and our affections upon You. Come Holy Spirit we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Oh, my goodness father God thank you and bless Kathy from Kentucky and all 12-Step members, Celebrate Recovery members and all of us needing physical hugs and loving touches Lord. In Your supernatural way we ask that by the power of the Holy Spirit that You would fill our hearts, fill our needs and desires to tactfully fill Your loving presence if it be Your will Father that You would renew and refresh us in our faith and continue to use this DAB community as a portal of Your love. We lift up each and every DABber to You this day Lord. Thank You for all You have done, are doing, and will do through us, for us and in us. To You be all glory and honor and praise Father. Pour out Your wisdom, comfort, and love overflowing to all those we come in contact with so that we may overflow into others lives Lord. Thank you Lord for God’s Smile and Peter. Bless them and keep them. God Smile you brought such a great smile to my life today. You and Peter were having…on your joyride and you brought so much joy as I was walking in my backyard and looking at what the smoke has kind of done to that…to our forest here in Idaho. But Lord thank you for happiness and thank you for God’s Smile and Peter. And Lord continue to bless them and as they bring joy to us in the DAB community. I love you all of my family. In Jesus’ name. I love you. This is Julie from Idaho. Have a wonderful blessed day.

Good afternoon DAB family this is Lady of Victory on Wednesday, the 16th of September. I am calling in for Kathy from Kentucky. And Kathy what a blessing it was to hear from you to pray for the 12-Step program people. You know, a lot of times we forget about those people that are not in our immediate circle and I didn’t even think about, you know, people who are in groups like that, how in order to stay recovered they depend on the camaraderie of the group like you…like…like the 12 step. So, I imagine this would be hard. And then when you said the overdoses and the relapses and suicide that is taking place is just disheartening. And, so, God we come before You not only on behalf of Kathy but her 12-Step group and those that are just meeting around the country God in such a time as this because things are so different that it’s not…they’re not able to come together like they normally would to kind of keep them together and hold each other accountable. God I ask that You would just keep the hearts and the minds of those people Lord God so that they can recognize that God it wasn’t the people that were there it was You keeping them keeping them…keeping their hearts and their minds stayed on You and keeping them sober and recovered. So, Father I ask that You would just extend Your grace and Your mercy towards these people who are in these the 12-Step programs who are struggling God to continue in their sobriety. We know that You have the answers God and we ask that You would do it only You do when You step into a room.

Hello, my DAB family this is Melissa. My husband and children and I have been listening to the DAB for seven years now. I have never called in but have often prayed over the many requests. What a gift to realize the family of God we are in. We come to you now in desperate need of prayer support from our brothers and sisters. My husband is being wrongfully accused of molesting a relative many years ago. The accusation is based on a lie and we don’t know why they would accuse him of this. What is being claimed would put him in prison. We need your prayers to be rescued from these accusations, that the Chargers would be job and they would be complete healing in his family. We feel this is a spiritual attack and know the battle is the Lord’s. We seek to glorify the Lord in our thoughts and actions in the midst of this trial. Please pray with us. Thank you.

Good morning family audio Bible I am calling out of desperation. The Lord calls me Raised. I am being bullied at my job. For a long time, I’ve just been waiting and praying and fasting and asking the Lord what…how that I can make better but it’s just getting worse. I work with special needs children and I love my job and I love my children __ an unhealthy situation and job. Would you please pray for me? I’m being attacked at every side and I just need your prayers.

Hello, my DAB family it’s Friday __ the 17th. I called today to ask you all to pray for my family, my granddaughter. My granddaughter tested positive for the virus. Now I can’t go home on the weekends. I have to stay in this truck until she’s clear. If I go around her or if I’ve even been exposed, I don’t have any symptoms. I really fear that if I do get it I don’t believe…I don’t think I would come through the miracle due to the fact that I spent 15 years in the oil field around silica sand and breathing in that dust. So, I know I’ve got damaged my lungs, silicosis. There’s nothing that can be done about that. I don’t have a spleen. I’m scared. I’m scared for my family. I’m scared for having to it in this truck for God knows how long. Just ask you all to pray for us. And I keep you all in my prayers each and every one of you daily. Have a blessed day and thank you very much. This is Terry the trucker.

Hi Daily Audio Bible family this is All the Treasures from Wyoming with another urgent prayer request. We have a newborn baby named Breklin who was born the cord around her neck and she also aspirated amniotic fluid and then she started having seizures. She was airlifted to Denver for stabilization and we are asking for prayers for her to heal completely and that with there would be no deficits from the seizures or from the cord being wrapped around her neck and that her body would her lungs would clear out the amniotic fluid. Thank you all so much for praying. I’ll keep you updated.