08/22/2020 DAB Transcript

Job 4:1-7:21, 1 Corinthians 14:18-40, Psalms 37:30-40, Proverbs 21:27

Today is the 22nd day of August welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian. It is a joy and a pleasure and an honor to be here with you today as we reach the conclusion of another of the weeks that we get to share together this year. I think this is the…the end of the 33rd week of the year, give or take a few days. Anyway, we’re well underway in this voyage. Yesterday we began the book of Job, and we talked about that. We’re gonna continue that today. We’re reading from the expanded Bible this week. Job, chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 today.


Father, we thank you for your word. We thank you for another week on this adventure through the Scriptures in their entirety in community, what we call the Global Campfire, we thank you for bringing us this far. Every day of our lives You have been faithful and we are here and sometimes we need to remember that, we’re here, and that is because you have brought us here. And, so as we end another week and release it, because that’s all we can do and it becomes a part of our past, it becomes part of the story of our history, we are grateful for your faithfulness in our lives. Holy Spirit come, continue to lead us and guide us into all truth, lead us deeper into Jesus. Reveal the narrow path that leads to life that we might walk upon it every moment of our lives. We pray this in the mighty and majestic name of the Savior, Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Well hello my DAB family this is Mark Street from Sydney Australia today is the 15th __ of August __. I desperately need your prayer because of my health. I woke up this morning __ to hospital and I found out I’ve had a mini stroke. There’s still debating on what to do about it. I’m not…I’m not in fear of my life because I love God, but my family needs me. I want to be around to help them. So, could you please…please pray that the doctors will __ I’m healthy and get past the stroke. And I thought I was leading a healthy life, but they’ll teach me how to eat and be healthy and through God. Thank you family, I love you. Mark Street from Sydney Australia. Bye.

Heavenly Father I’m coming to You on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Christ are lost a child. I pray for those who one night find themselves tossing and turning weary but unable to rest. I pray for those laying in bed begging You for the oblivion of sleep but unable to hear You’re still small voice of the turning of the broken heart and the anguished screaming of the mind as they try to comprehend the incomprehensible. Lord they need to feel You near right now. In the absence of light and sound and activity let Your presence being made known to them. Let all the Scriptures they have hidden in their hearts begin to surface one by one. With each breath of Your word they exhale let them inhale Your piece. Help the Lord to count their blessings even in the midst of their overwhelming grief. Help them start with the blessing that is their child’s life however brief it may have been. Show them things they can be thankful for - true things, just things, pure things. Help them to turn away from the grief toward You. Let their tears be healing ones that wash away the sharp edges of their grief. If they seek solace in music let it be songs of worship that draw them closer to You. Take each wakeful moment and use it for Your glory and their good. Father I ask Your mercy upon those who walk this valley without You, who’s hope died with their child. Of us all Lord, they are the most wounded because their pain is not tempered with eternity. Draw them to Yourself Lord. Put one of Your children in their path, perhaps one of us that understand a portion of their pain that can lead them to You. I pray they will seek their answers from the only one who has them and may they find peace with You to be the only answer they need. I pray all these things or something better in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Hi this is Vickie from Arizona and I am excited. I just wanted to call and share a praise report because I had prayed about losing weight and I…I’m down 30 pounds today. So, I’ve been doing a diet and I’m excited because I had tried so many different things and nothing worked. So, I am just getting close to goal and my clothes are fitting me better and I’m just happy. So, sometimes you just gotta give a shout out to God when, you know, praise…pray and then praise. Because a lot of times we don’t share the victory. And I know I had called in about weight loss before. So, I wanted to share that victory because I feel like God is listening, He’s attentive to the cries of our heart, that He did say He’d never leave us nor forsake us and what’s important to us is important to Him. And sometimes I feel like we just focus on what we need instead of focusing on what He’s just given up. So, I just want to take this opportunity to give a shout out and just say thank you God for coming through, thank You God for always making a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way. Thank You for opening doors that we need opened and closing doors that need to be shut in our life. Thank You that You are always good, that You’re…You know us so intimately and so…so delicately God. I just thank You that You are an on time God and whatever we have need of Father God that You are making away, You are ordering our footsteps, that we are the apple of Your eyes, that we just…we just know that we love You Father, that God we just thank You for everybody who’s in a struggle today Father God I just lift them up to You and I ask You for victory. We just declare and decree victory over the Daily Audio Bible family in Jesus’ name. Amen. Have a blessed day.

Hello DAB family this is Bouncing Pouncing Love and Joy calling from Minneapolis Minnesota. My fiancé and I met young year ago yesterday. He introduced me to the DAB then and I have been listening faithfully ever since. I am thankful for the blessing Brian and all of you are in my life. Please pray for my fiancé Chris’s son Gabriel. He is 36 years old. A few months ago, he cut himself off from his family. Chris feels dishonored, heartbroken, and concerned for his son who suffers from PTSD and physical trauma from his three tours of active duty in the military. Please pray for peace for Chris and that the Lord would be working in Gabriel’s heart and mind to bring him to a life of obedience and faithfulness to his Father in heaven. Thank you for your prayers. God hears each one and we trust that Gabe will have a powerful testimony one day because God doesn’t do waste anything he allows us to walk through.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family this is Angel in Maryland I just want to thank Brian first for doing what you…you do. I’ve been listening since 2013 off and on and I picked it up again a few a few days ago and I’m celebrating because I’ve listened for 21 consecutive days. They say if you can do something for 21 days it’s a new habit. So, please pray for me family that I continue and that I actually end the year solid, having listened every day. But I do want to encourage the caller Daniel from Tennessee. He…he called…well it was on today’s recording, August 17th. But Daniel you have the five children and you’re a widower and your story really stood out to me because you described your current stable job as “depressing.” And I am in a very similar situation and you want to venture out and your own and I really identify with that. So, I just wanted to call in and encourage you because my birthday was actually August 13th and in that message Brian in the commentary kept repeating the phrase keep going and I felt that was for me on my birthday because several times over my life my dad has told me, you know, the phrase of the Maasai warrior, those of the warriors in Kenya that wear the beads on their necks, their rite of passage is the kill a lion with their bare hands and their motto is keep going. And that’s what’s keeping me going. So, in Jesus name you will be successful. In Jesus name I will be successful. So, stay encouraged Daniel. Amen.

Good day neighbors this is Lisa of the Encourager calling. I know I’ve been absent for quite some time now, but I did get everything done with my house after the tornado hit. And fortunately, everything worked out really well. So, I appreciate any and all of your prayers during that difficult time. And I’m calling to continue to pray this evening for all of your children in your lives and for whatever they’re going through. I just want to continue to pray for our children. And if you don’t have children your grandchildren or your nieces or nephews. So, I’m gonna start this off by praying for them. Dear Lord I thank you God so much for the Daily Audio Bible and what it means to all of us and the community that we have together. And I appreciate Lord Jesus the Daily audio Bible community and the love that they have that we share with each other. I want to pray for each one of them and their children Lord God and whatever situation they might be encountering whether that is illness and if it is going back to school with COVID and the stress or maybe it is staying home and working on schoolwork remotely or maybe it is a child that’s addicted to drugs or maybe it is a child that’s in prison or a teenager or young adult. I’m praying God that your hand will be upon each of them Lord and that you will bring victory in their lives in each one of these difficult situations and that your hand and love will be upon them. And I thank you Lord God so much…

Hey DAB family this is David the Beloved Child of God in Northern California and I’m calling on behalf of Barb in Alberta who called in and asked to pray for her adult children. So, let’s pray. I pray for my own adult children as well and all of those who have children. Lord we just pray for our kids. We ask that You would reach out to them, protect them, guard them, keep them safe in You Lord. Lord I heard Barb say that she wished she would’ve provided a greater foundation. Lord, You be their foundation, You be their stronghold, protect our children from this world, this culture that is screaming at them with all kinds of noise. Protect them from evil Lord. God we just ask that You will also give us peace and allow us to wait on You and trust You and know that You love them more than we love them. God, we ask that You would do a miracle and that we would see it, that we would see it’s Your hand involved. God, I pray for peace again. We need peace in this crazy mixed up world. God, I ask that You will give us wisdom and even boldness when we need it. Lord help us to love. Help us to love our kids only the way that You can love our kids God. Fill us with Your Spirit so that we can lead them closer into You and…and to just know how beautiful they are. God we thank You so much for allowing us to be parents and forgive us for the times that we break Your heart for the things that just seem to be leading us astray away from You. __ peace in Jesus’ name Amen.