08/02/2020 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 32:1-33:13, Romans 15:23-16:9, Psalms 25:16-22, Proverbs 20:16-18

Today is the 2nd day of August welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian and it’s great to be here with you as we step into a brand-new week right here at the top of a brand-new month. It’s all out in front of us this next month and this week that we have to live into. And it’s just a joy that each and every day we can reach these thresholds together marking another week in God’s word as we take the journey of a lifetime through the Bible. So, yeah, great to be here with you today. We’re gonna read from the Christian Standard Bible this week and continue our journey through the book of second Chronicles and the letter to the Romans. And before this week is out, we will have concluded both. In fact, we’re gonna be concluding both at the same time tomorrow, but today is today. So, we’ll read second Chronicles chapter 32 verse 1 through 33 verse 13 today.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for this new month and we thank You for this new week. And we…we find ourselves right here at the threshold of both month and week and so we take note of that. All things are new. This is a new month to live in. This is a new week to live into and we need You now more than ever and that’ll probably never not be our cry. We need You now more than ever, because the more we become aware of Your presence, the more we desire and know that we have no hope without You. And we thank You for Your word because it leads us into this posture where we can open ourselves to become aware of Your guidance and Your leadership and Your comfort in our lives. And, so, we consecrate this week to You. We dedicate set apart this month to You. We want to live into this with all of our hearts fully, fully embracing everything that You lead us to do so that we were Your hands and feet, so that, as we learn from the book of Romans, we…we became a living sacrifice available to You for Your service every day. So come Holy Spirit, we open ourselves to You. Well up from within us and lead us we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you there tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi this is Daniel calling in from Singapore and today I’d like to pray for America. So, if you’ll allow me. You know, there’s this really old song, this beautiful song that goes like this. It goes [singing starts] oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain. America, America, America God shed his grace on you and crown your good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea [singing stops]. America, we all love you around the world, we all love you and we are praying for you. Dear Lord, I just pray that You will pour out Your grace on this nation of many nations and these people made from many peoples. You pour out Your grace on them afresh and bind them all together with gentle __ of brotherhood of Your love. May they always be the nation that proclaims Your glory. I pray this in Jesus’ name.

__ righteousness. Dear Jesus, our Lord and King we praise You and thank You for by God’s doing we are in Christ Jesus and You are to us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. Lord please reveal to us anything that could hurt or lead us away from pleasing Your Father. Protect our heart, body, and soul so that we are armored against the enemy’s lies and attacks. Lord we believe in Your perfect righteousness. Only You Lord are perfect and Jesus perfect righteousness and work on the cross covers us. He paid all our debts. Lord thank You for helping us to be humble, gentle, loving, patient and to remember to think of others first. You take care of us and You give us the opportunity to be Your hands and feet and comfort and love others. Help us to be humble and appreciate everyone, to be You to them, full of love and forgiveness. Lord it is doing Your will not just reading Your holy word that matters. Lord may we remember what the Holy Spirit’s help that Your courage is given to us to put on Your breast plate of righteousness, to empower us to take off selfishness and put on kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, trust in You, peace joy and self-control. We pray this all Your precious prayering warriors. Amen.

Morning everybody this is God’s Smile here. Well I had a rocky night again like most nights. They’re pretty horrendous sometimes and I can do nothing but cry out. And I’m so thankful for the gift of Peter who prays through the night with me. This poor man who is my beautiful husband is up and he has to go to work too and he never moans, and he never complains and I’m so thankful. And, you know what? After a couple hours sleep, I woke up so fresh. Isn’t God so good. I’d like to pray for Soaring on Eagles Wings and for anybody who is in pain and especially nerve pain. Father God we thank You for Soaring on Eagles wings. We thank You for Jesus. Lord we can come to know of it, but You, Your name is written in our hearts. Lord Your name and Your blood covers us and heals us in mind, in emotion, in spirit and in body. Father God we lift her up to You and we would ask that You would touch those nerves Father that are fizzling away that are hurting, causing pain. Dear Lord, would You keel, would You touch, would You kiss away the pain Father God, that she may know Your comfort when she cries out Your name and Your name alone Lord. May that name be powerful in that moment and would that name minister Your will to heal her. In Jesus’ name we pray. Lord Jesus, give her peace to cope while she waits on You, while she waits upon Your precious name in the mighty name of Jesus we ask. And we thank You for Your love. Goodbye everybody. Kiss kiss.

Hi this is a prayer for Mike and his daughter who is a heroin addict I believe and he’s…she’s expecting, and she has already lost two other children. And this is also a prayer I have for the anonymous father who I believe is hearing about abuse that’s going on with his child possibly by the mother. He doesn’t say who Lord but both these men I am praying this prayer. It’s Psalm 25. To you Lord we lift up their souls. In you they trust O God. Do not let them be put to shame nor let their enemies try and __ them. No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame. The Lord confides to those who fear Him. He makes His covenant known to them. And it goes on to say, turn to me and be gracious to me for I am lonely and afflicted. Yes, dear Lord these men have such heart and a passion for their daughters, and we ask You Lord to honor that and heal them, whatever has to be healed and protect their daughters. And this one woman whose expecting that little baby, Lord we ask that You would protect it. And the troubles of their hearts have multiplied. And we ask You to free them from their anguish. Look upon their afflictions and their distress and take away all their sins. See how my enemies have increased and how fiercely they hate me. Guard their lives and these children’s lives Lord Jesus and rescue them and do not put them to shame for I take…they take refuge in You. May integrity and uprightness protect them because our hope is in You. Redeem Israel of God and redeem these children and these fathers Lord Jesus and protect them and guide them. We thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. In Jesus’ precious name we pray. Amen.

Hi Daily Audio Bible this is My Joy is Full from London and I just want to pray for __ Jackie I just heard you on the community prayer line just praying for joy and I am here agreeing with you. So, heavenly Father I just want…I’m just praying that You give her back her joy Lord. She’s seeking You in this time. She knows that she’s struggling, she knows that she’s supposed to seek You and that’s what she’s doing Lord. And, so, with each day that she spends time with You, comes closer to You, may You fill her with joy. May her joy be so complete Lord. May she be a light to everyone in her life, everyone around her Lord. Give her sense of peace, that anxiety, depression will not overrule her life in Jesus’ name. That the peace will overcome, that she will not stress, will not worry but she will take each day in stride knowing that You are God and You are her Father Lord. And I just ask that You be with her and continue to help her, heal her, heal her mind Lord, heal her feelings, heal her worries. And, yeah, just transform her so that she then becomes a light to other people. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.