07/28/2020 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 21:1-23:21, Romans 11:13-36, Psalms 22:1-18, Proverbs 20:7

Today is the 28th day of July welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is…it is great to be here with you today to come…to come around the Global Campfire, to just kinda come in from whatever you’re doing and all the obligations and responsibilities and the swarm of stuff that has to get done, to just set it aside for second, leave it at the threshold here as we walk around the Global Campfire. We can pick it…pick it all back up if we want to later but we usually can leave this place of serenity with a lot better perspective for having just let it go for a few minutes and allowing God’s word to wash in and remind us of the things that we forget all the time and just allow God to speak through His word. So, let’s dive in. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week and continuing our journey through the letter to the Romans in the New Testament and the book of second Chronicles in the old. So, we’ll read second Chronicles chapters 21, 22, and 23 today.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for Psalm 22 today, a Psalm that we can read and go, “well this is pretty…this is kind of a downer, this is kind of depressing. This doesn’t end well. Like this…this doesn’t turn around and put a bow on top of it make it all good.” It’s just articulating the pain of life sometimes, “my God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” And we confess that we have felt that way at times. And yet, what we’re reading is thousands of years old, penned by King David. He felt this way at times. These were the words You uttered from the cross, Jesus. And, so, even though this Psalm doesn’t tie off in a nice bow it does tell us we’re not alone. And one thing that it certainly does do is give us words and language; language of honesty, of vulnerability, of telling the truth. David said, “You brought me safely from my mother’s womb and led me to trust You at my mother’s breast. I was thrust into Your arms at my birth. You have been my God from the moment I was born. Don’t stay so far from me. Trouble is near. Nobody else can help me.” Thank You for those words of honesty because they articulate how it feels at times. Thank You for giving us permission to be honest because this is the first step in being true. And so often we would just burry these things. We wouldn't…we wouldn’t dare say these things…we bury these things. And, so, we chase all kinds of distractions and that doesn’t fix it. It just like kicks the can down the road a little bit. We have felt overwhelmed and helpless Lord. Most of us have probably had that feeling some…at some point in this year. Some of us are feeling that right this very, very minute. And, so, we’re being honest here and the great lesson is that our honest worship before You, isn’t just to jump up and down and get all whipped up and sing about Your power and how You’re gonna beat up the bad guys. And our worship is in these times too, maybe even more importantly in these times where things aren’t making sense anymore in this world or in our circumstances. You aren’t inviting us to ignore these things or disavow these things or pretend that these things don’t happen. You’re inviting us to be honest and it is such a relief to know that we can be honest with You. And, so, Holy Spirit well up from within us, give us the language that we need, the language of surrender, the language of worship in spite of it all, the language that will remind our hearts that You are within us, You will not abandon us, we can never escape from Your Spirit. No matter where we run You are there and make us aware of Your presence in all that’s going on. And that You are always with us, we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hello DAB family this is Teresa Whom the Son has Set Free from Canada and it’s been years since I call in. Sorry about that. I have been listening and praying along with you all. I need to ask my family for prayer for my daughter’s. They are struggling with alcohol and drugs. I received a call from the police the other day about my youngest being in the hospital after trying to commit suicide and then the oldest is calling me saying that she needs help. These two girls are mothers of young children. I have been through this before as I called in over eight years ago on this. I was grazing my grandchildren and whom since I’ve returned them back to their mother. My prayer is that Jesus set them free like He did me from addiction. I asked Him into my heart, and I was delivered and set free from alcohol and drugs myself. Now, I know he can do this for them. So, please join me in this spiritual battle that I’m under for my children. My son also but he’s gone into rehab so that is a “praise the Lord.” Any who, I want to also say…wow…Annette from Oklahoma, when I heard your voice, I had a smile on my face. I missed you girl. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard your voice. I want to give a shout out also to James the teacher and Joe the police officer. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard their voices as well. So, thanks dabblers. And yeah, I want to put…I’m gonna call in a lot more. I miss the family. I feel alone. And with you people, you know, the prayers and praise and Biola I love “in Jesus’ name.” I feel the power behind that voice of yours. I just want you’s all to join me in the deliverance of my children because this is…it’s awful when you start getting phone calls saying they’re in the hospital and they’re doing stupid things to themselves. Anyways. Thank you, guys. God bless you.

Hi Daily Audio Bible family this is Avery calling for the first time. I’ve never done this before, and I just want to thank you all so much for the way that you have…take care of each other and pray for one another. This community has really spoken into my heart in ways that I never thought was possible. I was looking for an audio Bible and I found this one and it’s exactly what I needed. I’ve been in a dry spell as most of you know who listen. It’s hard to discipline ourselves and sit and read so that’s why we listen and it’s been such a joy to hear all of your voices and it’s very sobering to know that there are so many believers out there and all of us have our struggles. And mine lately has been just, I feel like I’m kind of stuck in my job. I’ve been rotating shifts for 5 ½ years. I am tired and I just finished Bible college and I feel very much called into ministry. My fiancé and I both believe that we are called to serve in some capacity or another and we’re really excited to pursue that, but it just feels like everything is stopped in time and I’m thankful I’m employed, I really am. I know so many people don’t have jobs and my prayers go out to you. But I do feel like my call is in ministry and I’m just…I’m…my patience is…it’s bad. And I know my ministry is where I’m at. I understand that to some extent, but I do know that God is calling us into full-time ministry and I just ask that you’d please pray with me to continue to have patience and to seek out the Lord and to do what I need to do to prepare my heart for when that day comes that He calls us into ministry. Thank you all so much. My love and prayers goes out to all of you. And be blessed in Jesus name.

Hey DAB family I wanted to thank Brian for unpacking Romans lately, particularly July 21st. Brian that summary was amazing. You said, “because of Jesus whom God raised from the dead who fulfilled the law then our faith as with Abraham, our faith in God through Jesus obliterates the sin issue. It’s not supposed to be the thing, sin, that we focus on anymore.” And then you went on and said, “and yet don’t we go on and live our lives under some cloud of accusation and condemnation, don’t we know our failures every single day and drag them around like chains around our ankles or weights on our shoulders or clouds over our heads?” And the answer for me was, yeah, I spend way too much time under the cloud of condemnation instead of under the freedom that Jesus has already one for me. And, so, I’m taking up that challenge that you offered. I’m gonna do the experiment, change the way that I deal with sin. I will be quick now to repent, ask for forgiveness, receive it and then move on and switch from being remorseful and…and…and sin focused and, “O, I did it again” to praising the Lord and, “God what do you want to do next with me?” So, I just wanted to also say that Nehemiah 8:10 says, “the Lord, the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Don’t let the enemy keep you in sin consciousness and steal your joy because it steals your strength too and it’ll also reduce the light of your countenance. And people won’t want to come to you and ask for, “hey, what’s the Good News” if you’re gloomy looking. So, we can do it family. Let’s do it. Let’s take that challenge Brian offered. Love you all. Peace.

I know the plans that I have for you
plans not to harm but to prosper you
behold I am making all things new
return to me and I’ll return to you
what an awesome promise from our Lord
that I, even I can be restored
sins forgiven past ignored
blessings in and on me poured
God I’m so glad that you’re not like men
because your more patient with me than my most patient, patient friend
because I return to you again and again
and again and again I return to my sin
and not to sin some mistaken airing away
but blatantly disobedient day after day
forgive me father please forgive me now
because I do want to serve you please show me how
because I read your word I fast I pray
and I still fall short every single day
and that’s why I thank you for your mercy and your grace
for your open arms and your smiling face
for letting me know that even though I fail
victories mine and I will prevail
and I thank you for telling me every day Father
the battle is not yours
because I still need help staying out of those revolving doors
because even though I’m out of Egypt he’s still in me
and even though there are no bars walls or chains I know I’m still not free
father give you more of your Holy Spirit
I love your voice and I long to hear it
and one more thing father grant me please
an open broken heart on bended knees

blindtony1016@gmail.com. And once again Brian and the Hardin family thank you for this wonderful podcast for God’s Holy Spirit to flow. Keep it flowing y’all. All right. Bye-bye.

This is Psychiatrist from California. I am wanting to say thank you to all of the DAB family for being here and showing me your faith and journey with God. It’s been a blessing to know that I’m not alone or unique in suffering but rather unique in the way God created me and who I am. I’d like to pray for my family as we go through this grieving process of losing my dad and we are trying to figure out how to bury him and have a memorial in this time of COVID. Also, I’d like to pray for my cousin’s children who are both atheists and living in ways are harmful to themselves and that they find Jesus and find belief in God who can save them. And I’d like to pray for my friend Sherry whose brother died just before COVID set and the grief that she and her family are going through, his two little kids and wife that have survived him and are trying to make sense of life. Thank you DAB family and thank you God. I love you. Amen.

Hello, my DAB family I’ve come to you today because my family needs covered in prayer as my brother Keith is sick with the coronavirus. They’re not sure if they’re going to have to intubate him, but he’s scared, and I’m scared too. He’s the only family I have left. Please cover him in prayer, that he gets better and according to God’s will. Thank you all and have a good day.