07/27/2020 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 19:1-20:37, Romans 10:14-11:12, Psalms 21:1-13, Proverbs 20:4-6

Today is the 27th day of July welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is a joy and a pleasure to be here with you today as we…as we get going in this new week of ours, this last week of this 7th month of the year. So, let’s live into it fully and take the next step forward for today allowing God’s word to speak into our lives. We’re reading through the book of second Chronicles, which we will continue to do throughout this week. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Second Chronicles chapters 19 and 20 today.


Okay. So, as we’re moving through the book of second Chronicles we come to the story of King Jehoshaphat and a part of that story today is a story we probably pretty much can all relate to, maybe even more so like in these…in this particular strange year than ever before. It’s like what was happening was that Jehoshaphat, the king, was a reforming king and…and he had…was like a second-generation leading people back to God but three armies from the other side of the Dead Sea decided to become allies to destroy Israel, And, so, they cross over the Dead Sea and kinda gather at En-gedi, which is an oasis in the desert where freshwater is and prepare to like, you know, attack and destroy Jerusalem. So, word gets to the king and the king realizes, “like this is pretty grave. Like, there’s no way that we can defend ourselves against this or like three nations against us with a vast army”, right? And, so, we feel that way at times, like just the way the circumstances have aligned themselves, a bunch of stuff is flying at us all at the same time. And like if it were just one thing, maybe we could try to handle it while keeping life going. But all these things coming down at the same time, it’s like overwhelming, right? So, that’s kind of how they’re feeling, as a nation and that’s how we can feel at times. So, king Jehoshaphat getting this news these armies are coming against him, he’s horrified by it. But when we’re facing similar circumstances, maybe not on a national level, but, you know, when it’s like everything is imploding in our lives and there’s so many things flying at us that we cannot maintain any of them, we feel the same hopelessness, like this…we’re just terrified by it all, we’re panicking. We’re running in every direction, wasting all of our precious energy just trying to figure out what to do, but not actually really getting anywhere. And that’s kind where the story may be diverges because Jehoshaphat didn’t do that. Like, he didn’t just get frantic and start building makeshift walls and defensive positions and getting all the Army together and figuring out whether he needed to surrender or figure out like what kind of treasures they needed amass and give to this vast horde to get them to go away, some kind of negotiation for peace. Instead, he basically got down on his knees and begged the Lord to tell him what to do. And he called all the people together for a fast before God so that they could seek the direction of the Lord, “what do we do?” This is like the first response not the last response. And, so, often in our lives, like getting down on our knees before God and asking Him for guidance and what to do in this situation, like that’s the last-ditch effort, throw our hands up and say I have exhausted myself, I don’t want to do. But in this case, the king starts there even in a worshipful attitude. He’s like, “we can cry out to You to save us, and You will hear us and rescue us. O our God, won’t You stop them? We are powerless against this mighty army that’s about to attack us. We don’t know what to do. We’re looking to You for help.” And, so, kind of in this posture where the king has humbled himself and called the people together to seek God, and everyone is humbling themselves before the Lord, then this….the…the word of the Lord comes through Levite and he’s like, “listen. Listen, this is what the Lord says, ‘don’t be afraid. Don’t be discouraged by all this…this mighty army. The battle isn’t yours. The battle’s God. So, march out and take your positions and watch the Lord fight His battle. This isn’t your battle. Watch what He will do.’” And we read what happened. They marched out and they started to sing worship to God and the next thing that they knew all the armies that had marched in unity toward the destruction of Jerusalem decided to go to war with each other and they destroyed each other while the armies of Israel watched. So, in our own lives, I mean, there are times where we feel pretty surrounded by it all and pretty overwhelmed by it all and there’s no way out. And all these feelings that are described in this story we can understand on an individual basis. And, you know, we can…we can exhaust ourselves trying to fight our own battle even though we know it’s a losing battle or we’re gonna realize that we’re going to have to surrender, but not the enemy, to God. And part of surrendering to God is letting go of the expectations of what’s supposed to happen. We can exhaust ourselves trying to fight these battles. And we have an outcome in mind that we can’t achieve. And, so, we throw our hands up and surrender to God so that He will achieve what we could not, what we want Him to do. That’s not surrender though. Surrendering is saying, “I am nothing. I have nothing. I am powerless. I surrender to you, which means I surrender what I think is supposed to happen. I surrender to your guidance, your leadership and your will. I’m letting go. Wherever you’re going I’m going.” And it’s pretty remarkable what can happen when we surrender those expectations. In the case of Jehoshaphat and Israel, they just became spectators and watched the enemy destroy itself.


Father, we certainly invite You into that because we can relate. All of us can relate on some level. And some of us are in that position right now. And, so, Your word is speaking like volumes right now. And, so, Father, we invite You into all the things that are going on. Surrender is something that we must master but it is hard to master. And, so, Holy Spirit help us. Help us to see. Help us to turn to You first before we exhaust ourselves and have come into a place of complete panic and we turn to You first before all of that frantic use of energy is wasted. Instead, may we worship You, may we press into You, may we surrender to You with all of our energy, with all of our hearts and watch what You will do. Come Holy Spirit into this we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

H family this is His Little Cherry in Canada and I had to call. I just had to because Brian read in Romans 8, one of my favorite verses about the spirit of adoption by which we cry, Abba Father and Brian explained that that means poppa, daddy, it’s just a very intimate childlike word. And that has come to mean so much to me. At the beginning of this year when my health just tanked and I began to have really serious symptoms of MS I was scared to death and I just felt like I was having my own little personal pandemic because it was confusing, it was chaos, I didn’t know what was going to happen. The worst-case scenarios were going through my mind and fear gripped me. And all of my words were stripped away, and I found myself praying, I found myself praying one word, daddy, daddy. And it came from just a naked vulnerable desperate place. And I think in some ways that was a really good thing. I mean I’m all about words, I love poetry, I’ve always loved language and I’ve loved to connect to God through articulate prayers. I’ve loved reading other people’s profound thoughts and…but when I got sick and still to this day all of that is gone. All of it is gone and what I have left is what really matters. Daddy.

This is Mike from Redding California I’d like you all to pray for my daughter Annie. She’s a heroin addict and today’s her birthday. She’s 30 years old. She’s pregnant, six months I believe. Been praying for her for a long time. She’s already lost three children. She told me that if she loses this kid that she’s gonna kill herself. And I’m just praying for…like you all to join me in praying for her to…for God to change her heart and for her to go into recovery and start a new chapter of her life. It’s heartbreaking. She came to my house a couple days ago crying and wanting help. So, I took her in and unfortunately, I had to go out of town for work and she left. And I’m just so heartbroken. It’s…it’s like having a child that’s passed on that is a ghost somewhere and you don’t get to see or communicate with. It’s horrible. Please pray for her. God bless you all. I thank God for the Daily Audio Bible. I thank this community Lord. I just ask you to bless all the DABbers. God thank you so much for Your Word, and Your presence, your Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hello family, Drew from the Bay Area. Hey, I was trying to call in, but I knew the road noise was just gonna be bad. I’m running into work here. I live in the East Bay and I’m calling in today to tell you that I live in a world of confusion over here. The Oakland outlaws, the unrest, the homelessness. And mainly this call’s for Byron. Byron, praying for you brother. I’m praying for you, your mom, your brother and I’m throwing you a rope of faith my brother. I want you to imagine those ropes that we climbed and where we had to do a physical education test. I wanted you to imagine coming all the way for the Bay Area to you in Florida and beyond. It just wraps around the world and everybody can grab a hold of it. Remember that God is a God of love of faith, grace, and he’ll provide everything you need and the endurance. He says that all things work together for good. All! That’s everything. So, I want you to imagine that for our life and this life here, our days here in the Daily Audio Bible. I want you to imagine a piece of tape over here in Oakland and the rest of it, that rope going around and around the world, that’s eternity. So, one little piece of tape like an inch wide that’s our life here. Byron I’m praying for your brother and your mother but I’m also praying for their spiritual needs. Our God is not a God of confusion and fear. He loves us more than you know, more than I know but I know that His grace is all we need. So, hang on to that rope my brother the rope of faith. And everybody else who’s around the world grab the rope in faith and realize…

Hello, my Daily audible Bible family this is Carmen from Germany and I hope you’re doing well. I have a prayer request for myself actually today and it seems really trival…trivial…small compared to so many of the things that so many of you are going through I listen to daily and I feel like I know each and every one of you. So, that’s why I am reaching out to you because I really do feel like a part of this community even though I don’t call that often. Anyway, my husband started having an affair about three years ago with somebody 28 years my junior. So, I’m 59. He filed for divorce on Thursday. I haven’t seen him in over 2 ½ years and I think the whole time I’ve been praying every day hoping that God would somehow restore our marriage and open to his eyes to him, restore his soul. Regardless, this looks like it’s final now and it just really…oh gosh…it was just really hard. It put me back on an emotional roller coaster, trying to accept that this must be the way God has allowed it to happen because I am trusting in Him. A little bit of fear is there thinking that I probably will be getting old alone because Christian men at my age are really hard to find especially here in Germany. I am American. I’m originally from California but I’ve been here since after high school. So, anyway I would just ask that you all support me, especially the ones of you who have been in the situation and help me to get through this with dignity and grow closer to God in the process. Thank you so much. I love you all.

Hi this is Stephen from Alabama and I just wanted to read a little expert from the God of Your Story, the book that Brian published at the end of last year, what he calls his best of the best of the Daily Audio Bible. And I want to just read this to give you a taste of…of…of how good this book is and how great of a companion it is. This is from July 23rd and it’s in reference to Romans 8:17-18. I encourage you to read that before you read this. He says, “essentially Paul was telling us that our struggles are normal and suffering is a part of life as it was for Jesus but the larger story is that God’s Holy Spirit is within us and He will care for us as a loving father in and through it all. We are in the process of inheriting God’s glorious freedom from the power of sin and death. This good news is hard to encapsulate or contain within such few words. It could fill all the pages of this book and it would be only scratching the surface. Turn it over and over in your mind and heart as You enter this day. Understand that the same spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is also sustaining your life. Allow yourself to be fathered by God today. You’re not alone and you will never be abandoned. You may be facing difficulties, but they are normal and temporary. The longing for restoration that you feel in the depths of your soul is pulling you forward like all of creation toward that very thing. Everything is going to be okay. You’re going to make it and the joy that awaits you is beyond any words in any book.” Amen and amen. Thank you, Brian. That is so fitting for 2020. God bless.

Hi I’m anonymous. I’ve been a listener faithfully since 2015. I called in late November early December to ask for prayer and I’m asking desperately for prayer again. Please pray that the truth would be revealed and that all truths will be found out and I would be exonerated and removed…and remain free. My husband and I are divorced after 57 years but he continues to deny and lie. Please let all the truth be told soon. And I so appreciate the prayers of all the saints. I could name you that I know, and I just ask you to just please pray that the truth would be told. Thank you so much for your prayers and again I’m anonymous. Bye.