The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Thursday June 4, 2020 (NIV)

2 Samuel 22:1-23:23

David’s Song of Deliverance(A)

22 David sang this song to the Lord when the Lord rescued him from all his enemies, especially from Saul. He said,

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my Savior,
my God, my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield,
the strength of my salvation, my stronghold,
my refuge, and my Savior who saved me from violence.
The Lord should be praised.
I called on him, and I was saved from my enemies.

The waves of death had surrounded me.
The torrents of destruction had overwhelmed me.
The ropes of the grave had surrounded me.
The clutches of death had confronted me.

I called on the Lord in my distress.
I called to my God for help.
He heard my voice from his temple,
and my cry for help reached his ears.
Then the earth shook and quaked.
Even the foundations of the heavens trembled.
They shook violently because he was angry.
Smoke went up from his nostrils,
and a raging fire came out of his mouth.
Glowing coals flared up from it.
10 He spread apart the heavens
and came down with a dark cloud under his feet.
11 He rode on one of the angels[a] as he flew,
and he soared on the wings of the wind.
12 He surrounded himself with darkness.
He made the dark rain clouds his covering.
13 Out of the brightness in front of him, he made lightning.
14 The Lord thundered from heaven.
The Most High made his voice heard.
15 He shot arrows and scattered them.
He flashed streaks of lightning and threw them into confusion.
16 Then the ocean floor could be seen.
The foundations of the earth were laid bare
at the Lord’s stern warning,
at the blast of the breath from his nostrils.

17 He reached down from high above and took hold of me.
He pulled me out of the raging water.
18 He rescued me from my strong enemy
and from those who hated me,
because they were too strong for me.
19 On the day when I faced disaster, they confronted me,
but the Lord became my defense.
20 He brought me out to a wide-open place.
He rescued me because he was pleased with me.

21 The Lord rewarded me
because of my righteousness,
because my hands are clean.
He paid me back
22 because I have kept the ways of the Lord
and I have not wickedly turned away from my God,
23 because all his judgments are in front of me
and I have not turned away from his laws.
24 I was innocent as far as he was concerned.
I have kept myself from guilt.
25 The Lord paid me back
because of my righteousness,
because he can see that I am clean.

26 In dealing with faithful people you are faithful,
with innocent warriors you are innocent,
27 with pure people you are pure.
In dealing with devious people you are clever.

28 You save humble people,
but your eyes bring down arrogant people.
29 O Lord, you are my lamp.
The Lord turns my darkness into light.
30 With you I can attack a line of soldiers.
With my God I can break through barricades.

31 God’s way is perfect!
The promise of the Lord has proven to be true.
He is a shield to all those who take refuge in him.
32 Who is God but the Lord?
Who is a rock other than our God?
33 God arms me with strength.[b]
His perfect way sets me free.
34 He makes my feet like those of a deer
and gives me sure footing on high places.
35 He trains my hands for battle
so that my arms can bend an archer’s bow of bronze.
36 You have given me the shield of your salvation.
Your help makes me great.
37 You make a wide path for me to walk on
so that my feet do not slip.
38 I chased my enemies and destroyed them.
I did not return until I had ended their lives.
39 I ended their lives by shattering them.
They were unable to get up.
They fell under my feet.
40 You armed me with strength for battle.
You made my opponents bow at my feet.
41 You made my enemies turn their backs to me,
and I destroyed those who hated me.
42 They looked, but there was no one to save them.
They looked to the Lord, but he did not answer them.
43 I beat them into a powder as fine as the dust on the ground.
I crushed them and stomped on them like the dirt on the streets.
44 You rescued me from my conflicts with my people.
You kept me as the leader of nations.
A people I did not know will serve me.
45 Foreigners will cringe in front of me.
As soon as they hear of me, they will obey me.
46 Foreigners will lose heart,
although they are armed[c] in their fortifications.

47 The Lord lives!
Thanks be to my rock!
May God, the rock of my salvation, be glorified.
48 God gives me vengeance!
He brings people under my authority.
49 He frees me from my enemies.
You lift me up above my opponents.
You rescue me from violent people.
50 That is why I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the nations
and make music to praise your name.
51 He gives great victories to his king.
He shows mercy to his anointed,
to David, and to his descendant[d] forever.

David’s Last Words

23 These are the last words of David:

“Here is the declaration by David, son of Jesse—
the declaration by the man whom God raised up,[e]
whom the God of Jacob anointed,
the singer of Israel’s psalms:

“The Spirit of the Lord spoke through me.
His words were on my tongue.
The God of Israel spoke to them.
The rock of Israel told me,
‘The one who rules humans with justice rules with the fear of God.
He is like the morning light as the sun rises,
like a morning without clouds,
like the brightness after a rainstorm.
The rain makes the grass grow from the earth.’

“Truly, God considers my house to be that way,
because he has made a lasting promise[f] to me,
with every detail arranged and assured.
He promised everything that helps me,
everything that pleases me.
Truly, he makes these things happen.

“Worthless people are like thorns.
All of them are thrown away, because they cannot be picked by hand.
A person who touches them uses iron tools
or the shaft of a spear.
Fire[g] will burn them up completely wherever they are.”

David’s Three Fighting Men(B)

These are the names of David’s fighting men: Josheb Basshebeth from Tahkemon’s family was leader of the three. He used a spear[h] to kill 800 men on one occasion.

Next in rank to him was Eleazar, another one of the three fighting men. He was the son of Dodo and grandson of Aho. Eleazar was with David at Pas Dammim[i] when the Philistines gathered there for battle. When the soldiers from Israel retreated, 10 he attacked and killed Philistines until his hand got tired and stuck to his sword. So the Lord won an impressive victory that day. The army returned to Eleazar, but they only returned to strip the dead.

11 Next in rank to him was Shammah, the son of Agee from Harar. The Philistines had gathered at Lehi, where there was a field of ripe lentils. When the troops fled from the Philistines, 12 he stood in the middle of the field and defended it by killing Philistines. So the Lord won an impressive victory.

13 At harvest time three of the thirty leading men came to David at the cave of Adullam when a troop from the Philistine army was camping in the valley of Rephaim. 14 While David was in the fortified camp, Philistine troops were at Bethlehem. 15 When David became thirsty, he said, “I wish I could have a drink of water from the well at the city gate of Bethlehem.” 16 So the three fighting men burst into the Philistine camp and drew water from the well. They brought it to David, but he refused to drink it. He poured it out as an offering to the Lord and said, 17 “It’s unthinkable that I would do this, Lord. This is the blood of men who risked their lives!” So he refused to drink it.

These are the things which the three fighting men did.

David’s Thirty Fighting Men(C)

18 Joab’s brother Abishai, Zeruiah’s son, was the leader of the thirty. He used his spear to kill 300 men. He was as famous as the three 19 and was honored more than they were. So he became their captain, but he didn’t become a member of the three.

20 Benaiah, son of Jehoiada, was from Kabzeel and was a brave man who did many things. He killed two distinguished soldiers from Moab. He also went into a pit and killed a lion on the day it snowed. 21 And he killed a handsome Egyptian. The Egyptian had a spear in his hand. Benaiah went to him with a club, grabbed the spear from him, and killed him with it. 22 These are the things that Benaiah, son of Jehoiada, did. He was as famous as the three fighting men. 23 He was honored more than the thirty, but he was not a member of the three. David put him in charge of his bodyguards.


  1. 2 Samuel 22:11 Or “cherubim.”
  2. 2 Samuel 22:33 Dead Sea Scrolls, Psalm 18:33, Greek, Syriac, Latin; Masoretic Text “my refuge is strength.”
  3. 2 Samuel 22:46 Hebrew meaning uncertain.
  4. 2 Samuel 22:51 Or “to his descendants.”
  5. 2 Samuel 23:1 Dead Sea Scrolls, Greek; Masoretic Text “who was raised up high.”
  6. 2 Samuel 23:5 Or “covenant.”
  7. 2 Samuel 23:7 Or “The fire.”
  8. 2 Samuel 23:8 1 Chronicles 11:11; Greek “drew his sword”; Hebrew meaning of Masoretic Text uncertain.
  9. 2 Samuel 23:9 1 Chronicles 11:13; Masoretic Text “when [the Philistines] challenged.”
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Acts 2

The Believers Are Filled with the Holy Spirit

When Pentecost, the fiftieth day after Passover, came, all the believers were together in one place. Suddenly, a sound like a violently blowing wind came from the sky and filled the whole house where they were staying. Tongues that looked like fire appeared to them. The tongues arranged themselves so that one came to rest on each believer. All the believers were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them the ability to speak.

Devout Jewish men from every nation were living in Jerusalem. They gathered when they heard the wind. Each person was startled to recognize his own dialect when the disciples spoke.

Stunned and amazed, the people in the crowd said, “All of these men who are speaking are Galileans. Why do we hear them speaking in our native dialects? We’re Parthians, Medes, and Elamites. We’re people from Mesopotamia, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontus, the province of Asia, 10 Phrygia, Pamphylia, Egypt, and the country near Cyrene in Libya. We’re Jewish people, converts to Judaism, and visitors from Rome, 11 Crete, and Arabia. We hear these men in our own languages as they tell about the miracles that God has done.”

12 All of these devout men were stunned and puzzled. They asked each other, “What can this mean?” 13 Others said jokingly, “They’re drunk on sweet wine.”

Peter Talks to the Crowd

14 Then Peter stood up with the eleven apostles. In a loud voice he said to them, “Men of Judea and everyone living in Jerusalem! You must understand this, so pay attention to what I say. 15 These men are not drunk as you suppose. It’s only nine in the morning. 16 Rather, this is what the prophet Joel spoke about:

17 ‘In the last days, God says,
I will pour my Spirit on everyone.
Your sons and daughters will speak what God has revealed.
Your young men will see visions.
Your old men will dream dreams.
18 In those days
I will pour my Spirit on my servants, on both men and women.
They will speak what God has revealed.
19 I will work miracles in the sky and give signs on the earth:
blood, fire, and clouds of smoke.
20 The sun will become dark,
and the moon will become as red as blood
before the terrifying day of the Lord comes.
21 Then whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’

22 “Men of Israel, listen to what I say: Jesus from Nazareth was a man whom God brought to your attention. You know that through this man God worked miracles, did amazing things, and gave signs. 23 By using men who don’t acknowledge Moses’ Teachings, you crucified Jesus, who was given over to death by a plan that God had determined in advance. 24 But God brought him from death back to life and destroyed the pains of death, because death had no power to hold him. 25 This is what David meant when he said about Jesus:

‘I always see the Lord in front of me.
I cannot be moved because he is by my side.
26 That is why my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices.
My body also rests securely
27 because you do not abandon my soul to the grave
or allow your holy one to decay.
28 You make the path of life known to me.
In your presence there is complete joy.’

29 “Brothers, I can tell you confidently that our ancestor David died and was buried and that his tomb is here to this day. 30 David was a prophet and knew that God had promised with an oath that he would place one of David’s descendants on his throne. 31 David knew that the Messiah would come back to life, and he spoke about that before it ever happened. He said that the Messiah wouldn’t be left in the grave and that his body wouldn’t decay.

32 “God brought this man Jesus back to life. We are all witnesses to that. 33 God the Father used his power to give Jesus the honored position—the one next to him on the heavenly throne. Jesus has also received and has poured out the Holy Spirit as the Father had promised, and this is what you’re seeing and hearing. 34 David didn’t go up to heaven, but he said,

‘The Lord said to my Lord,
“Take the honored position—the one next to God the Father on the heavenly throne
35 until I put your enemies under your control.”’

36 “All the people of Israel should know beyond a doubt that God made Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ.”

37 When the people heard this, they were deeply upset. They asked Peter and the other apostles, “Brothers, what should we do?”

38 Peter answered them, “All of you must turn to God and change the way you think and act, and each of you must be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins will be forgiven. Then you will receive the Holy Spirit as a gift. 39 This promise belongs to you and to your children and to everyone who is far away. It belongs to everyone who worships the Lord our God.”

40 Peter said much more to warn them. He urged, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” 41 Those who accepted what Peter said were baptized. That day about 3,000 people were added to the group.

Life as a Christian

42 The disciples were devoted to the teachings of the apostles, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. 43 A feeling of fear came over everyone as many amazing things and miraculous signs happened through the apostles. 44 All the believers kept meeting together, and they shared everything with each other. 45 From time to time, they sold their property and other possessions and distributed the money to anyone who needed it. 46 The believers had a single purpose and went to the temple every day. They were joyful and humble as they ate at each other’s homes and shared their food. 47 At the same time, they praised God and had the good will of all the people. Every day the Lord saved people, and they were added to the group.

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Psalm 122

I was glad when they said to me,
“Let’s go to the house of the Lord.”
Our feet are standing inside your gates, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem is built to be a city
where the people are united.[a]
All of the Lord’s tribes go to that city
because it is a law in Israel
to give thanks to the name of the Lord.
The court of justice sits there.
It consists of princes who are David’s descendants.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
“May those who love you prosper.
May there be peace inside your walls
and prosperity in your palaces.”
For the sake of my relatives and friends, let me say,
“May it go well for you!”
For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,
I will seek what is good for you.

Psalm 123

A song for going up to worship.


  1. Psalm 122:3 Hebrew meaning of this verse uncertain.
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Proverbs 16:19-20

19 Better to be humble with lowly people
than to share stolen goods with arrogant people.

20 Whoever gives attention to the Lord’s word prospers,
and blessed is the person who trusts the Lord.

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