05/11/2020 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 10:1-11:15, John 6:43-71, Psalms 107:1-43, Proverbs 15:1-3

Today is the 11th day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is wonderful to be here with you today as we move forward and take the next step in our journey or sail the next mile or whatever metaphor we want to use for forward movement. We’re moving forward into this shiny new week and living into it for all that it’s worth. So, we’re reading from the New International Version this week and we’re moving our way through the book of first Samuel. So, we’ve met Samuel, we kinda know his story even from before he was born. We know that he grew up under the high priest and was trained as a priest. We know that he’s a prophet and a priest and the final judge of Israel. And now we’re in the process…I mean…it may not seem like it but we’re in the process of a humongous transition in the story of the ancient Hebrew people. They’ve asked for a king. So, they want their kingdom or their country to be a monarchy. They want a king to rule them all and to organize them in some sort of way. And we have met a person and his name is Saul and Samuel’s telling him that he’s gonna be the king. That’s pretty hard for Saul to believe but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s pick up the story. First Samuel chapter 10 and 11 today.


Okay. In the book of first Samuel, today we have turned the page, like we have entered a new era. We now have a king in Israel and that changes the dynamic, right? So, this begins to bring to close…to a close time of the Judges. And we read the book of Judges and we know that everybody was doing whatever they wanted, and it wasn’t working out all that great. And, a judge would emerge and would lead the people for their lifetime usually but, you know, then as soon as the vacuum…as soon as they were gone and there’s a void then it just kinda filled in with everybody doing whatever they want until some other catastrophe was upon them. And now they want a king, or they wanted to king and just kinda be done with that back-and-forth just to have a sovereign to rule them. And we met this guy and he became the king, Saul. So, now there is King Saul, the first king of Israel. Here’s where it kinda gets interesting. Remember that last story we read in the book of Judges, that horrible story about the man from Ephraim and the concubine and she gets killed, raped to death, basically and then parts of her are sent to different places, the regions, the tribes and everybody comes together against Benjamin. And then there’s this war and tens of thousands of people die and in the end the tribe of Benjamin is obliterated, like there are 600 people left in the tribe of Benjamin. It’s been essentially wiped from the face of the earth and we saw all the people mourning over that, like just realizing the loss of it. So, how they kind of try to repopulate…like to give the men that were left wives so that the tribe wouldn’t just completely disappear. But, you know, if you have a tribe of Judah and there are 30,000 people who can fight and, you know, that represents maybe 100,000 people or whatever, that’s a very, very different thing than 600 people are left in this tribe. So, you’re…you can be like, “okay. Thank you for that review. That was a nasty story, I didn’t need to hear that story again. What has that got to do with now? What has that got to do with what we’re reading?” Actually, kinda has a lot to do with God’s redemption in all things. So, Saul was not the firstborn, right? He didn’t have any rights in his family. He was not the first of his family. He was not the first of his clan. And he was not from the most populous or powerful tribe of Israel either as we might suspect. He was from that try that tribe, the of Benjamin. The one that was nearly wiped out provided the first king of Israel. And we see what he did. Like what he’s trying to rally people against the ammonites, he cuts up a sacrificial animal and sends it out to summon the people and they come, and they become victorious and this firmly places Saul on his throne. Unfortunately, he won’t firmly be placed on his throne for long but that is a story for another day. And there is a lot that King Saul can teach us about some of the darker avenues of our lives. And the first lesson was taught, in today’s reading. Saul was named as the chosen one to be the king of Israel, and Saul could not be found because Saul was hiding…hiding at his own coronation. And this little clue into the fear of man, that Saul can be swayed by what people think about him, this is gonna cause some problems but we all face that to some degree, some of us in very severe…like we can’t do anything without thinking about what people are going to think about us. If we watch the story of Saul we can learn an awful lot about that road,


Father, we thank You for bringing us into this new week. We thank You for bringing us into this new era in the Scriptures. We invite Your Holy Spirit to quicken us, to make us alert and aware as we move through these next days because there’s so much for us to learn about ourselves. And, so, we open ourselves to You. Come Holy Spirit as we continue the journey forward in the Scriptures, we ask in Jesus name. Amen.


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