05/02/2020 DAB Transcript

Judges 15:1-16:31, John 2:1-25, Psalms 103:1-22, Proverbs 14:17-19

Today is the 2nd day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is a wonderful to be here with you today. How exciting is this? We’ve got a brand-new month here; we’re closing down another week together and what a journey we have been on the first four months of the year. The Bible has spoken much, much has happened in the world as is always happening and God has been faithful to guide and direct us through His word. So, we’re at the end of the week. We’ve been reading from the Common English Bible this week, which is what we’ll do today. And we began the story of the judge Samson yesterday. We’ll continue that story today. Judges chapters 15 and 16.


Father, we thank You for another week in Your word, another week to enjoy the fellowship of each other around the Global Campfire, but another week to hear from You as You speak to us throughout the earth. And as we end this week, we consider what we read in the Psalms today. We were instructed to bless You over and over, to bless the Lord. And yes, we do bless You, but may we press into that because normally we’re asking You to bless us with something. And what could we do? What could we give You that would bless You? We’re continually asking for things that we need or that we want. And yet the only thing that we really honestly can offer You, because everything was created by You….so, we can give You all of our money, we can give You all of our stuff, but it’s all Yours and we are just stewards of it. The only thing that we can freely give You is our hearts, ourselves. And that often doesn’t seem like it would be a blessing if we’re honest. We know the darkness that is within us. We know our struggles and we try to tamp them down and hide them and keep them, but You’re saying to give it all to You and this would be a blessing. And so, we wonder then why we’ve been holding out if we don’t need to hide anything from You and it blesses You that we give ourselves to You completely, then we give ourselves to You completely. And Holy Spirit we ask You to show us the places that are like resistant to that idea. What…what are the places that we’re not trusting You? Because that’s what comes up here when we think about giving ourselves completely to You. And, so, we look at those things. We look at things that are holding us back and we invite Your Holy Spirit into them, that as we move through this weekend, one by one we can break those chains, one by one we can release so that we are giving ourselves completely and wholly to You. And may this be a blessing to You we ask it in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey DAB fam this message is for the young lady that spoke April 27th right after Brian’s final word, timestamp 29:39. You read to us a note, I believe you created titled “what listening to the DAB has taught me.” I just want to tell you that that was one of the most beautiful synoptic proclamations about the Bible’s essence I may have ever heard. So, thank you for sharing. Kind of feels like a mantra now. So…and also real quick I just want to keep the flame going in encouraging everyone to continue to support the DAB financially. Many have called in to encourage this in the past. We all know it’s a true gem and it’s been so for me personally for about 12 years now. So, no matter how small or large the gift, let’s continue to honor all the work Brian, the Hardin family and his team are doing for the community. Everyone has a name here. So, I’ll go by the name of God Shall Add and that’s about it. Take care everyone. Okay.

Good morning DAB family this is Amazed by Grace in Massachusetts and I just wanted to thank everyone who makes the Daily Audio Bible possible by sharing and throwing a log of the fire but especially, of course, to Brian and all of his team that work so hard to bring this to us each day. Thank…thank You, God for Your word is alive and that is real and that makes a difference in our life. Thank You for our sister who gave us such a wonderful summary of what God’s word is to us and how great His love is for us. And this morning I want to lift up Ethan to You Lord and pray for Your peace in Ethan’s heart, how many of us like his dad are anxious. Lord all the things that we trust in, that we looked in daily to supply our needs have been taken away, jobs Lord and friends and activities and we need to just trust Your mercy and Your grace. And Lord we’re not good at that. We want to see we want to feel. And, so, I pray for grace for Ethan’s Father, his mother. Lord, give them wisdom Lord give them discernment as they look to You. I pray for Ethan. Lord remind him that You are the great and holy and mighty God and You are with him. And I pray Lord that he will meditate on the fact that You are his Shepherd and You will supply. Lord bless those hurting so deeply as their sisters who’ve called in lately. And Lord give wisdom and discernment as people wait upon You for jobs for provision. Thank You, so much great and holy and mighty God. We can trust You. Help us Lord to keep our focus and our eyes on You. And I praise You in Jesus’ powerful name.

Hello DAB family my name is Terry from Oregon and I have a prayer request. My son’s friend had a sister who just died recently and now he himself is in the hospital on a ventilator and struggling for his life. These are the only two children this mama has, and I just pray for him to recover. And I ask for your prayers because I know how powerful the prayers of this community are. I just want to thank you and thank Brian for this app. It is amazing. I listen every day and I pray with all of you as I hear them each day. And I thank you ahead of time.

Hi, my amazing DAB fam this is Kingdom Seeker Daniel from Chicago. I am calling for two DAB superstars and those DAB superstars are none other than 10-year-old Ethan and 10 ½-year-old Sarai. You guys are what makes Daily Audio Bible and Chronological worth it all. I am so encouraged by you guys. Ethan, lift up your head buddy. God is with you, God is with your dad, He’s gonna see your dad and your entire family through this time. I pray that God’s strength would rest upon your dad and that he would feel the joy of the Lord surrounding him as his strength. And I pray that God would encourage your heart concerning missing out on your buddies and hanging out with your friends. But you hang in there. But in the meantime, be encouraged to know that God’s got an amazing plan for you, young man. I’m so encouraged, and you give me hope concerning my 11-year-old grandson. So, thank you buddy for your heart of compassion. And Sarai, 10 ½-year-old Saria, oh my darling you are a sweetheart in the Lord. You call to encourage Mr. Brian and Miss China and they deserve that encouragement but so do you my dear. Thank you for your tender heart in the Lord and I pray that the Lord will continue to give you and Ethan a hunger and thirst to know Him more. Remember Him continue to remember the Lord your Creator in the days of your youth. God bless the both of you. You are precious, precious individuals in the Lord. I love you so much and I’m praying for you.

Hi everyone, it’s Margo from Liberia. I’ve been meaning to call in and thank you to Candace for that reminder that it’s time for me to check in with you guys. I’m doing pretty well. I’m so grateful for your prayers. Last time I phoned in I was feeling unsettled and a little bit fearful and I’ve noticed a major improvement in my…just my general mood and trusting in God. I still have moments of fear but mostly I’m finding this is a…a great lesson for me in just totally trusting God and…and serving others through this time, although I am really feeling a bit over at all but I’m guessing a lot of us are. So, I’m still volunteering at the hospital, still seeing a lot of really heartbreaking situations but the Lord is walking with me so sweetly. There’s a lot of fear here in this country. Liberia as a whole has a really bad case of PTSD after they had the Ebola crisis, which was only five years ago. So, a pandemic coming along has…has really caused them a fair bit of panic. So, we are just doing our best to educate people and reassure people. I think we’ve done a good job of preparing at the hospital. We’ve got our tent up and running and we’ve converted a ward to a respiratory ward. So, we’re…we’re all just really doing our best in difficult circumstances. But I want to thank you for your prayers. Do keep praying for myself and my husband and…and all the missionaries here, that the Lord would keep us in good health and good spirits. Love you guys so much. Bye for now.

Hi this is Victoria Soldier just wanted to say happy anniversary to…to Ben and China. Happy anniversary. Happy happy happy happy happy anniversary. Lord bless them with many many more in the name of Jesus. Lord you have your way. Lord I wanted to talk to…wanted to also pray for the woman in distress. I wanted to also pray for the lady who was talking about us Christians not coming together and praying. Lord we need to learn how to be obedient. The Bible said obedient is better than sacrifice. Lord there’s so many great things about being obedient. If we just be obedient and do what __ say __the authority be done and let his will be done. God said He will supply all our needs. Lord I want to also pray for that precious little boy who called about his dad being sick. I wanted to pray for those who are in distress, those who are worried and those who…who need…need…need help Lord those who have strongholds. Lord You have Your way. Precious Father we praise You and we magnify You. We thank You Lord for Your marvelous work. We thank You Lord for having Your way. You heal in this coronavirus Lord. You let the…let the…all the went…if my people which I call by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from their wicked ways then will You Lord forgive their sin, then will You forgive their…heal the land and forgive their sin. Lord we thank You Lord for Your miracle working power. We thank You for healing Your people. We thank You for strengthening Your people. We thank You for giving life and favor. Lord we thank You Lord. We thank You for letting those who are just starting out and letting them know that we just trust in them Lord that You trust in the Lord and praise Him and give Him the…