01/12/2020 DAB Transcript

Genesis 26:17-27:46, Matthew 9:1-17, Psalms 10:16-18, Proverbs 3:9-10

Today is the 12th day of January, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s wonderful to be here with you today. How are you as we enter a new week? Can you believe it? Before this week is over, we will have passed through the center of January. Like, that’s how quickly…ahh its like hard to believe, just a couple…couple weeks ago we’re in like the last decade, it’s Christmas time, its…how quickly, how quickly we just…life just moves us forward and here we are about to cross through the middle of the first month. But it’s good to know where we are. It’s good to know, like, this is the 12th day of the year, but a lot of time that pulls us forward, right? Like, that keeps us from being here and gets us out into the future. And, so, let’s be here. We’re beginning a brand-new sparkly shiny week and we’ll cross into this week together we’ll Let God’s words speak to us and then the reality is this week hasn’t been lived yet. So, we may be carrying all kinds of baggage into this week, but the choices that we make, the way that we conduct ourselves and live our lives in this week, that’s going to be the story of this week and it’s really good at the beginning of week to remind ourselves of that. This is a new day. This is a new week and we can make the next right decisions right now. And one right decision is to allow God’s Word to speak to us, which is what we’ve come here to do. And, so, let’s get to it. We’re…we’re in a new week. This week we’ll read from the Christian Standard Bible, and we’re picking up the story of Isaac and Rebekah, and Isaac has basically done the same thing his father Abraham had done in the same city. Like they went to this city called Gerar and Abraham had told the people there that his wife Sarah was his sister. So, Isaac has gone to this same place and said that Rebekah, his wife, is his sister, which has caused some unrest. And, so, we’re seeing a little bit of tension beginning to build as we move into the new generations. Today we’ll read Genesis chapter 26 verse 17 through 27 verse 46.


Father, we thank You for Your Word. We thank You for bringing us into a new shiny week and we invite Your Holy Spirit into every aspect of our lives, ever thought, every word, every deed that is out in front of us. As we live into this new week, we cannot do this without You. Why we have ever tried to do anything without You is remarkably foolish, but we are learning. And, so, we invite You in advance into every aspect of all of our interactions this week and we take note, even in today’s reading from the book of Matthew, but in general now that we’re reading of You, Jesus, getting to know Your personality and getting to observe Your behaviors and the way that You moved in this world and the way that You were willing to be disruptive, especially to the people who thought…who thought they had control over the worship of God. And, so, we see You in today’s reading alone healing a person who couldn’t walk by saying Your sins are forgiven, which only served to disrupt the scribes who are thinking You’re a blasphemer, and using the whole scene to reveal its…its not about obeying the rituals of religion, its about how we are in this world. And You did that by quoting from Hosea, “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.” And, so continually, even…even we who love You, even we who are following You, are trying to be a disciple in this world, to be Your hands and feet in this world, we find ourselves continually invited to look at the motives of our hearts. And we do everything that we can to curate a life that looks religious and looks pious and looks like maybe we know You or do we not care about any of that because we actually know You and know Your will and know Your ways? Come Holy Spirit into that question we pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi this is Gary speaking I’m from South Carolina and I’ve just completed 12 years of listening to the Daily Audio Bible. Today is January 5th and I’m starting my 13th year now. This is actually my first time calling in. I’ve been listening for so long hearing so many different people call and leave requests, I’ve finally gotten around to call in myself. I’m not really calling you with a prayer request. I just wanted to call and encourage anybody joining this year for the first time or maybe if you’ve been on a few years I just want to encourage anybody to stick with it. In fact, I would say stick with it indefinitely for years. I have found that…and it’s easy to do. If you’re commuting to work it’s easy to fit into your life, just to commit to listening to the hearing, to have the hearing of the Word happening in your life daily, it will do amazing things to you. It starts to sink in in a very unique way. After listening for a few years, you start associating parts of the Bible with months of the year. The stories of the Old Testament start to happen in ways where you know at certain times of the year what to expect. You start to memorize the flow of the Bible. And over time you start seeing how the gospel is clearly displayed throughout the Old and New Testament. And listening to all the people call in you can hear how it’s changing lives. You can also see that really everyone, all lives are broken and need saving. And just hearing that and being a part of that for this many years has really…it’s really it’s really deepened my faith. And Brian and Jill I thank you for having this ministry and I pray you continue it as long as well as long as I’m alive. I intend to listen to it indefinitely as long as it’s available…

Hello DAB family this is Alicia My God is Abundance and I just got finished listening to the January 3rd broadcast on today, January 3rd. And I heard Finding Peace sounding broken and asking for prayer and clinging to faith and right after that I heard God Smiles with that beautiful message. And I know, God Smiles, that you had that message for all of us and I thank you for that message. But Finding Peace, I…I couldn’t help but think the minute that I heard that message that that message was a message that you needed to hear, that you needed to hear and cling to. I mean we’re starting a…we’re starting the Bible over again. We are in Genesis and man oh man it’s…we are so quick to hear the serpent hiss and to listen to his voice and to ignore the loving whisper of our God, you know? So, I just pray for you, Finding Peace, that you can hear the loving whisper of our God and I think today that loving whisper might have come to you in the voice of God Smiles and I think that whisper came to us all God Smiles, so thank you so much for that. Finding Peace, I do pray for your peace, your wholeness, your shalom. Thank you DAB family and thank you Brian for being so faithful and continuing to read is God’s word every day.

One of the reasons I love this podcast is because Brian talks about choosing the narrow path to life and this has been a pretty big theme in my life. This is Cindy, by the way, the Silver Lining Miner from Seattle. I have been struggling with a couple things in my life, one was my job that, thank God I have a job and I start on January 20th and I thank all those who prayed for me. The other one is choosing relationships and people and bringing people into our lives that will lead us toward the narrow path that leads to life. So, I would love to praise Brian for his reminder about choosing the narrow path. And, are you going to choose the…the way to sin and to desires, giving into your desires and things that you know might not lead to that narrow path or are you going to choose the narrow path? And, so, for everybody out there who has maybe been in a relationship that’s…they know is not healthy or they’re walking a line right now where they are close to choosing a relationship that’s not healthy or doing something that is not healthy for their current relationship, I just want to say that I stand with you and I pray for you. I made a choice today to avoid an unhealthy path and I knew I could do it because of my family that I have here and other family members in my history that have been strong and actions that I’ve taken that show that I can walk that narrow path and be strong. So, I stand with you all and I pray for all of you to make those right choices with me. Amen.

Hi DAB family, I’m…this is Anonymous, I’m calling in because it’s January 4th and I just want to praise God for hearing prayers outside of time. I tell you what, I have never been so encouraged in my entire walk with Christ. You know, I grew up in a in a Christian household and, you know, I got saved at 14 and I’ve never felt so encouraged and I know it’s because God has heard everyone’s prayers outside of time. Everyone who heard the message I left that got played on the 27th and I didn’t hear it, I didn’t know I got played, I thought it might’ve have been have been played on the community prayer or maybe not…not really in anyone’s hearing. And today, January 4th, I heard a woman pray. The first prayer was for…for Anonymous. And I thought, “oh yeah. You know what? Anonymous prayers are always really…they’re really…they touch my heart because those are prayers of people who don’t have anything left to try to hide what they are dealing with, they don’t have any…any layers left.” And, so, I prayed for Anonymous. And then the gentleman who prayed next prayed for anonymous and I thought. “oh.” I thought, “that sounds familiar. I don’t know why that sounds familiar but that’s something that I…you know…that fel;t familiar to my heart.” And then the third woman who prayed identified the day and I was like, “Lord God. I’m gonna go back and listen but I think…I think these people are praying for me.” And I know that God hears prayers outside of time and I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me since the 27th. I’ve felt that. God has done work in my life. So, thank you so much. I love every single one of you.

Hey this is PG from NC. Brian thank you for reading. While you are reading, I had a thought. All my life I have heard the fact that Jesus called us to be fishers of men. The reality was He was calling fishermen to be fishers of men. It was a metaphor. He was allowing them, helping them to see themselves with a kingdom purpose and vision. There’s our word for the year. And I think if He were walking the earth today, I think He would be calling people and using a metaphor for which they could truly understand and wrap the purpose and a vision of themselves around. If He were calling a waiter or waitress or server, He might be calling them to serve the bread of life to individuals. If He were calling a fireman, He might be calling them to help people…help people escape the fiery situations of life there in or protect them from perilous situations. If He were calling a pilot or a flight attendant, He might be asking them to divinely help transport people along the journey of life to their ultimate kingdom destination. I think that each of us has a way that we see, we identify ourselves by our occupation or by our skill set and I think that God would want to use of metaphor that to allow us to see the kingdom purpose behind how He created us and how we function. So, Lord I pray today for every DABber who’s listening. God, I pray You’d give us vision of ourselves with a metaphor or a thought or an understanding of how You designed us to function. And I pray this in Christ’s name. Amen.

This is Michaela from South Carolina. I’ve called a few times over the 14 years that I’ve been listening. Each time it has been for my sister Susan who suffers from bipolar. She’s currently in ICU having a medicine overdose. She almost made it through the holidays but just finally couldn’t cope. I’m asking for prayer for her recovery and her restoration. I am believing God for her to be an icon of His healing power. Thank you all for your prayers and support. My husband and I listen daily, and we pray for all of you.

Hello Daily Audio Bible this is Heather and my son Judah, hi. So, I’ve been listening to the Daily Audio Bible and this is my first time calling in. I’ve been listening for the past seven years and for this eighth year my son Judah, he’s now 10 years old, he’s committed to live…listen to the Daily Audio Bible with me daily. I’m excited to see him go through the whole Bible in a year with me. I’m glad I finally called in. I listen to prayers and pray for the prayers as they come in and it’s just been a part of my growth the past seven years. And, so, I’m finally glad to be able to call in. God bless you.