04/16/2019 DAB Transcript

Joshua 13:1-14:15, Luke 18:1-17, Psalms 85:1-13, Proverbs 13:7-8

Today is the 16th day of April. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian and it’s great to be back together with you today around the global campfire taking our next step forward and our next step forward will lead us back into the book of Joshua. And we’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Today Joshua chapter 13 and 14.


Okay. So, there’s some fascinating wisdom embedded into what we just read from the book of Proverbs today about being false, basically, about being a poser. So, maybe you have those kind people in your life, you know, people that pretend to be something that they’re not, right? People who fully curate their lives for social media and you just look at them and you’re like, okay, you’ve got a perfect life, I don’t have a perfect life, I don’t measure up to you. But it’s charade. We all…every single one of us…all of us have our struggles…all of us and our culture pulls us to live this way because we’re seeing pictures of something that has been made whole and every marketing ad that’s thrown at us, right? If you will get this product you will be made whole in this way. And, so we see all this perfection. And, so, when we’re…we were pulled toward being false in so many areas of our lives and often this kind of behavior is really just our insecurity and wounding speaking or our attempt to get an identity by comparing ourselves to somebody else and ultimately what we’re after is that we are perceived differently than we really are, that we are perceived as our ultimate best self, not as we normally live because everybody else seems to be doing better than we are; however, when the whole cultures posing then all we are as people is a house of cards that’s gonna eventually tumble down. And the book of Proverbs gives us a little bit of a riddle concerning this kind of posing, right? So, “some who are poor pretend to be rich. Others who are rich pretend to be poor. The rich can pay around some for their lives but the poor won’t even get threatened.” So, if we look at all of the options that are laid out in these couple of sentences we see that there’s only one scenario that is completely unsustainable and it’s those who are pretending to be more than they really are. So, let’s go back through it. “Some who are poor pretend to be rich.” So, there posing. “Others who are rich pretend to be poor”. They’re also posing but they’re pretending to be less than they are. “The rich can pay a ransom for their lives. The poor won’t even get threatened.” So the truly poor have nothing to worry about, they won’t be held for ransom. The truly rich don’t have much to worry about, they can pay the ransom. It’s the one pretending to be more than they are that would find themselves in trouble in this scenario because they’re pretending to be rich and if they’re held for ransom, they’re poor, there’s no escape. So, may we consider what’s being presented us in the book of Proverbs today. In what ways are we exposing ourselves by pretending to be more than we are when we have been given full permission to be nothing more or nothing less than what is true. In fact, what we are invited into through the gospel of Jesus is the honor of living noble and true and not having anything to hide.


Heavenly Father, we invite You into that. We confess that we’re posers in certain areas of our lives, some to greater degrees, some to lesser degrees but we acknowledge that there is a pull toward falseness and what we’re learning for the Proverbs is that that simply exposes us. It’s not real, it doesn’t let us live true, it only exposes us to further danger. So, Holy Spirit, come into this. What are the ways that we are over embellishing who we are or trying to pretend to be an ideal of ourselves that we think would be perfect when the only perfection we will ever find is my becoming lost in You where our identity is You? Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi, this is Johnny Silver from Colorado and I am not the greatest Christian or believer, but I am a believer and today it’s not about me, it’s about my friend Nick at school. And we’re in junior high and he’s going through a very rough time and I told him that we’ll have a big community, have a bunch of people to back him up because this is __. His family is in a court case and he’s going into foster care for 1 to 6 months at least. And I’m adopted, I was in foster care but I was a very lucky person and God helped me through it and __ family. __ and my parents, they…they…my dad’s in college and so my mom said __. And so there’s a lot of things like that going on __ and we’re not able to bring him in properly. And, so, I’m just asking you as the DAB community to please pray for Nick and with everything that he needs and support because he’s going through such a rough time with just him and he needs somebody, and he needs God’s guidance __. When I heard about this and just helping to the best of my ability, but I need more, and I need more people to help me. So, I just need you all to pray for him and to help him find the right home and the right family and to help his family get through what’s going on to live a blessed and full life and what he can do for others as well as what others ca do for him. So, I just ask to pray for him and just have a wonderful day and I pray with you guys. All right. Bye-bye.

Hi DABbers, this is Kara from Denver and I want to focus this call on a prayer for moving and relocating. I heard Maggie May call on the line. It was so nice to hear your voice Maggie May. I hope you can hear the full DAB. I would try restarting my phone, maybe check…if you’re on a phone…or restarting your computer or device. The DAB used to do that for me when I first started listening for some reason. It works now. So, I don’t know, but it was so lovely hearing your voice and you sound great. And I just…I have a move coming up myself and I’ve been in the place I’m in now for three years and about a third of that I was using. I’m in recovery now and a lot has gone on in this place and there’s really a lot I need to leave behind when I move. And I just want to pray now. Yeshua, son of my Father, my heavenly Father, please sanctify this move Lord. Let the old life die and a new one begin with this relocation. With this change of scenery, let me see You a new Yeshua. Surround me with Your love as I remember You in the way that I arrange my new place, when I see my new neighbors, let me remember You. Give me eyes to see You in this new environment. Sanctify the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom, and every nook and cranny in this place. Be with me Jesus, be my roommate and I welcome You to be my most awesome roommate in this new place. Changes can be jarring, they can be exciting, and also stressful…

How you guys doing, it’s the Prodigal calling in. I just want to say that I’m praying for all the people struggling with marriage problems. I had them for years. They got so bad my wife left and it’s irreparable. So, if you’re still together just work hard at it, pay attention to it. I didn’t, and I just thought I was right and couldn’t have been more wrong, turns out. So, that’s leads to the reason I’m calling today. I was convicted at church today. Just came up…knocked me down like I was hit by a 2 x 4. Every single bad thing that’s ever happened to me in my life, every single sin, every single bad decision, every single…you name it…catastrophe has been a direct result of my pride, including, up to and including the loss of my marriage, the loss of my beautiful wife. And it’s all been about my pride. I’ve been…for some reason I grew up thinking I was better than everybody else, or I could do better than everybody else, or whatever. Maybe it’s the way I was raised. It really doesn’t matter, it’s just the way it is. And, so it just struck me just like lightning at church today. So, I want to confess and today is the first day of Holy Week. It’s a day of reconciliation and went and confessed to the priest and…good guy…good guy. He said, “you know John, humility tuff, but you need to work on it. And, so, I’m praying and I ask your prayers for me to be more humble, not to like be more successful but so I can make up for all the mistakes in the past. But I just want to let you know I’m praying for all of you all, Blind Tony, Joe the Protector, happy grandpa day, and everybody, Viola, Victoria Soldier, you name it, you guys know who you are. Your beautiful people and for everybody else who’s struggling out there, all I can say is I’m praying for you all every time you make a call. So, know that I’m praying for and you might not hear from me. And my voice is always terrible. So, anyway, you all have a blessed day. Love you all. Bye.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family, this is Bridget from New York City. I’m calling to pray for Emmanuel and Selena. Emmanuelle God’s with you. I know what it is to be a wife and to stay to a husband. My husband…I wanted a divorce and when there are children involved…it’s just painful. So, Lord I just…I cover this marriage Father. Lord I just pray for both hearts involved in this marriage Lord. I pray Father for Karina right now Lord God and I ask You Lord God to touch her heart Father God. Lord we are so emotional as women and we do get to a place where we become so weary Father that we want to give up completely but Father I pray Lord that You did not give her that spirit of giving up, that You do not let her give up on her marriage Father, that she would look at her children, that she would look at the long-term effects that this would have Father, that she would look at the covenant that she has chosen to stick by because she decided to marry this man Lord God. I pray Father Lord for a softening of her heart towards her husband Father God. I pray Lord for her to see him in a new light. I pray that the anger would be completely subsided Lord God. I ask You to give her a heart of forgiveness Father God. I ask You to give her a heart of discernment Father God. I pray for Emmanuel Father God, not to give up on her Lord God. I pray that Emmanuel Father God will have strength to receive the hurt and the pain, that she shares the truth and I pray that Father God she would share every single thing that is in her heart so that she can let out what is troubling her Lord. As Your word says Father God that when we confess it heals us Father God. So I pray that she confesses her pain. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hey DAB brothers and sisters this is Byron from out in Florida. I need your help with something. As a lot of you know, my wife suffers from anxiety and depression as well as chronic pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia and I’ve done my best to support her in that and support my family as we go through that but it is hard and yesterday a wrinkle developed which I won’t get into here that pushed me a little past my limit to soon and I reacted in a way that I regret. So, now I’m having to…needing to patch things up with my wife as well as deal with this new development. And, as always, I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. By the grace of God, I’ve been able to take care of my family, take care by wife and all of the other responsibilities that I have, and she’s never stopped being good, He’s never stopped being there. And, so, that’s why I come here, ask for you guys prayers. But it is hard, and I just need to get my eyes back on Him and stop looking at the circumstances, but He’s good and I’m maintaining. I love you all and I’ll talk you later. Bye.