03/28/2019 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 9:1-10:22, Luke 8:4-21, Psalms 69:19-36, Proverbs 12:2-3

Today is the 28th day of the month of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It is a pleasure to be here with you on this 28th day of March where we will take our 28th step of this month forward as we continue our journey through the Bible this year. So we’ve been reading our way through the book of Deuteronomy, the final words of Moses to the children of Israel before they would move forward without him and we’ll continue with Moses second discourse today by reading from the Good News Translation, which is what we’re doing this week by reading chapters 9 and 10 of the book of Deuteronomy.


Okay. So, we have been going through the giving of the law in the previous weeks that we’ve been together, at least for the last month. Now here we are in the book of Deuteronomy where a lot of summary has happened and is happening. And, so, there’s like a lot of rules and customs and rituals and methods that have been laid out. And, so, we might wonder, like this is pretty complicated how do you know if you’re doing it right and we can even think that in our Christian walk. What are the rules? Like, what are the fundamental rules that we’re supposed to do because it is hard to even remember all of these rules. So, what are we supposed to be doing and is there an order that these things are supposed to be done? And is there a way that they’re supposed to be done, right? What’s the recipe? What’s the magic that we should follow and bake at 325 and come out with a strong faith? What will make it all work like it’s supposed to work? Moses actually answered that question today in the book of Deuteronomy. We can read all of the rules and normally we’ll start thinking like, you know, like, what do I have to modify in my behavior to be adhering to that rule? As if all of the rules are about caging us in from doing things that maybe we want to do but shouldn’t. What Moses revealed is that the rules boil down to something deeper than modifying your behavior. So, quoting Moses, “listen to what the Lord your God demands of you. Worship the Lord and do all that he commands. Love Him, serve Him with all your heart and obey His laws. I’m giving them to you today for your benefit.” So, basically, revere the Lord and honor the Lord. And because you’ve fallen in love with Him, serve Him with all your heart and soul. So on the one it seems like it seems like it should be a little more complicated than this, at least for the children of Israel because we’ve just gone through the giving of the law. There’s so many rules and rituals and customs and observances and so many reminders that have to be obeyed, but when we begin to peel all that back we begin to realize what’s happened here. The rules were certainly the rules but those were the outer boundaries beyond those boundaries was a road that would lead to death and destruction. So, the law wasn’t to be a cage to control the people. It existed to do what Moses said it had to do, to remind people who they were, where they’d come from, and who God is. And, so, all of these rules and rituals and customs and remembrances and holidays, this is all things that are baked into the culture itself, constant reminders of who their true source is. Our faith in Jesus is not different although we can often look at it the same way. Like, just tell me the fundamental rule, like a how do I live into this? And we have to recognize it that God isn’t interested in rule-based dominance over His people, that was never what He was after. A faithful loyal holy relationship is what He’s always been interested in. He wants to be known. And if we really do love God, right, if we love the Lord with all our heart and mind and strength, we’ll be obeying the rules and we won’t even have to think about them anymore, they’ll be apparent, they’ll have meaning. This is how all relationships are shaped and there are things we shouldn’t participate in because we’re in love with God, we’re unwilling to betray the love that we have for God. And, so, that is how obedience begins to take form and shape in our lives. God didn’t offer rules to humanity so that humans could have boring lives. He’s been all along showing us what will lead us to life and what will destroy us and we saw that kind of playing out in Moses talk today when he’s telling the people, “you’re not going across the Jordan River to take this land because you deserve it. You do not deserve it. You’re going into this land because there was a promise and the people who are currently living in that land have become so wicked that they have gone as far as God is going to permit.” So, may we all remember, we don’t deserve anything from God. He doesn’t owe us anything at all, ever. The fact that you are about to take another breath is a gift and when you exhale that breath may it be an act of worship. Moses is warning the children of Israel about what they will face when they enter into a land of plenty and that warning is no different for us but the way that we can stay on the narrow path that leads to life is to fall in love with God. The rules and regulations of our faith show us the outer boundaries. We can go out beyond those outer boundaries if we want, but it will only lead to destruction. But the deeper we fall in love with God and the deeper that intimacy grows the less we even think about the rules because we don’t want to be anywhere outside of God’s presence.


Father that’s our declaration at the outset here. We want to be wherever you are and nowhere else. We don’t want to be doing things that you aren’t and we certainly don’t want to be doing things that will lead us to destruction. So, we humble ourselves before you, we repent, we invite your Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth, that we might walk on the narrow path that leads to life. And as we’ve prayed many times, you’ve been clear that few find this path. We want to be the few. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey everybody this is Pelham from Birmingham Alabama. The Lord has brought be a house and it’s perfect for me to return to the city I was born in and I am going to be running an Italian ice truck called Rippicis’ Italian Ice. How about that? No more pizza. Thank God we didn’t open a restaurant in Coleman. Thank God because it wasn’t gonna work out. God does what’s best. I don’t know anything. So, I’m calling in and just to say…Annette, I heard your call. Girl, hearing your voice, just hearing the first three words out of your mouth made me smile, brought joy into my room, into my atmosphere, just listening to you talk. Dahs, fist pump to you man. Guys, I just want to say, don’t ever give up, don’t ever give up, just keep moving forward because whatever you’re facing God knows that it’s happening for a reason, everything has a purpose. And one thing I’ve learned in the season is the suffering and loneliness can be turned into a relationship with Jesus and that is something that’s forged. It’s incredible. I mean I was loading the van to go DJ an event and a friend that I’d work for that was next to the entertainment company overheard me saying that I couldn’t find a place and called that night to say he had a house fully furnished, available right now with a backyard for Otis and horses, yup horses are back there for Otis and me. Love you guys.

Hello my Daily Audio Bible family this is Leah Nora from the Florida Panhandle. I just finished listening to March 25th‘s podcast and Bridget just finished her plea for prayer for the two men, the two young men that were involved in her son-in-law’s death and it left an impression on me very strongly that I needed to call. Bridget, first of all, God is smiling on you. You are a child of God and to think of those two young men as you are in the midst of the tragedy and the loss for your daughter says so much and that’s exactly what God wants us to do is to pray for those that are hurting. And we are all sinners, we’ve all made mistakes and He needs us to lift these two young men up in prayer. Nothing happens by chance and something good no matter when it may occur will come out of this. And I pray for your daughter as well that she will get through this difficult time and for you as well Bridget. And just thinking of all of you. And family we lift up these two young men, that God may use them. Open their hearts, their minds, their eyes to receive His light and His love and know that they are loved by our Lord and Savior and we pray this in Jesus’ name. Thank you, family. Thank you, Brian. God bless all of you for all you do. Bye-bye.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family it’s Dr. John from Jordan New York. I need you prayer warriors to be praying for a young lady that I saw. For HIPAA purposes I’m just gonna use her initials, AR. She’s 18 years old. She was living with her boyfriend who beat her up. He previously had gotten her pregnant and she had to get an abortion and she needs Jesus desperately. I was very fortunate that I was able to share Jesus with her and give her a lot of hope I hope to find what she needs for peace. But she’s been looking for it with a guy. So, please pray for her and please pray for her salvation and for her safety and that she’ll have the strength to press charges and make sure that he’s accountable. You know, it’s just one of those situations that really tears my heart up. So, thank you Daily Audio Bible for lifting AR up in prayer and…and I know that she’s…she…I might…I’m gonna say she doesn’t stand a chance for salvation because we’ve got for now. I know you guys prayers will bring her to faith in Jesus. Thank you Everybody. Love you. Dr. John from Jordan signing out.

Hi, it’s I’m Hidden in Him calling from California. I’m calling this morning just to encourage all our family from our Daily Audio Bible and especially to thank Brian because Brian has been such an inspiration to me. I’ve been listening to you now for the past four years and listening to him reading the word of God morning by morning has just brought new meaning to me and I’ve grown so much just following him every day step-by-step. And this morning I’d also like to say a big thank you to his little Cherry. Whenever she calls in I just have to listen to her because she is just so inspiring and just the sound of her voice, I just love the sound of her voice. And I just want to thank God for her because she’s such an inspiration to this community. And I thank you because I don’t really have a family church that I go to but I do go to churches and I listen to messages online. And for the past four years Brian has been my church, just listening to Brian reading the word of God and listening to all the wonderful people that call in to encourage and just to uplift one another and just to stand in the gap for one another. It’s just so beautiful and I love all of you. And every single prayer that is, you know, called out that is made known Jesus helps us. I record every single one of them I do not…