03/19/2018 DAB Transcript

Numbers 28:16-29:40, Luke 3:23-38, Psalms 62:1-12, Proverbs 11:18-19

Today is the 19th day of March. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian and it is always a joy to come around the global campfire and spend these moments together as we take another step and move further and deeper into the story that leads us through the Bible in a year. So, to take the next step, we will continue to read from the God’s word Translation, which is what we’re reading from this week and we will obviously pick up where we left off yesterday, which will take us back into the book of Numbers and today we will read chapter 28 verse 16 through 29 verse 40.


Okay. So, in the Old Testament today in the book of numbers we had quite a bit of repetition over celebrations, festivals. And, so, you see how in the book of numbers we’re moving from narrative and then back into law. So, when the narrative pieces happen we’re telling the story - they moved here, they did this, this person came to curse them, this is what God said. That’s the narrative style. And, so, we’re used to the following that kind of style, that’s how we speak to each other, we tell each other stories. But when you’re reading something legal then, yeah, it can get monotonous because it’s very repetitive so that there is nothing left to chance basically, so that it’s very, very abundantly clear. Even still though, right, in court every day the nuances of the law are being argued over and judged by a judge. So, we see the need for this this kind of language that is very specific and very thorough.

And we get to the New Testament today and we dive into a genealogy and spend our whole time basically starting with Jesus and working our way back all the way to Adam. And, so, reading genealogies like the one found in Luke can also seem monotonous and uninteresting. But think of it like this. That list, those names we called out is as wide ranging of a story as can be imagined filled with all of those generations. Think about what has changed in the world since your birth. And some of you are like, you know, it was like 15 years ago and some of you that was like 85 years ago, but within your lifetime even if you’re 15 years old a lot has changed in the world. Every single one of those names that we called out was a generation. Imagine what happened in their lifetimes in the world. Every single one of those names had wide-ranging things happening around them in their lifetime carrying the story forward. Those names, they represent millions of lives who lived in that generation. And, so, believe it or not, if we were able to trace our own ancestry all the way back, somewhere along the line we would intersect with that story, right, because we all descend from Adam and Eve. We’re all part of the same story and it’s a story that continues forward and we’re going to tell a part of that story with the way that we live our lives today. So, these genealogies, they serve as a reminder that God is with us throughout the generations throughout all time and He wants to know and be known by us. He’s our Father.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for life and consciousness, we thank You that we can perceive and understand Your word and that Your Holy Spirit pulls us forward deeper into intimacy with You and that we are a part of the same story that has been being told since the beginning and You’ve allowed us to be a part of Your story. We fall to our knees, we are humbled, we are grateful, we are created in Your image. You allowed us to live because You desire to know us, and You desire to be known by us. We are humbled, we fall to our knees, we worship You. Come Holy Spirit we pray, may we live Your story today. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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