11/27/2018 DAB Transcript

Daniel 4:1-37, 2 Peter 1:1-21, Psalms 119:97-112, Proverbs 28:17-18

Today is the 27th day of November. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian and it is a pleasure to be here with you as we enjoy these final days of this 11th month together. So, we’ve been reading from the Contemporary English Version this week, which is, of course, what we’ll continue to do throughout the rest of this week, but when we get to the New Testament today we will be beginning a new book, a new letter, known as second Peter and we’ll talk about that when we get there, but first, we are in the book of Daniel, chapter 4 verses 1 through 37 today.

Introduction to 2 Peter:

Okay. So, like we said at the beginning, we are beginning another letter and things are just going to speed up as we continue to move to the old and new Testaments. There’ll be a season in December where it’s like we’re beginning a new book every day, but the letter that we’re beginning today is thought to be the final writing of the apostle Peter. Now, it’s only fair to at least point out that the authenticity of this letter has been questioned and it’s not like a new thing, like somebody trying to dismantle the Bible or something like that. This goes all the way back into antiquity. And, so, by authenticity, we don’t mean that the letter exists or that it was inspired by God, or that it belongs in the Bible, but mean that the author matches the name of the letter, right? So, that the author was the apostle Peter. Acceptance of this is something that happened over time and over time the letter was fully considered Scripture, but by the fourth century. So, in more modern times of scholarship it’s the stylistic differences that have been observed between first and second Peter. So, those who would defend Peter’s authorship would say that he, you know, was probably illiterate and whatever he could write, maybe couldn’t write like a whole letter. And, so, he would dictate to a secretary or someone helping him what he wanted to say. And, so, the differences between first and second Peter would be because he dictated the text to a different person. So, kind of the net /net of all of this is that, all in all, there are compelling reasons to consider this letter as we do the book of Hebrews, right? So, the author is unknown. But there are equally compelling reasons to consider the author to be the apostle Peter as named in the letter. So, if the apostle Peter wrote a second Peter, it would’ve probably been in the late 60s AD and he was martyred shortly thereafter. It’s church tradition that holds that Peter was crucified upside down at his own request during his death, during his execution even though the Bible doesn’t explicitly verify this. And Peter doesn’t explicitly say to whom he’s writing in this second letter of Peter. He says he’s writing to you who share the same precious faith we have. So, we assumed that he was writing to the same people that he’d previously written to because he refers to the first letter in this second letter, but if he’s writing to you who share the same precious faith we have then, I mean, then he’s writing to us too…like…that criteria matches a lot of people. So, you know, whereas the point of first Peter was to bolster and give instructions to believers about how to ensure the pressures that are coming against them. Second Peter’s point is about false teachings and evil behavior from within the church. And we should probably be giving Second Peter just as much gravity as we did Second Timothy knowing that Second Timothy was the final words of the apostle Paul. You know, we gave it the gravity that it was due, and we should do the same with Second Peter knowing that…well…knowing that Peter knew he was about to die. And he says as much in the letter. And, so, this is a man who walked with Jesus along the Sea of Galilee, right? This is a man who saw Jesus perform miracles. This is somebody who laughed out loud and heard Jesus laughing out loud. This is a person who cried with Jesus, lived with Him, ate his last supper with Hi, and then denied Him and watched Him die, but this is also a man who saw Jesus raised to life again. This is the man who preached the first sermon after the coming of the Holy Spirit, right, with the tongues of fire at Pentecost, where 3000 people chose to follow Jesus right at the origination of the church, that these may be the final living words of the apostle Peter. And, so, they should carry weight in our lives. And we’ll see that he chose to use those final words as a means of encouragement, encouragement to maturity, and to combat false teaching, and remind us of the certainty that Jesus will come for us. And, so, with that being said, we begin today, Second Peter chapter 1.


Father, we thank you for your word. And as we acknowledged just a little bit ago, things do speed up. Certainly, they speed up in time because of the holiday season that we are in. And they speed up in the Scriptures as we move closer and closer into the minor prophets and in some of the shorter books in the New Testament, some of the shorter letters. And, so, it’s as if the Bible speeds up even as our lives speed up. And it’s an important time that we put into practice all that we’ve learned all year long about the fact that our intimacy with you is something from within and not from without. And we acknowledge that everything from without is being disrupted in this season. And, so, it’s easy for us to lose touch with ourselves, with our hearts, with you because of all the festivities and all of the activity. So, come Holy Spirit we pray as we move through these final days of this 11th month of the year. Lead us into all truth we ask in Your precious name. Amen.


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