11/03/2018 DAB Transcript

Ezekiel 7:1-9:11, Hebrews 5:1-14, Psalms 105:1-15, Proverbs 26:28

Today is the 3rd day of November. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you today as we come to the conclusion of another one of our weeks together. And I guess we can say we are fully moved into this 11th month of the year and day by day we will step our way through it as we continue through the Scriptures this year. We’ve been reading from the New Living Translation this week, which it’s still this week, so, we’ll do that today. Ezekiel chapter 7 verse 2 through 9:11 today.


Alright, let’s talk about the proverb that we read today for a second. So, when I was younger, you know,  when I was a teenager, you know, I would get myself into all kinds of things just trying to find my identity. And there would be times my father, and of course I’ve lost my father, you know, he’s been away from us for the last 16 years. And man…I sure wish I could hear him telling me things now. But then, and it echoes through my memory like it was yesterday, when he would observe this, when he would observe me taking a wrong path, he’d say, son nothing good can come from that. And that phrase that still lives on with me in his voice in my head pretty much describes the point of our proverb today. A lying tongue hates its victims and flattering words because ruin and nothing good will come from that. So, I mean, when we’re untruthful or we’re manipulative, even subtly, or we use insincere flattery to nudge a person into some kind of direction that we want them to go, it’s not true and ruin will come and affect everyone involved eventually and nothing good will come from that. So, I mean, so let’s me stark. Since the Proverbs are stark let’s be stark as we think about this. If we have a lying tongue, and by that I mean if we’re a person who’s willing to embellish or diminish or suppress the truth in order to manipulate someone or to protect ourselves or to save face then we have to pay attention. And in one way or another, this means that we all must pay attention deeply. According to the proverb, hate is where this all begins. So, you know, put that in your cup and stir around. In some way, if we’re willing to…if we’re willing to lie or we’re willing to manipulate, then in some way we are displaying hate toward the person we are lying to. And that is pretty heavy because for some of us, you know, reality is sort of porous and I we embellish stories all the time or make them bigger than they are or smaller than they are. I mean, like we’re constantly being untrue is the point. But according to the proverb, if we’re gonna engage in this kind of behavior and we’re gonna be untrue, we’re going to lie then there’s hate. And we hate the person were lying to. And when we use flattery to manipulate our way into someone else’s life for our own gain or for our own need, this is going to eventually cause ruin all the way around. So, it’s a tiny proverb. It’s just 11 words but it packs a massive punch. And if we’ll consider the implications of this proverb in light of our innermost thoughts, right, what’s really going on inside, and our in most desires then we can see how powerful a gift it is, the Proverbs, and how powerful of a gift it is, the Scriptures. And we can see how deeply they challenge us to be aware of the impact we’re having on each other.


Father, we invite you into that, what are the ways that we’re manipulating people for our own gain with false flattery, with manipulative nudging, with flat out lying? We acknowledge Lord, nothing good will come from that and we ask, Father, that you help us to walk away from these behaviors because nothing good will come from it. Come Holy Spirit lead us into all truth so that we are surrounded by the truth and walking in the truth and therefore being true. Come, Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here next week, which is tomorrow. Have a great day I’ll be waiting for you here and we’ll enter into a shiny, sparkly, new week together tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good evening DAB family. It’s been a while since I called in and I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for each of you and I love you all. And it’s so great to listen every day besides the fact that I don’t really call in regularly. Asia, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through. And I know it’s so hard to make sense of things, but I know that the God we serve, you know, will somehow or another, whether now or later, in another life, you know, will reveal, you know, why, the why that you’re looking for. When that happens __ but when you see Him, He just may. But I know that He’s going to take care of you. I know that He’s going to wrap His arms around you and He will come to the crushed in spirit and broken hearted. The trucker, I’m praying for you, believing that everything is going to be well for you. I’m praying for the father of the 15-year-old pregnant daughter. I was once too, a 15-year-old pregnant child and I can totally relate. I was a child pregnant and the mother of a 15 year old pregnant…unfortunately it’s like a repeat of itself or at least with the first one. And, so, I’m praying for all of you, so many of you, too many mention in one call - Pastor Gene, Victoria Soldier, and others on line, Lisa the Encourager, you know, Candice, you know. You’re all, all, all amazing and just know I’m praying for you. Esther from New York.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family. I am calling with a praise report. It’s so interesting because the enemy this morning kept telling me not to call. I think I’ve called three times this week and that would be bad…stupid…and I just heard the voice telling me to be obedient. So, I am calling with a praise report. I have called because I was up all night long wrestling with the enemy, but that’s my mind I had shared with you. This is His Beloved by the way from California. But my boys were fighting, we have raccoons keeping us up all night and my husband who had been texting this woman from work all night long that week and was really bothering me. I called for prayer. I had been up all night, wrestling with the enemy in my head. And yesterday, I’m just telling you now, the power of prayer. My raccoons left. The families gone. We slept. The boys were getting on beautifully all night like normal and my husband comes back into bed at 10pm last night and tells me, I’m done texting her, not going to text her any more…out of the blue. So, I just wanted to say, there’s so much power in prayer. Not just prayer guys. I was marching around my house yesterday. My neighbor’s and family think I’m crazy. I was proclaiming, I was saying to my house, we serve the Lord. I was casting demons out of my marital bed, out of my boys’ room. I was taking action, so I don’t let that bug me. I don’t know if that helped anyone, but prayer is awesome, but we have to take action in scripture and I was just claiming my home and my family and my marriage and it’s a praise report. Hallelujah. I love you. I’m praying for all of you every morning. Brian and Jill, as always, God bless you. May the Lord protect and keep you.

Hey family, it’s Shannon from Salem Oregon. I have a couple of praises and a prayer request. One, thank you for praying for my daughter Serena. Shortly after I called and you all started praying, I remember there was a parenting __ and __ class in or area coming up. And, so, my husband and I started attending that and it just gave us the tools we needed at the right time and we were hungry for them and ready to start putting them into practice. And we’ve seen some really good things, not only with Serena but our younger two kids as well. So, that’s been really good. We also had, the kids and I, had a really amazing visit with my uncle. And I was asking you to pray for him before. And, so, the Lord just gave us a really beautiful time together. And I feel like it was a reset for our relationship. And that was just such __. Thank you for the prayer. And my prayer request is, I’m lamenting right now. And I listened to Brian’s explanation about Lamentations and I’m in torment right now. It’s not something as big as the destruction of Jerusalem but the job that my husband’s been in for 14 years, a ministry position. He’s transitioning out of that and it’s something we’ve been praying abut for a while, but just the way it came about was kind of surprising. And it’s been really painful. And we don’t know what’s gonna happen or come next. But I’d love for you to pray for us and our family. I really appreciate it. Thanks, ya’ll. Love you. Bye.

Morning Daily Audio Bible, this is Laura Lee. I really didn’t want to call but I must obey the Holy Spirit. This is for Asia and Joe the Protector as well. When I was 15 I became pregnant and also two other times that…I had abortions. And when I came to the Lord and He revealed the truth of what I had done. I stand forgiven and without condemnation. Well, three years ago I went on a mission trip to the Bahama’s after hurricane Mathew with two young ladies who had suffered miscarriages. And the Lord really was prompting me to share what I had done with them. And I didn’t know why. I didn’t want to. But as I struggled with that sharing He asked me…He let me know that I could name my babies and that they were with Him and that I would see them later. And I was able to share that with the two young ladies. And Asia, I just want you to know that one of the names is Asia. And I will see my little girl __ and you will as well. And I want to thank you both for being people who love God, who know God’s will. And I had to forgive my mom, a whole nation, all the people who weren’t around to tell me who God was and what was happening. And I…I just wanted to share that. I don’t…