10/20/2018 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 33:1-34:22, 1 Timothy 4:1-16, Psalms 89:1-13, Proverbs 25:23-24

Today is the 20th day of October. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you today at the end of another one of our weeks together. And it’s been a good week. And the week’s not over. It’s gonna be a good day as we take the next step forward in the Scriptures, which will lead us back into the book of Jeremiah. And we’re reading from the New International Version this week. Jeremiah 35:1-36:32.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We thank You for another day. We thank You for another week. And as we close out this week, it’s very clear that the weeks are winding down on this year. And, so, we continue to commit ourselves to finishing strong. There is much that You have done in our lives this year. And as that trend continues, we know there is much You have to speak to us in the remaining weeks. And we want to finish strong because finishing strong is how we will begin the new year well. So, come Holy Spirit, we ask for Your guidance, for Your counsel, and for Your correction. Lead us into all truth, we pray. In Jesus’ name, we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi friends, this is Candy from Northern California. This message is for Tanisha who called in on the…I guess it was the 15th of October. And Tanisha, I hear you. Your daughter is changing, she went away, sounds like she went away to school and came back and she’s got some different ideas now and she’s not the same little girl that left. Well, lots and lots of us can identify with that scenario. Keep praying and just keep on encouraging her. I know many of us have…have young adults who have wandered away but, you know, a friend of mine used to stay, that’s why we have knees, it’s to keep us praying. And when we are the weakness that can help and __ our help to find God. Also wanted to give just a praise report. I was at a concert this weekend and a Christian sister had a t-shirt on that said I’m thankful. And I was able share the Daily Audio Bible with her. So, sister, I hope you’re listening. God bless everyone.

Dear DAB, hi this is Jeanette from Denmark. I’m calling to ask for you’re a prayer. Something so simple as a cold is enough to keep me up from sleep. I’m really grateful to the Lord for the way He’s been leading. He led me to the Holy Spirit to be baptized again. So much has changed and when I’m in church I feel that I am in the family. I live because He lives, and He has plans to heal me completely. I am asking for healing from type I diabetes, for restoring from an amputated hand, for restoring some missing teeth, for restoring from __ poisoning. I am asking for healing from childhood abuse. I am asking for more Spirit all the way through and throughout because He is the one who heals. He is the one who heals. And He is the one who has great plans, plans to restore and not to destroy, to give hope in the future. And he has spoken to me many many years about this and __ . I’m asking, please pray for me for restoring from the attacks on sleep and life. Thank you. Amen.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family this is John Corrado calling from Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I hope everyone’s doing great. Brian, thank you for this program. Jill, thank you for your love of Brian and your family. And Daily Audio Bible family, thank you guys all, from everybody, really, all around the world. I love hearing from all the different voices and people call in from all the different countries and regions around the world. It’s…it’s really fantastic. This morning I’ve got just a few things. So, if you guys would please continue to pray for my son, John. You’ll recall I left a message about a court hearing that he had. Our court date got moved. We’d shown up that day in court back in September. And, so, the story continues to unfold but God’s grace is beautiful and lovely in all things and all ways. So, just appreciate your prayers over that. He’s actually back in court today and we’re praying for justice and the right thing to happen. And I’ll call back with a praise report about that. I wanted to call in this morning for Macola, Markoma…I’m sorry…and then Tanisha…who left prayer request on the 10/16 program. Markoma, you have a couple sons, you called in from Tanzania, again, which is just…I’m sorry…Tasmania…not even close…but thank you so much for calling in. My son walked away from the Lord for a long time, but he found his way back. Keep on being the light and the life and the hope in the world that Jesus has in you for your children. They will come back to Christ. And Kenisha, your prayer this morning about your daughter, same for you sweetheart. Keep your faith and your hope up. Be prayerful. Keep on doing what you’re doing. And the way that you can get the names of people on the prayer request line is going to dailyaudiobible.tumblr.com tumbl.com. Love you. Bye-bye.

Good morning, this is Amy calling from Seattle. I am calling in response to the mother whose son and his rapping lyrics are so heartbreaking to you. I first need to apologize. You have been on my heart ever since I heard your voice a few weeks ago and knowing and understanding what you’re dealing reality must be with your son. I’m so sorry and I have not been obedient and being swift to speak to you. I am so incredibly grieved that this is what your life is like with your son but it’s so bewildering. And I hope to offer you hope. I have read some books recently. I’ve been doing a lot of therapy. One of my dear friends who was in the __ who also I believe has a personality disorder. And I think God is working out mightily through our friendship even though I can’t see it all the time. In the books that I’ve been reading and the way you described your son, I would you encourage you to look at those books for strategies of how to talk with him and to set reasonable expectations of truth in love. I just think it can be an incredible resource for you. Know that you are not alone and that I am praying for you every day, that God would give you strength. I love you. Have a wonderful day.

This prayer is for a gentleman who called in, his name I believe is Darrell Guinness and his brother Mark Guiness. He found out in May that he has pancreatic cancer, only 5% of whom will survive. Lord Jesus, we bring to You this gentleman whose heart cries that he does survive, especially on behalf of his brother, his 45-year-old brother. And we ask You especially, to guard and protect his 45-year-old brother because these two men have experienced one death after another in their family. And this Younger brother needs You Lord. They lost, I believe it was apparent, one of their parents when the brother was only 10 years old. And I think the man who called may have been 12 at the time. You know Lord that You wept when Mary and Martha’s brother Lazarus had died. And You care deeply what this has done to our hearts. And, so, please Lord, let this man live and if he can’t, if he’s not one of these 5% or if You’re not going to miraculously intervene on that, then give this brother an assurance that’s just unbelievably potent and beautiful and good to uphold and strengthen him and let these two brothers share in this joy of Your presence Lord. Come what may. In Jesus name we pray Lord. Put Your hand on this dear family in Jesus name. Candace from Oregon.