10/08/2018 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 10:1-11:23, Colossians 3:18-4:18, Psalms 78:56-72, Proverbs 24:28-29

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi. This is Bremmer from London, the UK calling in for the call from Steve in Toulouse. Steve, I am so pleased that you are starting up a church in Toulouse, church 21 as you call it there. My wife is French. I’m quite familiar with the fact you can be quite __ in France when it comes to funding a family of faith. So, I will be praying for you, your efforts to get resourcing, and of course volunteers, that you’ll actually be able to run your services every week. God bless you Steve, Bremmer from London.

Hello DAB family this is Chantey calling from __ Detroit and I’m calling with a prayer request that is long overdue. It is for someone that is potentially my brother, his name is Raymond and he is 15 years old right now. He’s living in a boy’s home because his mother lost her right and my dad signed over his right and both of them are not for sure if he is my dad’s son. My dad had an opportunity to have a paternity test done but he didn’t show up, of course, to have it done. He has, like social, anxiety and it’s really hard to get him to go anywhere. So, long story short, I want to be there for him and I want him to come stay with us, but I have reservations about his behavior and the fact that we don’t know for sure that he’s my brother. And anyway, just pray for him because he’s really going through a hard time. He’s not able to speak with his parents and he’s able to speak with me only for 10 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And he’s just really struggling and he just…he needs comfort and just…he needs help right now with what he’s going through. So, I’ll be calling back in for more on that. But thank you all so much for your prayers.

Hey everybody, this is Pelham moving to Coleman, the Dough Master Addicted to Christ. That’s been my spiritual name from the beginning when I started calling in to the DAB about 10 years ago. It’s been a while and Brian’s reading today, which was Asaph, that’s what he talked about. When he started talking and he almost laughed to say, some of the stuff that Asaph is facing, we all do from time to time but I think Brian wanted to say we probably all are currently, if you’re listening to my voice. Brian does’t want to say that because that kind of sounds a little intense, but who’s not facing one of those six questions? And Brian, thank you. What an incredible word today. Like, you read my mail literally, said the two things that I was thinking. Thinking way back, some of the things that the Lord is done to sustain you, when you think maybe He’s giving up on you. Boy, if you want to look at my life guys, let’s see, I went to the Daily Audio Bible reunion because of Jesus. I didn’t have any money and I didn’t have the ability to do anything except…except wait on the Lord, who wanted me there apparently, to meet some wonderful people. And I was thinking about thanking a bunch of people with this call, but for me to make a thank you call, I need to start at one minute and 13 seconds to basically give me time to say hi and start lifting names, starting with Jesus and ending with Jesus but it would human names that would be lifted. And you could just say Jesus for everyone, cause when people do the things that they do for Jesus, it’s Jesus working through them and you can see it. I can see Jesus working through Annette in Oklahoma City. I can see Jesus through the big man himself down in Australia Mr. Mike, the big Australian. I can see Jesus through all these people, through the DAB, through people you work with, and see on the street. So, wow…

Good morning DABbers. Love lets the past die that moves people to new beginnings without settling the past. Love does not have to clear up all misunderstandings. Love prefers to tuck all the loose ends of the past rights and wrongs in the bosom of forgiveness. It pushes to a new start. Holy Father, we pray for the gift of forgiveness, so we’re not shackled to the past. Help us to absorb evil without calculating how to retaliate. Thank you for loving us first with Lord Jesus as our example. In His precious name. Amen. Love you DABbers, Diana, Arizona. Bye.