10/07/2018 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 8:8-9:26, Colossians 3:1-17, Psalms 78:32-55, Proverbs 24:27

Today is the 7th day of October. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you as we turn the knob and, I don’t know if it’s a knob or not, but we turns the knob and open the door and walk through the threshold of a brand-new, shiny, sparkly week. We get to start over and live into this week, allowing God’s word to speak and inform our choices and decisions and postures of hearts and walk with God by the power of His Holy Spirit into all that we will encounter in this week. So, it’s all fresh and we begin by doing exactly that, letting God’s word speak to us. We’ll read from the Amplified Bible this week and we’ll pick up where we left off in Jeremiah. Today, chapter 8 verse 8 through 9 verse 26.


Father, we do indeed thank You for Your word and we thank You for bringing us this far into the year as we continue to move forward and we thank You for this new week to live into. We thank You that You have greeted us here at the threshold of a new week and invited us into it, forward with You for Your will and Your purposes, which are our destiny and our reason and our meaning. And we confess Lord, that we put our faith and our hopes and our trust and our affirmation and our identity in so many other things, and we repent Lord. Come Holy Spirit, we want to walk purely and upright before You in this new week in every way. May this week be a joyful celebration of our union, of our relationship, and may we collaborate with You in Your kingdom in this coming week. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus name we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi this is Bay the Bay Area and I am an eight year listener to Daily Audio Bible. It’s been a light to me and it’s definitely taken me through difficult times and encouraged me every morning. I am…I’m a teacher and a mom of two and am a divorced for two years and really feel like thankful, thankful to God that I’ve had those two years to spend some time really healing and seeking God. And I’m calling today because I’m…I am desiring not to be…not to walk alone in the rest of…in the rest of my life and just praying before God that he would bring a godly man to me and wanting to be an example of integrity for my daughter’s and not wanting to settle in any component and to seek a man who truly is walking with God and seeking to serve Him. I feel like God has called me to do some outreach, you know, during the rest of my life and I really don’t want to make the mistake of getting off that track or settling. So, if you would just pray for me, that in God’s timing that He would bring someone to partner with me and me to partner with them so that we could be a strong force for Him in this world. And I don’t make mistakes this time. And, so, if you could pray for me I would really appreciate it. Thank you very, very much family. Thank you.

Hello, this is Michael Jean Elmore from way out west. Don’t take much to be Michael Jean Elmore, as Michael Jean Elmore ain’t so great. So anyway, listening to the October 4th podcast and reading in the Old Testament was referring to return, a lot of return in it today. And it occurred to me at that time that that is what repentance…lined up with a lot of our anger issues, and porn issues, addiction issues and all these things, wrapped up in this return and repentance thing. And it reminded me of that a few years ago we had return as our word of the year. I’m still stuck on return. I return all the time. I thought I had anger totally conquered for years and then the other day I just blew up on somebody man. It was not good but turned and repented. And God made something good out of something bad. So, I was gonna tell you how huge a part of my life this Daily Audio Bible is. It’s like most of my life because I’m in the truck all the time…I listen to a lot. So, you people, I prayer along with each and every one of your prayers.

Hi DABbers, it’s Donna from Seattle. Just wanted to lift up Kaylee. She had an 11-year-old son that’s being prosecuted. Kaylee, I want to let you know that I’m standing in the gap for you and your son. I’m praying for your son, that he has favor, he does not have any charges that would indefinitely hurt him, but that he will receive a verbal warning from the judge, and that he would walk clean and have learned from this. Also, a shout out to Sonja in Tampa. The chicken story was amazing. It had an impact on me. I have thought about it for several days. I would love it if more DABbers would call in with their stories about how God touched them and spoke to them because it just put so much faith in me. That brought me to tears. Sonja, I’m praying for your grandson, that he has deliverance. You called back on September 25th. I am there. I have you guys on my prayer list, everyone that I mentioned I wrote down and I’m praying for you here in Seattle. The husband that called in about his wife Kelly in North Carolina, you have IVF and you’re hoping to __ and I just pray that you are fruitful and that God would bless your room and that you would have this baby. And for Breanna, you called in about being in rehab for anorexia and I just want to let you know, sister, I struggled with anorexia when I was in high school and I understand how fearful it is to gain weight and how stressful that is and how you feel, that even though you lost weight you still seem like you feel like you’re in the same shape, just a miniature version of it. You don’t feel like you’ve changed your shape. And I remember that feeling and I remember just how it changes your chemistry and I’m just believing and praying with you, standing in the gap. My arm is around you. I just walk through the valley of recovery and I claim your healing and that you will have full recovery and that your kidneys and your liver and that will not be harmed. I love you DABbers and am so excited to call in to just pray for everybody else today rather than my own issues. And thank you for praying for me. Bye.

Hey DAB family it’s Dr. John in Jordan New York. I need urgent prayer coverage over my daughter Phoebe. She is doing an internal medicine rotation in the hospital on hematology/ oncology and it is really getting her down. I just got off the phone and she was crying and feeling so inadequate and feeling just like she can’t do medicine, medicine’s not the right place for her. And this is just Satan attacking her and I need…I need prayer covering over Phoebe. I need you guys to help her to be able to fight back. I need prayers for her faith, that she can use God’s covering to protect herself, that she can have the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, to be in God’s will, and have peace, and have joy that she should have in the situation, that he’s attacking her in terms of her confidence and competence and all these things that come against us in medicine. So, please, please pray for Phoebe and I appreciate it. I love you guys. Take care. Bye-bye.