09/09/2018 DAB Transcript

Isaiah 3:1-5:30, 2 Corinthians 11:1-15, Psalms 53:1-6, Proverbs 22:28-29

Today is the 9th day of September. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It’s great to be here with you today as we turn the knob and step through the threshold of a shiny, sparkly, new week. And for some reason this seems to happen every seven days. Here we are at the beginning of another week. And this week we’re going to read from the New International Version. And just a heads up, there’s a fly…a fly flying around me and continually landing on my microphone. If all of a sudden you hear a giant smash and crash…that’s just me taking a swipe…though we’ll try to keep that at a minimum. So we’re picking up where we left off yesterday, which is always the custom, and that will take us back into the book of Isaiah that we began yesterday and we’ll read chapter 3 verse 1 through 5:30 today.


Father, we thank you for the gift of your word and as we move into this new week we anticipate all that you will speak to us through your word and we invite your Holy Spirit. Come, Holy Spirit, well up within us, lead us into all truth. Guide us on the steps and decisions that we have before us in this week, center us in your word, help us to recall what your word has spoken into our hearts as we make these decisions and carry these postures and have these conversations that are yet out in front of us. May we represent you in all things and may we do it well because you are leading the way. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for here is tomorrow. 

Community Prayer and Praise: 

Hi family. This is his little Sharif from Canada and I wanted to call and thank everyone who prayed for the family reunion because it was awesome. I was on the waiting list but a spot opened up so I was able to go. And I know many people couldn’t be there. So, I just wanted to share with you what it was like for me. To be honest, I felt really nervous to go, to travel all that way by myself, and also not to know anyone when I got there but even as I was driving into the camp where the reunion was happening a couple ladies waved to me as if they knew me and then as I walked toward the building a lady bounded up to me and shook my hand as if we were long lost friends and by the end of the reunion I felt like I really was among family and I just wish it would have lasted longer. So, I want to thank, specifically Janet from Kansas, Janisa from Florida, Cindy from Seattle for being so wonderful and embracing me so thoroughly. And also, there was a lady who spoke to me during worship, I didn’t catch your name but you told me how the Lord felt about my special times with him and that message was so right on and meant so much to me, I will not forget it. It’s written on my heart. So, thank you so much for that. Charlotte Phillips I’m praying for your grandson Tristin born two months premature. Also, Karen from St. Louis, it was great to meet you. You inspire me and so many others. If I start to name names I’ll forget somebody. So, thank you so much for being so wonderful family. I wish I’d been able to meet more of you but next time. Maybe they’ll make it a little bit longer next time. Anyway, it was great. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. Love you guys more than ever. God bless. Bye for now.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family. I’m so happy to be a first-time caller. I am Grandma Love and I have a significant issue with my dad who is 94 years old and is in hospice. At this point we have petitioned a court to appoint a conservator. His family has not cooperated. So, it’s two years later and they’re just now discovering that all of his property and all of his money was transferred to her daughters. I believe his wife has been __ by her family. They do not recognize their marriage because they come from the Philippines and the Philippines do not recognize a second marriage nor divorce…and she never got a divorce from her first husband. But at this point my dad is in hospice and is unable to speak, unable to walk and is not being visited by anyone except for me. And I reall,y really ask for your prayers that he be comforted and these last few days of his life, that he feel loved and cared for and surrounded by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. And I talked to him and he agrees, he was able to nod yes and no, that he knows that he’s gonna be in heaven soon and with the people that have passed before us. But he is so, so unhappy and so lonely and so distressed at the betrayal, that it has caused him significant problems. They have also placed him in a horrible decision, horrible places…that was horrible to me. And fairly nice when they came around and we were working together pretty well and then they took him into a nursing home and he can’t get out of bed. There’s no room in the nursing home. They’re way too busy to even deal with him…they…they can barely…

Hello Daily Audio family. I am a first-time caller. My name is Isabel, I’m from Australia in Melbourne. I just wanted to thank God for the Hardin family for Brian, Jill, and China, and the family. And also just wanted to thank Blind Tony for his amazing poems. You definitely need to write a book. And also for Victoria Soldier for your prayers. You’re such an amazing prayer warrior. And everybody who is part of this beautiful family. This campfire has honestly blessed me so much and I just want to praise God and thank God for all the DABbers because you are an important part of my life now. You know, just coming up on a year and half now and I’ve enjoyed every single day listening to the Daily Audio Bible. I do have a prayer request, an important request. My children, Priscilla and Joseph, with my first marriage, my ex-husband divorced me 10 years ago. I am now remarried to an amazing Christian man. But my daughter is getting married next month in October, the 27th and her dad is just cutting her off and also my son out of his life and he’s not really, you know, communicating with __ things of God and he’s __ . If you could please pray for him. He’s got a lot of major problems and he’s also been sexually abused that God showed me. If you can please pray for him. But the main important prayer request is you could please pray that he comes to my daughter’s wedding because she is feeling really sad that her dad’s not going to give her away and she wants him to be part of her life but he doesn’t want to. So, if you can please pray for this miracle that God can just do a miracle in this relationship. Thank you, DABbers. May God bless you. I will be calling back again and thank you for all your prayers. God bless you.

Hi. This is Vanessa in Texas and it’s been a while since I’ve called and I’m behind in my listening, but I started catching up again this week and I’d like to ask prayer for my friend Andrew in St. Louis. We’ve been friends for several years but virtually like this community. We’ve never actually met in person but we…we chat at work and have developed this really good friendship. And he…he’s going through a time of…a lot of self-doubt and he suffered a long time from depression. And a year ago he almost attempted suicide and instead of…instead of trying to end his life that night he reached out to me and I was able to…to help them and to talk to him. And so here we are a year later and he’s __ God and going to church and feeling much better. But he’s struggling. He doesn’t know what to do with his life. And, so, he could really use some prayers for guidance on what to do next, where his next steps are. He wants to do better, he wants to live a happy life, a simple life, an uncomplicated one but he just doesn’t know where or what. And he’s willing to do anything. So, yeah, if you guys could just pray for him, that the Lord will point him in a good direction in life and he’ll keep walking on a path with God. That would be awesome. Thank you very much. And I hope you’re all doing well. Have a great day.