08/27/2018 DAB Transcript

Job 23:1-27:23 , 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11 , Psalms 41:1-13 , Proverbs 22:5-6

Today is the 27th day of August. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it is my pleasure to be here with you today around this global campfire. I’ve thrown a couple logs on and it burns on and we come out of the dark and out of the challenges and chaos of life and center ourselves in the word of God. And we’re working our way through the book of Job right now. So, we’ll pick up where we left off. And we’re reading from the Gods Word Translation this week. Job, chapter 23, 24 , 25 ,26 and 27 today.


Okay. So, as we continue this journey through the book of Job we’ve had the opportunity to watch a conversation between friends move from comfort into a full-blown argument over what God does and does not do. And in today’s reading we listen to Job’s passionate descriptions of what he had seen of God’s movements in the world. And as has been the case throughout, Job’s friends then attempt to explain why he’s seen these movements, but all of their explanations to the why questions they’re not enough for Job. No one could really answer why God or does not do something, except for God, which is what he’d been saying all along. If I only knew where to find God, right? I would go there. I would go to where He lives and ask my questions. And Job and his friends had gotten themselves into a bit of what is a circular argument. On one hand, Job was looking for answers from God himself, but couldn’t find him. On the other hand, Job’s friends kept trying to tell Job that only the righteous can hope to find God, right? So, Job must not be as righteous as he thought he was. Well then Job would be talked out of his pursuits of declaring his innocence before God, right? He says, as long as I live, as long as I’m, as long as I’m breathing, my lips are not going to speak evil and my tongue will speak no lies. I am not going concede that you’re right, I’m going to hold on to my integrity until I die. So, I mean, so basically, Job drew a line in the sand. He’d pursue God’s presence, even if it killed him and he would hope in God, even if that proved hopeless. Now, this is not the kind of stuff we normally think about. This is the kind of stuff we think about suffering, right? It’s a whole lot easier to pass out the right answer or to receive the right answer when life is pretty stable, but Job’s life was not…like…anything but stable. His life is upside down and the only place that he felt that he could go to get any sense of balance was to God’s presence. And this gives us a chance to consider our own posture when we’re asking the why questions. I mean, are we pursuing God so that he’ll take it all away…you know…take the struggle, the hardship, the difficulty away. What if he doesn’t? Why are we pursuing God? Job was pursuing God to find answers to unanswerable questions and to find wisdom beyond wisdom. Job’s friends were telling Job why he couldn’t do this. Why are you pursuing God?


Father, we come into that question. We’ve been led into this territory by your word because you want to bring these things up in us. And, so, as they arise we bring them to you and invite your Holy Spirit to reinterpret for us all of our toil and to invite us to consider why it is we are pursuing you. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning DAB family. This is Chanel from Arizona. I’m a first time caller; however, I’ve been listening for many years and I enjoy joining with you all and interceding for one another and shouldering one another’s burdens. I’m calling today for prayer for myself. I am 41 years old and find myself back in school pursuing a degree in naturopathic medicine. Along the way I have trusted God and felt as though each step that I take in obedience He will change his mind. However, each day I find myself closer and closer to being kind of smack dab in the middle of a new season. And I truly believe in the power of prayer and I just ask that you all would join me in just helping me ensure that I am exactly where God wants me and that I am bringing glory in every situation I find myself in. And, so, I thank you all for your prayers. I pray for you all daily and I get my strength in just the support that we offer each day. Brian and Jill thank you so much for this ministry and I will definitely call back again. Thank you.

Hey family. This is Viola from Maryland and hope you’re all doing well. Brian and Jill, God bless you. Hey Jill, I’ve been reading the account of you to Ezekiel going to school for the first time [laughing]. Don’t worry, he’ll feel better real soon. And I pray that the Lord will touch him and heal him. I was reading that on Facebook today. God bless you. God bless you Brian. God bless your ministry. It’s almost down to the wire for your reunion. I wish that I could be there. Oh, Angel, woop, woop, woop, woop, woop, for our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! I was rejoicing. I was dancing without music when I heard you talking about the miracle that God __ and how your surgery went well. My sister, I am so grateful to the Lord on your behalf. I rejoice with you. God bless you. Our brother from Canada you had called in saying that you’re in the ministry but you also have a business and your seeking direction. Look, this is the best place to be in. You know, because the Lord says that if you lack wisdom when you ask I give you liberally. Father Lord I pray that you will direct your son. You will give him oh God, even make a way for him oh God Lord. Open up those__ right paths. Let him know each step to take, whether to the left or to the right. Let him hear Your voice in his ears in the name of Jesus. My brother Adam, I know that your wife would have given birth now. So, congratulations and I’m praying that God will heal her from the effects of afterbirth and I pray that all of you will adjust to the new baby in the home. It’s wonderful when a new baby comes. Let the Lord bless you my brother. And, No One Left Behind, happy anniversary. God bless you. And I’m also praying for the sister that called in, I forget your name sister, but I’m praying that the Lord will touch your marriage and the Lord will heal your marriage. He is still in the business of healing. Our God is a prayer answering God and I command every attack of the devil to cease in your life right now in the name of Jesus. and I pray for everyone else struggling in their marriages in the Daily Audio Bible family. I pray that the Lord will touch you, the Lord greet you and the Lord will make everything…

Good morning. This call is for Sandy from Amarillo. She called I think on the 21st. I’m getting out of my comfort zone to call in and reach out to her. She gave her child up for adoption in 1962 and has recently been contacted by her child. I want you to know that you’re not alone. You’re never alone. There’s many of us out here that have reunited with our biological children that we didn’t raise. And I’m sure there’s joy for most of us and maybe a little sadness for some. You didn’t say whether you were on ancestry.com or not and that’s how you got reunited but I’m sure that there’ll be many, many, many more stories of reuniting with loved ones. They are loved ones. They were given a chance at something better that we couldn’t provide for them at the time. And I think, for the most part, they probably appreciate the sacrifices that were done for them to have a good life. I just want you to know I’m praying for you. I pray, pray, pray that everything goes well. In my situation it was joyous, it is joyous, and that joy has continued on for two years past the reuniting. I don’t see him often but there’s still joy in my heart that God gave me that wonderful gift, wonderful gift. I love you Sandy. I hope that everything would…

Hello. My name is Latasha. I’m calling from California and I am seeking prayer in the way of guidance, understanding, and protection for both myself and my children. I hope and I pray that God will deliver us from all harm. I hope and I pray that God will guide us to the best place possible. I hope and I pray that God will send us a shield of protection from all principalities, all words in deeds that are hurtful and harmful to our sustainability. I pray that my Lord and Savior will forgive us of any sins that we may have committed and that He would just hold us near and dear to Him. I pray that the path before us be made clean and that no hardship or misunderstanding will be placed before us. I pray that we will be able to live a life that is full, guided with the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray these things in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that we will be made new and fresh and clean from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet inside and outside of our bodies. I pray that we will just be able to help those who can’t help themselves to be a learning experience for others. And I pray that we’re made whole in His name. Thank you. Bye-bye.