08/25/2018 DAB Transcript

Job 16:1-19:29 , 1 Corinthians 16:1-24 , Psalms 40:1-10 , Proverbs 22:1

Today is the 25th day of August. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian and it’s always great to be here with you, but it’s great to be here with you as we close down another one of our weeks together. And man, we’re pushing our way through another month and it won’t be that long before we’re pushing into a new season, but that’s all out in front of us and it’s not happening now. what’s happening right now is that we’re taking the next step forward as we close down another week. And we’ve been reading from the Contemporary English Version this week. Job chapter 16 verse 1 through 19 verse 29 today.


Father, we thank You for another week in Your word as we continue to move through the seasons of the year and experience all the nuances of nature but of Your word as it speaks to all the different nuances of our lives. And, so, here we are ending week and we ask for You to plant all that we’ve learned and heard into our lives deeply so that they yield fruit for Your kingdom, and the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. Come Jesus we pray in Your precious name. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi all. This is the Misfit Man from Cincinnati. I was calling today because my Bluetooth in my car stopped working a couple weeks ago after the battery died and had to be replaced. And also my Bluetooth didn’t work. So, I was sitting here in my car, listening to the community prayer line and just thinking, man, I have been complaining so much, you know, to myself about me not having Bluetooth in my car and I was just thinking how silly is it that I can complain about something like that. And I know myself, and I’m sure a lot of you, tend to just get distracted by the negative things in life and in the situations. But then I started to think, man, how blessed am I that I have a cell phone that I can listen to the Daily Audio Bible in my car. How blessed am I that I have a car that works. How blessed am I that I have five healthy beautiful children, that I have a wife, that I have a job, I have so many things to be thankful for and it just made me think about how the Bible says, do all things without grumbling or complaining. And it’s so that we’ll show the world the light inside of us that is different. So, I just want to encourage everyone today to look at the bright side of life. Look at the positive things in all situations. Try and find them. Try and find them in situations and people. Do it so that you will be the light of Jesus Christ for the world. All right, everybody. Love you. Have a blessed day. Bye.

Hi Daily Audio Bible. This is Emily from Australia. This is my first year of listening to Daily Audio Bible all the way through. This is my first time calling too. I’m calling to ask for prayer and also to praise God. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I also have a lot of homemade issues which are debilitating. Today, I found a doctor that I think is going to help me. My doctor’s appointment is on the 18th September. Daily Audio Bible family, please join me in prayer, that this doctor will look into my issues and take me seriously and that the Lord would bless him with wisdom and with a curious mind and with the skill that he needs to be able to treat me. I also ask that you pray for me to accept whatever the Lords will is. Thank you all so much. I pray along with all of your prayers after Brian’s message. Thank you

Terry the Trucker, I heard your prayer request today from Jackson Mississippi. I live in the Jackson area. so I was particularly attuned for what you were asking for prayer. I want you to know that you are in our prayers and I call out to you, Isaiah 41:10 as encouragement. And I’d like to help you any way I can. And probably the best way to reach me is through email, crosenblat@gmail.com. And we’ll be praying for you Terry the Trucker. All right. Bye-bye

Good morning Daily Audio Bible. Today is August 21st. I just listened to brother Brian and, thank you for today’s message from Job. My daughter is the one who passed away three years ago and my grandchildren. I thank you all for praying. You have humbled me and blessed me through your prayers. Her children are still so brokenhearted. Her oldest who is now 19 has one foot outside of jail and is making extremely poor decisions with his life through drugs, through alcohol, through living a very perverse life with young girls and I just pray that the bondage would be broking off of her children. My granddaughter who is now 16 with this young man who does not know the Lord as his personal Lord and Savior and is so close to sexual temptation because of it and is choosing to go that way. I fear my daughter was living in satanic worship. I don’t know. I know that she feared the Lord for many years and has attempted her life many times prior to that but was always so afraid of meeting God. But at the end her home, her heart was so hopeless and her daughter told me that, grandma you don’t even understand, the house had nothing but demons and the day that my brother had to cut my mom down. So, thank you for your prayers and I tell you I appreciate all of you so much. And to all of you who have been calling in for prayers who I just want you to know that I do pray daily for you. The young man who had the truck accident and his dog has gone and he’s sitting in the hospital. I’m praying for you. Victoria soldier, thank you…

This is Michael __ from way out west. A.k.a. the Greatest Trucker. Don’t take much to be the greatest trucker and sometimes the greatest trucker, he ain’t so great. And I’m calling in today because I was shocked and horrified and dismayed at Terry the Trucker saying that he blew a steer tire that took him into a guardrail that took him in to a bridge embankment over the edge. And the poor guy dislocated his shoulder. I mean, this…blowing a steer tire is…it’s a constant fear in trucking. You don’t know when it’s coming. I’ve done it, I don’t known, two or three times anyways and, you know, you don’t know where it’s coming from. You don’t know…you’re out of control instantly and __. And I heard you say you’re thinking of stepping away from it. I would not blame you at all for stepping away from it. It’s like getting bumped off. You’ve just gotta regroup. So, I’m praying for you brother and I’m not giving you any advice. I’m asking you to just get your advice from God. Because blowing a steer tire is very, very disconcerting and it’s time to reassess. When you blow a steer tire it’s time to reassess. When you blow a steer tire and it puts you in the hospital it’s definitely time to reassess. Praying for you. Praying for God to give you His wisdom __. And I’m sorry about your dog.