The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Wednesday August 22, 2018 (NIV)

Job 4-7

Eliphaz’s First Speech

Please Be Patient and Listen

Eliphaz from Teman[a] said:

Please be patient and listen
to what I have to say.
Remember how your words
have guided and encouraged
many in need.
But now you feel discouraged
when struck by trouble.
You respect God and live right,
so don’t lose hope!
No truly innocent person
has ever died young.
In my experience, only those
who plant seeds of evil
harvest trouble,
and then they are swept away
by the angry breath of God.
10 They may roar and growl
like powerful lions.
But when God breaks their teeth,
11 they starve,
and their children
are scattered.

A Secret Was Told to Me

12 A secret was told to me
in a faint whisper—
13 I was overcome by sleep,
but disturbed by dreams;
14 I trembled with fear,
15 and my hair stood on end,
as a wind blew past my face.
16 It stopped and stood still.
Then a form appeared—
a shapeless form.
And from the silence,
I heard a voice say,
17 “No humans are innocent
in the eyes of God
their Creator.
18 He finds fault with his servants
and even with his angels.
19 Humans are formed from clay
and are fragile as moths,
so what chance do you have?
20 Born after daybreak,
you die before nightfall
and disappear forever.
21 Your tent pegs are pulled up,
and you leave this life,
having gained no wisdom.”

Eliphaz Continues

Call Out for Help

Job, call out for help
and see if an angel comes!

Envy and jealousy
will kill a stupid fool.
I have seen fools take root.
But God sends a curse,
suddenly uprooting them
and leaving their children
helpless in court.
Then hungry and greedy people
gobble down their crops
and grab up their wealth.[b]
Our suffering isn’t caused
by the failure of crops;
it’s all part of life,
like sparks shooting skyward.

Job, if I were you,
I would ask God for help.
His miracles are marvelous,
more than we can count.
10 God sends showers on earth
and waters the fields.
11 He protects the sorrowful
and lifts up those
who have been disgraced.
12 God swiftly traps the wicked
13 in their own evil schemes,
and their wisdom fails.
14 Darkness is their only companion,
hiding their path at noon.
15 God rescues the needy
from the words of the wicked
and the fist of the mighty.
16 The poor are filled with hope,
and injustice is silenced.

Consider Yourself Fortunate

17 Consider yourself fortunate
if God All-Powerful
chooses to correct you.
18 He may cause injury and pain,
but he will bandage and heal
your cuts and bruises.
19 God will protect you from harm,
no matter how often
trouble may strike.

20 In times of war and famine,
God will keep you safe.
21 You will be sheltered,
without fear of hurtful words
or any other weapon.
22 You will laugh at the threat
of destruction and famine.
And you won’t be afraid
of wild animals—
23 they will no longer be fierce,
and your rocky fields
will become friendly.
24 Your home will be secure,
and your sheep will be safe.
25 You will have more descendants
than there are blades of grass
on the face of the earth.
26 You will live a long life,
and your body will be strong
until the day you die.
27 Our experience has proven
these things to be true,
so listen and learn.

Job’s Reply to Eliphaz

It’s Impossible

Job said:

It’s impossible to weigh
my misery and grief!
They outweigh the sand
along the beach,
and that’s why I have spoken
without thinking first.
The fearsome arrows
of God All-Powerful
have filled my soul
with their poison.
Do oxen and wild donkeys
cry out in distress
unless they are hungry?
What is food without salt?
What is more tasteless
than the white of an egg?[c]
That’s how my food tastes,
and my appetite is gone.

How I wish that God
would answer my prayer
and do away with me.
10 Then I would be comforted,
knowing that in all of my pain
I have never disobeyed God.
11 Why should I patiently hope
when my strength is gone?
12 I am not strong as stone
or bronze,
13 and I have finally reached
the end of my rope.

My Friends, I Am Desperate

14 My friends, I am desperate,
and you should help me,
even if I no longer respect
God All-Powerful.[d]
15 But you are treacherous
16 as streams that swell
with melting snow,
17 then suddenly disappear
in the summer heat.
18 I am like a caravan,
lost in the desert
while searching for water.
19 Caravans from Tema and Sheba[e]
20 thought they would find water.
But they were disappointed,
21 just as I am with you.[f]
Only one look at my suffering,
and you run away scared.

What Have I Done Wrong?

22 Have I ever asked any of you
to give me a gift
23 or to purchase my freedom
from brutal enemies?
24 What have I done wrong?
Show me,
and I will keep quiet.
25 The truth is always painful,
but your arguments
prove nothing.
26 Here I am desperate,
and you consider my words
as worthless as wind.
27 Why, you would sell an orphan
or your own neighbor!
28 Look me straight in the eye;
I won’t lie to you.
29 Stop accusing me falsely;
my reputation is at stake.
30 I know right from wrong,
and I am not telling lies.

Job Continues

Why Is Life So Hard?

Why is life so hard?
Why do we suffer?
We are slaves in search of shade;
we are laborers longing
for our wages.
God has made my days drag on
and my nights miserable.
I pray for night to end,
but it stretches out
while I toss and turn.
My parched skin is covered
with worms, dirt, and sores,
and my days are running out
quicker than the thread
of a fast-moving needle.

Don’t Forget!

I beg you, God, don’t forget!
My life is just a breath,
and trouble lies ahead.
I will vanish from sight,
and no one, including you,
will ever see me again.
I will disappear in the grave
or vanish from sight
like a passing cloud.
10 Never will I return home;
soon I will be forgotten.

11 And so, I cry out to you
in agony and distress.
12 Am I the sea or a sea monster?
Is that why you imprison me?[g]
13 I go to bed, hoping for rest,
14 but you torture me
with terrible dreams.
15 I’d rather choke to death
than live in this body.
16 Leave me alone and let me die;
my life has no meaning.
17 What makes you so concerned
about us humans?
18 Why do you test us
from sunrise to sunset?
19 Won’t you look away
just long enough
for me to swallow?
20 Why do you watch us so closely?
What’s it to you, if I sin?
Why am I your target
and such a heavy burden?
21 Why do you refuse to forgive?
Soon you won’t find me,
because I’ll be dead.


  1. 4.1 Teman: See the note at 2.11.
  2. 5.5 wealth: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 5.
  3. 6.6 What is more tasteless. . . egg: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  4. 6.14 and you should help me. . . God All-Powerful: Or “and if you don’t help me, you no longer respect God All-Powerful.”
  5. 6.19 Tema and Sheba: Tema was a region in northwest Arabia, and Sheba was probably a region in southwest Arabia.
  6. 6.21 just. . . you: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  7. 7.12 sea monster. . . imprison me: “Sea monster” translates the Hebrew word “Tannin,” which was possibly a sea monster similar to Leviathan (3.8), Rahab (9.13), and Behemoth (40.15). According to 38.8-11, God makes the sea his prisoner by setting its boundaries.

1 Corinthians 14:18-40

18 I thank God that I speak unknown languages more than any of you. 19 But words that make sense can help the church. That’s why in church I had rather speak five words that make sense than to speak ten thousand words in a language that others don’t know.

20 My friends, stop thinking like children. Think like mature people and be as innocent as tiny babies. 21 In the Scriptures the Lord says,

“I will use strangers
who speak unknown languages
to talk to my people.
They will speak to them
in foreign languages,
but still my people
won’t listen to me.”

22 Languages that others don’t know may mean something to unbelievers, but not to the Lord’s followers. Prophecy, on the other hand, is for followers, not for unbelievers. 23 Suppose everyone in your worship service started speaking unknown languages, and some outsiders or some unbelievers come in. Won’t they think you are crazy? 24 But suppose all of you are prophesying when those unbelievers and outsiders come in. They will realize that they are sinners, and they will want to change their ways because of what you are saying. 25 They will tell what is hidden in their hearts. Then they will kneel down and say to God, “We are certain that you are with these people.”

Worship Must Be Orderly

26 My friends, when you meet to worship, you must do everything for the good of everyone there. That’s how it should be when someone sings or teaches or tells what God has said or speaks an unknown language or explains what the language means. 27 No more than two or three of you should speak unknown languages during the meeting. You must take turns, and someone should always be there to explain what you mean. 28 If no one can explain, you must keep silent in church and speak only to yourself and to God.

29 Two or three persons may prophesy, and everyone else must listen carefully. 30 If someone sitting there receives a message from God, the speaker must stop and let the other person speak. 31 Let only one person speak at a time, then all of you will learn something and be encouraged. 32 A prophet should be willing to stop and let someone else speak. 33 God wants everything to be done peacefully and in order.

When God’s people meet in church, 34 the women must not be allowed to speak. They must keep quiet and listen, as the Law of Moses teaches. 35 If there is something they want to know, they can ask their husbands when they get home. It is disgraceful for women to speak in church. 36 God’s message did not start with you people, and you are not the only ones it has reached.

37 If you think of yourself as a prophet or a spiritual person, you will know that I am writing only what the Lord has commanded. 38 So don’t pay attention to anyone who ignores what I am writing. 39 My friends, be eager to prophesy and don’t stop anyone from speaking languages that others don’t know. 40 But do everything properly and in order.

Psalm 37:30-40

30 Words of wisdom come
when good people speak
for justice.
31 They remember God’s teachings,
and they never take
a wrong step.

32 The wicked try to trap
and kill good people,
33 but the Lord is on their side,
and he will defend them
when they are on trial.

34 Trust the Lord and follow him.
He will give you the land,
and you will see
the wicked destroyed.

35 I have seen brutal people
abuse others
and grow strong
like trees in rich soil.[a]
36 Suddenly they disappeared!
I looked, but they were gone
and no longer there.

37 Think of the bright future
for all the families
of honest
and innocent
and peace-loving people.
38 But not a trace will be left
of the wicked
or their families.

39 The Lord protects his people,
and they can come to him
in times of trouble.
40 The Lord helps them
and saves them from the wicked
because they run to him.


  1. 37.35 like. . . soil: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

Proverbs 21:27

27 The Lord despises the offerings
of wicked people
with evil motives.