07/27/2018 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 19:1-20:37, Romans 10:13-11:12 , Psalms 21:1-13, Proverbs 20:4-6

Today is the 27th day of July. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you today. And we’re creeping up on another week, yeah, man, we’re creeping up on another month, but if there’s one thing that the passing of time will show us is that we’re making progress as we take this journey through the Scriptures. And, so, we’ll take the next step. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Second Chronicles chapter 19 verse 1 through 20, verse 37.


Okay. In the book of 2 Chronicles today we encounter quite the story, one that is overwhelmingly encouraging, but one that we should actually examine and apply to our own lives, because we’ve probably all felt hemmed in and surrounded and threatened before in some way in our lives. And that’s what’s going on with Jerusalem. So, the story to place out in the Judean desert with the Dead Sea as this central landmark. And three armies from the other side of the Dead Sea had crossed over and they were assembling at the oasis of En-gedi, a place where they could get freshwater. And we’ve encountered it before, I’ve mentioned it before, it’s a real place that still exists. We’ve filmed this place. It’s in the Promised Land films. So, their assembling there. They can get freshwater. And Jehoshaphat, he was a God-fearing king and had done a lot to restore the people to God. But in spite of all the good he’d done, he got this bad news that a horde was coming to attack Jerusalem and they didn’t have time to prepare for this. They didn’t have the resources to fend this off. So, the king was terrified. And we should…we should acknowledge that when we feel we’re in a similar circumstance. We also may find ourselves in a state of terror or panic or maybe a panic attack. It’s what happened next in the story that can give us guidance. Jehoshaphat didn’t have a meltdown and runaway. Right? He didn’t go into overdrive and whip everybody into shape attempting to reinforce the defenses. He didn’t go down and negotiate a surrender. Instead, he begged the Lord for guidance and he called all the people together to fast before God and seek God’s direction. Right? Because any of the wheel spinning wasn’t gonna work. So, we should pay attention to this posture because often we feel threatened God becomes the last ditch effort rather than the first place that we go for guidance. So, king Jehoshaphat prayed before the people. He said, we can cry out to You to save us, and You will hear us and rescue us. So, what Jehoshaphat wasn’t doing was just trying to get everybody together, knowing that doom was upon them so they were going to just get together and have a worship service and try to encourage each other and build up and encourage within to go face insurmountable odds. No, his posture was to humble himself before God, acknowledging that the situation was hopeless. And that’s what he said. Oh God, won’t you stop them? We are powerless against this mighty army that is about to attack us. We do not know what to do, but we are looking to You for help. And of course a prophetic message came out of that one that told the people that the battle wasn’t theirs, that the battle was the Lord’s. And that’s exactly how it played out. The invading armies attacked each other and destroyed each other and the Israeli army simply watched and then collected day after day after day of plunder. So, what looked like impossible odds and incredible loss actually became no loss and enrichment. So, when we’re walking with God and we find ourselves surprised by something that we did not walk into, some type of invasion that we didn’t see coming, may this story come back to mind before we start thrashing around trying to save ourselves, which may be unnecessary and may be unsuccessful. We can find ourselves surrounded with no way out at times, and yeah, we’ll have to surrender. Rather than surrendering to our enemy, we must surrender to God. Be still, worship, and watch what He will do.


Father, as we move through the final hours of this week we take great encouragement in that and we look back over the ways that we’ve responded to these unexpected things and we see that, usually we’re not humbling ourselves and moving into worship and asking you what to do. We’re thrashing around trying to fix things, wasting precious energy and time. Come, Holy Spirit, we repent of that and we seek Your counsel and we seek your direction because we trust You. Come Jesus we pray. In your precious name, we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family. This is Salvation is Mine in San Angelo California. God bless each and every one of you for this day and the coming week, that it may be blessed by God and you will see His hand over everything in your life. I’m calling in today to pray for some of the DABbers. I definitely want to pray for Scott in regards to the loss he has experienced and now that his son is ill with a brain tumor. Dear God, we come before You right now lifting up Scott and his family and his son Joey who has a brain tumor right now. Lord God we know You are the Father of all things. You died on the cross so that way we may be healed. And by Your stripes we are healed if we stand in faith and know that You are God Almighty. Lord Jesus, this family needs You so much right now. He’s been through so much and I know his heart has been broken and he probably has not even had time to grieve for his son and his father because he has to be strong for his son. But let him find his strength in You Lord. Let him lean on You. Let him lean into Your breathe Lord and hear Your heart beat for him, hear that You are taking over all his burdens Lord God, know that You are God Almighty and You will deliver him from these trials and tribulations that the enemy has heaped upon him one after another after another Lord God. This is not of You Father God. This is of the enemy. And the enemy wants to break him but we know Scott can be strong Lord God. We know that he has found favor in Your eyes Lord God and we bless You for that Lord God. Lord God just lift him up today. Lift his son up today for one more doctor visit, one more miracle cure Lord God that will be coming their way. And I pray this in the blessed name of Jesus Christ. Thank you family. Scott, thinking of you, praying for you and your son and I will continue to do so. God bless you. This is Salvation is Mine and San Angelo California.

Good morning DAB family it is Sunday, July 23rd. __. A couple of things are on my mind. I haven’t even gotten halfway through the community prayer but I just had to stop and call. Victoria Soldier you really touched my heart. I’m feeling very weepy today. Fighting another audit at work. And I feel in my Spirit exactly what you said. I am so tired of this. I am so tired of this process. I never feel encouraged after these audits and they tell us that were not supposed to feel like they’re punitive but at 90% anywhere else I would feel encouraged but with my job is failing. So, I need your prayers for God to intervene tomorrow as we meet my manager and my auditor. I need God’s provision. I need His grace. And then also, my heart is really heavy today. My daughter’s birthday is today and it’s also the anniversary of my dad’s going home. And I miss both of them terribly. My daughter is in Denver with her new job. But I know that there are several of us going through stuff at work and just life changes. And it’s so overwhelming some days. Going through Romans has been such a blessing because it has restored my faith. And I know that the battle is not over yet but I also know that God is in the mix and he knows what’s going on. So, would you all please just continue to pray for me and for my family as I continue to pray for you and yours. I love you all. Have a great week.

Hi. This is Mary and I am calling from the Nashville area. I’ve been listening for about seven years now. I’m a first time caller. I want to thank you, say thank you to all of my DAB family. And I love all you guys. I’m praying for all of you all the time. But I’m calling for my 19-year-old niece Angela. She had her baby. She had him prematurely at __six weeks, little baby and Aria and she was in the hospital for a while but she’s okay now. However, Angela has suffered from heart damage. She has what’s called cardiomyopathy and she has to have surgery tomorrow, on July 24th on her heart to have some stents put in there. But that’s not the only thing that’s going on. Her dad had taken some FMLA time so that he could take care of Angela in the hospital and little baby Aria and her little daughter Erin but now, yesterday, her dad suffered a stroke and now he’s in the hospital. So, his name is Robert. Now his wife, Suzanne, is trying to hold down the fort with everything, bless her. But if you could please be praying for them. We are needing a lot of prayers. And we appreciate the time that you take to do that for us. And again, I still pray for you guys. Love you guys. Thank you. Bye-bye.

This message is for our brother Brady. I’m praying for you, your mother, and your daughter. I know that it must be a very difficult challenge for you to go through something so new all of a sudden. Only you and the Lord know the emotions that are welling up inside of you right now. But know that you are not alone for our God is always by your side, always. And I am praying in agreement with you for your mother and your daughter and you. And I’ll leave you with Romans 5 verse 3-5 from the Amplified Bible. And not only this but with joy let us exalt in our suffering and rejoice with our hardships knowing that hardship, the stress that you’re in trouble, produces patient endurance and endurance proven character, spiritual maturity, and proven character, hope and confidence, assurance of eternal salvation. Such hope in God’s promises never disappoints us because God’s love has been abundantly poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. That same Holy Spirit, Brady, that Brian has been talking about, the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead has been given freely to us and I pray that Holy Spirit is revealed in your life along with your mother and daughter. Sean 316. God bless.