07/21/2018 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 4:1-6:13a, Romans 7:1-14 , Psalms 17:1-15, Proverbs 19:22-23

Today is the 21st day of July.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian.  It is great to be here with you today for the next step forward in our journey as we continue that journey through the scriptures this year. Of course, this week we’ve been reading from the Christian Standard Bible which is what we’ll continue to do. We’ll pick up where we left off. 2 Chronicles 4:1 - 6:11.


Okay.  So over the last several days as we’ve moved into the letter to the Romans and begun our journey through Paul’s writings, we’ve gone back to Abraham. That’s a trademark of the Apostle Paul. And we’ve realized that it was Abraham’s faith in God, not his obedience to a law or rule or ritual, that activated God’s promise to him. And in today’s reading, what Paul kind of unpacked that the purpose of the law was actually to reveal our helplessness and inability to achieve perfection before God. No one will be able to ever say, I deserve to be here because I am perfect. I am perfect like God, and so therefore, I can go into God’s presence rightfully. None of us can do that. Not on our own. However, through Jesus, we can boldly individually enter God’s presence, have fellowship and intimate relationship with God through his grace. What is fundamentally being said here is pretty astounding. The idea that sin is always gonna be a part of our lives is actually not supposed to be our reality. But it’s not something we can achieve on our own, right? Any more than obeying the law was something that the Hebrew people could achieve on their own. Paul was revealing that we’re no longer on our own. Not at all. Not in any way. When we put our faith in Jesus, we underwent a spiritual transformation. The old person that we were, that person died and we were reborn into a new life together, intertwined with God. And so Paul used this example of marriage that we can all understand, even today, right? If two people are married, they’re married. They’ve entered into covenant together before God and have essentially entered into a contract of marriage in terms of government. However, if one spouse dies, the other one is free from that covenant. So we can understand that. What Paul is saying is when we put our faith in Jesus, that old person died, is no longer bound to the law, has resurrected anew inaugurated into a new covenant with God.  One that is incorruptible and one in which God pours out his grace and mercy over humanity.  So the oppression of sin and the guilt that ensues from sin is no longer supposed to be our default position.  Let’s give that some thought today. Cause this is exactly what makes this news, this proclamation, this announcement, good. It’s why it’s good news.  It’s the announcement that the thing that would estrange us from God, sin, has been dealt with.  So may rejoice in that today.  We don’t have to live that way anymore.  It’s just gonna boil down to who we choose to obey.


Father, we invite You into that.  We thank You for the good news.  What can we say?  What words can we say?  That You came and rescued us, removed our sin, gave us freedom and grace, and the ability to have an intimate relationship with You.  What do we even say to that?  We are grateful. We thank You Father and we repent of the times that we continue to choose to walk in sin. That we are choosing to obey an old way rather than walking into life free with You.  Come Holy Spirit, we pray. In Jesus name. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi. My name is Angelique and I’m calling from Washington state, Lynden Washington and I’m calling for prayer. I’ve been a faithful listener since just before Christmas of last year. I’ve really enjoyed the DAB family. So, last night, 11:30 PM, we got a call from an ER nurse, like, 11 hours away from us. My son was in a diving accident four hours north of Spokane Washington. He just walked in a lake with a friend and was at the length in the lake with a friend and dove in. It was at 10 at night. They went for a night swim. My son dove in so hard he hit the sand and broke his neck. He, right now, it is currently 215 my time. My son has been in surgery for an hour and 15 minutes. It is a 4 to 5 hours surgery and I do realize this won’t be played right away, but I am asking for prayer. My son is only 20 years old and I have called in for have him one other time. Somebody did call and let me know they were praying for him and my older son, which I appreciate show much. I know others are praying too. Please pray for a grant specifically. He is an atheist at 20 years old and we do believe God is trying to get his attention. His life was spared. His friend saved his life, pulled him to shore. My son was paralyzed on the right side of his body. He’s an athlete. And this is just absolutely, where just all stunned and there’s a lot of people praying. We’re asking for your prayers as well. My older son is 24 and he’s driving over to Spokane tonight or tomorrow morning and our whole family of six will be together So, we’re just praying…

Beloved sister Asia from Munich, we heard your call we heard you __ and bruised. And I just want to encourage you. You will win your uphill battle in Christ, you will. We are not of those who shrink back and are just __. We are of those who believe and are saved. And remember that the life of Paul and the Lord Jesus, you know, they went through terrible things. But their lives shown through. I mean, I’ve been super depressed so many times. This is Candace from Oregon. I mean really bad, not in the last five years, but had many, many times where it was just total desperation. And, so, I just long to lift you up and remind you to say the daily prayer and get into that fight, rebuke the false spirits, take every thought captive to the Lord Jesus Christ. We love you. We come around our sister Asia Lord and we ask You to lift her up, we ask You Lord to encourage her, strengthen her, rejuvenate her, just like you did with all of people who were so…given such a hard time in that first century of Christians in Rome. You were there, you were there helping them along the way. Thank You for everything that you will do in her life, in Jesus’ name.

Hi. First time caller, a long time knowing of the family. I started listening…but my name is Cindy and I go by Cindy Rowho, which is a nickname I picked up in college. But I believe in __. I believe I’ve been listening since the first of the year and I’ve had so much junk built in my life in the last couple of years that I don’t know where to start but by most pressing request is actually, I have a huge test Saturday morning or it’s actually a class Saturday morning and I have to miss church because it’s certification test. I have a test on Sunday and my work is paying for it. It’s for recertifying as a personal trainer. If you knew me, you’d know science is not my background but a chunk of it I use every day are ready because I do work for __. I’m nervous about the test of course. So just keep me in prayers. Help me, Lord, remind me of all the things I do know already and remind me of the things I’ve learned again. I’ve done this test about two and a half years ago, changed companies. And, so, I’m having to go back and relearn some things a little differently than before. But I really appreciate your prayers and I really appreciate the line and I appreciate the Daily Audio Bible. I listen to both the DAB and the DBC every morning. First thing I do. And I’ve really noticed and appreciated change in my heart over this last year and I want to thank you very much. This is Cindy, which I’m going by Cindy Rowho. So, thank you very much and appreciate your prayers. Goodbye.

Hey there Daily Audio Bible family. This is big Al in Texas and I’m reaching out to you guys. I was amazed do it two years ago and just to hear people praying for me, the amazing family that is out there. There’s…just the number of people out their praying. Blind Tony, I love hearing your poetry buddy. I have been a DABber since the iPad 2 came out. I remember I downloaded it when I got my iPad 2. So, that will give you an idea __. China, I think, was the only child, was it there. And what I’m trying to do guys is get to Texas and stay in Texas. __  signed up for Bragg and I need to be in Texas with my wife and my daughter. Two years that I’ve been gone and having to go back and forth is just gotten to be too much on my shoulders and what I need is a federal job here in Texas. Keep me close. There’s too many things I come home to to find open that my daughters grown so much more. And I’m getting tired. I need you to really help me guys. Please pray for me. Big Al in Texas. It’s a job that can make the difference. I’m very thankful for you all. And I’m just thankful for this format. And Brian, thank you so much for…it’s good to hear your voice when you __ me on the call. That just made me feel so good. I love you guys so much. Thank you so much. Amen.