07/09/2018 DAB Transcript

1 Chronicles 7:1-8:40, Acts 27:1-20, Psalms 7:1-17, Proverbs 18:22

Today is the 9th day of July. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It’s great to be here with you today and everyday as we continue to take steps forward into and deeper into our relationship with the Scriptures. So,, this week we’ve been reading from the New International Version. Today we’ll pick up where we left off yesterday, which is our custom. It has always been our custom. 1 Chronicles 7 and 8 today.


Okay. So, in the book of Acts, we’ve left the Apostle Paul on a ship where everyone is in a hurricane, being swept forward and they’ve lost all hope of survival. And the Apostle Paul had warned before they ever set sail this was going to happen. So, now this is happening, but we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out what happened.

Then in the book of Psalms, we have something that we should consider. Actually, the imagery is so vivid that we should consider this today. Whoever is pregnant with evil, right? So, whoever is growing evil inside of them conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment. Of course, disillusionment is when you are after something that it looks like the best thing ever and then you get this thing and it’s not, right? It’s not what you thought it was going to be. So, when you allow evil to grow within you, it is going to grow into trouble and you will birth disillusionment.


Father we invite You into that because we’ve all experienced disillusionment. We’ve all chased after something that was gonna be the best thing until we got it and it wasn’t. We’re chasing gold and found out it was plastic with spray paint and it wasn’t at all what was promised. We have experience this in many ways and when we experience this spiritually, we can certainly see now that we have become pregnant with evil, that we have allowed evil inside of us and we’ve nourished it and given it life. And it has conceived trouble and it has brought disillusionment. Come Holy Spirit and show us how we’ve done this and how perhaps we may be doing this now. Come, in Jesus name we ask. We repent change our minds about this and move in another direction. Move toward You. Cleanse us from all unrighteousness, we ask, Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good evening Daily Audio Bible. This is Tiny calling in from Cleveland Ohio and I’m just calling it to say hello to everyone and to let you all know that you’re always on my heart, that I’m praying for each and every one of you. I haven’t called in for a while but I definitely get a chance to listen when I hear some of the prayer requests as a go to work and I just want to touch and agree with the prayers that are going up and also just a bit of a praise report and that is that I’ve been practicing trusting God and being very very intentional about trying to stay out of his way, if you will, and allow him to lead and guide me more versus me being emotional, making a bunch of emotional decisions. Of course, it’s a journey and it’s very hard to trust God. I didn’t think having the faith the size of a mustard seed would be this hard because I want to be in control, I want to do everything, I want to answer everything, I want to have a response, I want to be in charge, I want to, you know, just make it happen, versus, you know, sometimes just sitting back and really listening and being in tune with the heart of God. So, it’s no easy feat but God is just showing through the prayer requests that generally I see a lot of answered prayers and I see what he’s teaching me patience and to be kind. We are living in, it’s just a hateful world and there’s just so much going on and I hate what I see, but God is teaching me more and more to be compassionate and to be kind and that is something that I’m grateful for. So, I just want to spread the love as best as I can and pray for each and every one of you. Love you guys dearly. Love you Brian and Jill. Thank you for the platform as always and helping us all stay connected to God through the Daily Audio Bible.

Hi everyone it’s Karen in St. Louis. Here I am picking a fit well I’m doing my long walk. I just heard Cherry Pies prayer request. And also I heard Victoria’s earlier. I too had a week where just unmercifully Satan was just going after me. And I don’t know if it was __ if it was Satan, but I do believe that we are in a spiritual battle and he does want to take out anyone that is furthering the mission of the gospel. I think of Paul and all the things that he went through, all the disciples. And, so, gosh, this walk has been great for me and on the way here I think I heard that Hillsong song, Who I am in Him, and gosh, I needed to hear that. And I know it was just one thing after another every single day. There were nights that I where I literally thought I was losing my mind. That’s how furious beyond __ as the spiritual attack was on me this week. One day in particular I had texted a friend about my dogs surgery, which was about a month ago and why I paid $1300 to have 100 bladder stones removed my 11 year old dog. And that night I had even told my hairdresser about how great my dog was doing and that night I came home and my dog had lost bladder control all over the living room. And it was just like, I knew right then and there that Satan was at work. And, so, I just pray for all of us who are in the battle, that we would stand firm, that we put that helmet of salvation on, that we would not believe the lies of Satan, that we would have that breastplate of righteousness, that we would stand firm against the schemes of Satan, that we would use that sword of the spirit, that we would keep that belt of truth and I thank Brian…

All is well. I am Daniel. Father, thank you for Your mercy today. Father, thank you for this day and all you have given my family in Christ here in the Daily Audio Bible global campfire. Thank you for the strength wisdom and understanding you give this new day to Brian and to all of your children. Father, thank you that the forces that are for us are far greater than the forces against us. I pray for my family and with my family today. Thank you Father for the overflowing joy you give that bubbles up inside like a spring listening to your children give you praise. Thank You Father that my family in Christ is one with you like Christ as children of God. Thank you father for this day of praise I can listen and __ in all according to your perfect will not my will. Thank you father for your faith this day in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hello Daily Audio Bible. This is Viola from Maryland. I hope you’re all doing well. Brian, bless you. What a nice long walk we all had today. Woo hoo. Oh, Paul, my brother, I heard your prayer request. I am praying that the God who made you with a purpose will open your eyes to see the purpose for which you were made. Father, I am praying against that depression. Every lie the enemy in your life, I bind them in the name of Jesus. Father Lord, I pray that you would touch your son oh God Lord, that You would hold him oh God, that you would give him hope oh Lord God that you would give him a reason for living in the name of Jesus. I pray that this depression would lift from his life in the name of Jesus. Brother Gregory, I think is your name, I am praying for you for your mom asking that God would touch her, God will strengthen her body. There’s nothing that God cannot do. Age does not limit God. I’m praying that God will touch her body and heal her and strengthen her in the name of Jesus and am also praying about your job situation, that God will give you wisdom, that God will give you favor as a teacher in the name of Jesus. God bless you my brother. Pastor’s wife I am praying for you my sister. I am praying that God who has a heart for prodigal children will bring your daughter who is in the military back to him. That the Holy Spirit of God will pursue her relentlessly in the name of Jesus. When she turns right, left, back, looks front she will see God. Sister, by the time the Holy Spirit is done with your daughter she will be the __ person to you. I declare that in the name of Jesus. And I am praying for your son. I’m praying that God will restore his marriage. God is the restorer. He will touch his marriage and heal that marriage in the name of Jesus. Lastly, Victoria from Arizona, you know God has a heart for __. That’s is true religion and that is what he told us of the word of God. First of all I pray that God will comfort you in the loss of your husband. I pray oh God that God will touch you, that God will wrap his arms around you and then that God will give you, wisdom everything that you’re asking for, that God will do it for you before you call…