06/29/2018 DAB Transcript

2 Kings 15:1-16:20, Acts 19:13-41, Psalms 147:1-20, Proverbs 18:4-5

Today is the 29th day of June. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it is a pleasure and an honor to be here with you today around the global camp fire as we take the next step and move forward on our adventure through the Scriptures this year. So, in the Old Testament we’re moving our way through the book of 2 Kings and we’ll pick up where we left off yesterday. And we’re reading from the God’s Word translation this week. 2 Kings, chapters 15 and 16 today.


Alright. So, in the book of 2 Kings, you know, we are working our way rapidly, sometimes just a paragraph on a king, which represents an entire reign. Some of these rains are very short. Some of them are lifetime reigns between Israel and Judah’s Kings. What we’re watching in the north in Israel is a continual deterioration. Like, they’re not trying to follow any lines of succession and keep a society together. It’s like, somebody becomes king and they become a target almost. Somebody comes and tries to find a way to assassinate them and then they take over the throne, which is simply eroding the society. And it will come to complete ruin. In Judah, we do have back-and-forth but the Kings are usually following the traditions of their father and holding as a high example, David’s reign, but not all is well with them either. We read of King Ahaz of Judah today, who sacrificed his own child, which according to the Bible, was one of the reasons God displaced the people who were there before the Israelites. So, we can see we’re heading in the wrong direction.

Then, in the book of Acts today, we’re in the city of Ephesus. A riot is breaking out because the gospel that Paul is preaching has potential impact on certain segments of the economy. And that segment in specific has to do with the Temple of Artemis, where pilgrims from all around the region who worship Artemis come to Ephesus on pilgrimage. So, the tourism industry, the trinket industry, the idol industry, this is all being effected and that will stir up a ruckus in Ephesus. So, once again, we see an example of the gospel coming into a region and causing great disruption because spiritual freedom overturns false constructs and disrupts much. It does the same in our own world and in our own lives. Freedom invites us to walk out of bondage. But when bondage is all you’ve ever known it seems normal. And, so, walking into freedom feels disruptive. We saw this all throughout Jesus ministry. We see this all throughout the book of Acts in the ministries of Peter and Paul and it is the same today.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We thank You for the ability to look back, way back, thousands of years, thousands and thousands of years and see that the story continues forward in the heart of people. It’s just like ours. And, so, we invite Your Holy Spirit to come, plant the words of the Scriptures in our lives today. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning DABbers. This is Walta, A Burning Bush That Will Not Be Devoured For The Glory Of Our God And King. I just heard a prayer request from a man of God whose mother is in hospice and his son is in recovery. He has returned home. I think his name is Tom. My brother, I just want you to know that everything we go through, God uses it for His glory. A year ago I was in your situation, in fact, months ago. My son is still in recovery. Unfortunately, my mother’s passed. I’m saying this to let you know that God who has brought me through will bring you through. And the words of encouragement that God gave me regarding my son has been this. I have been given a responsibility to love and care for God’s son. Your son is God’s son and you are just the one that God has trusted to love him through whatever he is battling, whatever he is going through. Do not give up praying for him every single day. And Father God, I pray for Tom’s son right now. And God, I pray that you will release him from whatever bondage the enemy has placed on him. God I pray for all our kids who have been put in bondage by addiction. We command those genes chains to be loosed right now in the name of Jesus. And Father God, we give you the glory. And I pray for strength and energy for Tom and for all of us in this situation. Help him to love his aging parents. Help him to be there and consistently pray for them during their last moments knowing that You will never leave them or forsake them God. You are there with them in their last days and You are there with our kids. And we thank you Jesus that we can do nothing God. You are there and You are taking care of them. We love You Lord. My brother, take courage in Jesus’ name.

Hello DABbers. My name is Denise. I am a first time caller. I’m asking for prayer for marriages in general, myself, my marriage included. It seems as if we are trying to make it just with the daily grind and forget to put our marriages ahead of work. So, I just ask that you would pray for marriages in general. I pray that God would restore and renew each and every marriage and that He would become the foundation. I just thank you…and…

Good morning Daily Audio Bible. This is Cory M. from Jacksonville Florida. I wanted to respond to Alyssa from Texas and her cry concerning overcoming promiscuity and other things where she said that she’s stepping outside of God’s will. Sister, I just want to encourage you to focus on God’s grace. You know, the word tells us that the grace of God teaches us to __ on godliness and __ . And, so focus on that. Don’t focus so much on your behavior. Focus on adoring God. Focus on reading the word. Focus on confessing the word, that, you know, you are a new creature. Focus on those kinds of things. Yes, of course, you know, confess your sin and repent. That’s fine. But don’t…don’t focus on how…you know…the sin…don’t focus there. Put your focus on God’s grace because He’s abundantly able to transform you. You cannot change yourself. Right? You have to have the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. And then secondly, I would like to have you all be praying for me. I will be heading to Uganda July 22nd to minister in __ and I would appreciate your prayers. Thank you so much. I so enjoy this community. I’ve been walking and doing this with you all for about seven years. I don’t call often but I do hear your prayers and I join you in prayer. So, friendship, loyalty, and love in Jesus. Bye-bye.

Good morning brothers and sisters of the Daily Audio Bible family. Today is Wednesday, June 27th and I’m calling to pray for Not Shaken, her son Brian and his two girls. Father God, we lift this family up. You, Father God, know what they need and You Father God fight our battles. I pray that Not Shaken continues to just put everything at your feet Jesus because You have a plan. And Father God, in Psalm 138, it was said that, though I walk in the midst of trouble You will revive me, You will stretch out Your hand against the wrath of my enemy and Your right hand will save me. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. Your mercy endures forever. Do not forsake the works of your hand. So, Not Shaken, the Lord will perfect that which concerns you. And that which concerns you is your son Brian and your two granddaughters. I just pray Father God…and I don’t know why…I guess it’s just human nature that the people that love us the most also can just hate us the most. He just really hates himself, probably, and just is projecting that on you. I agree, it’s great that you have the girls there so you can give them some sense of normalcy. I don’t know what the answer is but I know who does. As Pelham said, let’s refer you and continue to refer you. I know You are Lord and referring to the one who made you perfectly and the one who made Brian. Father God, You can do all things and we just lift up Brian to You, Your beloved son, who You fearfully and wonderfully made. You reveal Yourself to him, remove the blindness that he has. The devil wants him to stay the way he is but we know that You are greater and You can do all things. We lift up Brian so that You will change His heart. Holy Spirit, just come upon him and reveal Yourself to him so that all the glory may be to you and the girls may see that their father is completely changed be…