06/07/2018 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 2:1-3:2, Acts 5:1-42, Psalms 125:1-5, Proverbs 16:25

Today is the 7th day of June. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it is a pleasure to be with you right now as we step in, step away from all that’s going on and step into a peaceful place where we can allow God’s word to speak to us. And, so, we’re reading from the Amplified Bible this week and we began first Kings yesterday and we are watching Solomon, David’s son ascend to the throne and reaching the end of David’s life. First Kings chapter 2 verse 1 through 23 verse 2 today.


Okay. So, we have certainly transitioned in the Old Testament. King David this man that…we’ve been journeying with him since he was a lot younger. So, we’ve been traveling with him for a long time and we reached the end of that. He lays his head down in death today and Solomon ascends to the throne. And we can see that that wasn’t the most smooth of transitions. And Solomon is beginning to realize that there is a lot to his job and he’s gonna need help and we’ll get to that in the coming days.

And in the book of Acts…it…I mean…this this Jesus thing that has been happening is starting to actually get some traction and the apostles are in the temple complex and people are thronging around them and things are happening. There’s just an incredible amount of energy happening through the power of the Holy Spirit and people are being drawn to this and its making the religious leaders burn with jealousy. And, so, we witness them exerting their power and they’re trying to intimidate the apostles, who simply can only say ‘we’ve got to obey God’. Like, no matter what…no matter what we do…no matter what you’re telling us…no matter what authority that you have…we have to obey God. And in the end, they, the Sanhedrin, the Jewish High Council decides they’re gonna kill the apostles the same way that they killed Jesus. But one of their most educated doctors of the law steps up and gives some counsel, that we read today. Gamaliel is an interesting character because he’s a revered, revered in Judaism, but it’s the apostle Paul, who we will meet shortly and spend pretty much the rest of our year with, who claims that he had been trained at the feet of Gamaliel, but we don’t really know anything more than that. So, it becomes conjecture, interesting conjecture. I mean, on the one side, scholars would debate that maybe Paul wasn’t so trained up by Gamaliel since, Gamaliel shows this sort of even balanced neutral counsel toward the apostles. And the apostle Paul in was raging against the followers of Jesus before he became a follower himself. On the other hand Gamaliel could’ve had a strong influence on Paul that weighed in later, as Paul was reconsidering after his encounter with Jesus. So, we don’t know. We don’t know the exact dates of a lot of this. And what makes it even little bit more interesting is that, you know, in the letters of the apostle Paul that we’re going to move into as we move forward in the New Testament, they were written before Acts and the Gospels. So, they’re earlier writings, Paul’s letters. Like, the New Testament isn’t laid out chronologically. At any rate, Gamaliel steps forward and offers really wise counsel to the Sanhedrin that they take and the church spreads forward. We can see that the Holy Spirit is protecting these people, as bold as they are, as the church is getting traction.


Father, we thank you for your word. Want to thank you for all that it brings up and all that it allows us to consider and all that we look at and wrestle through. And we thank you that your Holy Spirit is always there leading us into all truth. And, so, we thank you for that. We ask that you plant your word in our lives today so that the fruit of the Spirit might abound in everything that we do and think and say. In Jesus; name we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for next month, which is tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi family. I’m calling…I need your help. I have been listening to the DAB for almost since the beginning. And recently I’ve been hearing a lot of prayers with women calling in about their husbands, which has given me a little bit more courage to call in. I used to call in on a regular basis but I kind of stopped but I do pray for everybody. I’m in trouble with my marriage. My husband has recently retired and he did allow me to retire. He was a doctor. So, we can afford for me to retire. I’ve got a laborious job that’s really…I’m just exhausted all of the time. So, he did allow me to retire. And I’m only 61. So, I’m very grateful and thankful for that. But being a doctor, he is very controlling, and he has three nurses that they just did everything that he wanted them to do. And now it’s turned out to be me. And I apologize if I hang up quickly because he might commend. But I’ve started drinking a lot. Nobody knows about it, but I am…I am so sad. I cry every day. I just do what he says. I can’t talk back to him. I can’t stand up. My sister asked me why I can’t stand up on my own two feet. But he always manages to turn everything around back to me. I need your help. I need your prayers. Please, I love you. Please help me. I don’t want to do. I pray. I pray every day. I just need your help family. I love you. I love you so much. Thank you, Brian, thank you Jill for all you do.

Hello DAB family. Hello Brian and family. I guess you can call me __ would be my name. I’ve been listening to DAB for, it’s going on at least 5 to 6 years or so, right? But this is my first time calling. I would just like prayer. I’m a single mother but I don’t feel a lot of joy in that. I just feel like everything that I enjoyed I can no longer enjoy. I mean, even the work that I used to do, traveling, and training, and technical work, I can’t do that anymore. So, my life completely started over. __ over the years. And my prayer is __. So, my prayer request for the community is family. I’m not finding that in my church, even though __ several years __ five years committed to the same church. It just seems like, sermons is…is pretty much not a requirement __. I want to life. I want to life. I want something different. I’m not happy with my job. __ the basis of my life __ and managing the house. And that’s where I am. And that’s what I want prayer for. __ thank you all. Have a good week.

Hello friends. Hey, this is Annette Allison. I love you guys. Hey, would you guys pray for my friend David at work? Tell you what. This guy, he handed it to me. You know what I’m saying? So, I get this new guy in my shop and he’s kind of overweight and kind of old and kind of sweaty and kind of reminds me of the dog named Lucky, missing a few teeth. All he did was that there and sweat. And it’s like, he was quiet, and he never talked to anybody. And I was like, what’s up with this guy? I was kinda busy with my project and I didn’t get the chance to know him. And, well, I’ve changed locations and I God sat next to David and pretty soon I got to know him and I got to figure out what an amazingly intelligent, smart, funny, he is hilarious, and he is so smart, and I have learned so much from him, including how not to judge a book by its cover. Awe….I failed. I had to ask forgiveness. I kid you not…in that, I asked God to show me people as he sees them not as we see them. Awe…so…I did learn a lesson out of this. But my friend David is very sick. He’s in the hospital. He’s in ICU. He’s been fighting pulmonary obstructions and I think that maybe he has one in his lung. But he came to work and he fell out from low blood pressure. And would you guys please pray for him? And we are all really worried, you know, because we kind of fell in love with them, you know? And, you know, I just don’t want to see him go out like this. So, would you all please pray for my friend David? And…

Hi family. This is Jeanette from Charlotte. This is my first time calling in and like so many of you I have been listening and pray along with you all for quite a while now. I want to ask for prayer for my husband Vince. He has Parkinson’s disease and his symptoms have progressed to the point that he’s going to have brain surgery called the brain stimulation. This surgery happens in three stages, the first of which will be on June the 5th, when they place 4 screws called fiducial’s under his scalp to serve as markers. The second phase happens on June 13th. This is the most invasive part of the process, where they drill holes in his skull and place electrodes on his brain. The last stage happens on June 25th when they place of battery pack on his chest, kind of similar to what they do for a pacemaker. On July 10th they will actually turn it on for the first time and we’ll find out how it works for him. Vince has been struggling so much. We’ve been asking God to heal him since he was diagnosed in 2008. We realize that God uses everything in our lives to draw us closer to Him. So, would you please pray for, number one, that we would draw still closer to God through this process and that God will accomplish what He desires in our lives. Number two, would you please pray for an extraordinarily successful outcome, so that Vince can regain a good quality of life and that he would be able to do things again. We really want God to be glorified above all else. Vince and I love and appreciate you, family. Thanks for your prayers.