05/30/2018 DAB Transcript

2 Samuel 15:22-16:23, John 18:25-19:22, Psalms 119:113-128, Proverbs 16:10-11

Today is the 30th day of May. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it is a pleasure and an honor to be here with you today as we dive in and take the next step forward. And we’ve been reading from the Common English Bible this week, which is what we’ll continue to do throughout the week. Today 2 Samuel chapter 15 verse 23 all the way through the end of the 16th chapter today. And we’re moving back into the story. David, the king of Israel, is on the run again from his son Absalom.


Okay. So, we’re continuing to follow turmoil in David’s family after his adulterous affair with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband, which is a horrible story. And Nathan the prophet came to David and David was crushed by it but he was promised at that point this is gonna undermine the infrastructure of your family. And for the last several days we’ve been simply reading that story. That’s exactly what has happened. David has fled, Absalom is now in Jerusalem basically trying to usurp the throne. And one of the pieces of advice that he is given is that he should sleep with the concubines that are left in the palace that belonged to David. And, so, he sets up a tent and does exactly that. And that’s exactly what was predicted by the prophet Nathan. Absalom did this as a sign that there would be no reconciliation with his father because… The people didn’t know exactly what was going on or who to follow. But when Absalom did that, it was considered irreconcilable and that’s why the advice was given. Then the people will know this is really happening. This isn’t just a family feud, this is really happening. And we will continue with this story as we pick it up tomorrow.

And then, of course, in the book of John, Jesus had been tried. Jesus has been crucified. In fact, that’s kind of where we leave the story in today’s reading. Jesus hanging from a cross. We can think, well, why are we leaving him hanging from the cross? Why don’t we finish the story? But let’s embrace that. We’ll continue with the story of Jesus death and, of course, resurrection by picking it up tomorrow, but let’s stick with the story today. Jesus is hanging from the cross. Let’s meditate upon that today. Let’s enter into that story and remember what it cost to give us the life that we have.


Jesus, that’s what we’ll do today is to contemplate Your sacrifice, Your profound love. All of the journey that we’ve been on in the Bible since the beginning of the year. We’ve been walking with You, we’ve been hearing Your words, we’ve been listening to Your voice. And we’re coming to the end of that portion of the Scripture, and so we hold it precious. We consider it dear. That You gave Your life on our behalf is unspeakable. It’s beyond our comprehension. And, so, we honor that. We invite Your Holy Spirit to bring it near to us as we consider Your profound, Your deep, Your passionate love for Your people, which is each one of us. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus name we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

How do I ride when I don’t have the fare
How do I eat when the cupboard is bare
How do I hold on my face just ain’t there
Some people say it’s the power of prayer
Take your burdens to the Lord and just leave them there
I mean he really does care those burdens you share
But Satan the ruler the power of the air
He got the whole world in his hands he got the whole world in his hands
He got the whole world in his hands but he gives us the power to make our own plans
And therein the crux of the whole matter stands
Cause the truth is we make chances we take
Laws that we break for our own selfish sake
It’s hard to admit that you’ve made a mistake
Then you ask yourself over and over again
Didn’t I know that the Lord was truly my friend
That Hs kindness’s His grace and His mercy don’t end
That all of my battles eventually I’d win
Now here I am with his big stupid grin on the floor
And by knees in the jam once again
Knowing my actions were nothing but sin
But Satan’s still telling me you’re going to win
He never stops trying and lying amen
But what if I had stayed
What if I had prayed
What if I had just trust and obeyed
But what if’s the proof because I can’t change the past
For one thing in prayer God I humbly ask
Help me a better person to be
A better son a better father a better servant for the
Cause one thing even in blindness I see
And that’s nothing will ever change until I change me

blindony1016@gmail.com. Thank you, Brian for this wonderful podcast for God’s Holy Spirit to flow. Keep it flowin’ y’all. All right. Bye-bye.

Hi family. This is Karen from Pennsylvania, Craving Peace. And I’m calling family because my son, Jake, who has been newly diagnosed with MS, has been extremely suicidal, newly come out as gay…and just…so…so many things. I thank you, Karen from Michigan and everyone else who has been praying for Jake. Family, please continue to pray for Jake that…you know…he will…he will get through this. And I also am asking for prayer for Sophie, my friend, Sophia, who has just possibly had a stroke. She’s in the hospital and…family…so young…and I just…I just pray that she will come through this without permanent results…or…I mean…effects from it. Anyway, I do pray for all of you and I thank you for this community Brian and Jill.

Hello. This is Anne from Charlotte North Carolina and I wanted to give a testimony of the grace of our Lord. I had surgery last Tuesday, May 22nd and I didn’t call in for prayer ahead of time because I thought it was going to be going fairly easily. And it was something to repair some damage from childbirth. But there were some complications. And an artery was damaged during the surgery. And my blood pressure dropped very low and hematocrit. For a day I was not certain that I was going to leave that hospital alive and it was scary. I just knew either way I was in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ. And some friends from church and Sunday school had prayed for God to heal the artery and the internal bleeding so I would have to have more surgery. And the Lord healed me. He completely healed me and I’m back home now. And I’m just reminded that God has a plan as long as He has us here, getting up, waking up, giving us a new day. He has a purpose for our life here and I pray that I and all of us can do better at putting fully for him and seeking his best purpose and will for our lives to spread the love of Christ and be lights in the world wherever we are and make a difference for his kingdom by loving others. And just be encouraged that every day you’re alive is because the Lord wants you here and he has good reasons…

Hi. My name is Jamie and this is the first time I’ve called. To be honest, I’m pretty skeptical of calling. I just feel weird asking complete strangers to pray for me that don’t know me. But I’m pretty desperate. So, I figured it’s worth a try. I’ve got nothing to lose here. But I’m calling because I would like prayer for me for my heart and for my marriage. I’m on the brink of a divorce and I feel very hopeless right now. My husband is a good man and we’ve tried for a long time. And I just, I just can’t seem to love him. Like I can’t love him the way he wants and desires and I don’t know why and I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’ve tried to make myself love him and I just know how and I don’t know what to do about it and he’s just been waiting. So, I pray for that and for my heart because it’s not just with him. I feel like, I feel like I don’t know how to love God either. I don’t have a desire and just going to the motions can only go so far sometimes. So, that’s my prayer. Thank you.